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Tron is once again on a roll, with a stream of positive news coming through every few weeks. But this is not fluff - news are backed by hard work behind the ...


Another day is passing by in crypto world - dynamic and definitely not dull. As always, you are very welcome to join our  Telegram group Let's get ...


Bitcoin, for all its positive press, is currently a flawed product which suffers greatly from issues related to scalability and transaction ...


Even though various blockchain based industries of today are making great leaps and advancements, the blockchain itself is still a very flawed ...


Revain, found online at, is one of the new alternative currencies to be introduced in the already hyper crypto market. Revain is ...


Kakao, the service provider for South Korea's leading mobile messaging application KakaoTalk, will create a subsidiary Blockchain temporarily called "Kakao ...


PayPal, the U. S. -based payment industry giant PayPal, has registered a patent with the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), released on March 1, to ...


If you visited crypto Twitter any time in the past couple of weeks, you must have seen bots impersonating big crypto Twitter accounts and tweeting about "coin ...


Users of bitcoin, or any other cryptocurrency, should be careful with the investments they make. Here are some pointers to avoid falling into the trap of Ponzi ...


According to the Credit Suisse press release of March 1, Credit Suisse and the Dutch financial services groups ING successfully completed the first direct ...

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  1. hey Ben

    Bitcoin has not peaked in my opinion. But I do think that one can yield better returns by investing in good altcoins rather than in a very expensive bitcoin. You will always turn those altcoin profits to BTC anyways (that is the whole point of buying small altcoins). Only a very small percentage of altcoins are a really long term holds – most of them are only means to accumulate more BTCs.

  2. Thanks for noticing that. LSK will be added!

  3. Hi Ted

    Yes, I actually think that, if RDN proves its value and works like it is supposed (on bigger scale), I see most of the ERC-20 tokens utilizing it in some degree. Raiden is, among other coins, on our list of future adds right now.

  4. Hi Jim

    They offer 50%-cheaper TRADING with BNB. Withdrawal is not trading so they charged you withdrawal fees (you send coins to other wallet). When you TRADE on Binance with BNB pairing, they charge no fees.

  5. Hi Cade

    You are right – we dug deeper into the issue and I listed IOTA on our list. Thank you for the value packed comment!

  6. Hi Richard

    Best option is to get a hardware wallet, like Nano S or Trezor. You can read our article on how to setup Nano S:
    Once you buy the coins on the exchange, you transfer them to an address generated by your Nano S wallet. Once they arrive there, they are safe from hacks. Just make sure to remember your seed phrase for accessing wallet.

  7. Thanks Johne! Appreciate the kind words.

  8. Hi John

    You can buy Ripple and keep it on an exchange until your Nano S arrives. Exchanges are not recommended to keep coins on them for longer period of time, but couple of days is fine. Lot of us keep coins on exchanges for trading purposes. But any time you decide you want to hold without trading, move the coins to a cold storage (another name for hardware wallets).

  9. Yes, SALT and all lending coins are very interesting. I think that lending and privacy coins will have big gains in 2018. We might add SALT in the article after we do some additional research on them.

  10. Hi Bryan

    That is mostly due to the problems with VISA. TenX is working on their own banking license for Europe (and US, but I am not sure about that) so they wouldn’t rely only on 1 card issuer. So, TenX will surge once they resolve that which can happen either by VISA changing their approach to all crypto-card services or TenX gets their own banking license. But TenX team is top 3 in whole crypto world if you ask me – big, solid, serious team is the main reason I believe in this coin.

  11. Hey Krunal

    We will do another article on the very cheap coins with good upside, underrated coins if you will. And this article also will be updated to include new coins we think deserve the mention.

  12. Hey MjTom

    I am still undecided on IOTA – the concept is great but their team is bit of enigma to me. They come across as rude and arrogant very often and their alleged partnerships with big companies (Microsoft and similar) are all unconfirmed and perhaps made up.