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A promising DeFi start-up project from a few years ago, Injective Protocol has recently become interesting again. The long-awaited launch of the Canary Chain ...

What is Orion? Orion is a project that is building a gateway to the entire crypto market by aggregating every CEX (centralized exchange), DEX ...

What is Tellor? Tellor is a decentralized oracle network; a permissionless community of token holders, data providers, and validators. These aspects ...

What is Telos? Telos is a blockchain that was built for speed and scalability, and today, sees over 100 projects being built on its network. It was ...

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  1. Komodo Platform has already completed a BTC -LTC Atomic Swap.

    It is incorrect to say that Bitcoin needs Lightning Network to do atomic swaps. Bitcoin already has everything necessary to do atomic swaps. If interested check out Tier Nolan 2013 post on atomic swap protocol.

    If you have any questions and would like to know more about the state of atomic swaps ( Komodo already has completed thousands of swaps among dozens of different coin pairs ) feel free to email me.

  2. I have a custom altcoin GUI trading bot needs testing. I created it because I wanted more options for buying and selling than what Bittrex currently offers. I wanted to be able to set both stop loss and take profit conditional orders at the same time. As of now you can only set one or the other. My bot will buy at desired price and set a stop loss and a take profit trigger at specified targets. Plus it has a trailing stop to get more profits when coins keep pumping. If anybody is interested in giving feedback and getting a copy message me@ chadsellsall gmail

  3. another wannabe BTC (Bitcoin core) coin
    Bitcoin (original) will have all those.. meanwhile security is the most important thing as it grows… guys, please be patient!

  4. Thank you for this! And you were spot on if you look at the prices now. I am new to this so this is a big help! 🙂

  5. Hi there,

    Great article and very helpful. I’m new to this too so I would like to ask you for:

    Top 3 long term picks you would suggest.

    Top 3 early 2018 growth you would suggest.

    Thanks again and liking your fb page!

    • What’s your opinion about elastos? Huge project but it seems almost ready. Price is really low atm so i’ve been planning to invest to it.

  6. Thats right. I am like you too but I was in the thick of things and in spite of it lost about 5 to 6 btc’s in a coin that peaked in June and fell gradually over the next few months and for reasons unbeknownst, I was sitting on it without getting rid of it. Well, I must move on so for now my holdings for the future are ADA, Funfair and Vechain. Some coins mentioned in the article are great but very expensive though!

  7. I feel much safer with this coin since it is attached to one of the top exchanges in the world and isn’t just a project. This is a buy and hold for sure. Great management and innovative technology.

  8. how about a review on Cloud Coins

  9. Hello Captain. Could you maybe explain me why Tenx climbed to 70$ to drop back till 2 and stayed around there ever since?

  10. This has nothing to do with being a bitcoin “wannabe”. All these bitcoin dickheads want to fork the coin over and over cause its easiest money they will ever make.

  11. Would you care to provide few more altcoins to invest in? All of the above are good but we need new entrant like FunFair

  12. Would putting money in SALT be a good investment at the moment?

  13. Thanks for your interesting post. What i am a bit confused about is iota, you also didnt list it here. Are there any concerns or why you think it does not have the same potential as the listed ones here?

  14. Thank you so much for sharing. I am a noob and started last week. Looking for long term gains. Can you help me with knowing whats the best wallet? I currently hold, BTC, ETC & LTC, only a couple hundred worth though and its on coinbase. Is coinbase a wallet? thank you sir…
    BTW ripple is climbing fast. jumped up to $0.51 this morning. was trying to buy it for $0.27 yesterday ugh lol

    • Coinbase is best known cryptocurrency exchange in the US. The company make it easy to trade well known cryptocurrencies from bitcoin to dogecoin and has its own Visa-backed debit card that integrates with Apple pay and Google.

  15. If only they really are some kind of research team, where’s the roadmap? or are they going to wait until march?

  16. This is my personal favorite to take over the market after bitcoin.

  17. Hi FELIX
    Why isnt Litecoin in the list?It has the fifth largest Market Cap I guess.

  18. There is a new ICO – CRPT or Crypterium Tokens. Looks like a top class management behind the launch and a wonderful concept to allow payments at cashless terminals. What makes me suspicious though is that they only accept BTCs and some other coins as deposits to buy their tokens. Also the visa/credit card charges to transfer money into their account is too steep and wire transfer has a high minimum limit. What is your opinion about CRPT?

  19. I dont recommend Bitpanda to anyone. Bad support, no email, no phone number. Waiting on transaction for 2h+ , feeling like getting scammed.

  20. Go for TRX!!

  21. Thanks for that review. I like Binance because of the low fees, it’s a good exchange. Only Cobinhood could be better with 0 fee.

  22. Its worth it… dont get left behind

  23. I have intention of buying some coins. Please how do I store and secure those coins after buying.

  24. I think this is among the most significant info for me. And i am glad reading your article. But want to remark on some general things, The website style is wonderful, the articles is really great D. Good job, cheers dkbfdaabfdae

  25. Great article and guidance. I just ordered my Ledger Nano S. It wont arrive until several days, however, I wanted to lock up some ripple coins now before the price keeps soring. Being a newbie, should I wait for my Ledger to get here or do should I open an ewallet with either coin payments or gatehub? I am interested in holding only at this particular time. I also wanted to purchase a few other coins but the Ledger Nano S only holds specific coins. I am doing a lot of research and from what I am reading, all these ewallets can be risky as for they do not guarantee 100% the safety of your coins if I am reading this correctly. If your Ledger is limited to storing specific coins then what do you do with the rest of them, leave them at risk in these other ewallets?

  26. They don’t allow you to use BNB to reduce withdrawal fees, I bought 100 SNT, and when I went to remove it to my wallet they were going to take 50 for a fee!

  27. hi, i just bought nano ledger, and when i set to ripple wallet, i dont have destination tag for my nano ledger wallet. so i can’t send my xrp from exchanger to my nano wallet.
    and in the apps, i cant find how to setting destionation tag. there’s only ripple address without dest. tag

  28. I buy and sell a lot on Liviacoins. They use escrow for all trades which means if there is an issue, they will find out who is telling the truth.

  29. What do you think about the Raiden Network? Do you think some of the projects you mentioned will switch to off-chain and use Raiden Network in order to scale?

  30. Thank you for the updated list!

  31. Thanks for the great insigth.
    What is your opinion on Electroneum, do you think it has a future as well?

  32. Where do you see Golem in the near future and further down the road? Thank you sir.

  33. Have you looked at Power Ledger? This seems to have some very practical applications with a lot of large power companies around the world signing up.

  34. What do you think about Cindicator, Request Network and ETHLend?

  35. Hi, I do not see XRP in the Changelly drop-down menu. Are they not dealing with XRP anymore? If so, are there other applications that you would suggest to buy cryptocurrencies with debit/credit?

  36. Why you should never use Paxful.

    I’ve been a vendor on Paxful for 8 months and today I decided never to use them again. I have always had issues with them that I tried to ignore believing that things will improve with time, but they just keep getting worse.

    In summary Paxful made 3 things mistakes that makes me believe anyone in their right minds should avoid them.

    1. Paxful never paid me or any of its’ users their BCH, BTG or any of the forked coins, in fact I have proof Paxful claimed all of these coins for themselves and made millions out of it, if you have a Paxful wallet just put your wallet number on a BCH explorer or similar and see for yourself

    2. Scam networks had been operating on their web page for years and Paxful do support them for reasons I can only speculate. These networks have patterns and behavior that anyone can detect in a minute, why they never take them down is something I don’t get but I believe they are profiting from them

    3. It seems that Paxful disregards all the legislations that make sense such as KYC in order to facilitate the use of fraudulent credit cards, hacked PayPal accounts, and stolen gift cards etc. Whoever dares to report such activity to their biased moderators gets a very bad treatment if they are unlucky not to mass a group of vendors before reporting

    In general this company seems to have no owners and is ran by a staff that have no clue what they are doing. They have a cool interface which I like but it’s nothing but a marketing scam and their new projects are covered by 1/100 of the funds they have stolen from their unsuspecting users.

    More details and proof will follow.

  37. What are your thoughts on reddcoin?

  38. Reply
    Christopher M Lahey December 28, 2017 at 13:52

    Changelly is a TOTAL SCAM!!!! Please do not use !!!! I sent $400 worth of BTC for Ripple and all I got back was a message that my receipt of the Ripple coin has failed “Sorry” Meanwhile my BTC went through with no troubles…. Someone got my BTC and not I have no recourse and am out my Bitcoin!!! SCAMMERS I hope someone gets mad enough to take action!!!!! If you got ANYTHING out of an attempted transaction feel lucky!!!!
    Changelly why did I not receive the Ripple coin in TRANSACTION # E3186CB608BE???? Someone took my Bitcoin but I never received my Ripple coin. I did receive a nice “Sorry” but SORRY That wont cut it. I want either my Ripple Coin or my BTC back!!

  39. Thanks, you have most of them listed. I wish u have added FUEL too. Do you have the Altcoin or cheap coin list FELIX KÜSTER?

  40. “The device can’t be used on mobile devices. Support is currently limited to Chrome browser.”
    There’s tutorials on YouTube using it with mycelium wallet on Android if I’m not mistaken but finding the right USB per device could get interesting thanks for the review.

  41. Reply
    Chandra Kant Mundra December 29, 2017 at 22:05


    How are you? Your blog seems quite useful. Thank you for sharing such info.

    I want to know more about Gate Hub. I happen to open an account in the same. I have few below doubts. I would appreciate if you can help me.

    1) While opening the same I choose Ripple as my Primary Wallet. .I want to know was I right in choosing Ripple ar Primary Wallet?
    2) It is still showing me written as “pending” on Primary Wallet. What I need to do. I have given them my passport copy already. And its almost 10 days have passed since I open the same.
    3) Gate hub is asking minimum balance of 20 Ripple to be maintained if we want to initiate any transaction. Does this mean that I will loose these 20 Ripple when I will close this account. For now 20 ripple is nothing, but in future it can be some amount of money.
    4) In case if I choose Ledger Nano S, would there be any way to recover currency in case I loose this carelessly.

    It will be great If you can share your mail id. I am new investor in this market, so have many doubts.

    Please guide.

    Thank you

  42. Love Binance and it’s ease of use for no tech savy people. I use Coinbase then graduated to Binance. Great advice!

  43. Hi, I am very new to ripple and don’t know from where I should buy. Like is there a site for ripple trading too? I don’t want to use the exchanges for buying ripple as they don’t allow me to move the ripple to my hard wallet (ledger nano S). I will be obliged if anyone can kindly advise me if there is a site which uses escrow and then I am allowed to move the ripple safely to my ledger nano S.
    I will also appreciate if you can kindly let me know any site/exchange which has escrow facilities and allow payments made through my bank in GBP (British pounds).
    The article here is extremely informative and hopefully you will assist me get on the ladder. Thanks.

  44. Great to see Monero and ZCash on your list, I am very much an advocate for privacy and have a small stake in Monero already. Have you had a look at DeepOnion? It is another privacy focused coin that connects using the TOR network for improved anonymity.

    DeepOnion seems like a promising project with some other cool features such as:
    DeepVault which stores file hashes on the Blockchain so you can verify files you have been sent with confidence.
    DeepSend which is still under development but aims to anonymise your transactions even further by sending them using escrow, mixers and guarantors rather than your coins going directly between wallets.
    VoteCentral will allow the community to have input in the direction development will take which will be really interesting as the forums are pretty busy with dedicated member.
    Payments are instant so no waiting like with Bitcoin and it uses PoS so you can earn coins just by having your wallet open and staking.

    DeepOnion has had a great 6 months with the last few being exceptional, seeing the price per ONION go from around 60 cents and peaking around $8 USD. If we are to see DeepOnion follow the trajectory of Monero and ZCash then it’s still a great time to get involved, especially as there are still many weeks left of the airdrop giving ONIONs to those who positively participate in the forums.

  45. Please let me know also a cheap coin list. thank you sir

  46. What do you think about Modum?

  47. Wow great article. I just paid a writer to write a blog post for me and was really happy with the result. Only to find out they copied your entire post. I definitely won’t be posting it on our blog. Thanks for the content thought!

  48. The problem born if you have a problem and try to contact the support.Nobody reply for week and week. This is a Bitstamp but also Binance and probably all exchange around the world? Why? They become a billionare with fees and don’t give a minimum of support for they customers?

  49. Cardano (ADA) will indubitably go on to dominate the crypto market

  50. Kraken is the shittiest exchange out there. Took 3 months for them to settle my $25k USD transfer in.. lost $90k in gains from btc being $4000 to now $15000. Please don’t recommend this exchange unless you want your followers to get fucked.

  51. STAY AWAY FROM KRAKEN!!!. Multiple problems with this exchange. Bad support. You will lose money.

  52. Great article. Do you post regularly such researches? If so, is there a Newsletter for it? Are your advices (after the high increases in the last month) still valid?

  53. What about tron……?
    Plz sir send me details about this coin in my mail…. thx

  54. I’m really new to the crypto world but have been reading about Tron. What are your thought?

  55. Bread, Simple Token, Quantstamp and Kyber Network – these are a must!

  56. It seems to me that the purpose of bitcoin, etherum or litecom was to be stay out of the financial system. That does not mean that Ripple is a bad idea, but it does not seem to be an alternative. As long as bitcoin is small, the banks won’t need ripple, and when bitcoin will be too big, it will be too late for them to go to ripple. But, if people prefer ripple now, we can say good bye to the idea of the bitcoin. Isn’t it that ?

  57. Bitstamp is logging out users and trapping their clients money and coins with no means of withdrawal . No news from support.

