Electroneum Price Prediction 2024 | 2025 | 2030 – Future Forecast for ETN Price

In this guide, we will voice our own and market’s opinion on ETN future while discussing Electroneum price forecast for 2024 and beyond.

Please bear in mind that you should take this and any other prediction with a grain of salt since predicting anything is a thankless task, let alone predicting the future of a novel, highly volatile financial asset like Electroneum.

Now, let’s head into it. Before we delve deep into the Electroneum price prediction and answer questions if ETN is a good investment or not, why will ETN succeed or fail or why will Electroneum price rise or drop, let’s quickly throw a glance at what is ETN and its to date history.

Quick overview
👉 Electroneum Price Prediction For The Next 3 Months
Our ETN price forecast suggests the token price will be around $0.0019 in the next 90 days.

👉 Electroneum Price Prediction 2024
Our ETN price forecast suggests the token price will be around $0.0015 in 2024.

👉 Electroneum Price Prediction 2025
We predict the Electroneum price to hover around $0.0067 in 2025 based on our analysis.

👉 Electroneum Price Prediction 2026
In 2026, we expect the Electroneum price to be approximately $0 according to our price prediction model.

👉 Electroneum Price Prediction 2027
Our ETN prediction indicates the token price will be in the vicinity of $0 in 2027.

👉 Electroneum Price Prediction 2028
For 2028, we forecast the ETN price to be around $0 given current trends.

👉 Electroneum Price Prediction 2029
Looking ahead to 2029, we estimate the Electroneum price will settle around $0.

👉 Electroneum Price Prediction 2030
Our ETN price prediction suggests a token price of about $0 by 2030 based on projected growth.

Electroneum – Intro

Electroneum (ETN) is a mobile-centric cryptocurrency crafted with the intention of enabling users, even those with no prior knowledge, to delve into the crypto universe. Originating with a focus on mass adoption and mobile usage, Electroneum was introduced to the crypto space in 2017 under the leadership of Richard Ells and his development team. The cryptocurrency is not only user-friendly but also accessible to crypto novices.

Key Aspects of Electroneum:

  • Use Cases: Encompassing online shopping, mobile top-ups, and peer-to-peer transactions, Electroneum offers a range of applications.
  • History: With a design aimed at simplicity and ease of use in the crypto realm, Electroneum made its debut in 2017.
  • Fundamentals: Employing a modified CryptoNote algorithm to resist ASIC mining and featuring a distinctive mobile mining system, Electroneum enables users to mine ETN via a mobile app.
  • Tokenomics: With a total coin supply of 21 billion and over 17 billion currently circulating, ETN’s price has experienced notable volatility and value shifts over the years.

In summary, Electroneum stands out as a cryptocurrency that prioritizes accessibility and user-friendliness, emphasizing mobile device utilization and widespread adoption. Despite encountering various challenges and value fluctuations, it remains in use for diverse applications and is backed by a committed community.

Electroneum Price Prediction

As the first quarter of 2024 concluded, we can say that this year has started on a high note for the cryptocurrency industry, marked by significant milestones and growing enthusiasm. Following the landmark approvals of Bitcoin ETFs, there has been a noticeable surge in interest from both retail and institutional investors, signaling a robust period of growth and acceptance for digital assets. These developments have not only bolstered investor confidence but have also hinted at a maturing market that is increasingly aligning with traditional financial systems.

With the regulatory landscape beginning to stabilize and provide clearer guidelines, the cryptocurrency market is poised for a transformative year, potentially setting new benchmarks for adoption, innovation, and investment.

Bitcoin ETF approvals were done in early January, setting a positive tone for the market. Analysts had predicted the SEC would decide on Bitcoin ETF applications potentially catalyzing industry growth. The approvals have been seen as a significant step towards mainstream acceptance and have sparked optimism among investors and traders alike. Now, attention is turning towards both pre and post-halving rallies, with the BTC halving now only days away, expected to further boost Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the broader crypto market.

Bitcoin has almost tripled in price since last summer, with the recent Wall Street earthquake and the upcoming halving expected to further boost Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the broader crypto market. Bitcoin is trading above $70k now, after it hit a new ATH of $73k in March.

