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Diving into the world of NFTs, the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) has emerged as a prominent platform for minting and trading these unique digital assets. With its efficiency and affordability, BSC has attracted a plethora of NFT marketplaces, each offering distinct features and opportunities for both creators and collectors.

Among these, Binance NFT stands out with its vast liquidity and minimal fees, while platforms like Refinable and AirNFTs bring a blend of aesthetics and user-centric functionalities. Whether you’re searching for the best lightning wallet or keen on understanding the nuances of each NFT marketplace on BSC, this comprehensive guide sheds light on the top contenders in the space, ensuring you make informed decisions in your NFT journey.

Quick summary:
Binance NFTBinance’s own BSC NFT marketplace with sufficient liquidity and low fees.
RefinableA visually appealing platform aiming to be the definitive hub for NFTs on BSC.
AirNFTsA multichain NFT marketplace supporting BSC, Fantom, and other networks, with a focus on user experience.
NFTradeA BSC NFT marketplace known for good liquidity, though its interface might need some refinement.
tofuNFTMulti-network NFT marketplace supporting 25 different cryptocurrency networks, including BSC, boasting a solid user interface.
BakerySwapBSC-based NFT marketplace allowing users to trade, swap liquidity assets, and purchase NFTs.
SolanartCurated marketplace for Solana NFTs, offering a select range of NFT collections.
Nifty GatewayRenowned for hosting high-end and exclusive NFT sales, especially artworks from celebrities and renowned artists.

Top NFT marketplaces on BSC

Owing to its advantages, the Binance Smart Chain has become popular among NFT enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll be looking at some of the top marketplaces for NFTs on BSC.


AirNFTs is a marketplace on BSC where you can buy and sell as well as create NFTs. AirNFTs has a mission of bringing NFTs to the mainstream. They have a well-designed website and an easy way to create NFTs — features that mainstream consumers will definitely appreciate. Small creators can use the NFT launchpad to gain exposure. AirNFTs has a wide variety of NFTs like art, game, photography, music, videos and more.

There is a 2.5% commission on the sale and every time a sale happens, both the buyer and the seller get AIRT tokens. AIRT is designed to be the reward token for active users.


Treasureland is a multi-chain NFT aggregation protocol that supports the Binance Smart Chain and allows the purchase, auction and minting of NFTs. They are calling themselves “The eBay of the blockchain world”. Treasureland aims to connect creators, users and consumers in a decentralized way.

Treasureland lets users mint NFTs on the Binance Smart Chain and the minting does not require any gas fee. NFTs can be jpg, png, gif, mp3 or mp4 with a maximum file size of 100 MB. There is a 2% transaction fee and creators can set royalty that gets paid every time their NFT is sold on Treasureland.

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Rebranded as Venly, they position themselves as a holistic user-friendly solution to help blockchain projects scale faster and more securely. The Venly Market is the first-ever peer-to-peer NFT marketplace on Polygon and will soon support Binance Smart Chain. With a user base of 200,000, Venly is mostly geared towards gamers but general collectors will find something too. Images, gifs, audio and video are supported as file types for NFTs.

In an effort to bring NFTs to the mainstream, Venly marketplace lets users pay via Paypal, credit card and stable coins — not many marketplaces have this feature. They take 2% in transaction fees and creators can earn up to 10% in royalty fees.

Venly has an array of tools like Unity plugin, NFT minter, NFT to email and more to help the developers. It’s also possible to make custom tools using their API.


NFT is the newest implementation of blockchain technology that has managed to get everyone interested; from big-name artists to small creators, from someone having millions to spend to someone who is just a casual collector, from those who think crypto is the next big thing to those who think it’s just a hype bubble. NFTs are new and some areas need to be polished, but with platforms bringing new features that make creating and buying NFTs easier and new blockchains that are making the transaction experience smoother, they are definitely here to stay.

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