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CyberTrust securities crypto assets such as Bitcoin, Ethereum and others. This enables institutional investors to take advantage of crypto markets since the resulting derivatives have a titled security claim to the underlying asset. Investors gain exposure to crypto asset price movements via a traditional investment vehicle but do not face the challenges that buying and safekeeping crypto assets entail. Crypto-Asset Backed Securitised Tokens (CABS) have been created by CyberTrust to fuel the securitisation process, with the sale of these tokens leading to the creation of a new crypto derivative market. How does the project create value to the ecosystem and differs from competing projects? The only thing comparable to our project is Grayscale, but Grayscale is only a crypto fund, whereas our platform will allow for the creation of derivative crypto-financial products that currently do not exist. This will facilitate increased interest in cryptocurrency investment from large investment funds (institutional investors), thereby leading to an increase in the market capitalisation of crypto assets.

CyberTrust raised 11,000,000 USD in a closed round.

Evgeny Khata – CEO & Co-Founder

Nick Lustiger – Head of Asset Management

Scott Freeman – Head of Trading

Parker FairField – COO & Head of Asia Pacific

Alex Der Megreditchian – Head of Research

Alla Labutina – Chief Financial Officer

Evgeniya Gubar – Legal Counsel

Tracey Boydston – Chief Technology Officer

Arthur Arsyonov – Chief Design Officer

Nick Syusko – Chief Marketing Officer

Kirill Kazakov – Project manager

Dan Permyakov – Content & Community management

Adam Yates – Content Marketer & Editor

Pavel Shell – Full Stack Developer

Webracer – Full Stack Developer

Leon Koshelev – Full Stack Developer

Ed Zitron – Public Relations

CyberTrust help Banks buy Bitcoin without having to update their IT. Banks can not buy Bitcoin for legal and regulatory reason, because they do not now how to handle asset within their existing accounting systems. Our rating for this ICo is 8.3 out of 10.0.

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