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IGNITE token holders are rewarded for participating in the Ignite RATINGS process via a proprietary incentive mechanism which links the wisdom of the crowd with the real-world performance of those assets being rated.

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Ignite is building a ratings and trade signals platform. The income component generated by the wider Ignite ecosystem is designed purely to be an incentivization mechanism which encourages IGNT holders to continue to initiate and curate ratings on digital assets, and regulate the conduct of their peers via reputation management.

IGNT acts as proof-of-membership for a software platform that leverages a reward mechanism which, in turn, requires individual IGNT holders to participate in order to realize gains for themselves.

The element of participation and interaction required on the part of IGNT holders further assists IGNT to avoid classification as a security, pursuant to US securities laws, as it is much less likely to fail the “Howey Test”. This is due to the fact that the requirement for active participation on the part of each IGNT holder considerably lessens any suggestion that an expectation of profits is dependent upon the actions and efforts of others. The Ignite RATINGS platform places the burden of generating “profits” squarely into the hands of IGNT holders themselves, and there is no expectation of profits for those IGNT holders who do not actively participate in the Ignite RATINGS process.

Christopher Cousins – Director & Co- Founder

Damon Barnard – Director & Co- Founder

Joannah Barnard – CFO

Oliver Smith – Legal and Compliance

Alex Biet – Product

Paul Morgan – Technology

Craig John – Technology

Matthew Guy – Technology

Adam Bujega – Technology

Richard Davies – Technology

Evan Hall – Digital Marketing

In short, token holders provide investment information which our software uses to make trading decisions, users are rewarded for submitting profitable information and all token holders benefit from a growing capital base. Our rating for this ICO is 7.7 out of 10.0.

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