    Your $$ and coins just evaporated

  58. what do you think about TRX and RDD in the near future?

  59. Hi Felix
    Great article, thanks. What wallet would you recommend for storing multiple coins? Having looked at several I cannot find one that has good reviews.

  60. What are the cheap penny digital currrncies dat has great future in 2018

  61. for info, you can buy Stratis for fiat on

  62. Good article!

    I’ll be researching more about the coins you mentioned. They really seem to be worth it.

    In my humble opinion, there is one that is not on the list, but it should be closely monitored, DeepOnion. I have invested and has given result, just look at the charts you will see a steadiness and its steady growth. I believe that with a structure with everyone involved, this currency continues to grow and surpass targets throughout the year.

    If you can do research on it, I believe you will like what you see.

  63. Burst has made quite the turn around the last couple of months. With a fresh dev-team on board and a brand new roadmap, burst promises to bring great technology to the table in 2018!
    A whitepaper was released december 2017 describing a combination of different coins strong assets combined into BURST, called the Dymaxion. Exciting stuff! I am convinced this coin is worth keepin an eye out for in 2018!

    Want to get a quick introduction? Here is a ‘What is burst’-video:
    Want to get started with trading and mining burst? Here is a quickstart videoguide:

  64. Cappasity

  65. Thanks for listing some of the alts to invest in 2018 but a very good and promising project was left out. DeepOnion is a very promising PoW + PoS hybrid cryptocurrency, focused on privacy and anonymity. Since it has Tor natively integrated in the client, IP addresses of its nodes stay hidden at all times. Recently the DeepVault feature was added. It allows anybody to store a hash code of any file directly on the DeepOnion blockchain, which can be used to check / prove whether the file / document was modified or not, show when it was first recorded on the blockchain atc. The devs are currently working on the DeepSend feature, which should be implemented before the end of the year. It is basically an integrated coin mixer, which will (on top the hidden IP addresses) render all transactions within the DeepOnion network untraceable. The network will thus be completely private and anonymous (hidden IPs + untraceable payments).
    Last but not least, I have to say that I’ve never before seen such big, active and supporting community as DeepOnion has, which gives the coin huge power. Owing to the released white paper, many features will be implemented in 2018.
     Huge dedicated community, very active developers, unique features.

  66. can you make a new one, for Q2/Q3 2018? This one was very helpful.

  67. How the perspective of Strong hand and Dime coin?

  68. I’m so pleased to find your site. The information you provide about various projects is exactly what I’ve been looking for, and the details aren’t found anywhere else. Brilliant work!

  69. Many people have problems withdrawing their tokens. A yobit scam group is already existing on telegram.

    Do you know anything about this?

  70. Warning!!!! Dozens of Wire Transfers missing from Coinbase!
    Hundred of Thousands to Millions of Dollars in Wire Transfers missing from Coinbase Accounts and not returned to Customers.
    Before wiring anything please see the Coinbase Reddit Forum!

  71. Coinbase is charging a lot more then what list here. Right now you will loose 10% of purchase of Bitcoins through CB fees. They are charging close to 5% for both the purchase and sending. Not even close to the bs number of 1.49%. All CB transactions are held for 72 hours and are not instant as advertised. A Customer Service that do anything for you is NON- EXISTENT. I have had everything I own verified. My cell phone, email, my computer, my drivers license and bank accounts yet they hold the transaction for 72 hours and there is nothing you can do to change it. Coinbase is a complete joke and should be taken down by authorities for bold face lies.

  72. What about Mint coin, Doge Coine and 808 con?
    Are they good?

  73. Great article, I believe Cardano ADA is the future.

  74. Coinbase… beware… they were to deposit my money into my bank 28 days ago (as of Feb 17th). Still no deposit. Wire transfers missing, bank deposits missing. They have a great business model. Withdraw money from your bank and then don’t return it when asked it. This is not even discussing there insane fees… used beware

  75. Thanks for the informations

  76. I support the comment above by @GEORGE. Cojbase is absolute scam and you should stay away from them. Secure and satisfactpory trading of bitcoins can only be done on liviacoins

  77. I use which has both shapeshift and changelly aggregated, they have 250+ crypto currencies.

  78. Coinbase Support +1(855)750-0786 is really a great help.

  79. I cant give it No Stars, So I had to give it 1 star, even though they dont deserve 1 star.
    There support people, In short totally suck, they dont have a clue, and I have had now, 8 emails, all tech support responses, seem to be coming from young kids, with a sentence no longer than 5-6 words as there technical support response.

    My issue is I wanted to turn off 2 Factor authentication, and re-enable it, so that I can write down the back code, in case my phone is lost, or stolen,….To shut off 2 Factor Authentication, they confirm with an SMS text message, before you can be allowed to shut it off, Well I never receive the SMS Text message that has their code in it, so that I can shut off 2 Factor Authentication.

    I am besides myself on how bad their support is, with the last 7-8 email replies….

    I dont recommend for anyone to use Coinsbank if your serious about crypto investing, exchanges or such, If they are this bad on something simple, what happens if you have a financial issue with your account. with them.

  80. Gemini has had me on verification process for 3 months just to sign up and have my account working I don’t think the site is legitamte there customer support is slow and redundant all they say it to repost the documents then you repost and they never approve you

  81. Here’s my feed back on kraken . Ok the sign up is a bit much they require a photo I.d. A passport and also a three month bill from where you live I saw this said forget this is like an onion full of layers just to sign up waste of time for me

  82. Is this still the case February 25? The author indicated recent problems ………hopefully its a temporary condition only.

  83. You missed possibly the biggest one which is LISK

    • Linda is another good POS coin, i would recommend adding but all and all good article

    • Not really, Lisk is run by a cartel of delegates who keep the reward. It’s very misleading for Lisk to be in this list as the general holder does not receive any dividend.

  84. Great 🙂

  85. where is bitcoin private in this list??

  86. Truckcoin has the best payout – *up to 200% per year (depending on built-in inflation control).
    Plus rumors of being involved in a multi-billion dollar transportation industry.
    Running strong since 2014, this is one to watch.

  87. The comments below are FUD. Yes, a significant part of the current Lisk delegates are members of a cartel, but that cartel does regularly pay out voting rewards (as long as you vote for all required members), as do other independent delegates. Each delegate has a minimum amount that you need to collect before they pay you, so you might not receive any coins in the first weeks if you don’t have much LSK, but it starts coming eventually.

  88. You missed Steem, you can lend/delegate your Steem and earn 40+% annually, interest payment every day.

  89. You can put your Stellar Lumens into a pool and receive 1%.

  90. Etheroll (DICE) is another that has quarterly dividends of the house wins. If they lose than nothing.

    EtHorse (HORSE) is a new gambling / prediction platform that takes a 5% rake from every “race” and splits that evenly among the tokens. With volume it should generate great dividends.

  91. I’ve been using They only charge (.025) in one flat fee per transaction; you can also buy XRP from them. They are based in the US and I haven’t experienced any problems.

  92. After opening a personal account and then wiring my money to activate my account the money was returned because i have a personal living turust and would need an institutional account. . then spending 2 weeks supplying them with documentation. It was always “just one more thing” then i was told “Unfortunately, we are unable to offer you an institutional account at Gemini at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience” Then when i asked why i was being denied this institutional (trust account) ” Although we understand you have questions as to the reasons behind this decision, Gemini is unable to disclose any further detail. The risk review process is confidential and Gemini will not be able to elaborate any further”

    Why did you even bother asking for my tax returns, trust agreement, linkin profile, fill out pages of applications, numerous stupid questions then to deny me an account. MAYBE IT[‘S FOR THE BEST IF YOU ARE A SCAM COMPANY.

  93. Source for this information?

  94. The problem here isn’t so much what Whales do (because you can’t change human nature), its that it is too easy for them to exist in large numbers in the first place. While ICOs are great in having brought investing to the everyman (on an average salary), a lot of crypto start-ups have been massively funded by big players before an ICO even starts, and at further discounted prices compared to ICO buyers. Is this start-ups being ethically challenged? Or just pragmatic human nature being itself? Regardless of that, the market impacts of their decisions are disproportionate to their weight of expertise (they are only one person amongst thousands in the market). It makes me appreciate the ethical value of one man – one vote much more so than before. Market pragmatism is brutal, and it cannot compete with managed social systems like democracy for ethical value.

  95. Silly headline, silly observation. Anyone who understands markets would know that when a heavy seller STOPS selling the market rallies. So the more accurate observation would be that a heavy seller stopped selling at $6000, sparking off a rally.

  96. Your article is sheer bull, you have no evidence to support it except your own opinion and some dates.

    As trustee for the bankruptcy, he would get into serious trouble if he did not get the best price for the BTC as that is his job.

    The BTC market is so fragile that anything in the wrong direction, even a sneeze could be attributable to the slide. That fact is that there are bigger whales than him manipulating the market and with good effect.

    It is nothing to do with BTC’s resilience but to do with making money and profits, anyone who thinks the big boys care about the technology is deluding themselves.

  97. I’m so glad I never got tied up with Mt. Gox. Feel bad for all of the normal every day people that got fucked over so hard.

  98. Why don’t the institutions looking for entry into cryptocurrency market approach this man/company and buy it from him OTC instead of crashing the market?

  99. What are your thoughts on the other players in the space?

    Ethereum Lottery

  100. I will immediately grab your rss feed as I can not find your email subscription link or enewsletter service. Do you’ve any? Please let me know in order that I could subscribe. Thanks. ekecfebekfcc

  101. You forgot Wings which generated over 6M$ in rewards and going to distribute 15M$ more.

  102. Mafia. I invested 1700 Euro in February without any problem. Bitcoin suddenly dropped and I deposited 1700 Euro more a week later. After nearly 2 weeks of trying to call hopelessly I received an email from somebody called John asking for transaction details. The money was taken out of my bank account. I sent that and now almost a week later, no contact at all. I was sceptical about crypto but I feel I am dealing with the mafia here. Decide if all this is worth the potential stress for yourself.

  103. Great comparative article that didn’t seem to be biased. This is what crypto reporting needs more of so thank you for this. In providing digestible technical analysis that came off as fair, you are further educating many different levels of crypto enthusiasts. Would be interested to see more comparisons of blockchains with competing goals or solutions!

  104. I use Kraken for XRP and XLM. The site isn’t bad, and once you learn to navigate it’s actually pretty straightforward. Coinbase I only use for fiat pairing direct back into my account.

  105. Nice summary. BTW, in your BitGo section, you say it integrates with hardware wallets, yet in the graphic that has key facts, it says “None”. Is that simply a typo?

  106. Castle coin is another great one given it pays out other crypto coins AND has staking rewards AND masternode rewards!

  107. Great article, thank you for the information. Exactly what my gut was telling me about the “fork”.

  108. Hi! It’s just a friendly message. My name is Eugene and I’m product manager at Guarda. We are doing non-custodial multi-currency wallet – The app provides you an easy-to-use interface to interact with top blockchains and, of course, Bitcoin is available. Even more, it supports coins purchase with a bank card and has a built-in exchange with a dozen of altcoins. With Guarda Web Wallet, you stay in full control of your private key and funds. Let us know what you think, we’ll appreciate any feedback!

  109. I believe they will do what they promise

  110. How about BMX (the token on BitMart)? Do you think I should invest in that and it might become the next BNB in the future?

  111. Hi Felix,

    Great article. It’s useful to read an article specifically about using debit and credit cards to buy bitcoin. Have you heard of CoinCorner at all? We’re a UK based bitcoin exchange and we offer debit/credit card deposits. Perhaps you might consider us for a future article about bitcoin payment methods? If you would like to find out more about us, feel free to email me and I can send across our Information Pack. 🙂


    • May I know by using this website what will be the limit comes if I pay by net banking and can I use this website in US also

  112. Exodus forces a single address so that the IRS can track you conveniently: I really wouldn’t be surprised to find that Exodus is an IRS “Project”.

    The wallet itself is really excellent in nearly every way. The only problem I see with it ( other than a few security issues ), is that the folks behind it’s design and implementation are most probably engaged in a conspiracy with the IRS and God knows what other agencies. You will notice that whenever you do a transaction like sending to another wallet or exchanging one coin type for another, the last stage of the transfer is delayed for a pointed question. That question, presented just before you press the SEND button, asks you to confirm that you are sending NOT “X” number of coins, but that you are sending “X” number of DOLLARS. NO – this is NOT being done for your “convenience” … YOU ARE MAKING A LEGAL ADMISSION THAT YOU ARE ENGAGING IN A FIAT CURRENCY TRANSACTION. It is being done so that the IRS can consider EVERY coin swap and/or coin Exchange, As A TAXABLE EVENT. That is to say, AS INCOME. They want to TAX ALL CRYPTO TRANSACTIONS AS INCOME … Whether you get cash for them or not … Even though the “official” IRS position is that coins are a Commodity… like a bag of sugar. These sneaky, underhanded thieving bastards want to have YOUR cake and eat it too. If the Exodus folks want to deny the conspiracy, then they MUST remove the BS and denominate the trades in COINS … NOT DOLLARS or RUBLES or RUPEES or EUROS. It’s an EASY fix and Their failure to accomplish this by the very next update is tantamount to an admission of the FACT of the conspiracy and we will be forced to engineer their destruction through boycott, bad press … and whatever other legal means might be at our disposal.

  113. As a Gunbot user, I’d like to mention that this article seems a bit outdated. Currently there are loads more options than described, strategies got a lot more configurable over the last year: I can now use indicators like Stochastic, RSI or MACD as confirmations for strategy entry and exit points.

