Best NFTs on Terra Luna Blockchain – Terra NFTs List

Without a doubt, NFTs are becoming a popular and extremely profitable digital asset. More and more people are being drawn in with the possibilities of earning a profit or a passive income with their NFTs. NFTs started out on Ethereum but they have spawn over to other blockchains like Terra.

If this topic piqued your interest and you wish to know more about NFTs, here we will cover the best NFTs on the Terra blockchain in order to help you with your NFT choices. So, let’s begin the review.

Most recent Terra crash will cause an exodus of these projects to other blockchains. Some of them will probably die out if they were to dependent on Terra Luna.


Terra and TerraUSD are both stablecoins that were launched by Terraform Labs, which is a South Korean company run and founded by Do Kwon. The main objective was to create an algorithmic stablecoin that would burn Terra (LUNA) when Terra (UST) lost its 1:1 peg and vice versa. This would stabilize the value of Terra (LUNA) and increase the number of Terra (UST) minted. If Terra (LUNA) reached a certain price point, then a small amount of Terra (UST) would get burned. If it went above that price, then more Terra (UST) could be burnt. This is what made Terra (LUNA) one of the best crypto investment ideas for a while.

Terra is built to work on several blockchains that are connected with Cosmos IBC. We could expect Terra to expand and incorporate new top-of-the-line blockchains, as it is already available on Solana and Ethereum.

Best NFTs you can buy on Terra Luna

Terra Luna has ample NFTs you can choose from; depending on your preference, here are some of the most popular ones and all you need to know about them.

👉 Galactic Punks

First, let’s go over Galactic Punks. Galactic Punks are NFTs on the Terra blockchain, there are 10921 of them that were randomly generated. Each NFT represents a ticket to space. They give way to competitions, airdrops for LUNA holders, giveaways, and perks. To help with organizing initiatives, an intergalactic council is determined and will be funded with the Galactic treasury.

Another use for the Galactic treasury is to give awards for the community members that are being active as well as to aid projects that are planning to mint on the platform and organize NFT hackathons.

Each of the 10,921 Galactic Punk NFTs is created from 7 categories of traits. All Galactic Punks have one-of-a-kind traits from common all the way to ultra-rare. What makes Galactic Punks special, differentiating from other NFT projects, is the commitment of the community.

The interest and the involvement in the project were more than expected, proof being that the Galactic Punks remain on the top when it comes to sales.

👉 Luna bulls

LunaBulls are 10069 one-of-a-kind NFTs that are on the Terra blockchain. There are several important things to mention when it comes to LunaBulls. First, there are different rarities, attributes as well as many customizable options.

Let’s talk about rarities first. 9999 out of the 10069 randomly generated LunaBull NFTs are divided into 3 different categories of rarity. Most of the bulls, 6499 of them, are in a common category. Next is the rare category with 3000 bulls, and lastly, the best category, which is super rare, consists out of 500 bulls.

Every LunaBull has a rarity weight number assigned to them. Depending on the number the rarity is assigned, for example, the higher the number, the less rare the LunaBull is, on the other hand, as the number goes lower, the rarity increases. Finally, the last 70 LunaBulls are custom made for the Terra Protocols given to the Community Leaders and Angel Protocol charity auctions.

Next are the attributes, also called traits. They consist out of outfits, backgrounds, different skin, horns, headwear, eyes, noses, and nosewear. Every attribute has a rarity weight that is ultimately added up for the final rarity, and as we mentioned above, the lower the number, the higher the rarity is.

👉 SpaceLoot

SpaceLoot is the first blockchain project that was showcased on the Terra platform. What made it unique and popular was the price at which you could mint NFTs. Compared to the Ethereum blockchain on which gas prices increased the minting costs of NFTs to hundreds of dollars, on the Terra blockchain, to mint an NFT, you need to pay less than $1.

SpaceLoot NFTs are represented as character sheets. These character sheets showcase different things like a weapon, secondary weapon, shield, propulsion, vessel type, class, material and extra.

👉 Styllar

Styllars are a collection of NFTs on the Terra blockchain. There are 10050 of these randomly generated NFTs, which are minted by the community and after which distributed. Not long after the minting process is complete is when the metadata with the Styllar ranking will be shown. Additionally, on the Styllar website, you will have an option to see all of your individual items.

For every NFT holder, a social media avatar package is created. If you own Styllar, you have complete access to your Styllar avatars and have the freedom to use them on any social media you wish to. Another option you have is the Styllar avatar maker, where you can build and mint your own NFT avatar with the items from the marketplace.

Lastly, there is a Styllar private club which is only accessible for the verified Styllar owners. By being a member of this club, you will be given additional advantages as well as perks, such as gaining access to limited merchandise.

👉 Terra Pins

TerraPins are NFTs on the Terra blockchain. The collection has 10000 unique randomly generated NFTs. TerraPins creators pride themselves in the beautiful art of their NFTs, and as they said, the TerraPins ‘attributes are painstakingly hand-drawn for your viewing pleasure.

Every Terrapin is entirely different from the others; this should not come as a surprise because they are generated by using more than 100 unique backgrounds, attributes, and bases. The rarities of the Terrapins go from common up to ultra-rare.

👉 TerraNova

TerraNova is a unique new concept for NFTs. TerraNova allows users to buy NFTs and divide them into different components with the goal of combining them back together, mixing NFTs, and ultimately minting a new NFT.

There are 5 main parts that you can divide your NFTs to. There is a head, face, head shield, spacesuit, and the background planet. Every part has its own rarity common, uncommon, rare, epic, and legendary.

The goal of TerraNova is to implement new possibilities for the use of NFTs in today’s market, rather than just buying, selling, and owning them, you have an option to redesign them to your own liking.

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