Last month was fun for the severely under-hyped FUN token and its owners

FunFair recently started implying that it still has some fight left in it. After it’s August opener of $0.023705/307 satoshi, the currency dipped to $0.014413/235 sats before quickly moving back up to $0.020331/310 satoshi. It has since gone on a negative run which ended on September 12th with the price of $0.011724/187 satoshi. After this bottom was reached, FunFair went on to record the monthly peaks of $0.018669/292 satoshi on the 20th.

Overall it does look like the currency found its bottom, as its reactions to Bitcoin movements haven’t been that exaggerated like with other altcoins. You can currently purchase a single FunFair for $0.017696 USD (-0.44% drop in the last 24 hours)/263 satoshi (-1.96% drop in the last 24 hours). Daily trade volume is currently very low, sitting at 225 BTC. With a market cap of $88,672,914, FunFair is currently the 71st most valuable cryptocurrency on the market.

Tilt101 analyzed the technicals of FunFair and thinks in might be prime time for a reversal:

“$FUN fully retraced to its all-time low. Breaking all-time lows can be disastrous as price discovery can lead to free falls into the pit of doom ($NANO is a recent example). On $FUN I think the bottom is in. We’ve fully retraced and see a strong rejection of the ATL. $FUN is almost out of beta and the first casino is set to launch very shortly and be available in four countries. The platform is rock solid and casinos are lining up. Smaller timeframes below”

The project recently had some pretty good news for its community, as the launch of their first token-powered casino was officially completed.

After acquiring a gambling license in the jurisdiction of Curacao, the so-called CasinoFair platform will offer fair and blockchain-verified gambling to its users. CasinoFair will initially be available to players from five territories: Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Norway and Thailand, with more to follow in the future as the platform evolves. The first iteration of CasinoFair will see ten original FunFair-produced game titles at launch, including blockchain-firsts Tales from the Crypto and Fate of Thrones, as well as FunDice and casino classics like European Roulette and Blackjack. You can read more about the launch and even learn how to sign up for the casino’s “revolutionary” KYC solution called FunPass in the projects official blog announcement.

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Prior to this announcement, the project confirmed that the first phase of their mainnet beta testing has been officially wrapped up. The testing process was deemed “constructive” as it gave the team confidence that a first generation of the platform can be successfully launched.

“In total, our community testers played over 4,400 sessions, constituting over 232,000 rounds of betting across the Showcase platform on Mainnet. This included over 100,000 spins of our two slots titles, 20,000 hands of Blackjack and 17,000 spins of the roulette wheel,” said the project’s official publication. FunFair will continue to run beta phases for future iterations of the platform and will again call upon the community to help.

FunFair has successfully completed their previously drawn-out goals and will be focused on opening another casino platform in the near future. They will also be releasing an updated whitepaper that will outline some of the long-term goals, as stated in their latest AMA. There also seem to be plans to obtain Malta/Gibraltar operating licenses which should expand the scope of the project’s operations. In other not-so-encouraging news, FunFair withdrew their UKGC license application, citing lack the UK’s strict and outdated regulatory policies as the main reason for this. The team also announced that due to the withdrawal of their UKGC gambling software license and due to a desire to maintain EU presence post Brexit, they have moved the development team responsible for the gambling element of their platform to Dublin.

Overall it’s been a fun last couple of weeks for the platform, which managed to get its operations up and running. If you are interested in crypto gambling, check out what they have to offer.

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