Quadency Review 2021 – New, Game-Changing Crypto Trading Bot

Quadency Review 2021 – New, Game-Changing Crypto Trading Bot
Quadency Review 2021 – New, Game-Changing Crypto Trading Bot
Extremely easy to use
Free up to 6 months

Quadency review is a new article in our series on the best cryptocurrency trading bots. Quadency is relatively new but swiftly rose to the top ranks.

So, let’s see why is that the case.

It is a thing of beauty to watch cryptocurrency world blooming into a full-blown alternative to the traditional finance system. One sector of the crypto world is especially thriving in the recent years and that is automatic trading.

New bitcoin trading software with powerful features that seem to constantly one-up their competitors are springing up like mushrooms after the rain. Quadency is a new name on the crypto bots stage but it will definitely spoil the plans of current pack leaders.

✅Extremely easy to use ✅Free up to 6 months ✅Beginner-friendly

Get 3 months free by connecting your Binance, Kucoin, OkEx or Liquid account.

Quadency bot review – cryptocurrency trading platform at a glance

So what is Quadency?

Quadency is a full-fledged cryptocurrency trading platform that offers a single interface for all your crypto needs – from managing portfolio, manual and automated trading to news & research segment for deeper, fundamental analysis of digital assets you find interesting.

That is a brief overview of Quadency trading platform but let’s now move into a deeper Quadency review, with a special focus on its bitcoin bots options and it fares against other top crypto bots like Cryptohopper, 3Commas or Bitsgap.

Quadency main features

Quadency automated trading platform is divided in 3 separate sections:

  • portfolio management
  • unified platform with advanced trading features
  • automated crypto bots

They also have well-developed research & news sections that are easily accessible from the main dashboard.

quadency features

While all three divisions are useful, the main selling point of the platform are its trading bots. Hence, we will pay most of our attention on the Quadency crypto bots in this review.

Quadency trading bots – 7 best Quadency bot

Just as the name implies, trading bot is an automated software that trades for you by following the rules you previously set. Quadency currently has 7 automatic trading bots that follow different strategies as its decision-making base.

quadency bots

These are the 7 Quadency automated crypto bots you can use as of now:

Smart Order

This is a simple bot that allows you to make orders with trailing or fixed stop-loss and take profit positions. The bot enters a position and then tracks the market movement. Once the price touches your SL or TP position, it will execute the given order. You can use it for both short or long positions. The trailing SL or TP options plus its ability to make “hidden” orders (doesn’t put them on the exchange so your order is not visible to other traders) are especially useful.

The bot stops as soon as one of the set positions gets triggered.

Market Maker

By using this bot, you are assuming the role of a market maker – an entity that quotes both a buy and a sell price for an asset it holds, hoping to make a profit on the bid-offer spread. 

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This bot makes profit in small bits, chopping off a tiny percentage on each move the market makes. It essentially puts in both buy and sell orders, relatively close below and above the current price. Once the price jolts down, it buys the asset and as it bubbles a bit up, it sells it while pocketing the small profit.

This Quadency bot has stop loss option that protects you from losing too much money in case the bot enters an unfavorable position and the price action moves away from it.

Keep in mind that you need to have sufficient balance of both asset of the trading pair you plan to utilize. It is also of crucial importance to pick a good trading pair: something not too popular as there is too much competition but also something that has enough liquidity or else you will get stuck in a position with no one to buy it off you or sell it to you.


This is essentially an automatic DCA bot that lets you “accumulate” or buy a certain amount of desired asset over time. DCA is a popular investing concept where you buy smaller chunks of some asset over a longer period of time, at different price points, thus minimizing your downside.

Bollinger Bands

This Quadency bot strategy is based on the well known technical analysis indicator called Bollinger Bands. The bot follows the interaction of the price action and the Bollinger Bands it puts in a buy order when current price is below the lower band and sells when it is above the upper band.


MACD is another very popular indicator form the technical analysis tool set. This trading strategy is based on MACD and the bot enters a long position when the MACD line crosses above the signal line, and short position when MACD line crosses below the signal line.

Mean Reversion

This Quadency bot is another simple RSI based strategy which buys a coin if the price is below the “oversold” RSI level, and sells when the price is above the “overbought” level.

Multi-Level RSI

This Quadency bot looks to long an asset when it dips below defined RSI levels, dollar cost averaging by buying more if the price drops further. It shorts when the profit target or stop loss level is reached.

Quadency backtest for bots

Quadency has backtest ability, which is a very useful testing feature.

Backtests works on an assumption that what worked previously, will work in the future – they are a safe way to estimate a bot’s performance using historical data before committing real funds to a bot for live trading.