Ethereum has also grown following ETF approvals, with many anticipating ETH ETF approvals could be next. Ethereum is trading around $3,600 but still hasn\\\'t broken its ATH from the 2021 bull run. Investors are hopeful this will happen soon.

The majority of investors, traders, and crypto influencers are hopeful that the real crypto bull run will finally commence, bolstered by the recent ETF approvals and anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event. Bitcoin ETFs, a growing meme coin, AI crypto coins, and RWA mania have helped the bull run to gain momentum. The total market cap (TMC) is now $2.65 trillion.

ETN Price Prediction For The Next 90 Days 

Below is a tabular overview of how will ETN develop in the short-term (for the next 90 days), according to our prediction model:

Next 30 days
Next 60 days
Next 90 days
+3.58 % $0.0047
+6.02 % $0.0048
-1.12 % $0.0045
+6.62 % $0.0048
-1.48 % $0.0045
-0.88 % $0.0045
-2.23 % $0.0044
+1.66 % $0.0046
-3.53 % $0.0044
-0.87 % $0.0045
-7.45 % $0.0042
-1.53 % $0.0045
-0.80 % $0.0045
-0.82 % $0.0045
-5.26 % $0.0043
-5.22 % $0.0043
-7.49 % $0.0042
-8.70 % $0.0041
-8.79 % $0.0041
-4.90 % $0.0043
-12.12 % $0.0040
-14.31 % $0.0039
-7.01 % $0.0042
-7.88 % $0.0042
-12.68 % $0.0040
-10.23 % $0.0041
-17.30 % $0.0038
-13.40 % $0.0039
-18.49 % $0.0037
-12.78 % $0.0040
-14.36 % $0.0039
-20.61 % $0.0036
-17.99 % $0.0037
-21.68 % $0.0036
-17.34 % $0.0038
-19.74 % $0.0036
-23.69 % $0.0035
-23.91 % $0.0035
-19.79 % $0.0036
-23.44 % $0.0035
-21.61 % $0.0036
-25.18 % $0.0034
-23.88 % $0.0035
-24.35 % $0.0034
-22.94 % $0.0035
-24.74 % $0.0034
-27.07 % $0.0033
-29.24 % $0.0032
-24.87 % $0.0034
-28.72 % $0.0032
-32.38 % $0.0031
-29.74 % $0.0032
-30.54 % $0.0032
-33.55 % $0.0030
-31.50 % $0.0031
-35.72 % $0.0029
-34.03 % $0.0030
-37.36 % $0.0028
-33.52 % $0.0030
-38.00 % $0.0028
-35.76 % $0.0029
-38.60 % $0.0028
-40.72 % $0.0027
-36.00 % $0.0029
-38.04 % $0.0028
-37.71 % $0.0028
-37.68 % $0.0028
-40.15 % $0.0027
-40.38 % $0.0027
-43.81 % $0.0026
-45.29 % $0.0025
-43.24 % $0.0026
-42.35 % $0.0026
-43.51 % $0.0026
-44.21 % $0.0025
-44.52 % $0.0025
-48.48 % $0.0023
-48.56 % $0.0023
-49.39 % $0.0023
-50.80 % $0.0022
-49.15 % $0.0023
-50.36 % $0.0023
-51.48 % $0.0022
-50.17 % $0.0023
-52.11 % $0.0022
-53.45 % $0.0021
-51.88 % $0.0022
-55.74 % $0.0020
-55.89 % $0.0020
-58.80 % $0.0019

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Electroneum Price Prediction 2024 

The cryptocurrency market has shown promising signs for gains in the early months of 2024, with Bitcoin leading the charge. The digital currency has seen an impressive gain, now trading well above $70,000, a significant increase that underscores the renewed institutional interest and positive momentum within the sector. The market has demonstrated growth, with its total market capitalization soaring to $2.65 trillion (it around $1 trillion in June last year).