    This results in getting much better entry points, making it possible to run fairly conservative strategies that are safe to use 24/7. The article also does not mention the capabilities for automatic DCA and reversal trading (accumulation of quote currencies during downtrends).

    • I agree, this article is already outdated. It does not even mention Superalgos.

    • Is Roirobots arbitrage a legit trading robot? Or the same with those hyip scam out there

    • Hello, which bot would you recommend for a beginner? I’ve manually trading arbitrage for a few months. My main exchange is Bitfinex, Coinbase and Gemini, and a bunch of other smaller exchanges. I am looking to for a user friendly bot that I can try and see if I like it

  114. Good customer service and low fees.

  115. I got hacked on Binance and was offered no help in recovering any of my stolen funds; there is always talk of cryptos being safe but you would think if there’s a ledger open to the public and stored on not one but thousands of servers you’d have more safety than a regular market but I guess I must be the only person who got burned even while following all the safety protocols they recommend. YOU COULDN’T PAY ME TO USE BINANCE EVER AGAIN!!!!

  116. Some minor disagreements:

    “The cost of mining each individual Bitcoin is gradually increased.”

    The cost of mining a bitcoin should always be approximately the cost of a bitcoin. Consider that If the price of a bitcoin drops to $1, miners are not going to spend more than $1 to mine it.

    “What happens when the *mining* stops?”

    The *mining* never stops. It continues even after the *subsidy* goes to 0.

  117. From my experience GEMINI is a clean victory. The article only mentioned the fee charged by Coinbase. Coinbase has trading fees and also the buying exchange rate in coinbase is always higher than that of Gemini.
    If you are one time buyer purchasing less than a 1k dollar then go for coinbase. If you are buying more and will continue trading with no much thought go to gemini.

  118. You should list MineXcoin…they have daily, weekly, monthly and yearly interest payments. A great coin to look into.

  119. This Cryptopia is not an exchange is a SCAM, they will steal your money and say that your account was hacked. It happened to me! Open your eyes!!

  120. Please formalize your complaint in New Zealand’s Financial Markets Authority if you also lost your money while in Cryptopia.

  121. Hello everybody! I’ve been using this exchange for a long time. Of the advantages: large selection of coins and low commission. Of the minuses: sometimes support answer longer than usual.

  122. Great article, thank you! The latter part about ‘human errors’ for the DAO hack, I think you mean faulty code rather than effective human errors (that you mention for the exchanges)?

  123. Does that visa transaction cost count all of the bank buildings, offices and employees driving to those locations?

  124. i saw a deep dive into this here

  125. Cardano (ADA)

  126. Tron (trx)

  127. HitBTC hosts more than 600 currency pairs, that’s awesome. All the most rare coins can be found there.

  128. Well stated and you have done your homework.

  129. well said captain

  130. Awesome article. Thanks for sharing it.

  131. Finally returned to HitBTC. Tried to trade with different exchanges but wasn’t able to stay with them for a long time. Something always was wrong. Or maybe I just couldn’t stop comparing them with HitBTC. Recommend it. Really.

  132. Lies. What evidence do you have to support the claim that ‘most of his predictions came true’.
    False statement – fake news.

    You will see that most of his predictions posted here will be wrong if not all of them.

  133. It happened to me too. Cryptopia is a total scam! May 30th, I cannot log into my account. Cryptopia team twice closed my case with them after I told them my account was likely hacked as I could not login. It wasn’t until June 3 they finally after multiple open cases with them changed my email and allowed me in. When I did get in all my crypto had been sent out to someone elses wallets. Then the support team had the balls to say, “it looks like you were able to login. I’m glad we could help.” WTF Total scam, everything(all my crypto) was moved out of my account on May 31.

  134. Ethereum Classic is the most Decentralized and undervalued…when the panic room calms down, all eyes will be on the Emerald one.

  135. Reply
    Unhinged_Trader June 4, 2018 at 15:26

    Problem is, that without fiat integration, there is no business incentive to use this plugin, which is more buggy and limited than several centralized options which already exist.

    Business owners don’t care about the matter of decentralization. So for Request to scueed, they need to provide a CLEAR BUSINESS INCENTIVE: cheaper and easier fiat transactions.

  136. Well, hitbtc have many good sides. Low trading fees, small bonus when acting as a maker, none deposit fees for the altcoins. All you do at HitBTC is perform nice trading without spending time on stupid routine.

  137. You could add that since their final release is on the way, Stratis is heavily investing in marketing with businesses and C# community.

  138. To be fair Stratis is a the end of its release cycle and started to invest heavily on marketing with businesses and C# community

  139. Why the hateful article? Which competitor are you?

  140. Awful article . You never want to see a coin fail. Bringing nothing but fear to the crypto community as a whole. Especially when a company as big as mind geek is using it… other companies will not when they see coins fail.

  141. Great article, finally someone telling the truth about this shitcoin

  142. I like its design! They have a good taste.

  143. great analogy lol

  144. yeah Dick Red be da realest

  145. You could also add that the market “sentiment” of Stratis is still very bullish or positive:
    Actually they’re among the coins with the best market sentiment score.

  146. Reply
    jonathan everton June 12, 2018 at 18:21

    Exactly what i was thinking scott

  147. And also do an article / review on MinexCoin and LindaCoin… And add them to this article..

    Linda is steadily climbing up in Cryptopia with massive Volume!
    I got in around 10 satoshis and im still getting more. Its ca. 36 sats. Now.. June 15th..

    ReddCoin and SocialSend and Electra are partnering with Linda.. They are making a REAL passive staking platform supporting several coins.. Get your coins now my friends! Before the Bankers get in…

  148. Why is it that XLM can lose half its value yet hold the #7 spot in market cap? The answer is simple, all other altcoins are struggling right there with XLM. This article should be aimed at the entire crypto market. Singling out XLM is a moot point in a bear market.

  149. In the article you say “With this context in mind, Sun announced the coin burn as a veritable way of giving back to the community. A total of 1 million coins will be burned, making this the largest money burn in history. Tron explains this further in their Medium announcement:”

    Should that not have been 1 billion coins?


  150. Hey Torsten,

    I agree with you that investing in bitcoin & other altcoins is not enough. It is crucial to track and know the real-time status of those investments. I would like to suggest KryptoGraphe which is available for both Android & iOS, sync with exchanges through API integration, portfolio management, great metrics & dashboards to view absolute and relative performance, Top 100 CoinMarket cap, news and available in 13 languages.

    Do check it out and share your feedback!!


  151. so what? clickbait title

  152. Can the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission investigate I made investment to it,please help me return my money back…

  153. BCN with no future? Are you retarded? This coin has an active development team. Maybe you made a mistake and wrote about wrong coin.

  154. Seems as though everyone’s funds are safe (including my own) Bancor is obviously being proactive about it which is nice to see.

  155. Please revisit the PoWH dapp. You left out one important aspect of the game: 10% of all buys and sells get distributed all token holders. That is how you win “free” ETH. This is no pyramid scheme.. The game is still going strong and now there is a new spin-off called FOMO3D which launched July 8, 2018. The website is ironically called

    Check it out.

    Those who understand the dynamics of the game and are playing are extremely excited about its potential for generating passive income.

  156. Not sure why Emin Gun Sirer was mentioned. This was a security breach.. Miner and trader front running had been resolved over a year ago!
    Bancor’s Response:

  157. I’ve only tried Haasbot and Gunbot mostly because I’ve never heard of those others before. What I like about gunbot is it’s a one-time cost, and they are constantly coming out with new features, i would image soon they’d want to go with a monthly membership too because of how much new content is released.

    What’s important is that you select the correct strategy when running gunbot. This can be difficult because there are endless combinations of things you can do. What i recommend is to use backtesting on trading view so that you can see if the strategy you choose will be profitable for future trades.

    I recently created a video series that goes over setup and picking a winning strategy. I use pine scripts which barely anyone uses and ive been getting way better results than just running gunbot normally. Just watch my videos and see for yourself.

    Vid 1: intro

    Vid 2: setup + pick strategy.

  158. Long term descending trend? In terms of USD, it’s up over 50% since it’s inception. Once the market has corrected, I think the herd is really going to wish they had just held on to their assets.

  159. BYTECOIN,, un gigante dormido…

  160. thank you bro nice.

  161. “Hello, I am writing to ask several questions concerning the conditions of placing a banner on your website:
    1. Can we place our banner on your website?
    2. The price of the banner and the period of placement?
    3. The banner’s minimum and mazimum picture size?
    4. On what page it can be placed and can you provide the information about its traffic for the last week?
    5. Is it possible to place a dynamic banner?
    Thank you for information.
    Best regards”

  162. People keep forgetting that erc20 tokens are still in their beginning stages and that BNT is not unique in it’s pause functions. EOS, Tron, Icon, OmiseGo, Augur, Status, Aelf, Qash, and Maker are all tokens that all possess pause options. At the end of the day user funds WERE safe, and Bancor users are always in control of their private wallets.

  163. Has anyone used the for selling Bitcoin with PayPal? Seems the same as Xcoins, but they block fraud before they make payment.

  164. dude. youre a douche. any news is good news, so if people want to support verge let them. for you to wish bad on a coin is bad for the community as a whole. cheers to verge for the effort theyre giving. i dont own any anymore, i sold once it hit .17, but for those who are invested, good luck to them.

  165. Your article does not metion DigiByte’s DigiShield tech, used by 30 or so other coins, to secure that blockchain. You also don”t mention private Digibyte Dapps like DiguSign. Why haven’t you mentioned Digi-ID? DYOR

  166. Good lets hope you don’t have anything else to say at all then for a while.

  167. Reply
    Bitcoin Private Maximalist July 28, 2018 at 16:46

    Dear Ms. Blagojevic,

    There is a major mistake made in the following headline.

    “Once the rebase is completed, BTCP is supposed to have all the key features and USP’s of Bitcoin Cash, Bitcoin Gold, Bitcoin Atom, BitCore, Zcash. It will also have good features of obfuscation coins like Monero, Verge, Dash. Combine these with an active merchant platform development, both Ledger and Trezor support already in place, SMS-payments, Point Of Sale’s terminals and ATM support, Bitcoin Private could emerge as a strong winner once the crypto market starts rising again.”

    The following is reality:
    Once the rebase is completed, BTCP is supposed to have all the key features and USP’s of Bitcoin (BTC) and Zcash, with protocol level privacy tech zk-SNARKs integrated into bitcoin 0.16 release, making obfuscation and transaction mixing features as used by other privacy coins irrelevant. Combine these with an active merchant platform development, both Ledger and Trezor support already in place, SMS-payments, Point Of Sale’s terminals and ATM support, Bitcoin Private could emerge as a strong winner once the crypto market starts rising again.

  168. I am a member in the Co-op and an active participant with knowledge of what is coming in the pipelines. Very exciting progress coming and a lot of hype building around the upcoming RCON3 conference where we are revealing all the developments including a killer app for the music industry. This is not a pump, quietly we have been building the best technology and will surprise the community very soon.

  169. Digibyte has it all a great team ,speed ,and the potential to go very big we are very excited to be a part of this winning team and are ready to see prices start reflecting there true value they are to advanced for there small price it’s time for there time in limelight

  170. 370 million market cap for siacoin? That can’t possibly be true, coin market cap says 70 mil!

  171. Check out BiblePay (BBP), 10% of coins are donated to Charity, 38% rewarded to Cancer Research

  172. Hey there admir!

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  173. Nice write up, I pretty much agree with everything you’ve said about Chainlink. Strong team, bad communication but solid work going on behind the scenes.

  174. Very good list, thank you. I have tried some of them and is my choice at the moment, very useful and saves a ton of time with its alert function.

  175. Yep, seems like biased garbage.

  176. Icon’s leaders ‘not communicating enough’…? The whiners only need to look at Icon’s Twitter feed to know this is totally wrong. Various developments are announced, with links to detailed posts at Medium.

    I believe many are just exasperated their speculation (NOT ‘investment’ as they think) had gone down way south. Especially those who had bought into the blockchain hype, and discovering that the market doesn’t care what price they had entered. Now they are trying to find scapegoats for their own failure and resultant paper (and realised) loss.

  177. Considering that Kin has been in development for 6 years and underwent a very successful, 2.5 year beta test within the KIK app – this project has more promise than most other similar ones like it combined.

  178. I actually prefer Ethen which is really small. Wish they had more tokens trading there and volumes because it’s more convenient than most of the exchanges I’ve tried. Don’t need to register there, and it’s super easy to find orders with the highest/lowest price.

  179. Stumbled upon this article and didn’t expect to see my Reddit comment quoted. This was a fun surprise! Nice article by the way.

  180. Its easier, faster and more secure when you sell bitcoins at They also give very good rates and low fees.

  181. Laughable: “And most recent one that actually seems legit – Bitcoin private BTCP.”

    People bough ZCL up to $200 to get BTCP pre-fork. After BTCP forked it, ZCL collapsed to below $5.

    After fork, people bought BTCP at $60 to $80… then the lead dev started another “fork an old dead coin” scam, and the BTCP crowd threw out their own lead dev!!!

    Which led BTCP to a never-ending slide down and is currently below $4. This is old news.

    Meanwhile, the BTG/BTC price in the chart above is fairly level – looks like BTG’s dollar decline is just the bear market decline in cryptos.

    This article looks like a hit-piece on BTG by someone who’s still hoping their BTCP recovers.

