Kriptomat Review: Fees, Supported Coins, Safety & WARNINGS

Kriptomat Review: Fees, Supported Coins, Safety & WARNINGS
Kriptomat Review: Fees, Supported Coins, Safety & WARNINGS
Kriptomat Review: Fees, Supported Coins, Safety & WARNINGS
It is a fully licensed platform.
The KYC registration process is very fast, one of the fastest in the cryptocurrency world.
It provides detailed help articles using both video and print to break down complex concepts and procedures.
It provides the mobile experience with its app based on the Android and iOS systems.
It has a transparent fee schedule; there are no hidden charges.
It also offers referral bonuses, up to 25%.
A growing number of supported currencies as well as languages.

This article will talk about Kriptomat, one of the about 500 exchanges that offer crypto services. Are there certain things you should know about this exchange? How may it benefit you? What are the merits and demerits? Follow me as I answer these and other questions



  • It was founded in 2018 in Estonia.
  • It is governed by the legislation of the European Union.
  • Its scope covers over 80 countries worldwide.
  • Its identity verification process is swift.
  • It charges low fees.
  • With its mobile app, users can trade wherever they are.
  • It accepts bank transfers and bank cards as payment methods.
  • Its main fiat currency is EUR.
  • It has a referral system with bountiful rewards.
  • There are 23 languages spoken on the platform.



There are six different ways to buy crypto on the platform. You can use bank transfers, credit cards, debit cards, Sofort, Skrill, and Neteller. There are also 11 fiat currencies on the platform, including EUR, GBP, CHF, and many others.

Each of those methods comes with its limits and transaction times. For example, credit and debit cards transactions are usually instant, while it may take 1-5 business days for bank transfers to be credited to your account.

Also, the daily limit for alternative payment methods (Skrill, Neteller, etc.) is 1000 EUR, while bank cards come with a beginner daily limit of 500 EUR


Apart from allowing users to buy and sell cryptocurrencies, Kriptomat also allows them to exchange one cryptocurrency with another using the crypto to crypto tab on the homepage. This feature was launched on April 21, 2020, with the introduction of three frontline cryptocurrencies as base currencies, namely USDT, ETH, and BTC.

There are more than 400 crypto pairs on Kriptomat, with room for more. This feature is only available for desktop versions of the platform, with support for Android coming soon.


This is a way to make your cryptocurrencies work for you instead of letting them sit in your wallet. With the KriptoEARN feature, you can choose either flexible savings or fixed savings and get rewarded for saving.

Rewards are compounded daily and paid weekly. No commission is charged, and a calculator is also provided to calculate how much you can earn with the current rates. Rates change daily too, so it’d be best to keep an eye on that.


Kriptomat makes it easy for its users to invest in crypto by providing a DCA(Dollar-Cost Averaging) mechanism for customers to automatically buy crypto at regular intervals straight from their bank accounts into their crypto wallets.

To start recurring buys, connect your fiat wallet and specify the frequency of the buys. You can choose to buy monthly, bi-monthly, or weekly. The limits are 1000 EUR daily and 5000 EUR monthly. You can also set up three recurring buy plans simultaneously.

Before a purchase is made, you will be alerted via email and given a chance to cancel if you so wish.


Over 250 different cryptocurrencies are listed on Kriptomat. They include popular ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, 1inch, Aave, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Binance Coin, Dogecoin, dYdX, Fantom, Solana, Maker, Matic, Cardano, etc. It also supports lesser-known coins.

Some of the coins supported on the platform can be bought, sold, deposited and withdrawn, while others have one or two of these functions missing. For example, 1inch can be bought, sold, deposited, and withdrawn, while Aave can only be bought and sold; it can’t be deposited or withdrawn


You can currently deposit 11 fiat currencies on the platform, with the major one being EUR. Apart from EUR, you can deposit:

  • GBP – British Pounds
  • CHF – Swiss Franc
  • HUF – Hungarian Forint
  • PLN – Polish Zloty
  • DKK – Danish Krone
  • RUB – Russian Ruble
  • CZK – Czech Koruna
  • NOK – Norwegian Krone
  • SEK – Swedish Krona
  • RON – Romanian Leu

However, no matter the currency of the deposit, it is displayed as EUR when it gets to your account.


The following methods are used to make deposits on Kriptomat:

  • Credit and debit cards(Visa and MasterCard)
  • Bank transfers/SEPA transfers
  • Sofort
  • Skrill
  • Neteller

Depositing funds on the platform is as easy as logging in, clicking on ‘Deposit’, and following the instructions.


For bank cards deposits:

  • Newbies: Daily limit of 500 EUR, monthly limit of 5,000 EUR
  • Beginners: Daily limit of 2,500 EUR, monthly limit of 15,000 EUR
  • Intermediate: Daily limit of 5,000 EUR, monthly limit of 50,000 EUR
  • Advanced: Daily limit of 15,000 EUR, monthly limits of 150,000

As we continue in this article, we’ll talk more about how to increase the limits of your account

Other deposit methods come with their own limits. For example, Skrill deposits are limited to 1,000 EUR per day.


The fees for each deposit method are stated below:

  • Crypto-EUR purchase: 1.45%(minimum of 1.45 EUR)
  • EUR-Crypto purchase: 1.45%(minimum of 1.45 EUR)
  • Buying with credit cards: 3.45%
  • Depositing with credit cards: 1.99%
  • Buying with Skrill: 5.35%
  • Buying with Neteller: 5.35%
  • SEPA deposits and withdrawals: 0%
  • Bank wire transfers from local currencies to Kriptomat: 0.5 EUR for CHF and 3 EUR for the rest.