This resurgence is buoyed by several factors, including the approval of Bitcoin spot ETFs in early 2024, which has played a pivotal role in attracting institutional investors and boosting market confidence. Moreover, the anticipation surrounding the Bitcoin Halving event, now just days away, has further fueled investor enthusiasm, with many expecting it to have a positive impact on Bitcoin’s price. The growing interest in various cryptocurrency sectors, such as meme coins, real-world asset (RWA) coins, and AI crypto coins, has also contributed to the bull run, showcasing the market’s evolving nature and its ability to adapt to new trends and technologies.

Looking ahead, the market is poised for what many experts believe could be a prosperous period. The potential approval of Ethereum ETFs later in the year is another eagerly awaited development, which could further validate the cryptocurrency market and attract a new wave of institutional investment.

CaptainAltcoin’s prediction model takes market sentiment into an account and reacts accordingly. Below is a month-by-month breakdown for the next 12 months:

2024 May
-23.91 % $0.0035
2024 Jun
-40.15 % $0.0027
2024 Jul
-45.68 % $0.0025
2024 Aug
-42.42 % $0.0026
2024 Sep
-37.24 % $0.0028
2024 Oct
-34.69 % $0.0030
2024 Nov
-30.47 % $0.0032
2024 Dec
-29.10 % $0.0032
2025 Jan
-22.66 % $0.0035
2025 Feb
-14.88 % $0.0039
2025 Mar
-11.30 % $0.0040
2025 Apr
-7.30 % $0.0042

ETN Price Prediction 2025 

Our prediction model sees ETN reaching $0.0067 in 2025.

What will ETN be worth in 5 years?

The price of ETN in 5 years could lie around $0, according to CaptainAltcoin’s prediction model.

Electroneum Price Prediction 2030 – 2040

What Electroneum will be worth in 2030?

Our forecasting model sees Electroneum reaching $0 in 2030.

What Electroneum will be worth in 2040?

Our forecasting model sees Electroneum reaching $0 in 2040.

Will Electroneum replace / surpass / overtake Bitcoin?

No, Electroneum will not replace or overtake BTC.

Can Electroneum reach $0.10?

No, our prediction model sees no possibility for Electroneum to reach $0.10 in the short or mid-term period.

Can Electroneum reach $1?

No, our prediction model sees no possibility for Electroneum to reach $1 in the short or mid-term period.

Can Electroneum reach $10?

No, our prediction model sees no possibility for Electroneum to reach $10 in the short or mid-term period.

How high will Electroneum go?

Our forecasting model sees Electroneum price crashing and dropping to near 0 in a distanced future.

Is Electroneum worth buying?

We do not see a bright future for Electroneum. It is worth buying only as a short-term speculation with a good exit strategy. Electroneum is not a good long-term hold.

Is Electroneum a good investment?

Electroneum is not a good investment in our opinion. Why? Well, it faces a fierce competition from other similar crypto projects, does not stand out with its technology and innovation, does not have a genuine community (not counting speculators and hype-chasing crowd) and the team behind the project is unproven.

Can Electroneum make you a millionaire?

No, Electroneum can not make you a millionaire as we do not see it doing a 10x price increase any time in the future.

How much will Electroneum be worth?

For the short-term future, it could reach $0.0019. In the long-term (8-10 years), it will most likely drop to 0 or thereabouts.

Why will Electroneum succeed and go up in price?

Electroneum has a slim chance of succeeding. It has no first mover advantage, it brings no unique value proposition, it has a weak team and small community behind it. All of this summed up prevents Electroneum to succeed and rise in price for the long-term.

What is the short-term prediction for Electroneum?

Electroneum will reach $0.0019 in the next 90 days, which is a 58.8% change over the current price which hovers around $0.0045.

Electroneum Price Prediction Today - What will be the price of Electroneum tomorrow?

Electroneum will hover around $0.0047 tomorrow.

Can Electroneum explode?

No, Electroneum price will not explode and record 5-10x pumps; but grow more modestly with an increase of 7.3% in the next year.

What will be the price of Electroneum in 10 years?

Electroneum price in 10 years will hover between $0 and $0.