    • ZCL could make a comeback if they changed the algorythm. Currently mining is in it’s poorest I’ve seen it since before ETH jumped to 8$ last year. Profits have fallen greatly after Dagger-Hashimoto and Equihash were made into ASICs. Not a fan of BTG, but at least they stayed honest on their ASIC resistance, ZEC laughed it off, ZEN stopped existing, fuck Horizen, they killed an amazing project, ZCL is inbetween. The reason crypto made a comeback was mining. Those 6 RX 470 rigs started it again, just like 290s made BTC what it is, people mine before it goes to the mainstream, now that Equihash is no different from SHA-256, what’s the difference between ZEC and BTC, BTC is exponentially bigger, period. If they wanna go ASIC, fine, but you’re competing with BTC, LTC, DASH. Siacoin went ASIC, it’s dead. Decred, dead. Electroneum, dead. Libry, dead. 3 of these were a side product of ETH, I mined DCR as I double mined ETH, all of them failed to realize that most of their hashing power came from people mining Ethereum. The Equihash coins are redundant, we simply don’t need most of them, and they think going ASIC is a good idea, the morons are giving ASIC miners one choice, mine the most profitable, fuck it,use nicehash, get BTC instead of 6-8 coins that could all be one by now. A hardfork was their only choice. People will mine them, but none of them make a better bet than BTC or other alts like Monero. Very few people actually buy them, it was mostly miners who were HODLing and making that bet.

  182. Anyone who continues to refer to anything other than BTC as an altcoin cannot be viewed as a serious crypto author/expert/player. All digital currencies are cryptocurrencies and all cryptocurrencies are digital currencies. Is Pepsi the alt-cola? Is Virgin Air the alt-line? Is Alienware the alt-puter?

    Stories that blatantly bash a particular coin (while leaving out the facts, by the way) are a joke and show how the pundits on all sides still don’t understand the true value of crypto. Crypto was designed for one thing and one thing only – to be used as a borderless, control-free, peer-to-peer digital currency. Just as there are thousands of fiat currencies in existence today, so can there be many options to choose from with digital currencies. Each of the top coins has its good and bad and bashing other coins just proves that the pundits are scared of the others’ success.

  183. Good crypto currency, it has a future

  184. Which fully explains the “pump and dump” scheme occurring now with 48% gain, soon to be wiped away with many peoples money while some whale blows through their hole swimming away with theirs.

  185. I agree that most of the coins created on the Tron network are made as jokes and are “scams”. However the reddit user that pointed out that most of the transactions are fake is a false claim because a lot of transactions are made with the created tokens and on the homepage it shows their value in TRX. But when you click on the transaction page it shows you what is being transfered…so they arent fake

  186. The problem this does not work at all tried many times to get it to work and it will not mine for me at all download from get is crap!

  187. Reply
    Joseph DiPasquale August 17, 2018 at 21:40

    The team has been gearing up for the token swap, which was announced yesterday:

  188. For anyone interested in the facts – Cardano is a Generation 3.0 platform built with a scientific approach, from the ground up by engineers and cryptologists with PHD’s & decades of experience…using Haskell programing language – the development is audited by 3rd parties and undergoes rigorous academic peer-review. The Cardano project is the 1st of it’s kind in the space and represents significant advancements in the field, including provably secure POS…the projects technology is substantially more advance than any of it’s competitors.

  189. Great article! The future looks very bright for Aion and it’s supporters!

  190. but their reputation is not tarnished, grow up man.

  191. What site let’s you see the status of coins being in the red/green in the square blocks shown above?

  192. Walton coin is no way near Vechain. Do your homework and you will realize than Vet blows it away. Not only with projects and the companies and research behind it . i.e. oxford u. constantly working on it to improve it and make it the most advanced blockchain out there.
    The person who wrote the article must have money in walt coin. GET REAL!

  193. Seriously, what a load of crap. FUD patrol at it again… It’s 2018 performance speaks for itself unless you bought at the top.

  194. I think you meant to say. “I apologize for my clearly emotional, and prejudiced article on Xvg. What I meant to publish was.
    In crypto news today let me apologize to Justin Vendeta and the entire verge community”.
    A lot of people have a lot of misinformation on xvg so I’m going to take a moment to address your readers the way you should have without emotion and facts.
    Sunerok is not a or rep he is a developer. Don’t believe me then answer why else he is sought after to advise on crypto projects. You realize Derek Capoo the CEO of token pay holds him is such esteem he not only funded over 70 percent of the Pornhub deal he also enlists Sunerok to audit his project.
    Moving on while pointing out Xvg and it’s price decrease it’s impkrtant to remember two things the first being nearly every coin is down it’s the end end of a bearish run.
    Back in March Sunerok the lead developer of Xvg not the ceo told the community he was going to make an announcement. He promised that the announcement would change the crypto world forever. He said something to the tune of potentially can be top 10 in market cap. Please don’t quote me I’m unaware number.
    Full disclosure the announcement was huge. Honestly I can see why some are upset the way the announcement was handled. I was upset for all of 10 minutes until I realized the beauty of it all.
    Get out your notebook I’m sure you have one labeled responsible journalism a class you failed to take… you may need to rethink your prejudice against Xvg. I’ll do my best to explain. You expected moon shot over night it didn’t happen. The first thing you learn in this game “buy the rumor sell the news” The error in all of our ways some much longer than others is you lost track of the ability to step away and look at the board. Your eyes were on a overnight moonshot. It’s like me saying hey come to this restaurant it’s amazing I’ll oay then I offer you a breadstick, and walk away . You sit for hours and hours with the agony building checking charts wondering why,how this isn’t doing the exact opposite of what you wanted… This is why you bought the news.
    Take a breath now look at the board in order for mass adoption of Xvg the asset needs visualization on a global scale. Like it or not arguing that Xvg isn’t globally recognized is foolish. That’s step 1
    Step 2 Once mass adoption starts how do we protect and gain investor faith. Xvg is upgeading it’s coding to the industry gold bar. While the verge fam is out making sure people have places to spend there Xvg when value increases they are adding new merchants everyday including Pundix pos putting Xvg in thousands of storefronts.
    Wait it gets better while the journalist who got paid to feed you the rubbish he just tried to throw down your throat like complaining about where Sunerok is he clearly forgot somethin. The community does polls because we have no ceo this project is driven by tens of thousands of committed people there isn’t a ceo.Sunerok on top of making sure your investments are safe from hackers, is also in process of implement Rsk into Xvg. Go read about it with newest coding,rsk and new wallets,combined with the recognition Pornhub got along with securing merchants world wide, Xvg will soon be getting its own debit card. You saw Pornhub as the end / next time you invest don’t let emotion dictate your journalism. You have a responsibility to your readers.First comes recognition second gateways to use while implementing the newest lines of security and blockchain tech not just now but forever because Xvg is built to grow with.blockchain I’ll ask you how do you not see it in the future being exactly what was promised?

    • Da fuk?
      What a quasi-religious ranting…

      The writer of the article is completely right. XVG is building on false hype and on suppressing ANY opposing opinion, instead of just performing well and stressing problems quickly. VergeFam is paying and will pay for this ponzi scheme, all you believers are dupes. Have fun.

  195. You asked for a pic feedback be careful what you wish for the only joke that I’m seeing or remotely trying to understand is your ability to expect anyone to take this article seriously clearly you missed the lecture on responsible journalism wherever you were educated my advice go back to school.
    Unless I’m missing the humor and you’re trying to be funny but lying I apologize case in point Sunrock is not the CEO for for verge mis the lead developer. Not only is Sunrock the lead developer purge he is very well respecteded in the crptoworld
    No that wasn’t funny I’m still not getting it maybe it was when you insinuated that XVG is paying merchants to accept them. Too bad you’re emotionally prejudice played at my you offered to disclose XPG is lesser-known partner while clearly ignoring the fact that they recently been integrated into pundit POS systems and XVG will now be able to be used in thousands of storefronts.
    Wait that can’t be it maybe it’s your complaining about the social media post on Twitter what shall revert back to my first argument XVG is a community that pole decided the direction XVG would take to prioritize projects

    Wait that wasn’t funny I know I finally get it your Your article that you spent hours on and it’s hard to discredit Birch actually just put it in yourself porn hub back in April wasn’t there and it was the beginning purge made a promise to change the crypto world they made a promise to make Burger household name they made a promise to Help Dr., Miss adoption and they made the petition have a top tank has no sir the joke is on you porn hub person and it was beginning now that purchase globally recognized the purge Pam is out riding in this adoption while Sunrock is behind the scenes implementing the newest coding to make XPG secure on top of that is also in cementing RSK and bring CT into XVG itself that combined with the talking pay partnership new merchants coming aboard every day in soonInseam to come debit cards I am courage you to go invest in Xvg if not the joke is definitely on you

  196. Throw all the shade you want, iota will be $5 in2019.

  197. What? You’re upset they are listing to their community? The team is open source volunteers not corporatists like xrp. Not to mention I have technical analysis too but mines showing highly bullish sentiment long term. The fact that the team is consistent working on improving on their communication, PR and codebase shows me great potential. Not to mention they are fast outpacing most coins on adoption. Remember the coin exploded because of its privacy tech not because it didn’t spell words right on its poll tweets. This is group think, myopic analysis on a coin that is set for a bull run once BTC settles.

  198. garbage article. 90% of alt-coins are garbage, including XVG. but cheers to XVG for trying to increase daily use. Implying it is the most “joke” of a coin is pathetic. many worse coins (though the coin sucks). stop spreading FUD because youre salty about something. Sure, XVG is down. every coin is

  199. Yeah sucks to see my Ark tokens going down rapidly in value. What happened market?

  200. Thanks for the useful information about tokens that generate a passive income. I also would like to share with you and the community this website that keep a curated lists about crypto tokens that give a passive income by holding them:

  201. Launching first, then failing (see Ethereum and EOS) on your dime might be fine with you. Cryptokittoes and Ram gauging is not a good start. Again, on your dime. A responsible project irons it out on paper…and proves it…on your dime. Your argument is flawed where no basis to call it behind. Even on paper, its still working better than…Cryptokitties.

  202. The title of the article does not match the content. This is a poorly written attempt to disparage a project. Your main argument is that the coin has fallen since the end of December and the 1st week of January. Yeah, so has every single crypto. You also forgot to mention that VGO has already announced partnerships to be used in other games. So it is not “just a picture.” Really bad reporting…

  203. I like REDD except for one thing: I just dont see people wanting to tip anyone on the internet. It’s going to have to expand its vision if it is going to survive.

  204. reddcoin es la mejor altcoin su concepto es el mejor y mas valido su arquitectura la mejor existe un incentivo de gasto como de ahorro para su desarrollo a largo plazo ademas no tendra max supply pero su max supply es el mismo circulante gran ventaja que algunos ven como desventaja, la ventaja esta en que nadie puede arbitrariamente sacar a circulacion nuevas monedas ni sus creadores!! si se quieren nuevas monedas en circulacion se deben stakar stake en el wallet, lo que hace mas robusta y fuerte a la red a la vez que hace mas escaza la moneda en los intercambios, es una moneda muy versatil puede usarse como refugio de valor asi como para pagos en internet, puede enviarse por un mensaje entre cuentas de redes sociales lo que le da una ventaja enorme sobre sus competidoras, lo de dar propina si es un buen argumento porque en este mundo siempre habra un incentivo para demostrar la popularidad y solo es parte de la utilidad de la moneda y su enfoque para la adopcion masiva lo que es un excelente enfoque, recomiendo comprar reddcoins estan baratas ahora pero ira escalando su precio tiene una buena comunidad muy fiel y en crecimiento, compren reddcoins tiene un gran futuro ya veran cada dia crecera en aceptacion escucharas algo asi como vendo un auto o vendo tal o cual articulo enviame tantos RDD reddcoins a mi cuenta @luisperez ejemplo y te doy descuento, ya veran compren reddcoins”!!!

  205. Correction: DigiByte has certainly a clear roadmap with fleshed out gouls and milestones.
    Please check my post on Medium.

  206. Here’s a complete list of Lisk projects at this time: – Real estate – Academic and reputation – Musicians ownership rights – Programmable oracle – NON-Blockchain startup accelerator – Data science project – Gaming – Framework kickstarter – Educational platform – Machine learning blockchain platform

  207. Trying to understand how dental health is a senseless project?

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  209. Thanks for the great article, Felix! If you haven’t yet, check out what the guys at Krypti are doing: Their technology is a great add to your article.

  210. Is bitcoin is changable with other Cryptocurrencies without charges ?
    Please answer it ☺

  211. There is a fundamentally new blockchain platform called RChain. RChain is a proof of stake platform with the mission to solve the problems of scalability and security within the current blockchain space. Working as a co-op, to enable its members equally, it has deep industry roots and arguably more collective years of experience than any other blockchain entrants. RChain equips innovators worldwide to create fast, scalable and decentralized solutions that are far less resource intensive, a key improvement from existing blockchain solutions.

  212. Add 6 months to whatever Charles says and then maybe, just maybe, we’ll see some results. But honestly, don’t hold your breath, Charles doesn’t care, he’s already rich from Ethereum and consultant work, this is purely recreational to him. This project is design build, it will never, and I repeat, never be done, the goals will continue to change and move according to the whims of Charles.

  213. Dogs pick apples, its always a work in progress. You are right, it will never be finished. Neither will EOS, Ethereum, and so on. They will have a functional product, unlike those above who launched first…on your dime.

  214. Digibyte will be the top 2 coin with a solid team and all they have developed they are going to the top while others sleep they work when others go away they stay so proud I found Digibyte and hope others do before it goes to the top !

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  216. Monero is not decentralized, it is highly centralized around the dev team which makes it susceptible to takeover the way BTC was taken over. Also, Monero uses centralized technology in that if its encryption is ever broken, all transactions will be exposed.

