Kucoin Earn Review – How Does Kucoin Earn Soft Staking Work?

Kucoin Earn Review – How Does Kucoin Earn Soft Staking Work?
Kucoin Earn Review – How Does Kucoin Earn Soft Staking Work?
Free market (completely freely choose the node).
Ability to easily trade staked tokens (liquidity trading market).
Share of the daily 250,000 POL tokens allocation along with their regular returns or profit from staking (double earnings).
Part of one the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges - Kucoin.

Kucoin Earn is Kucoin’s platform that allows users to earn daily rewards through crypto soft staking. With Kucoin Earn, holders of supported coins can choose to “stake” their coins and earn daily interest.

This article will dive into KuCoin Earn to help you decide whether to use it and stake your coins for daily rewards and in general help you answer the question what is KuCoin Earn.

Quick summary: KuCoin Staking
🌐 TopicDescription
🔐 Kucoin Earn OverviewKucoin Earn, a staking platform by Kucoin, offers PoS mining, liquidity mining, and trading tools with attractive returns, enhancing cryptocurrency investment opportunities.
🔍 Choosing a NodeUsers have the freedom to select their preferred node for staking, allowing for diverse digital asset staking options.
💹 Liquidity Trading MarketFeatures a liquidity trading market for buying and selling staked digital assets, increasing liquidity and flexibility in the staking economy.
💰 Double EarningsOffers double rewards during staking: regular staking rewards and daily mining rewards (in POL), boosting users’ earning potential.
📅 Daily Staking RewardsProvides daily staking rewards, including a share of 250,000 POL tokens and up to 12% APR on staked coins, with rewards distributed the following day.
🔖 Supported TokensSupports a wide range of tokens for staking, including HYDRA, LUNA, KSM, DOT, and many more, catering to diverse investor preferences.
🌉 POL Token RoleIntroduces the POL token, based on TRON’s TRC20, as a crucial element in the Kucoin Earn ecosystem, facilitating instant liquidity for staked assets.
🚀 Staking ProcessTo stake, users log in to Kucoin, navigate to Kucoin Earn, and subscribe to their chosen product, generating POL tokens for participants.
📈 Market Freedom & LiquidityHighlights Kucoin Earn’s free market approach, multi-node support on public chains, and trading platform for staked assets, promoting asset diversification and liquidity.

What is Kucoin Earn?

Kucoin is one of the largest crypto exchanges. It is very easy to use and most of its users agree KuCoin is pretty safe. One of the many features available on this platform is called KuCoin Earn and we are going to take a closer look at it in this article.

Kucoin announced back in 2019 that its staking platform is moving to a fresh new staking system called Kucoin Earn. It is an innovative Proof of stake (POS) mining tool that offers effective staking, liquidity mining, and trading tools with very nice returns.

The platform offers a variety of services including operating on the liquidity trading market, node integration, and operational solutions to build a passive income. The main difference between Kucoin’s previous staking platform and Kucoin Earn is the increased number of services and features.

By establishing this effective staking and liquidity mining tool, Kucoin has shown its goal to be the leader in the development of the crypto staking and PoS mining market as people look for secure,  profitable, and flexible staking options and opportunities. 

KuCoin Earn

Kucoin Earn Key Features

As already mentioned, Kucoin Earn is all: staking, trading, and mining platform where users can take part in staking pools and operate mining nodes. Let’s jump into the main features of Kucoin Earn that can be extremely useful for you if you are into the mining and staking crypto market. 

Liquidity Trading Market

Kucoin Earn has developed its liquidity trading market. The market allows users to buy and sell staked digital assets which actually brings more liquidity and flexibility to the staking economy.

The main thing about the liquidity trading market is that users are able to trade their staked tokens with their tradable and non-staked assets by paying a certain amount of trading fee. For example, if you chose to stake TRX for 30 days and 10 days later you decide you want to sell staked tokens, you can do it on the liquidity trading market and immediately have the same amount of non-staked and tradable TRX. 

