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Believe it or not, I bought my first bitcoin using a certain amount of USD on my Amazon account. And I did not earn it, that was my friend’s birthday gift. Yeah, Amazon gift card!

Before I thought I might do some web search, and search engines listed several sites that were selling bitcoins for real cash at that time: CoinGate, LocalBitCoins, UnoCoin, Cex etc.

Then I learned there are some online services where one can exchange gift cards for bitcoins. Basically, I found seven: Gyft, FoldApp, Purse, Cryfter, eGifter, InstaGift, YesToBitcoins.

And both Purse and eGifter are linked with Amazon, connecting buyers and sellers on one platform. Just by random selection I decided to trade on Purse, to change my gift card for my first bitcoins, which I want to show you step by step:

How to Buy bitcoins with Amazon gift card at Purse

First thing to do is to register at Purse (Sign up here for free). Purse also offers registration with your Facebook, Google+ or Coinbase account, so it can be several clicks only.

Second important thing is that you have your Amazon account and if you plan to trade, make sure that you put a certain amount on it.

The process is simple:

Purse account

The window will list range of Amazon shoppers with their wish-lists. Here you can make multiple selection criteria, such as geographical location. For our exercise, we will select USA here.

Amazon Shoppers

Then you should click on the Price column cells, select as many as you wish to spend.

BTC exchange

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After you click Accept offer, you are directed to the Amazon site. Starting from this moment and one hour forward, you can complete your order.

Trade amazon cards

Upon clicking on Purchase wishlist tab, it takes you to the Amazon site.

Now you need to complete the order, copy the order ID to the form above. And money is sent to your account upon successful order delivery and shopper’s confirmation. As a seller, you can easily check status of your Amazon order over here.

Here is one example:

Amazon Order

Purse will also notify you on your ongoing transaction. They will send you an e-mail with the link to your transaction:

Purse Order

The only thing that remained is to wait one week for receipt of Bitcoin using Purse.

For Europians, I would recommend Coinimal for exchange of Amazon gift card for Bitcoin or Coinbase for buying Bitcoin using Fiat money.


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