  217. Nice explanation! I’ve recently read a related article, explaining the difference between Light wallets and Full Node wallets. Here it is, I hope it will help someone as it helped me

  218. I’ve had nothing but good experiences (thankfully) with Coinbase, although I’m not exactly a heavy buyer and seller of crypto. I will say though that back in 2013 I panic sold 5 figures worth of Bitcoin when the price dropped, and I DID get the money. So people who say if you sell a large amount on Coinbase they’ll just steal your money or whatever, that’s not true.

  219. What do you mean no one implied XVG the “most joke” of a coin. The article is literally titled,

    The real joke-cryptocurrency is Verge (XVG), not Dogecoin

  220. such a wonderful blog post. have a great blog.

  221. Don’t forget about the lack of communication. They won’t even tell us the year that they plan to launch the external worldbook.

  222. Iost is releasing cryptoheroes beta soon. I think it will push it up 100 million USD in marketcap. a

  223. India’s leading cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has announced the support of CyberMiles mainnet migration.

  224. Condescending article.Google the definition of slander and defamation.”Its usual pay for “ Trash article,trash journalist… You should be ashamed

  225. Digibyte, Litecoin, Bitcoin and Vertcoin all deserve to be on Coinbase and Binance the largest crypto markets!

  226. @J EVERYDAY : i only saw facts here

  227. Great article! I found helpful when I was searching (staking coins, pos coins, etc)

  228. You forgot about Ontology ONT which is pos I believe. Used to be on NEO blockchain but now has its own chain. Holders are rewarded with ONG similar to the GAS you get for staking NEO.

  229. This is a complete copy of Upfiring. Tron is a sham.

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  231. I found a good list of Staking Faucets / Exchanges / Pools for STRAT | Stratis coin here >>

  232. Great post, thank for ur overview!

  233. Now the SEC has turned it’s attention on digital exchanges let’s hope this forces their security measures to be upgraded or closed down

  234. Do you mean which coin will be added. You only mention zrx when the title of the article says which coins might be added.

  235. Hello, Credissimo is not a Swiss company, they started in Bulgaria. Nexo is incorporated in Switzerland.

  236. A very astute business decision on behalf of Charles and Ken, in the interest of the betterment of ADA Cardano and their investors. Well done. Onward and upward.

  237. Re: VeChain

    “VeChain gets outed for FUD-ing against Waltonchain?” is incorrect. This youtuber you linked in your article mentioned a few individuals possibly linked to VeChain with snap shots of conversations they had with other individuals re: FUD. The youtuber failed to directly link the VeChain foundation to this FUD campaign.

    It his video description he has a disclaimer which states that “In limited circumstances the speaker has been compensated by a third party” also “This information is what was found publicly on the internet. This information could’ve been doctored, or misrepresented by the internet”

    VeChain is a solid platform. This youtuber has failed to prove otherwise.

  238. Very good article. Cryptocompare really went all out with this one. Thanks for sharing.

  239. We can be happy to be able to buy DGB at such low prices, this is one of the most undervalued assets you can own…

  240. waltongang strong

  241. Complete pile of poop here you are a idiot!

  242. What exactly is so “surprising” about revealing another institutional partnership? ??

  243. Is it just me or is the fact that litecoin is almost identical to bitcoin the reason I love it so much. Litecoin slashing fees. So cheap, so secure.

    • Also agree. Especially when you think about the amount of BTC that is supposedly lost (4 Million), nearly 20% of all that will ever be created.

      In my view there isn’t enough BTC out there to support the demand.

    • I agree, LTC is probably the most undervalued coin in the market.I see LTC taking 2nd or 3rd place in the near future.

  244. I agree Garrett

  245. This article was written from a person at Ripple, XRP. Ripple is a completely centralized token, all tokend have been “mine”, but not reslly, just computer generated… There are 100 billlion XRP, 60% are owned by one person and controlled by a bank… The XRP Ripple coin is known as the “bankers coin” and will sink if the USD ever takes a dive. Thete is no real reason to have a centralized bankers coin in a decenteralized market, other than for thr Rothschild Centeral Banking System to have full control over it’s movements… that’s all. The only other coin equal to XRP as far as ut being useless is B-Cash.. it’s a total scam coin.

  246. Litecoin is better than Bitcoin in every way. It’s implementing new features and is listed on 90 % off all exchanges, easy to liquidate and much faster than Bitcoin. Most bitcoins are owned by just a few people. Litecoin is for the people, by the people. Biggest advantage is that Litecoin has a decision maker in the form of Charlie Lee. Bitcoin will split many more times because of non-concencus. LTC will soon take over BTC, as it is just a better technology. See it as BTC 2.0. BTC is Myspace, and LTC is Facebook.

  247. Are you trying to promote bitcoin by killing litecoin, hahahahaha

  248. Litecoin is developing, and still do by a formal CEO google i stay with it till it dies.

  249. No information at all here. Just a hater.

  250. Litecoin will remain relevant for as long as there are alternative coins, which is a certainty. Bitcoin will never be the one and only cryptocurrency so there’s definitely a lot of potential for Litecoin and there’s a lot of advantages compared to Bitcoin if you do your research. Litecoin is not going away anytime sooner than other coins. I feel like this guy has an alternative agenda and is biased.

  251. Litecoin will remain relevant for as long as there are alternative coins, which is a certainty. Bitcoin will never be the one and only cryptocurrency so there’s definitely a lot of potential for Litecoin and there’s a lot of advantages compared to Bitcoin if you do your research. Litecoin is not going away anytime sooner than other coins. I feel like this guy has an alternative agenda and is biased. To quote the disclaimer: “CaptainAltcoin’s writers and guest post authors may or may not have a vested interest in any of the mentioned projects and businesses. None of the content on CaptainAltcoin is investment advice nor is it a replacement for advice from a certified financial planner.”

  252. Price of BTC $6400 Same amount, the same time last year as right now.
    Price of LTC $53 Same amount, the same time last year as right now.

  253. A store of value? Do you even know what you are talking about….?
    That is exactly what crypto is NOT.
    Fail. Your new should be cadet-altcoin.

    Next thing you will be telling people to invest in something that is not an investment – wait….never mind. smh.

    Time to rub off that self-anointment – you are no expert.

  254. You know what’s a blunt copy? This article and the bullets that have already been addressed over and over. Litecoin is leading the pack in adoption and have a proven history for over 7 years. It’s not going anywhere.

  255. Not here to argue with facts because I’m feeling lazy right now. This is a dumb article and everyone is now dumber for having read it!

  256. Title is wrong: 20 trillion not billion…

  257. Interesting article but a few questions if I may. If Xvg is a “ghost coin” why did Derek Cappo and token pay help secure a deal with Mind Geek the company that owns Pornhub.Financially I’m not sure but are you claiming to have more knowledge then Derek Cappo?
    Next question. I would love to see proof of using xvg investors money being used to pay personal taxes could you provide this?
    I understand #xvg got hacked your aware Monero has been hacked as well as bitcoin and a few other crypto currencies? One could argue a hack could be considered a growing pain in fin tech wouldn’t you agree?
    Thirdly Pornhub helped Verge become a global brand. Did you know that xvg is in like 20,000 atms. Help me figure out what other coins do that please?

  258. You should probably quit blogging dude. You are wayyyy too emotional. You called Verge a “shitcoin” on many occasions. I’m sorry but most publications, and blogs about Verge – even if their bad, do not call the coin a “shitcoin”. Your choice of wording sounds extremely immature and makes you look weak, as if you’re sitting at your computer and typing with a giant frown on your face. Grow up bruh.

  259. you forgot about Guarda wallet. It’s one of the best and has several platforms.

  260. Kindly add Guarda Wallet to your list. It is listed on the Dash website as well

  261. Distribution of Ark was botched with many whales essentially deciding who gets to be an active delegate. There are many internal issues and the team is slow to respond to network issues, which usually are fixed with forks anyway by the developers outside of the core team. (with low compensation)

    Team is mostly hiring slavic developers as they can scoop them up really cheap, way below your standard blockchain dev salaries.

    Most of the Ark communication is going through their slack, which hides and deletes all history of any past issues, so its about a time these type of awareness articles are starting to pop up what really is going on with Ark and its transparency and issues.

  262. I know the developer and it was a bug with their new upgrade that allowed some customers to double spend. Thant being said, the people who found the bug withdrew their funds in BTC leaving MapleChange in an impossibility to pay back their customers.
    As for the social media, they were shut down due to too many threats.

  263. Hi Captain Altcoin,

    Please can you explain a little more why you’re disheartened by the Genesis Vision statement? I think allround the news is incredibly positive with managers creating programmes right now as we speak.

    This version of Genesis Vision is still 3 months earlier than the roadmap stated!

    Overall I am very happy with today’s outcome.

    Kind Regards,

  264. Hi, Thanks for the Little article. I see you’re pointing out that a lot of bitcoin was sent to these 5 addresses but you’ve made the claim that these funds have entered the market. I don’t see how you’ve come to that conclusion simply because they are new wallets and recently moved. I also don’t see why you are assuming they it is the work of financial institutions. It could be the work a great range of institutions. Perhaps Venezuela, N. Korea, Maybe drug cartels. There’s no telling.

  265. In my eyes you are a nobody so “in your eyes” no one cares… there is no legitimate technical analysis here.

  266. Great point Bill. Great point

  267. As pointed out by Bill there could be a myriad of explanations. Maybe a whale wants to divvy up his holdings among his children. No way to prove these are OTC sales vs a move for other reasons….

  268. There are multiple NEP-10 incompatibility bugs in the NEO-NGD code base:
    @NEO_Blockchain Were these SCs code reviewed? Were they tested against the standard?

  269. The Ark members’ reactions are higly concerning. One person asked for a little transparency among the delegates, and the Ark members response is to immediately get defensive. They knew damn well that most investors were unaware that seven delegates were being run by Ark team members. Ark prided itself on being free from the cartel-behavior that Lisk suffers from, and yet they see nothing wrong with team members controlling almost 15% of the delegates. I still hold a decent stake in Ark, but the teams lack of transparency is a shining example of unethical behavior.

  270. To me, doesnt really matter what the purpose of such huge accumulation is. All I see is someone or some group of people who see value in BTC when most people would rather sell and dump and he/they decide to invest heavily and accumulate for a profitable season. Great work!

  271. Thank you for supporting Arkane Network!

  272. This is officially the worst f***ing article I’ve read by far, really. I cannot actually believe that this writer even attended any writing or reading comprehension exercises in any school at all!

    -Stating a single, freshly made reddit account as his sole source
    -17% delegate “controlled by” = Oligarchy confirmed
    -Unironically calling apparent bad investors “emotional noobs, who need their ARK bedtime stories (written without a hyphen not like in the article)
    -xenophobic comments about slavic developers is “good info”, according to the author
    -LISK has very good general ties to Germany and the author is german too HMMMMMM

    For the love of God, Philipp…never write an article about anything again. Because this article is cringeworthy at best and seriously makes me doubt all your academical achievements (if you have any).

  273. It appears that Sun is becoming the Chinese equivalent of Elon Musk; Arrogant brags, unsubstantiated claims, and hype that may or may not exceed the limits of the technology his team is developing. I wish he’d just demonstrate through action and good deal making rather than unverifiable boasts.

  274. Hey I’m trying to find my address or wallet I created in 2016/17 is there anyone that can help me track down the wallet or address from my computer that’s been smashed?

  275. Torsten. You do know that unless you can prove any of the things you say, especially about Sunerok, you can be sued for Libel and Defamation right? I am not in any way affiliated with Verge. I just find the crypto space full of ‘journalists’ and bloggers that aren’t careful about what they say and the legal ramifications their words have. So again, do you have any actual proof of wrongdoing by Sunerok? Or is this a piece about how you feel and not what is?

  276. Missing some important information, like fact that Bitcoin SV is a reaction to Bitmain’s transformation of BCH to allow non-monetary transactions as well as other exotica.

  277. We have almost 2400 comunity members in the Veritaseum Telegram groups, talking about utility, value, function and global expansion into Africa, Bahamas almost everyday … you should spend some time educating yourself instead of wasting time writing a hit piece.

  278. Where did you read the whitepaper, bruh? Concratulations, you’re the only one in the world to have read it, as IT DOESN’T EXCIST! The community is plenty big, your readers can find us on TG easily enough.
    Once again, a guy talking out of his ass with no knoledge of the subject. Veritaseum has a working product, awaiting approval.
    They recently hired J. Tabak as Co-CEO of the company, you know; the guy working for Reagan during the stockmarket crisis in the late – 80. You weren’t probably even born then.
    FUD piece is FUDDY.

  279. I stop reading when you said something about Veritaseum’s whitepaper. Thing about that is Veritaseum doesn’t have a whitepaper. Then I continued and found more lies “Reggie is known to be a controversial figure in finance and insurance world.” controversial as in calling the fall of the big players before the last recession you mean. Why didn’t you explain why Reggie holds the 98% ,supply of the tokens? Alao why didn’t you mentioned the Veritaseum is one of the few projects with a working project? You failed to mention the Co-CEO Jeffery Tabak in your article as well. How much were you paid to write this hit piece?

  280. Seems the article written lacks any real research into the team or the product offering. Whitepapers are for engineering ideas to sell others on the teams intention to create a product. Middleton is a financial analyst with years in the industry. There is no whitepaper. And yet there is a functional product. In regards to credible team, there are few in this space with the experience to work in the financial markets. Jeff Tabak, the newest member of the team, a business graduate of both Brown and Harvard University. He founded Miller-Tabak back in 1982. I would say between he and Reggie, exist a credible team.