Electroneum Price Prediction 2023 - What will Electroneum be worth in 2023?

Electroneum will reach $0.0029 in 2023, which is a 35.94% change over the current price.

Electroneum Price Prediction 2024 - What will Electroneum be worth in 2024?

Electroneum will reach $0.0015 in 2024, which is a 66.84% change over the current price.

Electroneum Price Prediction 2026 - What will Electroneum be worth in 2026?

Electroneum will reach $0 in 2026, which is a 100% change over the current price.

Electroneum Price Prediction 2027 - What will Electroneum be worth in 2027?

Electroneum will reach $0 in 2027, which is a 100% change over the current price.

Electroneum Price Prediction 2028 - What will Electroneum be worth in 2028?

Electroneum will reach $0 in 2028, which is a 100% change over the current price.

Electroneum Price Prediction 2029 - What will Electroneum be worth in 2029?

Electroneum will reach $0 in 2029, which is a 100% change over the current price.

Electroneum Price Prediction 2050 - What will Electroneum be worth in 2050?

Electroneum will reach $0 in 2050, which is a 100% change over the current price.

Market Price Predictions

Here are the Electroneum (ETN) price forecasts for 2024 and beyond by five different experts:

  1. Changelly anticipates that in 2024, ETN may have a minimum price of approximately $0.00185, with the maximum expected price reaching around $0.00276. On average, they project the trading price to be approximately $0.00366 in 2024.
  2. According to DigitalCoinPrice, ETN is expected to commence 2024 at $0.00540 and could trade around $0.00664 throughout the year.
  3. PricePrediction.net estimates that the average price of Electroneum in 2024 will be approximately $0.003.
  4. SwapSpace offers updated Electroneum price predictions for multiple years, including 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030. Their prediction for 2024 suggests that ETN’s price may hover around $0.003.
  5. As per AMBCrypto, the highest price projection for ETN in 2024 is $0.0033, while the average expected price for the year is $0.0038.


Venturing through the various anticipations and speculations, the future of Electroneum (ETN) remains shrouded in the typical crypto market unpredictability. Though renowned platforms and experts have heralded their predictions, it’s imperative to absorb that the cryptocurrency market is subject to myriad factors, including technological advancements, regulatory developments, and macroeconomic trends, which are inherently unpredictable.

Electroneum, with its user-friendly and mobile-centric design, has proven to be a formidable entity in the crypto landscape since its inception in 2017. Nonetheless, while some forecasts hint towards potential price increases, others suggest a relatively stable or even declining future pricing scenario. It’s pivotal for investors and spectators alike to approach these predictions with a judicious and critical mindset.

Investing in cryptocurrencies like ETN requires not only a comprehensive understanding of the asset but also a readiness to adapt to potential volatility and risks inherent to the market. Thus, whether ETN will carve out a path to substantial appreciation or navigate through fluctuating terrains remains an unfolding chapter in its trajectory.

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  1. Again a very bad article. This is all a opinion and not facts!! The ETN team is doing fantastic job. You give sh*t information.

    • Honest feedback? This company locked my tokens on their site. I’m an original IPO investor and I can’t get to my funds out. I sent 6 tickets and received ZERO replies in 2 months. Do I recommend this company to anybody else? Certainly NOT!

  2. Do some research before you write your bullsh*t.

  3. It will be a very interesting year for ETN. They’ve said they have something coming on the 25th of this month which changes everything. Let’s see if it’s real “on the ground” use of crypto as they’ve promised or more hype like we see from all altcoins.
    I hope these guys can deliver as they are one of the few projects that appears to be trying to help people and make the world a better place rather than just ripping off the ico cash.
    Time will tell!

  4. Such an Uninformed and Toxic post…!!

    • Well you actually tried to talk about the project this time, however I’m disappointed the majority was just copying quotes from other articles. The price action has been bleak lately but the features have been continuing to roll out. You still haven’t touched on their mobile partnerships in your articles. You can use the “mined” etn to pay for phone data in South Africa directly through the app and they are on track to release a gig economy which will run through the app.

