Top Trends in the Crypto Gaming Market in 2020

The crypto gaming market has been on a steady rise since the success of CryptoKitties was registered back in 2017. We have also witnessed the creation of blockchain-based gaming applications and other digital collectibles. That development has opened up brand new modes of integrating gaming through blockchain technology, where it is projected that, eventually, there will be mass adoption of cryptocurrencies not only in the gaming sector, but also in many other industries.

The rise of crypto gaming

Currently, there are more and more people engaging in online gaming, thanks to the emergence of mobile gaming through portable mobile devices. It is safe to say that mobile gaming accounts for more than 85 percent of overall gaming, and at the same time, it is the central basis for crypto gaming and trading. Taking a closer look at captain spins expert review, you realize that the number of players ditching traditional gaming to adopt the new module of crypto gaming is rising consistently in top casinos. 

Online casinos now allow gamers to transact through cryptocurrencies. In doing so, trading can be done seamlessly regardless of geographical barriers and inter-governmental regulations, as assets are controlled in offshore crypto exchanges. As we get deeper into 2020, a few top trends in the crypto gaming market have been evident, and will certainly play a part going forward.

Use of crypto as payment mode in top online gaming platforms

The adoption of digital payments in the majority of online gaming platforms has become a new normal. These digital currencies are tokenized based on a given blockchain network and given a value. That allows gamers to purchase in-game assets, which they can also use to trade in other areas outside the gaming environment. Another advantage is that gamers can utilize the virtual currencies earned during gaming to trade with other crypto-based assets.

Incorporation of blockchain technology into crypto gaming

Crypto gambling is a rising trend lately. The number of online games allowing players to use digital currencies as virtual assets are becoming more popular than before. These websites use blockchain technology, and encourage the use of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and other similar coins as payment for both depositing and withdrawal across a network of websites. Ideally, the adoption of this new trend is to resolve issues raised in the traditional gaming, where the lack of a decentralized system opened ways for fraud and also made the transfer of data less secure and private.

Cryptocurrency trust-building through crypto gaming

There are advances to promote the use of cryptocurrencies in gaming through bringing in investment opportunities among online players. One example is MintDice which offers risk-free investment opportunities to interested players, and opens doors for them to invest cheaply in shared masternode structures with the aim of receiving parts of the profit obtained by casinos.

It cannot be said that crypto gaming is the future, yet, but the emergence of straightforward trends point towards a safer, and more convenient gaming in casinos. Players may want to invest in the gaming experience, and if that is what cryptocurrencies bring to the table, the numbers are only bound to grow further. With more marketing and awareness strategies, including the successful adoption of blockchain technology in other sectors, crypto trading and gaming has a big future.

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