    Veritaseum still has a long way to go, but are ahead of 90% of the crypto projects out there. Far too many projects have multi-million dollar market caps, and no MVP. Veritaseum has regulatory hurdles to overcome. And they will get there. Price spikes are unavoidable in illiquid markets. Simply saying this company is a scam without proof makes this article appear as a hit piece to FUD a project. Adding zero value to the crypto space.

  281. You should come join us in the telegram chat and gain some insight on what Reggie and the Veri team is and has accomplished. You’d likely change your stance. These hit pieces won’t stop veri. The telegram link is Come get informed.

  282. Garbage hit piece. Written by someone who has zero clues. Don’t write about things that are far beyond your level of comprehension.

  283. I read your piece and was disappointed. I mean – I could have written in myself and I am a complete amateur in the crypto space. Now if you wish to read a good analysis of a coin head over to Veritaseum and read the report on Paypie – that’s how it shoud be done.

  284. TenX is a scam.

  285. Presenting Grin as THE Mimblewimble Project is a fake news or a paid content?

  286. Good writeup! Worth also mentioning Beam ( – the other Mimblewimble implementation.

  287. Substratum isn’t a scam and they have zero malicious intent. I am sure BJ would even talk to you why he dropped that number. They are good folk. You can go to their office and meet them. Here is the latest update on the smart contract. I strongly encourage you to connect with them.

    Hope this helps.

  288. Hi, nice article but ravencoin supply is 21 Billion not million in the early paragraphs above!

  289. Totally agree with you ! If you look at the stochastic the tempo is too good to be true 😉

  290. Garbage article, Ripple is a company built on strong fundamentals. Xrp their Cryptocurrency is beginning to reflect their leading ability in this space. Etherium on the other hand is floundering hoping their new update will save them after the crushing defeat of the last failed attempt.

  291. You should also add IQeon (IQN) to your artcle, they are building decentralized gaming platform, nice project tbh

  292. This is satire, right? It must be, because it’s a joke of an article written by someone who claims to be a member of the Kin community and is obviously FAR from it. Please keep your pleab opinions to yourself next time and do a little more research before writing something and trying to have it passed off as journalism. Lame.

  293. Wassup dipshits, System96 here

    Let me first get out of the way:

    Numbro Uno: I am not a Bytecoin developer, just a mere Telegram admin.

    Numbro Deux: Despite what it says on the website, I have made it clear in many places that with great passion, I heavily dislike Bytecoin. I have detested it in many places; Do not associate me with the shitshow that is Bytecoin.

    Now since that is out of the way, let me say this: This article is a complete mess. Although I have made my opinions clear on Bytecoin, I will call out bullshit when I see it, and my Bullshit-O-Meter is going off the roof. This entire article is filled with absolutely no evidence for their claims, as well as being clickbaity and biased. What happened during Binance, which I agree was unethical and the Bytecoin team should have shambled out a better response than what absolute bullshit they shoveled out, was not an exit scam. It was a pump, but putting Pump in the title wouldn’t have given you more clicks now would it have?

    Furthermore, for “evidence” the article just throws quotes from Fluffypony (I hold no ill will against him, fine developer and probably a nice dude) and some pictures of a graph. Yeah no shit its obvious that it was a pump. The entire article is seemingly just FUD and reeks of anti-Bytecoin bias.

    This article exhibits very poor journalism as well, rather than shoving your own ideas down our throat like I just accidentally switched to Fox or MSNBC, a good ethical article wouldn’t have a clickbait title, and it would display the information at hand, allowing the reader to come to their own conclusion. You could have done that and made a half way decent article, but you didn’t. There are plenty of other topics to ram Bytecoin on, such as the event with Emil Rokoss and the Bytecoin Foundation, which funnily enough no one even talks about.

    TLDR: Biased shitty article, bad journalism, no proof, and they called me a Bytecoin developer.

    Love, System96

  294. There is no plan to fork Kin.

  295. This is not how crypto is supposed to work. Ravencoin’s first mistake was forking the shitty bitcoin code base, but there is a lot more to the story.

    The asset release was a complete disaster, it was not as advertised or portrayed in this article. They advertised first come first serve (which was never true in the first place, had things worked as expected). No one could register assets when it was activated on the platform. It failed. Go read the goddamn discord channel and other support forums.

    When assets could not be registered on activation, due to a setting they “forgot” to toggle on mainnet, miners were given the first advantage snapping up asset name spaces first by mining their own blocks bypassing the QT wallet and json/rpc calls. They had to release a new binary for the rest of the world which took some time.

    Then they published the code first which gave those with the ability to compile the code and run a wallet the advantage to snap up what miners had not registered. Two hours later binaries were released for the various platforms, and everyone else had to download and install the new software. Also many had their blockchains and outgoing transaction data structures (mempool) corrupted, machines left unusable until downloading another entire blockchain. People tried to register assets, their money disappeared, assets were not registered and a lot of fiddling around with command line parameters, reindexing, .conf file settings just to see their blockchain balances again – leftover crud from a shitty bitcoin blockchain implementation.

    The writer of this crypto article is full of shit and did not do their homework, as is with most crypto articles. I am abandoning any plans to do anything on this shit platform called Ravencoin. I could say a lot more about how this platform is being portrayed, nothing advertised is true. It’s not a scam, the creators really believe they have something but have deceived themselves and others in turn, living in self-deception bubble.

  296. The implications for taxes due would be significant, depending upon the choice (either FIFO or LIFO methods) you make. So I would suggest to try LIFO and FIFO calculators to decide which method is better. Here are the links for very easy-to-use handy Excel sheet for calculating the gains (after commissions) in bitcoin (or other cryptocurrency) trading using FIFO and LIFO methods.

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  297. bytecoin is a joke.

  298. So is this the beginning of the end of fist and the start of digital currency but with now personalized assets? Wow this idea is so radical it’s like the early 2000s with the domain names, remember that?

  299. What a terrible fud articles about icon are these? I was a pre ico investor and I knew even before I participated in the ico that the 20% inflation was a posibility. Stop tarnishing this project please and do Some real research.

  300. This is one of the most uneducated biased articles I have ever read. Nevertheless any input is appreciated. Please do some research on kin next time 😀

  301. Another wallet option is Fetch (https;// It is super easy to see the best trading rates and makes trades with one-click using it.

  302. SKY is one of the few crypto projects backed by actual infrastructure. Over 9000 Skyminer hardware nodes already deployed, desktop and mobile wallets, hardware wallets, antennas, VPN routers. Also multiple games/apps/projects running on the Sky Fiber / CX environments. All of the ERC20 tokens will die but projects like SKY with an actual use case and their own blockchain will prosper. Check out all the recent progress here…

  303. Hi, Sarah from here. Great write up and thanks for including margin (previously leonArdo) as a trading bot option.

    Just wanted to let you know that we recently rebranded. We now support 11 exchanges, 2 new bots, and great features like a profit/loss indicator, market scanner, social integrations & more. Plus, we still offer our free demo to try everything out first!

  304. Why don’t you man up and admit you were wrong criticising the project in the first place? Or why don’t you at least weigh in on Synths points?

  305. Hey! Racquel here of Athena Project. Great reviews and pretty helpful!

    I thought I’d reach out to give you an overview of our auto-trading bot, the Athena Trading Bot allows users to trade their crypto from Telegram. There’s no other software you need to download aside from Telegram. You set your own strategies and the bot will auto trade for you even when you’re asleep!

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  306. This market is a joke. It is like a ship of fools captained by a few whales. What is going on? Help! Ughhh! No Lambo? These coins mostly are useless. The few that have utility are typically trashed by tribalism as banker coins or garbage or scams. The stock market is teetering on uncertainty yet this market cannot do sh**. This Friday XRP should take off a bit and screw the rest of this market. Not enough volume…until Bakkt. Craig Wright will bring down half this space anyhow it appears…as much as I hate to admit that.

  307. Did u lose money that’s why u talking shit about verge ? Lol. Your article is full of shit

  308. Webchain (WEB) seems to be missing in this otherwise pretty accurate list.

  309. I was considering staking with Ark to ride out the rest of this bear market. Maybe I won’t…..

  310. You’re an idiot!!

  311. Reply
    Captain Obvious (aka dngruss) November 22, 2018 at 06:57

    You throw around quite a few accusations and seem to have done little to no actual in depth research into the Electroneum project.

    You plan to continue to write fiction about ETN, or are you man enough to actually put in some real work and do some in depth research into ETN.

    Maybe before talking smack about the project and the people behind it for obvious click-bait purposes you could give the team and the project a little respect and courtesy by actually doing some real research into the project and the people behind it. Go to their offices and talk that smack or stfu clown.

    Drop the clown act, there are plenty of other jobs in the circus. Maybe there is an opening in the Fortune Teller dept.

  312. Cryptocurrency purists don’t like the more hybrid approach this fintech company are taking in building their infrastructure on top of a blockchain. That’s 100% understandable; centralised wallets, large premine, less focus on the tech etc etc

    However, commercial partners have no such sentiment, they care about financial incentives, regulatory confidence and opportunity….all of which Electroneum are providing more than ANY other coin on the market…you may hate their method but that is undeniable…. Premine airdrop, KYC, mobile infrastructure and HUGE partners. Feel free to hate the project because it doesn’t follow the same idealism as all the rest of the coins out there, but don’t be so ignorant as to think that mainstream markets feel the same.

    Stop and think for a moment about the impact it will have for ALL crypotocurrencies when ETN starts being used by 100s of millions; its benefits everyone as it will start countering some of the negative sentiment the market has and break down some of the barriers. This will path the way for other projects as people see the benefits of blockchain technology.

  313. Laziest piece of journalism i’ve read in a while. May I suggest some up to date research!

  314. What do We Want?

    We strive to share the most reliable, interesting, and accurate information to our readers.


  315. you are insane about electroneum
    why do you post this kind of fud about electroneum
    your full of shit and wrong time will tell and then you can replace it with a good one
    blah blah blah

  316. Would be nice to provide more research and proves,facts not only criticise without any backup ,thus whole article is useless and meaningless.

  317. With all respect this is en extremely poorly written article that is both hypocritical and laughable in terms of its weak, barely existent quasi-polemical central argument. It moans lack of fact but is based on hearsay. It talks about orchestration but doesn’t come clean about its own—rather obvious—motives.

    It is so far away from being balanced that its author would do well to google ‘journalism’, indeed ‘balance’ not to mention ‘integrity’ upon his/her return to the drawing board. E.g. it would have been interesting to see what facts the author would be able to bring in support of the dubious assertion that Electroneum will not reach mass adoption. Why would anyone waste their time trying but failing so spectacularly to produce a piece of writing that could/should be worth reading?

    But it’s likely a waste of time actually to try to appeal to the authors common sense or ethical judgement. And so much, also, for the reputation of So let’s just reiterate the good old warning to the two remaining internet users who can’t smell a deliberate agenda here: “Do your Own Research”!

  318. Introducing

    “Who are we”? A WASTE OF TIME

    To think that I had you bookmarked. Well that’s remedied now. Ciao!

  319. Zero facts in this article – What a waste of time reading this was.

  320. what is the deeper problem again? You didnt said any. pardon my language but you are a stupid captain

  321. Electroneum is going to outshine most other cryptos including BTC,we shall see it sooner than later.The achievable goals of Richard Ells and The Team wil come to fruition again sooner than later.Mass adoption is going to happen in two to three months on a big scale.Money transfer is going to explode through using ETN.Massive applications of ETN,great possibilities.No other crypto developers ever thought like Richard.

  322. You can use BCH at a bar to pay for drinks…what bloody good is a crypto if you can only HODL, MINE & trade with it if you cannot buy goods n services with it. I am sure many share this sentiment.

  323. Great reply from everyone here. Adoption, where and by who it is a necessity for economies, I would not be surprised if this took off higher than the market dictates and not the market regulated by whales and dickheaded naysayers.

    For electroneum and other real projects, it’s only a matter of time. I can’t wait to see the results…not for the investors and believers, but the users around the globe who will benefit. The very idea that someone can keep their entire bank account on a mobile device, free to use, any place, any time is too far futuristic for the slave driven paper fiat currency believers.

  324. Bottom is at $1

  325. This is a prime example of Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt (FUD) Bad article, many nonfactual statements. But I get it, Dogecoin has a strong, large community and you need click bait for ad revenue. Due diligence goes a long way in writing with substance.

  326. wtf? this is a pure example of an idiot lmao

  327. (Ivan Liukau) “hashing24” is scamm, do not invest your money if you do not want to lose everything in a week

  328. 1.14 is in beta currently. Doge has an active team of developers, many side projects that increase its validity (etherium bridge, dogepal) and as the author stated a large community. 95% of dogecoin is utilized outside of exchanges. These are not my opinions, theyre facts.

  329. Buy $HOT #Holochain now before its 100x is current cost.

  330. You forgot to menton MR.ELLS is sitting on a 12.6B pre-mine. Many people reported it as a scam to uk authorities. Etn is 100% scam company.

  331. Hi, I wholeheartedly agree with the article, although please replace circumsizing (which makes no sense, also spelled correctly as circumcising, and meaning removing the foreskin) with circumventing.

  332. Agree now is time to look into this coin but 10X is more realistic right now until a coin burn. Very promising with a case use.

  333. Nano will surpass Monero, Dash, Litecoin (but not Bitcoin yet) in MarketCap when people realize that these coins are unable to overcome the scalability problem – too expensive and too slow for transferring money. But the Nano strength will only be visible in the next bull run. Moreover, if Nano is able to decentralize and assure security, IMO it is the only existing coin – technology wise – in conditions to challenge Ripple and BitCoin. Actually Nano is the only existing coin that looks like Bitcoin back in 2010/2011: instant & feeless. However, unlike BitCoin, Nano is better prepared for scaling.