      Trading wise this project sucks, but their feature roll outs have been promising

  5. I’ve sh*t better. Crapcoin alt stain, your going to eat your own words.

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      Moronic. I know a ton of investors. Large players putting in large amounts of capital. Prospects are great.

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  8. Jesus you are so negatively depressive. You completely ignore what ETN is trying to do. If it fails or succeeds, they are trying to financially equalise the world’s less fortunate and unbanked. For that concept they need unilateral support by all, you, me, everyone. Remove your head from your anus and give a grudgingly nod of approval and hope that cryptocurrency no matter in what form brings a better life for all those than need it most. If etn fails fine. They do so with integrity.

  9. Oh Captain Altcoin…Your articles are getting less harsh little by little. I see you writing about ETN later on praising their successes. You spoke of promising and delivering. Its harder to deliver yet that’s all the team does. Yes, sometimes delayed but not comstantinople late. Lol. All I haveto say is “Orange juice and chill.” 😉

  10. Your conclusion was dumb as f*ck. Although it may not be a scam! Now you just sound like a damn hater. Bigger the party the bigger the scam, look at Tron look at binance big party big big party. Electroneum keeps in contact with their community Through social media like YouTube and Twitter and Telegram Etc. You make electroneum sound good in my view.

  11. So much bad information in the first paragraph, that I couldn’t make it beyond that point. There’s no point in listening to financial advice from someone who can’t do proper research.

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  15. It’s ok to be sceptical. Projects as ambitious as ETN defy the norm but there is no doubt of their monumental achievements in just one year is truly remarkable. I have no doubt this project will change the world looks at digital asserts and hopefully empower the impoverished at the same time. Time to wake up and join the movement captain alt coin, we all make mistakes in judgement. The community is strong, the community is huge (3 million in a few days) the community is united. All will be revealed at the worlds biggest mobile exhibition in a couple of weeks time. I cant wait!

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    • Legitimate project is a stretch when it comes to Electroneum. You have to ignore your emotions and apply rational thinking when looking at it. Except you are a paid bot, in that case – you did your job.

  19. The project holds a glimmer of promise to transcend the mere speculation that takes place for a large number of digital assets out there. The aim is to find a real world niche in an ever evolving and fiercely competitive digital marketing place bringing affordable, instant micro transactions to the masses if it succeeds even partially in this the value will be achieved eventually. As an experienced investor I dip a toe in the pond (never wade in further than comfort allows) I don’t require incentives to recognise a good opportunity to get on at the ground floor (so to speak). I’m not the the one being paid here that my good sir is you, might I add for FUD and fake news does it pay you well…? ?

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  22. Your thoughts on recent developments? They can use cloud mined ETN to pay for data in South Africa and the $80 budget phone.

    That’s real world use

  23. Not what I would normally do ? but… So much good stuff happening right now for Electroneum so many positive signs for the future from a legitimate project with real world usage $80 ETN smart phone, live in South Africa ETN as payment for airtime and data, Huobi exchange listing now illustrates the clear intent and direction of yes let’s repeat it one more time “a real world legitimate project” whisper of more partnerships on the way *awesome* but unfortunately this article smacks of biased poorly researched amateur attempt at journalism. Embarrassed you should as this article and it’s intent has truly backfired questioning your credibility *couldn’t resist sorry* but this article truly deserves to be highlighted for what it is (or isn’t as the case maybe…)

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    again and again: many thanks and respect to the author of the article – smart, honest and experienced, wish that there were more like him. this way the world will be better place for real and for long, not for imaginable moment of dreaming without any factual consequences. dreams or facts? i personally prefer facts.

    • @CYBERSHAMAN aka. TORSTEN HARTMANN (writer of this article and comment) writing a very long and strange complimentary comment on your own recycled article from over 2 months ago. Doesn’t improve or legitimise the content of your article. How many more times but are you going to polish this turd…?

      • The author is Julian, not me. The comment is completely unaffiliated with our website, that is a false claim you made.

