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WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform


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WePower is a blockchain-based green energy trading platform. It enables renewable energy producers to raise capital by issuing their own energy tokens. These tokens represent energy they commit to produce and deliver. As a result energy producers can trade directly with the green energy buyers (consumers and investors) and raise capital by selling energy upfront, at below market rates.

The technology team is led by Kaspar Kaarlep, former CTO of Elektrilevi, he and his team are the ones who built the Estonian Smart Grid infrastructure over the past 10 years. The team that Kaspar assembled for WePower has vast experience in building information systems in the energy space. Given their experience working directly with and for utilities, this team is uniquely placed to be able to intimately understand the challenges presented by today’s changing energy landscape and how specific technologies are impacting it.

WePower is currently launching a pilot project with Elering, Estonian transmission system operator, with the goal of building a proof-of-concept for recording a nation-state scale of consumption and production data on the ethereum blockchain. This will be a first of its kind enabling the global blockchain powered energy market to take its first steps towards reality. WePower is leveraging Estonia’s existing advanced smart grid, particularly the 100% smart meter coverage with hourly reading and a central data hub with a data exchange layer for transparent 3rd party access. These are the ideal technical conditions to test the true scalability for our technology.

By partnering with WePower, utilities can begin exploring the following examples that currently don’t exist:

  • Enabling new consumer experiences through energy data stored on the blockchain.
  • Exploring the utility as a data broker business model at scale. For example, a GDPR compliant, customer-controlled, data exchange layer that reinforces the relationship between the utility and its customer by giving the better ownership tools for their own data.
  • Helping integrate renewable energy providers into the smart grid better and helping facilitate the creation of grid level energy clusters.

Nikolaj Martyniuk – CEO, Energy markets

Artūras Asakavicius – Investments

Jon Matonis – Blockchain advisor

Eyal Hertzog – Blockchain advisor

David Cohen – Energy advisor

Heikki Kolk – Energy IoT Expert

Liraz Siri – Security Expert

Nimrod Lehavi – Fintech & security advisor

Steven Meersman – Energy markets advisor

Brad Yasar – Investments

Aaron Bichler – Investments

Saber Aria – Investments

Dr. Tadas Jucikas – Data scientist

Mantas Aleksiejevas – Marketing & sales

Henri Laupmaa – Investments

Darius Rugevičius – Investments

Rene Fischer – Brand strategy

Lukas Kairys – Smart contracts advisor

Aukse Siaudzionyte – Content & social media manager

Asta Kybartaitė – Community & social media manager

Vytautas Alkimavicius – Software engineer

Ignas Bobinas – Software engineer

Jelena Pinajeva – Business analyst

Rasa Jonkute – UX design

Green Energy is the buzzword these days and the industry is booming and will continue to grow. Our rating for WePower ICO is 8.0  out of 10.

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Rene Peters

Rene Peters

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