Double Earnings

One of the most innovative features of Kucoin Earn is the fact that you can earn double rewards. During the staking period, you can obtain these double rewards, including the regular staking rewards and the mining rewards (in POL), which are distributed among all stakers account on Kucoin Earn daily.

Daily Staking Rewards

Users on Kucoin Earn enjoy both the mining rewards –a share of the 250,000 daily POL tokens allocation which is distributed among stakers on Kucoin Earn and the staking rewards –as high as 12% Annual Percentage Rate (APR) of the respective staked coins. 

An interesting feature on Kucoin Earn is that users are actually rewarded daily. In fact, rewards are calculated every day and distributed to the next one. 

KuCoin Earn

Supported tokens

There is a more than decent amount of tokens that can be staked on Kucoin Earn such as HYDRA, LUNA, KSM, DOT, TRX, VSYS, WAN, EOS, TOMO, ATOM, KCS(Beta), FEAR, VAI, ALPACA, HOTCROSS, HORD, TOKO, MATIC, ADA, SUKU, XNL, OPUL, OUSD, BEPRO, IDEA, SWINGBY, ANC, ZIL-gZIL, and LINK.

What is POL?

You probably noticed that I have already mentioned the POL token in this article (as the token shared among stakers on Kucoin Earn), so it’s fair to explain what POL actually is. 

Proof of liquidity (POL) is a decentralized token issued by the Kucoin Earn exchange based on TRON’s TRC20 protocol. It plays a pivotal role in the Kucoin Earn ecosystem. POL is used as a bridge between tokens that are staked and those in circulation, paying with which allows the users to obtain instant liquidity even when the crypto assets are still in staking.

At the time of writing, the current supply of POL in circulation is 190.44 Million tokens and the total supply of Proof Of Liquidity that will ever be issued is 1.00 Billion tokens. 

How to stake coins in Kucoin Earn?

I found staking in Kucoin Earn pretty much user-friendly as well as easy. Users are actually able to completely freely choose the node while receiving the benefits of staking different digital assets. Of course, some POL tokens are generated for all users who stake their tokens on the platform.

As already mentioned above, the annual percentage rate (APR) goes up to 12%. It is safe to say that this percentage is pretty decent, but not extremely high, especially when it is compared to some other staking platforms. 

It’s good to note, at this point, that the views expressed in this article are NOT to be considered as FINANCIAL ADVICE.

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Why is Kucoin Earn better than the other staking services?

This is probably a question for more detailed discussion, but I would still like to state a few very important facts that might make you think “Kucoin Earn is indeed one of the best (if not the best) staking platforms”.

What makes Kucoin Earn different is the fact that it is a completely free market. It possesses different operational views by comparing the traditional mining pool. You wonder how different, aren’t you?

Well, it operates without further engaging in competition with the node. Kucoin Earn is mainly focused on introducing multi-node on the public chain to diversified crypto assets and all users. Users can trade the staked crypto assets on the platform and have sufficient liquidity. 

KuCoin Earn


Staking is one of the easiest ways to earn passive income in the crypto world, isn’t it? Kucoin has shown great initiative to make this feature super easy for its users by establishing its own staking and mining platform Kucoin Earn.

With different kinds of benefits for its users such as solutions for low liquidity problems through the liquidity trading market or withdrawals of staked assets without sacrificing rewards, Kucoin Earn has definitely established itself as one of the important players in the staking world. 

To sum it up, Kucoin Earn is indeed one of the best platforms out there where you can earn by staking, mining, and trading with anyone who is interested in taking part in the staking ecosystem. 

9 Total Score
KuCoin Earn

Ease of use
Supported assets
  • Free market (completely freely choose the node).
  • Ability to easily trade staked tokens (liquidity trading market).
  • Share of the daily 250,000 POL tokens allocation along with their regular returns or profit from staking (double earnings).
  • Part of one the biggest cryptocurrency exchanges - Kucoin.
  • Annual percentage rate (APR) is decent, but not super great.
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