SimpleFX Review 2021 – Spreads, Leverage, Demo & More

SimpleFX Review 2021 – Spreads, Leverage, Demo & More
SimpleFX Review 2021 – Spreads, Leverage, Demo & More
Anonymous accounts - no KYC
MT4 platform
Broad asset offering
High leverage
Mobile apps

Cryptocurrency markets are radiating an irresistible lure for all kinds of speculators and traders with high risk tolerance. SimpleFX is just the right platform for this type of speculators as it offers up to 500x leverage on some trading pairs while still allowing withdrawals in actual cryptocurrencies (unlike many other similar platforms that issue IOUs and never buy/sell real coins).

This SimpleFX review will go over all important information about the broker – is it safe, is it regulated, what are its average spreads, deposit and withdrawal methods, what can be traded on SimpleFX etc.

While crypto traders usually use BitMex exchange for leveraged, margin trading, SimpleFX’s broad asset offering, good support and solid reputation makes it a very good alternative for the popular bitcoin exchange.

Trade with SimpleFX – at a glance

Here is a quick tabular overview of SimpleFX with all relevant information at a glance:

Minimum Trade Size: 0.01
Maximum Leverage: 500:1
Spreads start from0.1 pips
Address:Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Centre, P.O. Box 1510, Beachmont, Kingstown, VC, 1510, Saint Vincent And Grenadines,
Trading platforms:MT4, WebTrader
Web Trading: Yes
Mobile Trading: Yes
Cryptocurrencies:(10+) Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum
Actual cryptocurrencies:Withdrawals are made in actual coins – trading is done via CFDs
CFD:(5+) Gold, Silver, Other Precious Metals, Other Commodities
EAs/Robots: No
News Spike Trading: No
Scalping: No
Deposit Methods:Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, BuyCrypto, Dash, Ether/Ethereum, FasaPay, Litecoin, Monero,
Withdrawal methods:Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Dash, Ether/Ethereum, FasaPay, Litecoin, Monero

As we have already said, SimpleFX is an online trading provider, offering a diverse basket of trading assets like Forex CFDs on Bitcoins, Litecoins, indices, precious metals and energy.

SimpleFX’s website is available in 18 languages including: Arabic, Spanish, Russian, German, Polish, Indonesian, Malay and Portuguese. 

It is important to note that since SimpleFX is not regulated broker, it is obliged to ban users from the US. There are ways around it with the help of VPNs, but that is beyond the scope of our article.

SimpleFX Deposit & Withdrawal Methods

You can deposit funds to your SimpleFX account via any of the supported coins: bitcoin, ethereum, litecoin, monero, dash, ethereum classic, tether and USD via FasaPay.

simplefx deposit

NOTE: You withdrawal has to be in the same currency you used for deposit. If you deposited using several payment systems and earned a profit/made a loss, you can withdraw funds with the payment choice used for the largest deposit.

There is no minimum deposit on SimpleFX and you can start with as little as $1.

SimpleFX charges no fees on deposits or withdrawals outside of the default fees that are paid for transfers on blockchain networks (and FasaPay).

SimpleFX Fees & Spreads

Motto behind SimpleFX business philosophy is to make CFD trading very simple and straightforward. Their fee structure is organized accordingly.

As we mentioned – there are no deposit fees, aside of the mandatory network fees.

Trading Fees: Also no fees but be aware of the spread (difference between the bid and ask price) charged by the CFD broker.

Overnight Swap Charges / Rollover Fees: Very high (you pay these fees only in the event where your leveraged positions are held overnight – make sure they are not!)

High overnight fees make SimpleFX a good broker for day trading and one to avoid for multi-day positions.

simplefx crypto assets
simplefx crypto asset 1

SimpleFX Leverage

Leverage is a popular way of increasing the value of your position by borrowing a certain amount of money usually from a broker. Here is a list of margin trading platforms that offer cryptocurrencies as trading pairs.

