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According to a technical analysis on TradingView by the user CobraVanguard, the chances of another bullish spike for the cryptocurrency Polkadot (DOT) are now ...

Presale phases often offer discounted entry prices and tantalizing perks for early investors. This could include revenue sharing agreements, discounted token ...

In the vast arena of cryptocurrencies, a unique contender emerges, blending the whimsy of memes with the robustness of blockchain technology. Koala Coin ...

Monero’s price continues to slide as more platforms delist the coin, including Binance and Kraken. Chainlink is also not doing spectacularly well, with some ...

Bitcoin (BTC) and Binance Coin (BNB) investors have figured out the best bet on the option to invest in a new lending platform. This platform is geared to ...

There is a growing interest in tokens that have practical utility that can weather the storm and stand the test of time. These tokens have proven their worth ...

The cryptocurrency market is abuzz with tantalizing projections as analysts predict staggering growth for XRP, forecasting a possible 16,000% increase to ...

As anticipation builds for the next cryptocurrency bull cycle, spurred by the upcoming Bitcoin halving, investors are closely watching developments around ...

The AI language model, ChatGPT, made some predictions about the prospects of Litecoin (LTC), one of the oldest and most established altcoins, reaching the ...

The past month hasn’t been kind to crypto investors, with Polkadot and TRON on a bearish trend, much like the rest of the cryptocurrencies. Some believe it’s ...

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  1. Yes, that would be advisable. Because, it is a matter of time when KuCoin will comply with regulations and hand over their records on US users.

  2. The default UNL is special – if you are not in agreement with it, you will end up on the insulated chain that no one will accept and you will stay there until you swap validators from your list, one by one, with the validators from the default, Ripple controlled UNL. Which makes XRP a centralized ledger.

  3. Hi

    Just transfer the coins to your own wallet – best choice would be Ledger Nano S or Trezor. If not those, than, if you own iPhone – Coinomi wallet would be a good and safe choice.

  4. Thank you – nice to read an unbiased and reasonable comment for a change.

  5. I am afraid you are delusional if you believe your bags of DGB will ever be worth something.

  6. Bad bot, bad

  7. 5 ETN for you.

  8. Weak comment, only 2 ETN for you.

  9. 10 ETN for you, good comment.

  10. Since when is KYC an advantage on a “privacy” coin? Don’t you see idiocy in that statement? Go do something else, investing is not for people of your intellectual capacity.

  11. Thanks Brendan. You seem to be 14-15 years old since your obviously suffer from Instagram induced grammar debility, writing capital letters in the middle of sentence. Sorry that reality is unpleasant to you and you won’t get rich by investing in something worthless that even has an idiotic name like Electroneum.

  12. You deserve 10 ETN since your comment is longer and your insults are a bit more creative, wrapped into walls of nonsense and rhetorical devices.

  13. Too bad, your articles are worth about 5 ETN, you should send them an invoice.

  14. Ok, tough guy from the internet.

  15. No, pulling stuff out of your own ass and ignoring the reality is the “tech” invented by ETN holders, like yourself. I only report on it 😉

  16. Team is doing their best to make themselves rich – I’ll give you that.

  17. Even you don’t believe the rubbish that comes out of your mouth.

  18. Finally someone with a brain – we get swarmed with insults of their paid shills every time we mention ETN. Thanks for the info mate, if you have some insider stuff on these guys, shoot us an email so we can cover it in the next piece on this terrible project.

  19. How much are they paying you to write rubbish like this? 5 ETN? You cheap matey 😉

  20. How much are they paying you to write rubbish like this? 5 ETN? You cheap matey 😉

  21. How much are they paying you to write rubbish like this? 5 ETN? You cheap matey 😉

  22. How much are they paying you to write rubbish like this? 5 ETN? You cheap matey 😉

  23. Do you feel better about yourself now? 😉

  24. Ok, if you say so 😉

  25. That is some serious truth bending; I hope you are not too invested in ETN as there is a big chance you will never see a penny of that money.

  26. The naivete of this comment makes me sad. I hope you didn’t put too much money into this incompetently-led project.

  27. Such a sad comment.

  28. Someone might have taken you seriously until you mentioned Tron.

  29. Read our conclusion again, it is actually positive for XRP, you brainless bot.

  30. Hello tough guy from the internet, thank you for the comment 😉

  31. The gist of the article is the quote from Vitalik himself, does he have a clue what’s he talking about? Go take your pills grandpa

  32. Do you know the difference between “supports” and “will support”?

  33. You seem to carry heavy bags of DGB so your bias and remorse fuel your rage. It’s ok, make sure to celebrate your bad investment as a teaching moment for the future.

  34. Unpleasant truths hurt, but I trust you will survive and learn something out of your bad investment.

  35. You can tell me with a straight face that your sentence is coherent? Unpleasant truths hurt, but I trust you will survive and learn something out of your bad investment.

  36. Velocity and price most certainly have an inverse relationship, no need for formulas to figure that out.

  37. Finally someone with some sense commenting on this. We will cover ETN, among other dubious and sham projects, more in the future.

  38. That you don’t like the article changes nothing about the fact that WeissRatings has no clue about crypto and use all of their ignorance to pick and shill XRP as THE coin of the future.

  39. You seriously call blockhaven “experts”?

  40. Are you seriously defending Dentacoin concept as something viable? You are either clinically demented or just a paid shill.

  41. Stand in front of a mirror and say all of that out loud and you will be 100% right 😉

  42. Just read up more on the topic of token velocity and you are going to be disappointed with your XRP investment, that is a guarantee. I just can’t motivate myself to explain obvious things to delusional holders who literally have no clue what they’re talking about. Go take another hit of hopium, keep your eye-blinder on because once you take it off, you are in for a huge let-down.

  43. Sorry to hurt your feelings – but ledger is transparent and you can check it out yourself. XRP is used by no one – Ripple is promising it “could possibly” be used. So, you are basically forcing us all to trust one pretty shady company which I refuse to do. You do whatever you like.

  44. You have to make a distinction between pure speculative price driving factors and the ones that are predicated on the network growth.