Best Projects on MetisDAO – Top DeFi Coins on MetisDAO

With the delay in the rollout of Ethereum 2.0, many stakeholders in the blockchain space continue to experience challenges on the Ethereum blockchain with the high transaction costs, lack of scalability, and slow speed.

Challenges like those mentioned above have led many to move their projects to, and seek investment opportunities on, other layer-2 blockchains.

The Metis Dao is one of the layer-2 rollup platforms that seek to solve problems encountered on the layer-1 Ethereum blockchain. 

In this article, I’d discuss the best projects that have been created on the Metis Dao layer-2 platform.

What is Metis Dao?

Metis Dao is an Ethereum layer-2 rollup platform that promises low gas fees, fast transactions, native storage, and high security.

Metis is creating a platform that allows decentralized apps, businesses, and communities on the Blockchain to be initiated, function, and expand easily. 

Another advantage over the Ethereum layer-1 Blockchain is that products run on MetisDAO are scalable. Metis has had investments from other Blockchain companies and VCs such as Hotlabs, Genblock Capital, Cryptomeria Capital, Waterdrip Capital, Chain Capital, etc.

Best coins on the MetisDAO Blockchain


SwapAll is an investment tool designed with an easy-to-use interface that allows decentralized finance transactions to be done without incurring costs on gas. SAP is the token of the SwapAll project, and it has several utilities, which are listed below:

  • Liquidity mining
  • Profit-sharing
  • Participation in governance
  • New trading pair self-creation
  • State channel


Those who stake the SAP token will share the commissions, transaction fees, and management fees within the SwapAll platform.

State Channel Node

The SAP token can be used to create the initial state channel node in the future.

In a future time, SAP will be used in making the Initial State Channel node.

New trading pair self-creation

Theoretically, SwapAll supports all trading pairs on Uniswap. Still, an initial amount of SAP will have to be paid to create such pairs on their platform.

Liquidity mining

For new cryptocurrencies issued on the SwapAll system, SAPs can participate in their liquidity mining.

Participation in governance

In the future, the sap tokens will be used to vote when making decisions for the project.


Asteria is building a platform that will serve as an option-based infrastructure for DeFi and allow new and innovative financial instruments to be built within the metaverse.

ATAT is the name of the Asteria finance token. When you hold the token, you stand a chance to enjoy some benefits such as:

  • Priority of withdrawals on market makers
  • Receiving discounts on options fee
  • Earn a share of the protocol fees collected from the Asteria finance ecosystem and the projects incubated by Asteria finance when you stake your ATAT tokens.

The company has some products that will attract users to the platform. Some of these products are American Option Trading, Impermanent Loss Hedger, Dual Asset Finance Manager, Asteria Step Options.

The project has reputable partners in the Blockchain space such as API3, Metis, Diversifi, Krystal,

The Asteria finance Labs project has a lot of attractive products. At the same time, its good tokenomics also makes it an attractive investment.

Oropocket OpenDefi

OpenDefi is a fintech protocol that Oropocket developed. The OpenDefi platform developed an infrastructure that enables custody of real-world assets on blockchains and also allows applications to be built on it by developers. 

The name of the OpenDefi token is the ORO token. The ORO token will follow an inflationary policy. To ensure its scarcity, however, the team plans to burn some tokens quarterly. 

80% of the fees collected from instant trades and interest collected from low-cost loans will be used to buy back the ORO Tokens for the quarterly burn. In that way, the token can become scarce, increasing the value.


Wowswap is a leverage trading and lending platform that runs on multiple networks. Some of the networks Wowswap runs on presently include the IoTeX chain, Avalanche Blockchain, Solana network, BNB chain, MetisDAO, and the Ethereum Blockchain

When you leverage your trades on the Wowswap platform, you can trade huge volumes even with little capital. Unlike centralized margin trading platforms, Wowswap is a decentralized platform that allows its community the power to create and operate common liquidity pools and decide the rules that apply to leverage trading.

WOW is the name of the Wowswap native token. 50% of the protocol fees are used to buy and burn the wow token, reducing the token supply. This reduction in circulating supply is expected to cause an increase in price in the long run.

Bagels finance

This is a cross-chain yield farming protocol that pursues giving Yield farmers in the defi space the highest APY. On the Bagels platform, users can get up to 10x leverage earning up to 10x rewards in return.

BAGEL is the token of the platform. The holders of the Bagel token have the opportunity to vote when making some decisions for the bagel finance. As a boardroom member, you are entitled to dividends from the income of the company; you will also get a share from the spread revenue as well as from the Crypto assets that are farmed on the platform. Users will have to lock an amount of Bagel to join the boardroom.

Bluehelix Chain

This is a public chain capable of fully supporting decentralized cross-chain access to any public chain.

The Bluehelix chain has some products, which are;

  • A full cross-chain decentralized exchange is called HDEX.
  • A completely decentralized wallet called Bluehelix Wallet. The Bluehelix Wallet is a decentralized cross-chain wallet that provides efficient and scalable consensus clearing, safe custody of decentralized cross-chain assets, etc.
  • A free MPC-based decentralized cross-chain bridge called Bluehelix Bridge. 
  • The native token is called HBC. This token serves as a decentralized DAO and open source community.

You should note that for now, the Bluehelix Chain has closed operations.


Totemfi is a platform that combines high yield BTC rewards for individual and collective participation in prediction markets and at the same time allows users to earn staking returns.

The native token of the platform is TOTM. When you hold the token, you will access a range of platform functionality and prediction markets. It also gives the holder the ability to generate staking rewards and a high yield in BTC.

The holder of the TOTM token will have the opportunity to help govern the protocol with a vote on different arising matters.


Opolis provides powerful tools and infrastructure to independent workers for them to design their work-life in a way that suits their personal lifestyle preferences.

The token name of the Opolis project is called WORK. The work token is both a utility token and a governance token.

The Commons are those that can utilize the WORK token. As they grow, there will be a reduction in the distribution of the token. 

That serves as a deflationary technique that can make the token scarcer and more valuable. is a DeFi foreign exchange protocol that offers several products. You can create and exchange multi-currency stablecoins backed by Ethereum and other coins on the platform.

With the platform, you can burrow in your local currency while making accounting more straightforward and with no fx risk.

You can earn forex rewards and liquidation fees when you stake in keeper pools to provide liquidity.

The native token FOREX is used for governance and rewards and used as a mechanism for underwriting ecosystem stability.


Netswap designed a DApp on the Metis platform that allows you to earn, build, and swap.

The Netswap dex uses the same AMM model as that of Uniswap. The difference is that, unlike Uniswap, when you use Netswap, you will incur very low fees on transactions, your transactions will be very fast, and the project itself is scalable.

The NETT token is the project’s governance token. The community can make proposals on the future utilities of the token. 

Currently, Netswap has 247 pairs on its DEX and has a TVL of $105.6 million. The NETT token is $2.1 and still has growth potential.


Bcharity is an international charity based on blockchain technologies with cryptocurrency implementation. The project aims to incorporate a decentralized autonomous organization system that allows members to vote on essential choices proposed by stakeholders.

The organization has a token which is called the GIVE token. 

Donations given to the organization are converted to the GIVE token.

The GIVE token serves as a built-in treasury that facilitates easy storage and donation. The token also enables transparency as every transaction can be tracked.

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