SimpleFX definitely breaks records when it comes to the leveraged possibilities as it offers an unrivalled 1:500 leverage on some trading pairs.

If you would have bet on the right coins this year you could easily have 10xed your capital…

You could even have made as much as 100x which means you could have turned $100 into as much as 10k.
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This means you can have an initial margin of only $100 and open a position worth $5000. Bear in mind, though, that this is very risky and chances of you losing all your money are extremely high.

SimpleFX – Supported Assets

SimpleFX is primarily a CFD (Contracts for Difference) broker which means that you do not own the underlying assets while they are on SimpleFX, but you do have the option to withdraw your funds in actual cryptocurrencies, just like with BitMex.

But in contrast to BitMex, SimpleFX allows trading of a much larger set of CFDs, not only cryptocurrencies. You can actually trade CFDs of:

  • Forex (about 50 pairs)
  • Indices Cash (ASX200, CAC40 and 10 more)
  • Commodities (NATURALGAS, UKOIL, USOIL)
  • Equities (DE, JP, US, BR, FR, SE, TR, UK)

All trading assets are long or short CFDs – Contracts for Difference where traders set their own set expiry dates.

Who can trade on SimpleFX – supported countries

This CFD broker is not available to clients from Algeria, Belgium, The Bahamas, Botswana, Cambodia, Cuba, Ecuador, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Monaco, Myanmar, North Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Panama, Sri Lanka, Syrian Arab Republic,Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, United States, Yemen.

⚡️ Does SimpleFX accept US clients?

As we clarified above, traders from the US are not allowed on SimpleFX.

SimpleFX Demo Account

Every good forex or crypto broker nowadays has a training field for newcomers to get them up to speed and in good terms with the platform.

SimpleFX has a free demo account that gets loaded with magic $4000 and 0.3 BTC that you can use to hone your skills with no risk to your actual coins.

You can switch between the live, actual account and demo version through the menu on the top right side of your screen, after clicking on the field with your name.

simplefx demo

How to use SimpleFX – setting up an account and trading

Getting an account on SimpleFX is a quick and easy process. You simply visit their homepage and click on “Create account” button in the top, right side of your screen.


In the next step, you have an option to choose a standard registration via email or social login via one of the offered networks: Google, Facebook, Telegram or Twitter.

Once you are in, you are greeted with a message that prompts you to deposit funds.

simplefx greeting screen

We advise you to get to know the platform first via their demo account that is activated by default and you have to switch manually to the “Live” account if you want to trade with real money. Of course, you will also need to send one of the supported deposit coins (or fiat via FasaPay) before you start trading.

⚡️ Does SimpleFX require verification?

SimpleFX require KYC only if you plan to use fiat for deposits. If you are staying crypto only, there is no need for KYC and you can trade completely anonymously.

SimpleFX Security

SimpleFX is located on an offshore island which have no authority body for oversight of broker platforms, hence SimpleFX is operating without license. This means that you rely completely on the integrity of the platform operators to protect your funds from thieves (and their own greed).

As for the individual account security – you can enable two factor authentication which will significantly increase security of your account.

Additionally, funds are kept in segregated accounts and majority of coins are held in cold storage, thus further reducing risks of hacking attacks.

SimpleFX also has a negative balance protection, which means that the platform will liquidate you in case you run out of funds and won’t let you go in minus – you can’t lose more than you put in.

SimpleFX Trading Platforms

SimpleFX doesn’t have one, but two trading platforms – their own SimpleFX Web Trader plus the popular and well established MT4 Platform used by hundreds of other brokers.

⚡️ SimpleFX Web Platform

Staying true to their name, SimpleFX packed a lot of stuff in their web trader while staying uncomplicated and intuitive for navigation.

As you can see by the screenshots below, the left sidebar gives you a complete overview of all assets you can trade on this CFD platform.

simplefx assets

Middle spot is reserved for a powerful charting window that features all needed indicators and tools for technical analysis.