  334. The author of this article is a a typical clueless moron! Stick to your day job instead of spreading bullshit.

  335. How about hypercash (HC) ?

  336. That’s funny, it appears LTC is the biggest gainer of the top ten over tge past month. XRP has no value and is a centralized bankers coin that will disappear just lile B-Cash.

  337. This is just generally bullshit… Cherry picking information to support a biased opinion.

    Lets see how many other projects lost momentum on social media, which is a stupid evaluation technique btw, during the bear market of 2018… Hmm? Safe to say A LOT.

    Forewarning of negative feedback does not mean the feedback is wrong or unmerited, its merely a weak attempt at defense.

    Facts are facts. Errors, growing pains, losses and gains…. Par for the course for a burgoning decentralised community project.

  338. This article reminds me of the scorpion who asked a frog to carry it across a river. The frog hesitates, afraid of being stung, but the scorpion argues that if it did so, they would both drown. Considering this, the frog agrees, but midway across the river the scorpion does indeed sting the frog, dooming them both. When the frog asks the scorpion why, the scorpion replies that it was in its nature to do so.

    As in Aesop’s fable of The Farmer and the Viper, there the snake’s reply indicates that what is fundamentally vicious will not change.

    “The more successful this becomes the more haters you’re going to have…when groups or products start getting attacked, that’s when I become interested in them.” – Grant Cardone

  339. Most incoherent article I ever read. It’s like the fake news that only talk bad about Trump while totally ignoring the good things he does for his country and people. Easy bashing but nothing substantial. Booo.

  340. Lol 🙂 .
    Still amused on how much hate etn gets from thos sh!t website. Remember back in spring an article said etn will worth 0 after the fork.
    You du*b fu**ers. And how can u say is like a headless chicken or etn team has no idea what to do with the project. You are nothing but a fag hater and this website supports btc only and 2-3 top alts.
    Where i agree with you its only the part with censorship, nothing else.

  341. Being run by a marketing company is a great thing not a disadvantage. Look at all great coins how they are losing their value bec they are running by ediots how only know coding

  342. If you think the community is full of paid shillers that don’t focus on the idea, then you’ve beeb watching the wrong place… The plan is literally just about all we talk about and is the reason it motivates people in high numbers to get involved. As much selling pressure we get from the premine/airdropped mobile miner coins and ASICs conbined, it’s actually holding oretty well btw. Plus many of these coins are free, so think about the sell walls veing created by other coin supporters taking advabtage of the app. The prices in these narkets don’t reflect a true value anyway as none of these projects are quite ready yet just yet and are almost entirely speculative. Honestly though, this article looks like an angry child wrote it, so you might want to work on that a bit You should search through Youtube for info on plans and ideas through supporters like All About Tech and others. Forums like reddit tends to have people that are salty about everything that isn’t in their holdings and will post anything even with zero knowledge on a subject. There is hardly any1 more transparent than electroneum has been. If you have questions, just ask..BEFORE deciding to maje a whole post on your feelings about it.

  343. Click bait is all this is.

  344. Click bait, fake news, or just an angry reject that lost some quick money. Either way he shouldn’t be fired for belligerent journalism, he should be promoted. The internet is full of assholes with nonsensical opinions. The exceptional ones should be rewarded. Great work whatever online publisher that I could shill two shit about.

  345. Im curious if KuCoin and Binance will let you stake other coins besides Neo and benefit from the “dividends” of other coins as well?

  346. man this DARMIEN HOCKER really is on his period. you need a tampon? I can sell you one, for 300000000 ETN.
    just who the hell start cursing when reviewing a coin?
    where is your proof of the shillers? Name one of your fav coins out there that is mobile friendly,
    name one of your favorite coins out there that out clean when there is a setback and goes right back to work. name one of your favorite coin that is genuinely communicating with its community?
    name one of you favorite coins out there that is KYC/AML compliant
    really this DERMIAN Hoocker is just only looking for attention, like a sad little baby.
    at the end of the day dermian hoocker can write whatever he wants, but he is only digging the grave of his fake, experience-lacking, unprofessional journalistic career.
    no deep research, no real proof, attacking communities…..what does that sounds like……Oh yea! FAKE NEWS AKA FOX NEWS. Hey dermian hocker you should give it a try at fox news. its right in your alley.

  347. It’s clear this guy got into crypto during the bull run and lost his ass XD

  348. Someone lost their ass this year and now they’re salty. This bear market is perfect for shaking out the weak hands like the author of this article

  349. No mention of instant payment. Or future plans. In fact seems all information was at least a year old????
    Disappointing at best…part of the reason all of crypto is down is stuff like this all the fighting between projects…projects should be working together for mass adoption then try to out compeat each other with better tech. Not fight like children….disgusting

  350. Faster than BTC, Not centralized, immutable, cant be stopped, available on every exchange, and not in the hands of a centralized company like stellar and ripple, Only 84 million in existence, Truly the Silver to BTC Gold. Going to keep buying no matter the crappy dollars relationship to it, get ready for a market correction and the same slave crap worse than 2008, My business will only accept LTC and BTC. The slave debt backed overtaxed over valued paper is nothing. Take your slave article elsewhere, Litecoin is the Rightcoin.

  351. Come on folks…is this really the response to this article? If so it proves the guy’s point!

    As an ETN holder, I have been a supporter since the ICO, but every time someone raises thoughtful questions or even questions the strategy, they get these types of immature responses. Personally, I’m worried that even with all of the marketing going on, ETN still hasn’t been picked up by any big exchanges (minus the recent HITBTC listing) and now that the big regulators (SEC) and exchanges (NYSE-ICE) are starting to move toward institutionalizing the market, ETN will get left behind.

    For example, BAKKED will be going live Q1 2019 and will institute physically-backed futures for Bitcoin and a few other ALTCOINS. Bitmain is creating a cryptocurrency index for alt coins which will provide pricing discovery for the ETFs that are coming. The prices for the index will come from 11 of the largest exchanges and ETN is not listed on one! Interestingly, notwithstanding the hype and strong retail interest, the market value of ETN is going no where. The big “moon” that folks see in early 2019 is really for Bitcoin and those larger alts that have institutional buy-in. Even though I’ve gone heavy in ETN, I am worried sometimes that I’ve backed the wrong horse.

    I don’t personally care about the shillers…if they are willing to put themselves out these, they should get compensation. But come on folks, let’s start asking the tough questions of the ETN team so we get the rewards we all so richly deserve.

    Start thinking big picture!!!!!

  352. Interesting article just as you describe the whole thing was over hype characterized with false promises. The belief and trust that will never come to light. ETN promise to make people rich over night and crashed at launch took over six months to resurface without a proper solution. All I see about ETN is big advertising in bid places, but the coin is not gaining any recognition in the market place.

  353. Сarefully! Cryptopia crooks!
    in no case do not bring your coins there!

    within 9 days it is not possible to withdraw ETC.

    Support says that there are problems with the purse although in fact no problems are detected.

    I do not recommend Cryptopia

  354. You probably aren’t finding the rebuttal to these arguments because you’re not quite looking. There are answers to this out there. Many Ripple supporters would say the security on the nodes is a compromise between some regulation and complete decentralization. Anyways, thanks for the article.

  355. I love all of these Bitcoin guys screaming that XRP is centralized. Four miners in China,, Antpool, Slushpool, and control 65% of the BTC Hashrate. You tell me who is centralized and who is not. And by the way mr. author, please tell me what in the hell BTC actually does, what use does it have? Don’t spew the same old “store of value” argument, because if that is the case, anything that doesn’t do anything could be a store of value. As you mentioned, BTC is basically just air that other people are willing to pay you more for the air than you paid for it. At least XRP has a valid use case and is being used/tested by some of the largest financial institutions. Can BTC say that? I think not…

  356. Marketing makes the world go round. Bill gates did not have a superior operating system but he was the most successful at marketing it.

  357. Is this what passes as “journalism” on this site??? The “author” copies two concerns from another “author” and publishes it as original. Let me help you out chief with regards of not being able to find valid counter arguments.

    Point 1 – Trustlines. Your argument is wholly inaccurate. Not gonna do the research you should have before going to print just check into xrptibot app. No need for trustline send to anyone.

    Point 2 – Ripple holds 55B in escrow. Correct. Now please explain while their sitting on a mountain of wealth like that, why would they ever do something to ruin that wealth? i.e dump them on the market.

    Hopefully you’ve learned something today….now off to school you go Johnny. Please don’t submit anymore articles until you’ve done the bare minimum research.

  358. Não adianta espernear pois o Bitcoin logo logo não servirá mais pra nada e apenas pessoas o comprarão para lavar dinheiro. Enquanto isso as maiores instituições do mundo estarão usando ar para fazer negócios transfronteiriços com a velocidade de um tufão e sem pagar muito por isso.
    Quer um conselho troque todos os seus Bitcoins por XRP enquanto dá tempo pois daqui a pouco todos seus Bitcoins não valerão um XRP.

  359. first

  360. Article: “Charlie is not active in LTC for quite some time”
    Reality: Charlie speaks at conferences on behalf of Litecoin all the time.

  361. Captain, why do you keep referring to XRP as the 3rd most valuable Crypto by market cap when it’s quite clearly by a long way the 2nd biggest?

  362. No, it certainly wasn’t me. The GMX account, in qustion, was hacked in late 2010. At that time Bitcoin was still a budding project, and I couldn’t risk letting the world know the founder was hacked and lost all of his Bitcoin.

    Inside my GMX account was a backup file that contained a backup of all my private keys. Later, in 2014, that hacker was hacked by another hacker. After the second hacker let the account go dormant, GMX cleared from its record and somebody else registered name on the same date it expired. I highly suspect all the hackers involved were communicating on the Deep Web with GMX Insiders (Indian programmers). These Insiders provided access to my email account through a deep web auction, awarding the account to the highest bidder.

    Craig and Dave operated a Bitcoin mining Trust. Nothing more and nothing less. Approximately 30 percent of leaked emails supposedly coming from me were completely manufactured by Craig. (not real)

    Craig edited the subsection titled “Calculations”, that is all. Dave may have been a contributor to the Bitcoin project as a developer, but there is no definitive proof because he did not contribute using his flesh name.

    Phil had absolutely nothing to do with the project. His stories about his Prometheus project are utter nonsense.


    P.S. I live in Bali Indonesia.

  363. This is the most uninformed bullshit 2nd grade-ish, no knowledge base, shit writing i have ever read! I literally think I lost thousands of brain cells just reading this bullshit

  364. Reply
    losHermanosDebiles December 6, 2018 at 00:12

    Its the monero community plain and simple. They’ve spent 4 years spreading fud and this is the result. If you let lies dictate the narrative you can’t be surprised when its bogus.

  365. Hahah, all countries that are against NWO… Iran is not small country, what a joke…

  366. Agree with the previous comment about the support. And It`s necessary to this fact as a drawback. Last year my account was frozen and I couldn`t contact to anyone for weeks

  367. Fluffypony is completely full of crap – always has been. I don’t think he’s ever said a factual or accurate statement about Dash yet everyone laps it up like the mindless sheep they are. All he’s doing is deflecting away from Monero’s legitimately scammy launch (research Monero’s cripplemine) and its myriad of flaws.

  368. What do you think of BCH and Satoshi’s Vision ???

  369. This kid needs to keep his opinion to himself. i assure you these comments he is making will not hurt the rich or big business, but thousands of middle to low wage working people across the country. If he is doing this knowing that makes him a truely disgusting person. ripple will do whatever is required to make xrp not a security, i recall an article earlier this year about how to get xrp into india at that time they considered giving xrp away for free! please just let the decision makers do there job your thoughts on this really serve no higher purpose.

  370. hi the “centralized” thing called coo isnt realy centralized. COO is not 1 server it is multiple nodes. they are already workinng decentralized. COO only protects against splits/parasite tangle attacks as bitcoin checkpoints did until 2014.
    instead of hardcoding checkpoints, iota has a coordinator that releases milestone which all tx needs to be linked by directly or indirectly (each milestone has a subtangle ) which has most transactions covered .without discriminating any transactions . All Nodes however do check transactions and will notice if coordinator is doing something dodgy and will ignore coo if it’s doing bad stuff. So it basicaly is already decentralized for most part. It is true though if someone controlls all coo nodes. they can stop the confirmations from happening but thats it. We will notice. replace coo and move on .

    Now to me coo isnt the important part. what bothers me is coo is a bottleneck for true scaling in the long run. And most ppl don’t understand COO to begin with and think it is one guy with one sever controlling it all so perception of it somthing bad.

    i’m an investor so i want coo to be removed as fast as possible for many reaons.

  371. Yep, and I got a box of Dutch Tulip Bulbs…. just waiting for history to repeat itself. ….any day now!

  372. This is also a reddit post. Not sure if you are the original poster, instyles got it from you, you got it from him or you are both the same person.

  373. Quality copy and paste job without doing any research further than this post. I can copy and paste as well. Here is the best response to the redditors post:

    “You are very eloquent, and you know the subject matter well, so your thread comes across as very weighty and important. The recap is nice.


    In reality, you are actually saying very little in terms of making a point. I don’t know if you realize this yourself.

    Sure, they missed a lot of deadlines, sure, it seems they were way overconfident (like many other startups I’d add), and sure we still have no working product which was already a meme for a very long time but now it’s extra painful because of the climate. All these things are true, and they did not manage the expectations and deadlines very well throughout this painful journey.

