Press Releases

Crypto Exchanges

These are the gateways into the crypto world. You exchange your fiat money for crypto and the magic starts.


Now that you own your first coins, it is time to safely store them under your, and only your, control.

Crypto Bots

You can’t be non-stop on your PC and trade the coins. But these automated software tools or bots – can.

Crypto Cards

Making it easy to actually spend your crypto with cryptocurrency cards that work just like any traditional VISA or MasterCard card does.

Crypto Taxes

Two things in life you have to do: pay taxes and die. Eliminate the hassle of collecting all tax data by employing one of the efficient crypto tools.


Earn passive income by utilizing crypto lending platforms or take a crypto loan within minutes.


Mining bitcoin is definitely not profitable anymore but there are plenty of altcoins to pick from and let your old rig earn you some coins.


You can expand your trading endeavors into other asset verticals and dip your toes into stocks, commodites, indices etc.