Right-hand side shows a sidebar with couple of sections – news panel, trade ideas panel and finally the shoutbox – a chat room where you can sound off anything you like while reading jokes or insults of other users.

simplefx chart and sidebar

And the most important function of the platform is placed at the bottom part of the screen – all of your order forms to place your orders as well as track the status of the already open / closed orders.

⚡️ Order Forms on SimpleFX

There are two types of orders you can place on SimpleFX:

  • Market Order: Orders that are placed and filled immediately at market price.
  • Pending Order: This is essentially a limit order that you place at a specific price level while also telling the ordering machine how long is the order valid.
simplefx orders

Pending order has also two very important options: Take profit and stop loss. These are price levels you set as thresholds for your position and whichever is reached first will close your position.

⚡️ MT4 Trader on SimpleFX

MT4 is one of the most popular and widely used third-party trading platforms that is developed by MetaQuotes.

MT4 is equipped with the most advanced charting tools and indicators for technical analysis. It also supports numerous options for all order forms.

One of the major perks of MT4 is its ability to let you code your own bots or trading algorithms which are dubbed as “Expert Advisors” or EAs. This way you can have the platform execute trades on its own while following the rules you determined.

The MT4 platform runs on all major operating systems like MacOS, Windows and Linux. You can also use it on iOS and Android mobile devices.

Mobile Apps

One of the biggest shortcoming of BitMex is their lack of mobile trading apps. Even though many professional traders will tell you that nothing can replace wide-screen desktop trading, a good mobile app is like a fire extinguisher that is much appreciated and helpful when you need quick reactions and fixes to your positions.

The SimpleFX apps for iOS and Android feature most of the options that you have access to on desktop with the exception of charting tools – these are much more limited on mobile than on desktop.

Additionally, MT4 also has great mobile apps that are available to both iOS and Android users. You can download it on iTunes or the Play Store.

Research & Education

They gave their best in educating people about their platform and trading in general. You can read their blog and watch video tutorials to stay up to date with the latest changes and updates on the platform.

Customer support

Just like almost all other exchanges in cryptocurrency industry, SimpleFX offers no telephone customer support, but they do have a live chat support with decent response time and good old email-ticketing system for moderately urgent and non-urgent issues. Also, their social media team is active on all popular social networks and rating sites and responds actively to customer queries and complaints.

Community ratings – scam accusations

Before we wrap up this SimpleFX review, we need to address the elephant in the room – a mountain of complaints about SimpleFX you can find online on forums and subreddits. The company is in business since 2014 and if it was that bad as some of these users claim it to be, it would be gone long time ago.

It is hard to verify the veracity of those claims as they could easily be fabricated by a competitor but could also be a complaint by real users. It is most likely a mix of both cases.

Our advice would be to test it out slowly and with little funds and see it for yourself. Another advice would be to use this platform exclusively for day trading as their overnight swap rates are awfully high making it completely unreasonable to leave funds in a position after 00:00 UTC.

SimpleFX review – is it legit?

If you are into anonymous and highly leveraged trading where you can deposit bitcoin to trade traditional finance asserts like indices, metals or fiat currencies – this is the platform for you. But keep in mind it is unregulated platform and in case things go south with the platform or your personal account – you are on your own and most likely get the short end of the stick.

If you are a risk-averse and better safe than sorry kind of trader – steer clear of SimpleFX.

In case you are looking for more similar brokers, below is our list of reviews:

7.8 Total Score

Ease of use
Payment methods
Customer support
  • Anonymous accounts - no KYC
  • MT4 platform
  • Broad asset offering
  • High leverage
  • Mobile apps
  • High spreads
  • Very high overnight fees
  • Not regulated
intelligent crypto
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  3. Great app easy to operate. The easiest way to trade, even for beginner in Forex. Plenty of deposits methods.

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