Say Hello to Crypto Facebook – InvestFeed Aim to be Central Hub for Cryptocurrencies

InvestFeed aims to be dedicated network for enthusiasts and professionals globally in the blockchain industry.

It will be a central hub to buy/sell/exchange, access market data and news, or to chat about existing and emerging cryptocurrencies. This is especially important for small altcoins that lack exposure.

The basic model is to combine pre-built APIs with elements of StockTwits, Steemit and TokenMarket, to create an incentivized social network exclusively for cryptocurrency.

It’s a social platform for traders to monetize their knowledge/advice and creates an all in one platform for trading.

So for example an established trader may offer access to his posts for a monthly subscription of X FEED tokens, for an extra Y tokens you can see his real time portfolio and lets say he gives an in-depth analysis of an ICO he may put a price of Z to read it. Basically this model is done in stock trading and provides a way for good traders to monitize their skills.

That’s just one aspect though as traders can use FEED collected or purchased through an exchange to boost the visibility of their posts to try to get more visibility and possibly more subscribers. You can also use FEED to remove ads and to purchase advanced training tools and algorithms when they become available.

That demand is what will drive the FEED demand and price.

They have hard-capped their ICO at 28k ETH.

What you'll learn 👉


The company has been in operation since 2014 and have a fully built-out social investing platform with multiple social networking features. They have website and investFeed Social network app for Android and iOS is available in the respective app stores.  They have been handling U.S. equities and with the rise of cryptocurrencies, they decided to integrate cryptocurrencies.


So they are basically trying to be social media platform for cryptocurrencies. The idea is solid and the site is pretty much a mix of Facebook and Twitter with clean and slick design, easy to use.

Crypto communities are scattered across multiple platforms, from Twitter and Facebook groups to Telegram groups, Discord communites, forums, Slack, Reddit etc. It is hard to keep up. InvestFEED would be a hub that would bring all of these together – a focal point for both newbies and professionals, funds, news outlets and anybody with interest in cryptocurrencies and ecosystem around them.

Again, the idea is not new and not genius but nevertheless solid. Social trading is a familiar and successful concept from forex and binary options. 

Critical point will be roadmap implementation and marketing. If the team can generate enough hype and attract some of the big guns of crypto to join and recommend them – it could work. 

Considering they plan to integrate with exchanges and charting tools – you could buy and sell also directly from the app which would be a huge plus.

I trust their team to be able to pull it off – in comparison to many trashy coins, they are actually somewhat established company.


Minus in my eyes that this is not a decentralized app or tech. They state themselves:

“The initial marketplace mechanics will be centralized as we require a database where we can link contracts to premium content and investFeed products like ad-disabling. Our end goal however, is to fully decentralize the investFeed organization and underlying database by Q1 2019.” 

So until 2019. it will be just a regular app with a token, stored on a server that communicates with Ethereum MainNet using Parity.

Their team also seems to lack developers – they have only 1 mentioned on their website. All others in their team are some kind of advisors. We know that advisor is a buzz-word in crypto, lots of worthless ICOs have dozens of “advisors”.


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