        • @TORSTEN HARTMANN, you did indeed write this article under an assumed name. Why else do you only surface when your content comes under scrutiny you good sir have been called out. The only false claims around here are those made this article (recycled multiple times on many dates) and your supporting comments of said article.

        • Felix Küster May 4, 2019 at 20:15

          The article is not recycled, it is regularly updated and clearly marked as such. I don’t understand how is the concept of updated article hard to grasp?

  25. many thanks and respect to author! being experienced, educated and smart, AND not being emotional colored to some label, be it crypto or not. shame to all those zombified haters, who are afreid to dead to touch reality (look in wikipedia who are those afraid and disconnected from reality). and the reality is: some wannabecrypto. and being rebadged mlm/ponzi, with capitalization (oh, miracles after miracles!!!) similar to the startup money colletced from naive and uneducated “investors”, made from some exparienced, prosecuted and sentenced for his mlm/ponzi/pyramid activity team, never having any experience in cryptro or blockchain at all, just in marketing (wich is some advanced form of brainwashing with one and only goal – extorting money despite how, from whom or for what, just to extort). as with primitive thinking entities, the first and oldest trick of rerouting attention is made – it was shown to the public from ivan pavlov with one dog – turning the light on, the dog produces mouthwater, and does not receive food, but all the time it expects food). so primitive, and so effective – imediatelly (as planned in this good marketing operation) after the start the moneygivers attention was rerouted in some angst/fear generating pattern – “oooo, we are hacked, ooooo, we stop all money circulation for common good, and do not think that locking away your money from you is bad – it is good, for as many months as possible, just to reach sooner this one year of time with all your/our money locked from spending”). and all “believers” and “tothemooners” prodiced excessive “mouthwater”, waiting the food. and the food never arived! long story short: all except those naive and uneducated could research the activities of the leader and the team – criminal sentenced for mlm/ponzi activities, yearly money circulation in own companies, if any, some experience external mlm/ponzi schemes, but in blockchain, and the most important: any results AFTER the official start (in reality fall-start) of this mlm, labeled as crypto. all those who believe that such initiatives help to poor people may see how many poor people are fed, healed or put out from poverty for these times – ZERO!!! but the accounts of the mlm=ponzi masters are signifficant in weight – several tens of millions, just for spreading few sugar-sounding phrases. there is a wisdom in my culture: he is not crazy who eats the cake, but he who gives the cake. if someone is not zombified and scared to dead from reality, he may compare those numbers – how many tens or hundreds times less weights one etn now, compared to his “start”, and why its capitalisation never exceeds the money collected in pre-start times (some 40 mln at these times). and what expenses are made from the owners, and for what – none of expenses is made for bettering the life of poor, as intended, no usable effect is made to any cryptocommunity, just enriching some mlm-experts, and never “tothemoon”, as intended by zombified moneygivers. kiss your money goodbye forever, and drink a glass of cold water.

    again and again, many thanks to author, so smart, educated and experienced in crypto and economics, nothing in common with all those bio-robots, repeating to dead “tothemoon”. it reminds me of som other very similar brainwashing, made a century ago, and costing many millions of human lives: the newest religion “wich will make the world good, the poor rich and all equal”. in fact this new religion was requewsted from the rotcschield family member to marx and engels, and thats why their bible is named “the capital” and not “the communism”. if in doubt, visit the british museum and make personal photo of the two money sending orders with detailed description what to write, how must it work, and wich results must be achieved – and both marx and engels did the job. in fact there was a small but signifficant difference – planned to invade the most advanced and educated state in europe – deutschland, it failed and succeeded in the most retarded slaveowning autocracy/tyranocracy in asia, and asassinated for less than a century more humans than the whole christianity for two tousand years! is this the way for making the world better? similar, but much smaller with the abovedescribed mlm/ponzi – extorting last hardworked money from poor makes the world better? never. if in doubt, compare the value in real money – usdollars – in the start of this mlm/ponzi and now. the number is how many time poor became all those “believers”. nothing personal, just facts.

