Kubera Crypto Review – Pricing, Features, Supported Assets, Wallets & Exchanges

Kubera Crypto Review – Pricing, Features, Supported Assets, Wallets & Exchanges
Kubera Crypto Review – Pricing, Features, Supported Assets, Wallets & Exchanges
Straightforward and easy-to-use platform
Keep all of your assets as well as crypto in one place
Does not track your data making it private and safe to use
Supports leading crypto exchanges
Connected to more than 20,000 banks and brokers around the world
"Dead man's switch" protects your data from being lost or locked away

Having a lot of digital assets, investments, real estate, and hard personal possessions can prove quite challenging to keep constant track of. Consequently, it is important that you know your net worth, especially if you decide to invest in the world of cryptocurrency trading.

This is where Kubera comes in. Unlike other net worth trackers that are less accurate regarding crypto tracking, Kubera has no such problems. So, if you think Kubera might be for you, we recommend you stay and read this review.

What is Kubera?

Being regarded as one of the best contemporary web-based net worth tracker applications, Kubera helps its users by keeping a record of their net worth and investment returns for important investment categories. Kubera consistently monitors and updates these investments on a regular basis

It allows its users to keep an eye on their stocks, global currencies, and loans, as well as personal digital assets, which may include private equity, URL value, houses, cars, real estate, or any property or land you might own. However, maybe the most important is that it keeps constant track of the cryptocurrencies you possess. 

Being connected to a large number of banks all over the globe, more than 20,000 to be precise, Kubera’s online service allows you to keep track of your domestic as well as foreign cash holdings by the account association technologies. It also guarantees all of its users a simple and easy understanding of all of their investments by granting them access to their entire financial picture

Accordingly, by allowing you to view your entire financial picture all in one place, it guarantees that you will completely grasp your investment choices. Also, you have an option to monitor how your investments have progressed and changed over a set course of time.

Kubera Features

As a crypto net worth tracker, Kubera has secured its place among its competitors by allowing you to monitor not just your bitcoin holdings but also to track other cryptocurrencies as well as your other possessions and valuables

Kubera’s main use is that it helps you monitor your total net worth, meaning that cryptocurrency tracking is just one of the options when it comes to the full extent of what Kubera has to offer. 

Furthermore, apart from the option to connect your crypto wallet or any other type of exchange you want, you have the option to monitor anything, ranging from standard stock holdings all the way to the value of your various properties. Tracking the value of your cryptocurrencies or properties, such as many different crypto coins, cars, houses, or any land you might own, is done through many different third-party API extensions, which will keep you updated if there is a rise or a fall in the value of your cryptos or property.

In addition, the reality is that Kubera is mainly concentrated on the traditional ways of financing, which means that you have the option of connecting your legacy banking account as well as your brokerage account to the platform, which is quite a unique privilege compared to many other crypto net worth trackers

Even though there is not as much attention given when it comes to crypto, resulting in the noticeable lack of crypto-related features, the fact that you are able to monitor your entire net worth in a single place is a commodity you cannot pass up.

Dead man’s switch

One of the most impressive features that Kubera has to offer is the so-called “dead man’s switch.” To sum up, a “dead man’s switch” is an automated process that occurs in a circumstance where something unfortunate happens to you, transferring all of your financial data to someone else

When this feature is triggered, Kubera is authorized to transfer your account as well as all of the financial data to the person or maybe even an organization that you selected as a recipient. “Dead man’s switch” is completely customizable, allowing you to set it up according to your exact wishes. 

For instance, one of the options you have is to set the time frame that needs to pass for the “dead man’s switch” to come into effect. After which, there are numerous indicators that you can set up, and only when these indicators are not responded to that the “dead man’s switch” will activate, and all of your financial data will be transferred to the selected recipient. 

If a situation arises where the selected recipient is also not responding, do not worry, because Kubera also allows you to set up an additional backupdead man’s switch” where if something like this happens, your financial data will not be lost forever, but transferred to another recipient of your choice.

