Best NFT Marketplaces on Terra Luna Blockchain

The undeniable rise in the popularity of NFTs took the crypto world by surprise, so if you want to join in on the action, NFT marketplaces are your best entry ticket. Here you can take part in trading, buying, and selling of NFTs that can range from simple images, GIFs, music, games, memes, videos all the way to whole digital worlds and universes.

There are a lot of options, given that there are numerous marketplaces on the internet. So, here we will cover the best Terra NFT marketplaces in the hope of helping you choose the best one for you.

Quick summary: LUNA NFT marketplace (s)
NFT MarketplaceSummary
πŸ‘‰ Talis ProtocolTalis Protocol is a decentralized platform on Terra that bridges the gap between the blockchain and the world of physical art. It offers both classic and exploitable NFTs. The platform aims to provide additional utility to NFTs, benefiting collectors, investors, artists, and all users.
πŸ‘‰ Knowhere ArtKnowhere Art is the earliest NFT marketplace on Terra, showcasing the Loot NFT as its first collection. It offers cost-effective minting, with prices less than $1 for minting NFTs. SpaceLoot, a character sheet in a game, was one of its notable collections.
πŸ‘‰ Randomearth.ioRandomEarth is the second NFT marketplace on Terra and quickly became the most popular with the largest user base. It is known for the Galactic Punks collection, which consists of 10,921 NFTs that sold out in minutes.
πŸ‘‰ Breach.ggBreach converts online identities into NFT Metaverse Avatars that can be upgraded. By creating an account, users receive their first NFT and Metaverse profile. Breach aims to harness the potential of Blockchain technology and Decentralized gaming, making the transition to gaming social platforms easier.
πŸ‘‰ Luart.ioLuart is an NFT marketplace on Terra that offers a seamless exchange for NFTs at low gas fees. It provides various features like avatars, collections, auctions, staking, cross-chain, and more. Luart rewards active users and has its multi-utility token, aiming to become the leading NFT marketplace in the Terra ecosystem.


The Terra NFT marketplace is an open-source blockchain platform. The platform works with algorithmic stablecoins, which represent cryptocurrencies that are designed to track and accomplish price stability with various assets such as Euro, USD, or any foreign currency or even gold. The two main stablecoins that are on the Terra marketplace are Terra and Luna.

Back in 2016, the Terra NFT marketplace registered and became known as the Terra Virtua limited. As of today, Terra is home to a large number of digital assets and, back in September, finished a Columbus 5 upgrade, while the Luna token achieved its highest value of $53.74.

Where to buy and sell NFTs on Terra Luna

Buying and selling NFTs on the Terra blockchain can be done through several platforms. Here we will cover five of the platforms which you can use to start buying or selling your NFTs.

πŸ‘‰ Talis Protocol

Talis Protocol is a decentralized platform built on Terra. It operates and utilizes the Proof of Stake Protocol. Being Tendermint, a model such as this depends on a number of validators that are sustaining the blockchain taking part in the consensus protocol that is the governance system, and adding new blocks. Talis protocol tries to bridge the gap between the blockchain and the world of physical art so that every artist, no matter if they are not technologically educated on a high enough level.

On the platform, artists are given the option to mint both classic and exploitable NFTs. When it comes to classic NFTs, they can be minted, transferred, sold, while the artist that created them gets his royalty fees for every subsequent sale of his NFTs.

On the other hand, exploitable NFTs are the special invention of the Talis Protocol platform. Through the Talis smart contracts, an artist can lock away NFTs in their portfolio in order to mint several xNFTs. These xNFTs are basically the physical version of the asset that has been bought with the print-on-demand option.

Talis Protocol has a goal to provide additional utility when it comes to NFTs to provide more benefit to the collectors, investors, artists, and all users in general. So if you are already doing business on the Terra platform, consider checking out the Talis Protocol if you are an artist because this might just be the platform for you.

πŸ‘‰ Knowhere Art

The next one is the Knowhere Art. Knowhere Art being the earliest NFT marketplace to come on the Terra platform, showcased the Loot NFT as the first collection on the Terra blockchain. With the sale of SpaceLoot finished, compared to Ethereum, where the price for minting increased drastically, on Terra, it costs less than $1 to mint your NFTs.

SpaceLoot represents a character sheet in a game. These sheets show your weapons, shields, vessel types, and propulsion technologies.


Now let’s talk about RandomEarth. Based on the Terra blockchain, RandomEarth came right after Knowhere Art as the second NFT marketplace. RandomEarth quickly became the most popular on the Terra blockchain with the largest user quantity. RandomEarth is the initial marketplace as well as a minting site for the well-known Galactic Punks.

Galactic Punks are a collection of NFTs that are on the Terra blockchain. There are 10,921 Galactic Punk NFTs that were randomly generated. Galactic Punk NFTs were minted back on October 2nd and were sold out in mere minutes showing the well-earned popularity of the RandomEarth marketplace.

Galactic Punks remain on the top when it comes to sales.


Breach is a platform built on the Terra blockchain. What Breach does is it takes your online identity and converts it as well as mints it into an NFT Metaverse Avatar that you can upgrade further. By creating an account on Breach, you get your first NFT and Metaverse profile set up.

The mission of Breach is to achieve the realistic potential of Blockchain technology as well as Decentralized gaming.

Breach is trying to help all gamers to join the reforming of play-to-earn and on-chain games by making the transition to the gaming social platform easier and straightforward. On Breach, every asset and purchase in the game is in the form of avatars, items, and others you own as NFTs.


Built on the Terra blockchain, Luart is a marketplace that gives a straightforward and smooth exchange for NFTs at extremely low gas fees. With its clean and smooth-running interface, you are guaranteed to do your business without any problems.

On the platform, you will be supplied with avatars, collections, auctions, staking, cross-chain, boxes, and much more, all in a single place. This provides ample possibilities for NFT holders to use their NFTs.

What makes Luart special compared to other NFT marketplaces is that it offers a lot of rewards to its users just by being active. Not a lot of marketplaces provide additional rewards to their active users compared to the not-so-active ones.

Luart has its own token that is multi-utility, and its goal is to provide an option to the users to acquire incentives with the help of the Luart marketplace.

The predictions are that with the fast-developing Terra ecosystem, the Luart platform will become the commanding NFT marketplace.


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