    • @FELIX KUSTER this article is recycled, in fact the only update this article has ever had is a change in publication date, if that counts for updated I guess your right, except that since I made my last comment the title of article has. now been changed yes so definitely updated *chuckle* ? how much longer can this turd be polished…

      • Ok, you can tell that to yourself, I have no time to waste on explaining basic concepts. Since you already read the article, you don’t have to come back here to comment for the 100th time – we already know your opinion, move on, enjoy your ETN wealth.

        • Thanks for the offer very decent of you but it is not for me if it’s all the same to you. I will however leave you with my parting thoughts. I wish only that you shake up your content, use objectivity and not fill articles with hear say and conjecture. Your audience are not brain washed drones but individuals who have the intelligence to look and decide for themselves do not discredit yourself to them. Rise up above the petty mud slinging and trampling of decent and honest projects that are attempting to bring something different maybe not technically but something different all the same reaching out on the ground in South Africa with real people I find this very interesting as the basis of this is to get a working model to form a template for other countries and partnerships. Yes current value is volatile but not everything tangible can be measured by the dollar and depending on whether you look on coinmarketcap or coingecko each throw a different view with conflicting volumes and values. We only ever get a glimpse at pieces of the picture never the whole. Unfortunately only time will tell how the story ends but it will be intriguing to watch it unfold…

        • Felix Küster May 7, 2019 at 23:55

          Thank you for your civilized comment – agree, time is the best judge so we will all have to wait and see who was right :).

        • @FELIX KUSTER if the basic concept was here I would get but unfortunately as I have pointed out this is not a constantly updated article (unless you count article date & title) somebody has to shine the light on outdated recycled articles based on opinion and scant fact (if any) and as for how many comments I chose to leave highlighting this some what mirrors the number of times this article has been dug up and dusted off each time with a new publication date. A hobby is not wealth, I enjoy watching something grow. I don’t subscribe to the language of ‘lambos’ & ‘moon’ modest long term growth will be just fine for me. I have patience my friend something that seems to have been forgotten in these times when gains of 1,000% are expected overnight this is not sustainable or realistic wouldn’t you say?

        • Felix Küster May 7, 2019 at 21:06

          Ok, thanks for the comment – I invite you to make a guest post about Electroneum, shining light on its positives as you seem to be a trough and trough fan of the project. Shoot me an email on info@captainaltcoin.com and I will make sure your voice is heard.

          As for the updates vs recycled content: I disagree with your view. We update the top part of the article with new technical analysis and fundamentals (news, updates), social metrics and other data like FCAS etc. The bottom part is long-term forecast that stays put and changes only occasionally.

  26. Yet another FUD article by this ETN hater. I just read to get the good laugh at the nonsense that spews out.

  27. As long as this site is up and running, ETN is not dead.

  28. This has got to be King Fudd himself

  29. The SEC is going to take ETN down LMFAO….Absolutely no jurisdiction over a British Cryptocurrency. I’ll stop there because your incompetency is truly amazing…..I guess your reader numbers are down and you need a bit of publicity…..CLOWNS

  30. The ETN founders allocated themselves 21 million coins out of a total of 21 billion….I’ll let you do the maths Julian, if you can lol…Have you done ANY research on this project? Obviously fact checking is not on your agenda is it? Can you even think for yourself? The list goes on.

  31. I’m kinda jealous for you. Some people just get paid for losing their time

  32. Parable: The Chinese Bamboo Tree, when the seed of the Chinese Bamboo Tree is planted it grows an extensive root system for five long years, never once breaking the ground. Until finally it breaks the ground, growing 80 feet tall in six weeks!

    Stay focused and continue to believe in what Electroneum are growing even when we don’t see immediate results (price increase). Not to be distracted by misinformation, FUD and a culture driven by instant gratification – this is the biggest challenge.

    A challenge, I believe that will reap rewards for those who are able to read between the lines and persevere… 😉

  33. ETN did nothing then lie from day one, all those who think ETN is good, please educate yourself.

  34. Honest feedback? This company locked my tokens on their site. I’m an original IPO investor and I can’t get to my funds out. I sent 6 tickets and received ZERO replies in 2 months. Do I recommend this company to anybody else? Certainly NOT!

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