Safe Deposit Box

Another valuable feature on Kubera is the Safe Deposit Box. This feature allows you to upload your personal documents to make sure you always have a backup while also making it easier for you to find and access the documents you need. These documents may include tax returns, last will and testament, passport copies, power of attorney, insurance policies, and many more. One thing to keep in mind is that the platform supports various file formats such as zip, pdf, mov, and mp3

In addition, there is also a feature of portfolio sharing. With a simple, shareable link, you can send your friend and family, or financial advisor, different account types such as debts, assets, notes and documents, insurance as well as the above-mentioned safe deposit box

Keep in mind that your friends and family have read-only access to the information you choose to share. Also, you can set the link to no longer be valid after a certain amount of time or that you require a password to access it.

Lastly, it is important to mention how friendly the interface and design are. Everything is presented in a very simple but also eye-catching way. No matter the age or if they have any prior experience when it comes to apps like this, every user can fully grasp and understand how to use it

As we mentioned, an opportunity to monitor all of your net worth in a single place, where everything is presented in the clearest way possible, is simply tough to turn down. Furthermore, it is important to mention that Kubera has a 14-day trial for all of its new users that cost just $1, giving them an option to test the app out before deciding if they want to carry on using it.

What makes it special?

Everything we mentioned about Kubera so far is certainly commendable. But what makes it so special and different from other net worth tracking applications? First of all, what separates Kubera from its competitors is the fact that it is connected to all of the leading crypto exchanges allowing you to connect your crypto wallet to the platform, as well as to more than 20,000 brokers and banks around the world.

Furthermore, Kubera provides you with another option to exchange the entirety of your assets for any currency you would like. What makes this a great feature is that, on your own, it is exceptionally troublesome and time-consuming to keep track of all of your investments, not to mention that it is even harder to track if you have investments in many different asset categories.

Another great option available to you on Kubera is the automated valuing of your assets. This is especially promising for users who have invested in many different asset categories or have diverse resources such as cryptocurrency, precious metals, vehicles, houses, or even URLs. As of this day, sadly, Kubera does not put any value on art or NFTs. But you do not have anything to fear because there is an option for you to manually input the value of any art or NFTs you might own.

The manual asset input option comes in handy for all the users who might have a problem distinguishing assets ranging from cryptocurrencies to family businesses. Kubera’s interface is very well adapted for manual input of data. It resembles a spreadsheet, and its simplicity makes it naturally easy to navigate and input your information. Also, it can present your data in many different ways, such as graphs or trackers.

How Much Does Kubera Cost?

Unlike some of its competitors, Kubera is not free. If you opt to use Kubera, there is a $15 monthly subscription, or if you are planning a long-term subscription, there is a $150 deal for a whole year. Lastly, if you just want to try it out, there is a $1 deal for a 14-day trial.

What Cryptocurrency Exchanges are Supported?

One of the most consistent ways of monitoring your cryptocurrencies on Kubera is to link your crypto exchange account straight to the platform. There is also an option to keep track of your noncustodial bitcoin and crypto-wallets. Here we have a list of multiple crypto exchanges that are supported on Kubera:

Kubera alternatives

When it comes to net worth online tracking applications, there is certainly no lack of them. If you are looking for an alternative to Kubera, here are some good choices:

Is It Worth It?

Kubera certainly holds its ground when it comes to net worth tracking applications, and the services it offers are no less than impressive by tracking investments from various asset categories. One thing for sure is that the subscription fee might deter some people from choosing Kubera. Even then, Kubera stands to resolve any problems that might trouble the present-day investors, and that is one of the main reasons it is considered one of the best and favorite net worth trackers on the market. 

With the services it provides, such as a safe deposit box, “dead man’s switch,” and portfolio sharing, Kubera is a very good choice that will help you keep all of your assets organized, easier to work with, and more manageable in general. Ultimately, for any investors that consider Kubera’s services worthwhile in the long run, a $15 monthly or a $150 yearly subscription should not pose an issue.


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8.7 Total Score

Ease of use
Supported exchanges
Supported wallets
Supported assets
  • Straightforward and easy-to-use platform
  • Keep all of your assets as well as crypto in one place
  • Does not track your data making it private and safe to use
  • Supports leading crypto exchanges
  • Connected to more than 20,000 banks and brokers around the world
  • "Dead man's switch" protects your data from being lost or locked away
  • There is no mobile app
  • Paid subscription
  • No financial planning tool
  • Lack of crypto-related features
intelligent crypto
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