Best Play-To-Earn Crypto Games – NFT Games List

With the rise of play to earn crypto games, enthusiasts are finding innovative ways to merge entertainment with income. If you’re on the hunt for the best NFT games that not only promise fun but also financial rewards, you’re in the right place.

Our curated play to earn games list is your treasure map to the most engaging and lucrative gaming experiences out there. Dive into our selection of the best crypto games and discover how you can turn your gaming prowess into profit.

Whether you’re looking to build digital empires or compete in virtual arenas, the best play to earn crypto games are waiting to transform your gaming into earning.

Best play to earn crypto games
Play to earn gamesDescription
🌆 DecentralandA leading crypto gaming platform where users can purchase digital real estate and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
🏝️ The SandboxThis game offers a blend of creativity and monetization, where players can create, own, and monetize their gaming experiences.
🃏 SplinterlandsA player vs. player card game with NFT solutions, where players earn rewards for gameplay.
🚀 Star AtlasAn all-immersive space exploration game built on the Solana blockchain, where players can earn rewards through gameplay.
🌌 IlluviumA space-based open-world adventure game. Players strive to survive on a wrecked spaceship and compete in player vs player gameplay.
👩‍🌾 My Neighbor AliceA multiplayer farming-based game where players can own land, carry out farm activities, and interact with each other using the ALICE token for marketplace purchases.
🌾 Town StarA free play-to-earn blockchain-based farming/building simulation game. Players can grow crops, gather resources, and create materials to build and customize buildings.
🐲 Axie InfinityOne of the most established play-to-earn crypto games where players play, battle, collect, breed, and trade creatures known as Axies which are digitized as NFTs.
🌱 Plant vs UndeadPlayers earn PVU tokens by entering farm mode, visiting other players’ farms to water their plants, and buying tools and other items.
🌍 Coin Hunt WorldA geo-location game similar to Pokémon Go, but instead of collecting creatures, players scavenge for Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH).



This is one of the most popular games in the play-to-earn space, with a record of over one million daily active users. It’s a Pokemon-style game created by the Vietnamese developer Sky Mavis. 

The game revolves around cute furry creatures called Axies which players breed, acquire, train, complete challenges with, and use to battle against other players. Players are then rewarded with SLPs(Smooth Love Potion), a cryptocurrency that can be used to breed more Axies.

Players can earn on Axie Infinity by:

  • Getting more SLPs. At the time of writing, one SLP traded for $0.09 in the crypto marketplace. A skilled player can get between 475-650 of these per day
  • Trading Axies in the Axie NFT marketplace. The rarer the Axie, the more expensive it is. Good money can be made in the process. For example, the most costly Axie ever, a triple mystic called Angel, sold for around $130,000.
  • Apart from Axies, other in-game assets like flowers, barrels, lamps, and real estate can be sold in the Axie NFT marketplace


It’s a geo-location game where the objective is to explore the world around you, looking for hidden cryptocurrencies. It was developed by Bill Shihara(a co-founder of Bittrex) and Jerone Van Den Bosch in August 2020. How does it work?

Players explore their real-world area, searching for keys, which are then used to open vaults. When a vault is opened, the user is prompted with a trivia question which he has to answer correctly to get rewards. Users are rewarded in real Bitcoin or Ethereum, which they can withdraw through Uphold(a crypto wallet)


Sorare is a fantasy game of football where players buy, sell, trade, and manage a virtual team with digital player cards. The game was created in 2018 by Nicolas Julia and Adrien Montfort. It has recently seen surging interest, with the Spanish association, La Liga, being the latest, among a host of prominent soccer associations, to announce a partnership with the game.

Sorare cards are NFTs and can be bought in the transfer market by bidding at an auction. Players are ranked every week based on their performances and experience level. The higher your player moves through the rankings, the higher his Value. An NFT card for Cristiano Ronaldo recently sold for $289,920 on March 14, 2021. That’s quite a lot! By buying and selling players, football fans can earn money while following the game they love.

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It is a blockchain game on the Ethereum platform developed by Canadian Studio Dapper Labs and released on November 28, 2017. It allows players to purchase, collect, breed, and sell virtual cats called Cryptokitties. It’s one of the earliest play-to-earn games there is.