When using the backtest feature, you should strive to constantly refine your methodology and parameters by continually studying charts, past and current market movements, patterns, indicators, and other data that can give you an edge.

Quadency portfolio management

Crypto portfolio apps are the first type of cryptocurrency apps that became popular, along the legendary Coinmarketcap. People needed a way to track the performance of their assets from a single interface.

Quadency offers this option and the only thing you need to do is to connect your exchange accounts via API and the data gets pulled up instantly with a nice visual presentation of your portfolio across all exchanges.

Quadency unified trading interface

quadency dashboard

This is another awesome feature that resembles what the well known app called Coinigy does – you can manage all your trading needs from one place as Quadency communicates with your exchange accounts via API.

Quadency offers advanced trading chart abilities with all popular indicators, oscillators and strategies readily available with a few clicks, just like with a widely popular TradingView platform.

Quadency Research & News

Research section is a Messari-powered rankings table with all coin market caps, daily trading volumes, hourly and daily price changes etc.

News section is a collection of hand-picked short news that Quadency team publishes to help traders make better trading judgements.

Quadency Pricing

In contrast to other similar cryptocurrency trading bots, Quadency has a single price tier – $49 per month with a special package for institutional investors that is available at direct request.

quadency pricing

The Quadency team is pretty generous with their offering of their free package as well which is easily obtained for 3-6 months thanks to their cooperation with major exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, Liquid, OkEx and in the near future Kraken.

You can also get more free months of their PRO package by referring your friends to join the Quadency platform.

quadency pricing 1

Quadency supported exchanges

Quadency currently integrates 12 different exchanges while support for further crypto exchanges is in the works.

Six of these twelve exchanges are official partners with Quadency and you get three to six months of free Quadency use thanks to their cooperation with these platforms.

quadency exchanges

The supported exchanges include:

How secure is Quadency trading platform?

Quadency implements all industry standard security measures to protect their users.

Quadency recommends the use of 2 Factor Authentication on their platform, which is a mandatory to have protection layer for anyone active in crypto industry.

To connect your exchange accounts, Quadency does require to enter your API Keys. These keys allow you (and only you) to access and trade your accounts from the Quadency platform. But you only need to allow trading permission for the platform to work while the withdrawal abilities are not needed. This ensures that, even in an unlikely case of Quadency security breach, hackers wouldn’t be able to steal your funds.

Are derivatives such as futures and perpetual swaps supported?

Currently, Quadency supports only spot trading for all supported exchanges. But the team is working towards making margin, futures and perpetual swaps available in the near future.

Does Quadency have a mobile app?

Currently, Quadency has no mobile apps but they are under active development for both iOS and Android.

It is worth noting, though, that the web version of Quadency platform is fully responsive and allows you to perform most actions with ease from mobile and tablets.

How to register on Quadency?

Getting started with Quadency is free and easy!

quadency sign up
  1. Go to the sign-in page
  2. Enter your name, email and a strong password
  3. If prompted, verify that you are a human (sorry, we don’t accept bots)
  4. Click Create Account, you will see a prompt to check your email
  5. Go to your email inbox and click the button/link in the email you received
  6. Once your email is confirmed, you will be logged in and the setup tour will begin.
  7. This setup tour will lead you through a fairly simple process of creating API keys on your chosen exchange and adding them to Quadency
  8. Once the keys are added, Quadency quickly synchs with your exchange account and automatically adds the coins you hold to the portfolio management tab while you can do manual or automatic trades with the funds from the connected exchange.

Quadency customer support

There are two standard ways to get in touch with support agents on Quadency:

  • live chat button (only for PRO users)
  • email via support@quadency.com

There is also an extensive FAQ section where you can find most of the answers for frequent queries users had.

Final thoughts on the Quadency bot

To wrap up this Quadency review, we can safely say that Quadency is a legit platforms, a serious business that aims to be your main gateway to the world of cryptocurrency.

Thanks to their great and intuitive design and a host of useful features, Quadency definitely has all the tools needed to join the ranks of top cryptocurrency trading platforms and bots.

They support all major crypto exchanges, have 7 simple but powerful bots for automated trading + a useful portfolio management and charting tools. The price is also very affordable, especially when you consider the value you get. All in all, Quadency crypto bot is the name you will certainly hear more often, probably in a positive and applaudable context.

✅Extremely easy to use ✅Free up to 6 months ✅Beginner-friendly

Get 3 moths free by connecting your Binance, Kucoin, OkEx or Liquid account.

Quadency alternatives

If Quadency is not to your liking, check out our other guides on its competitors or a direct comparison of two top bots Cryptohopper against 3Commas.:

9 Total Score

Ease of use
Supported exchanges
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Free up to 6 months
  • Beginner-friendly
  • Less known than competitors
intelligent crypto
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