Crypto withdrawal methods, limits, and fees are dynamic and usually depend on the market conditions and the cryptocurrency itself. In most cases, though, the minimum amount of crypto you can send is generally within the range of 15-25 EUR worth of that crypto.



According to their website, Kriptomat doesn’t charge fees for crypto to crypto conversions. The fees charged for crypto withdrawals and deposits vary and are already explained in the paragraph above.


The short answer is Yes. Kriptomat requires that its users complete KYC and AML verification procedures before enjoying the full extent of services on the platform. You will be able to raise your deposit, trading, and withdrawal limits as you reveal more information about yourself. As we go further in this discussion, we will address the topic of KYC regulation more fully.


When this article was written, Kriptomat supported 69 different countries from 6 continents.

The supported countries are 


Bulgaria, the United Kingdom, Albania, Switzerland, Andorra, Sweden, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Slovenia, BIH, Slovakia, Croatia, Serbia, Cyprus, San Marino, Czech Republic, Romania, Estonia, Portugal, Finland, Poland, France, Norway, Gibraltar, North Macedonia, Greece, Netherlands, Hungary, Montenegro, Iceland, Monaco, Ireland, Moldova, Italy, Malta, Latvia, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein, and Lithuania.


Seychelles and South Africa


Armenia, Mexico, Azerbaijan, Grenada, Georgia, Greenland, Hong Kong, El Salvador, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Isreal, Cayman Islands, Japan, Canada, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, Singapore, Thailand


Australia, New Zealand, French Polynesia


Argentina, Brazil, French Guiana, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela

Kriptomat is not supported in the United States of America. However, the list is constantly being updated. It is, therefore, possible that more countries will be added.


Let me now walk you through the registration process step by step. Iโ€™ll divide it into three sections; registration, activation, and verification.


Don’t worry; it’s a simple process. To start with:

  • Go to the ‘Get Started‘ button on the homepage. Click on it.
  • You’ll be required to fill in some information, like your first name, last name, email address, and password. Ensure that the details you enter, especially your name, are as they appear on your official identification documents.
  • Tick the box to confirm you are an adult and that you’ve read the terms and conditions.
  • Click ‘Create Account’
  • You’ve successfully registered on Kriptomat


This is the next step. After creating your account, you’ll be sent a verification link in the email you provided. Your email address must be verified by clicking the link.

Following email verification, you will be directed to the website and asked to verify your phone number. A text message will be sent to your phone, which you must enter in the dialogue box provided. Once the correct code is entered, your phone number is successfully verified, and your account is activated. After that, the identity verification process begins.


If all goes well, this process takes only minutes to complete. It is required before you make your first EUR deposit or before using the Kriptomat wallet service. How do you go about it?

On your profile page, click the ‘Start Verification Process’ button. Then, enter your complete residential address, along with the postal code. Your country is pre-selected based on your provided phone number. Click ‘Next’ when you are done.

Identity verification comes next. Select from two supported document types(International Passport and Government-Issued ID card). Next, take clear photos of your selected document and upload them on the portal. When you’re ready, click ‘Confirm and Proceed’.

Next is the Liveness check, the step where you’ll upload a live selfie. Follow the instructions on the page and click next once successful. You’ve done your part. All that’s left is to wait for some minutes for the verification to be approved. When that is done, you can now deposit and withdraw freely on the account.


No, it does not have a native token at this time.


I’ll let you judge that for yourself. But to assist you, let me present the following facts:

  • Everyone who deposits either fiat or cryptocurrency is registered and verified on the platform; therefore, there is little space for scammers.
  • It employs regular audits to ensure that its wallets and services adhere to the international safety standards
  • It has never been hacked
  • 98% of the assets under its care are kept in cold storage wallets, where no online hacker can touch them
  • It employs encryption mechanisms to prevent MITM attacks and data leaks.
  • It has a dedicated team whose job is to monitor the website and platform 24/7 for security leaks.
  • It employs regular penetration tests to prevent the latest DDOS attacks
  • Two-factor authentication and logging users out after 15 minutes of inactivity 
  • โ€ฆ.and many more

What do you think? Those are pretty good reasons to put your trust in the Kriptomat system.


Yes, Kriptomat is regulated and duly licensed under appropriate authorities. It is one of the most regulatory-compliant exchanges presently.

It has the following regulatory documents:

  • License FVT000310 – Financial Services under the European Union, Republic of Estonia Financial Intelligence Unit. This license certifies it to provide a virtual currency service.
  • ISO 27001 certification under the Bureau Veritas.
  • ISO 9001 certification under the Bureau Veritas.
  • Founding member of the International Association for Trusted Blockchain Applications(INATBA).


One of the most important decisions you can make as a crypto trader is choosing what exchange you will entrust your assets with. It’s an important decision because it can mean the distinction between affluence and penury.

This article has analysed what trading with Kriptomat involves. You’ve seen that it offers a swift KYC process, along with recurring buys and a crypto earning program. You’ve also seen that it is not accessible in some countries, including the US.

At this point, you have adequate knowledge of the exchange. Remember, knowledge is power. What will you do with all that power? That is up to you.



8.2 Total Score

  • It is a fully licensed platform.
  • The KYC registration process is very fast, one of the fastest in the cryptocurrency world.
  • It provides detailed help articles using both video and print to break down complex concepts and procedures.
  • It provides the mobile experience with its app based on the Android and iOS systems.
  • It has a transparent fee schedule; there are no hidden charges.
  • It also offers referral bonuses, up to 25%.
  • A growing number of supported currencies as well as languages.
  • A limited number of supported cryptocurrencies.
  • Not available in some countries, including the United States of America.
  • Its trading fees are on the high side.
  • It doesn't offer leverage trading.
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