These cryptokitties are valued based on how rare they are, with the most expensive cryptokitty ever sold going for a whopping 600ETH or $172,000 in 2018. 


Cryptoblades is a groundbreaking blockchain-powered NFT RPG game developed by Riveted games and launched on the Binance smart chain. In the game, users engage in battle and gain SKILL tokens after fighting opponents. Players can then use the SKILL tokens to create more weapons, combat more opponents, and subsequently earn more SKILL

Players can trade their handcrafted products on the Cryptoblades NFT marketplace and pocket the gains. They can also withdraw SKILL into their wallets and sell for profit. As of writing, one SKILL token sold for $21.65 with a market cap of $19,037,514.

An appealing trait of Cryptoblades is that it is deployed on the Binance smart chain. Thus, the fees required to play and approve transactions are much cheaper than those required of its counterparts on the Ethereum platform.

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Zed run is a blockchain-based game built in early 2019 by the Australia-based Virtually Human Studio in which NFTs are used to represent racehorses. It has been dubbed ‘the breathing NFT’ as the horses exhibit animated personalities and behave slightly differently from one another based on their bloodlines and how removed they are from their ancestors

The horses can be sold in the NFT marketplace with prices depending on how pure the bloodline is and its racing agility. Some horses have been sold for upwards of $150,000 on the platform, while stables full of horses have topped $225,000


This is a free-to-play online trading card game that describes itself as the game that pays to play. It was developed by brothers James and Robbie Fergusson, who announced it in the year 2018. 

In Gods Unchained, players buy and sell their NFT trading cards through the game’s marketplace to build a deck that will win them more matches, and subsequently more trading cards

Players transact on the platform using the native GODS token, which acts as payment throughout the game. The cards can be sold for GODS, which can then be exchanged for real, fiat money.


Evolutionland is a virtual simulation game where players purchase lands by auction and get rewarded for mining, constructing, performing scientific research, or developing their lands in other ways.

Users participate in the game by choosing specific occupations which are often interdependent. For example, you could be a miner and collect resources from the land like gold, silicon, wood, etc.; but you’ll need a smelter to turn those materials into props.

The props and assets are circulated in the game and sold in the marketplace as NFTs. The game also includes Casinos and arena games which players can use to make more money


Aavegotchis are DeFi-powered NFTs based on the Aave protocol. Just like cryptokitties, each Aavegotchi has a unique personality. To acquire an Aavegotchi, you must first obtain an Aavegotchi portal. Upon opening your portal, you’ll be asked to stake a specific amount of collateral to own your desired Aavegotchi

Once you purchase your Aavegotchi, you can name it and deck it with hats, swords, gloves, and other fun wearables to make them even cuter. Eventually, they can be sold on Opensea(an NFT marketplace), with rarer models attracting better prices


Ethermon is short for Ether Monsters. It’s an Ethereum-based game where you can catch, train, transform and trade digital monsters or Mons. You can also buy mons directly from the game or other players.

Ethermon users can use their acquired monsters to engage in real-time, skill-based battles with other players and be rewarded in Emon, the game’s in-house currency. Emon is a cryptocurrency that can be traded in crypto exchanges. At the time of writing, it traded for $0.2 with a market cap of $4,131,017. A player can get up to 400 Emon tokens per win, depending on their skill level.

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It’s an Ethereum-based game developed by Animoca Brand in partnership with motor racing championship Formula 1. Players in this game can purchase cars, tires, and drivers as NFTs and use them in races against other opponents. There are two main ways of earning in the game:

  • The cars themselves can be sold as NFTs on the marketplace. The most expensive car sold in the game was a 70th anniversary Apex F1 car sold on March 12, 2021, for $270,000
  • Winners of race tournaments are rewarded in REVV tokens, with certain tournaments giving out as many as 10,000 REVV. As of writing, a REVV token is $0.17 with a market cap of $48,307,088


The play-to-earn model cuts across all sectors in the gaming industry. It’s a fantastic way to earn some money or even a living while having fun. With the surge in popularity of this gaming model among gamers and crypto enthusiasts alike, it’s an industry that will keep getting bigger as crypto goes mainstream. Don’t let it leave you behind. Utilize this article to find the one that suits your style and play accordingly.


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