    However, besides this big series of disappointments, something else is key here: At this moment there is nothing concise that would indicate the team is not working and communicating professionally on this project. (if you ask me, we are not even remotely comparable to shitcoins, even after all this shit)

    You even acknowledge this yourself at the end remarks in your post. So basically your post comes down to complaining about the fact that the project is not where you’d want it to be right now by a long shot… And I think it goes without saying that you are far from the only one that is disappointed.

    But what actually is your point? How is this helping OMG further? Are you expecting them to apologize more about missing deadlines and make more promises they might not be able to fulfill? I’d assume the last thing a guy like you would want to hear right now is new promises.

    All we can do is wait until the work gets done, and hope for white smoke. If not, then your money is simply gone, but such is the risk of investing in startups with unpredictable futures. This premise (the one you got into) has not changed a bit since ICO, and massive delays and changing of plans were actually very likely possibilities, even back then.

    It all just sounds like you are disappointed and need to vent. That’s fine, it would probably do good to take some more distance from it and become a bit more dispassionate about it. Then, you might suddenly see light at the end of the tunnel again, or be surprised when you check in and see a big chunk of progress. Right now, I can’t see how anyone following this sub daily is not bored out of their minds.. I’d imagine it can get one to a depressing mindset.”

  374. COINBASE FRAUD! Delays and hold completely UNACCEPTABLE! Tragic Joke. I bailed when they held my funds for 2 weeks which I’ve come to understand is Short, compared to some. Do Not Suffer Them! Unless you like being LIED TOO!!!!!

  375. This is all just rubbish! Cracks me up that this journo seems to think that he is an authority on the matter . He doesn’t even know what is being said in court but he makes up his own argument and then publishes this FUD.

    Hey if I owned 1 billion XRP and I wanted to give my employee a bonus in XRP does that then mean that XRP is then a security?? Lol get real!

  376. What is this, buzzfeed for crypto? Nice Twitter convo reposting with redundant commentary

  377. Biased material wanting to show ways, should be ashamed because journalism is not confused with advertising and propaganda.
    Let me note down what XRP is saying is now worth three digits of dollars and they regretted not having bought it!
    Who warns you is friend!

  378. Very cool Article ! Good explanation on decentralized exchange and its benefits. Nowadays many peoples are excited about decentralized bitcoin exchange!

  379. Hi, you should take a look at this interview too – the supposed ‘Qualcomm and Bloomberg scientist’ CTO of Waltonchain tries to make some really hard to believe claims.

    Do an article on this please.

  380. I have made my life in direct sales it seems that Digibyte and others are in need of direction in this area ,if you have a service that can benefit companies and help anyone that in the direct sales areas make it simple and explain how cost effective and fast Digibyte is ! Any vendor pays out around 3 percent of a sale to credit card companies ,then a customer pays after that according to his card which can all be avoided there is no doubt this will be the future but sometimes you have to crawl before you run start sharing with ventures how simple the set up really is and watch the magic happen !

  381. The thing is early on Litecoin tweaked a few of Bitcoins issues that make Bitcoin problematic as a retail payment method. LTC works fine as a payment method and is quite stable code wise. And thats attractive to small business. It also costs about 12 USD per coin to mine vs around 3800 per BTC.

  382. They’re just trying to add as many coins as possible so they can charge their customers more fees. Updated analysis of The Coinbase Effect as of 12/17/2018.

    This article explores the historical impacts of Coinbase listings know as The Coinbase Effect.

  383. I have been mining with Genesis Mining for quite some time now, and I have to share my positive experience. First of all, mining in largest mining company gives me feeling of security. Genesis MIning is transparent and legite company. I saw that in a crisis that mining market is coming trough and how they handled that. They have acctually offered a solution, to upgrade existing contracts and keep them profitable. I did so, and haven’t regreted. I have a few contracts running and bringing me paymants every day. So I will allways say that investing in Genesis Mining was a smart decision and I have never regreted.

  384. There is a huge misinfo campaign going on, sponsored by Consensys (no I did not make this up, read the study “EOS is not a blockchain” to get the details of this misinfo campaign)

    * Misinfo: There is no actual use for EOS itself.

    * Truth: EOS is a utility token. In the same sense that you need ETH to send transactions, you need to stake EOS to send your tokens around.

    * Misinfo: Crypto will always be wasting vast amounts of energy

    * Truth: EOS is 66,454 times more energy efficient than Bitcoin and EOS is 17,236 times more energy efficient than Ethereum (under PoW-model)

    * Misinfo: EOS is a centralized shitchain with only 21 people validating transactions.

    * Truth: EOS is one of the most decentralized and fastest blockchains in existence. There are more than 400 active BPs participating in a fluid democracy. Many of the original BPs that launched the mainnet are no longer in the TOP20. On top of that, the number of BPs can be increased at any time at the cost of latency which will give EOS an upper hand in the decentralization race as the team makes progress on scaling EOS.
    Also, that are not 21 people but 21 companies and communities comprised of many individuals.

    * Misinfo: EOS is not a blockchain and does not even use Merkle trees.

    * Truth: EOS uses Merkle trees just like any other blockchain. EOS does have a merkle tree over all the transactions within a block. This means it is possible to prove you have been paid without having to process all blocks nor trust the full nodes. These proofs are smaller than ETH because light nodes don’t even require the full history of block headers. That is a design choice that makes EOS so fast! Superior technology all the way. Dont let the misinfo campaign get to you.

    * Misinfo: No one is using EOS dapps.

    * Truth: EOS dApps currently handle millions of transactions per day—far more than Ethereum. In fact, EOS is the most successful blockchain launch in the history of blockchains.
    10x on tx count

    * Misinfo: Governments will have an easy time taking down EOS

    * Truth: ETH relies upon a peer-to-peer discovery process. Governments and ISPs around the world know exactly where every Ethereum node is and can trivially shutdown any and all public endpoints. Not the case with EOS

    * Misinfo: Larimer is working on a new project not involing EOS

    * Truth: Larimer is ONLY working on EOS and has recently stumbled upon an idea to build much faster and scalable token Source:

    * Misinfo: No companies are building on EOS.

    * Truth: Some of the leading YCombinator startups are not building on ETH but EOS. Below you will see the reasoning WHY

    * Misinfo: EOS is not enterprise-ready

    * Truth: While ETH has a nice alliance, namely the EEA, those are mostly highly-customized forks of Ethereum, but the key is that Ethereum is not built for consortium chains nor has interchain capabilities yet. EOS is by design a consortium chain (based on superior DPoS which is a better model for enterprises) and is built in a way to adapt to real-life enterprise needs. as a first-mover recognized the importance of interchain capabilities so that value can flow between enterprise forks and the public chain. Case in point: Consensys trying to change corporate culture instead of focusing on what matters, enterprise adoption and interchains (consequently they dropped the ball). Further examples:

    * Misinfo: EOS is not really feeless and is a shady economic model that will never work.

    * Truth: While there are costs involved in sending EOS around they happen during the setup process of your account. After that transactions are free. The EOS locked in your account may undergo some fluctuations but you dont need to buy that much nor do you need to buy a token every time you want to perform an action on a blockchain. That is a vastly superior model that will reduce friction.

    * Misinfo: EOS will be governed by the rich and is the only system that is set up in this way.

    * Truth: In practice, pareto principles dictate that 80% of the supply will be controlled by 20% of stakeholders. That seems to be already the case with ETH and should over time become worse. The same will be true for EOS. All PoS or DPoS systems are vulnerable to this governance monopoly. A solution has yet to be found and in my mind will not be found (causes: human psychology and genes) unless people opt for a 1-identity-1-vote-approach (which obviously only works in systems with onchain-governance like EOS.

    * Misinfo: EOS dapps are 100% gambling dapps.

    * Truth: While EOS has some gambling dapps (a display of innovation and first movers) some of the most used dapps in existence are actually games such as “EOS Knights” or decentralized exchanges such as “Newdex”.. also some of the highest funded VC-vetted dapp teams are working on a decentralized Wikipedia alternative and a spiritual successor to “Second Life” (decentralized VR world)

    * Misinfo: EOS wasnt functional at the time of the ICO and raised an enormous amount of money illegitimately for nothing but a whitepaper and a testnet.

    * Truth: ETH wasnt functional at the time of the ICO and raised an enormous amount of money for the awareness at the time for nothing but a whitepaper and a testnet and still wasnt classified as a security

  385. Major Tron accomplishments in the past year:

    It had a flawless mainnet and Tron virtual machine launch, it’s accepted on more exchanges than most cryptos, its accepted at pornhub, it has a solid consensus algorithm, its Tron Virtual Machine is compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine, they’re one of the few crypto companies with a revenue, theyre hiring and expanding aggressively, they have several wallets including a ledger app, a full fledged desktop app, iOS app, android app and many more, a desktop app for all the information/data analytics of the blockchain as a whole, they are working on Seedit project to integrate seamless trx payments in twitter and telegram, they just started working on a project called Poppy Payments which will integrate point of sale payments with any merchant (also working on a TronCard related to it), of course acquired Bitorrent, the largest peer to peer network in history (over 100 million active users) which will now be built on Tron (also they acquired Bitorrent despite the fact that several other blockchain like EOS and NEO were also attempting to acquire it). They have developer meetings all over the world from Italy to San Fran to NY to Hong Kong. They’ve set up this whole ecosystem in the past year and continue to astound with their progress. The amount they’ve accomplished in a year since the company was founded is incredible. These accomplishments have nothing to do with hype. They represent SOLID progress.

    I’m sick of this “it’s all just hype” bs and those like Vitalik who cling to the past and the one possible shortcoming of the project in the form of the hearsay/slanderous and baseless claims of white paper plagiarism. If someone has SERIOUS claims and arguments in opposition to the projects integrity PLEASE come forward.

  386. You are a misleading journo. I saw the broadcast and that is not what Brad said. Your heading is so misleading that you should be put out of business .

  387. Your article is an embarrassment to yourself. Just look at how much XRP increases in value due to its ever expanding use cases.

    Best advice is go away and do more research

    • I concur, gibberish. If you have to start the article off with “this is not hate” it probably is.

    • @David. Agree. Another case of bad news, incorrect news and or more likely, big business trying to dissuade the average guy for their own benefit.

  388. Wow too fast to be worth anything? Just wow. At even a high level do you know what market makers and market takers do all day long? Ok what about Forex? what about OTC? what about store of value?

    Now apply the vast many use cases not just the swift paradigm then factor in the terms Slippage and Jevons Paradox

    You should really brush up on your subject before publishing. That’s Journalism 101

  389. $5 is an unrealistic height? Weren’t we almost there in Dec/Jan?

  390. That’s quite a silly article.

  391. This isn’t even how xRapid works. xRapid sources XRP liquidity from partner exchanges. The more transactions in motion, the more XRP the exchange has to hold for liquidity use. The institutions utilizing xRapid to move value do not have to hold XRP in order to utilize xRapid. They do not have need or incentive to do so. But the partner exchanges not only have a need to hold but also an incentive. As transactions increase, the amount needed on the exchange to facilitate the transfers will increase. The more XRP held by exchanges, the less that are in circulation, and the higher the price goes. Velocity has nothing to do with any of this. It is a given that velocity is next to instant. Slow coins like BTC are concerned with velocity. But XRP moves so fast velocity is a variable akin to ‘infinity’. The paradigm that involves velocity in valuation does not apply to XRP. There, glad we cleared that up.

  392. I enjoyed your critical and technical thought process, it’s nice to try to make sense of the real time effect of technical limitations but the process of exchange for money transfer isn’t lateral with an exchange in the middle, at least not for Ripple/XRP.
    Remember that the price of xrp is independently determined based on supply and demand, via exchanges, which are simultaneously, but independently, affecting the price of XRP. To me, this is mildly concerning because the pace of disbursements of xrp out of escrow will flood the supply, keeping price fluctuations at a minimum. That’s the goal for ripple right? Stability? That was a separate issue though.
    Returning to my point, the actual money transfer isn’t a buy or sell transaction, XRP must be owned at the institutional level. Therefore, when aninstitution needs to move $1MM of USD to a Japanese Yen based institution, then the US based institution just sends their own XRP, in the amount equal to the $1MM usd, which is a market set price, and then it’s done, it’s $1MM of XRP off one banks ledger and onto another, with a micro-fraction of XRP burn off for fees. That $1MM of XRP May be a million tokens, or a thousand, etc. but the amount is determined by market forces, set at initiation and acceptance of the transfer. The Xrapid platform facilitates this and claims are it’s the fastest platform out there. So I’m not sure about the velocity, however, the control of disbursements is my biggest concern as basically, there is a market maker.
    For that reason, I see a truly decentralized ledger with a mining process behind it, a better alternative for Crypto investors, as far as investing goes. Fortunately or unfortunately, cryptocurrencies are supposed to be exactly that, a currency, and Ripple seems to be playing that card well. I see their token, XRP, as the currency, and Ripple as a fed-like or central bank like entity, able to control volatility. It’s an odd place to be, especially if your hopes are riding high on big riches. The model does make sense though.


  393. Post this on reddit and see what happens.

  394. So by your calculations it could never reach even 5 dollars but by speculation and no use we reached $3.50 go play with your bitcoins.

  395. So… Just how much of SWIFT’s business did Ripple take when XRP hit $3.80?

  396. Imbecile. We already hit 3.80 on pure speculation. How clueless are you ?

  397. This FUD seems to keep coming around every dew months when some mathematical wizard thinks he’s clever. Here’s why you’re completely wrong:

  398. You guys that write this BS are absolutely idiots!

    XRP is the first and only crypto to have real world usage including usage for banks! XRP are about 5 years ahead of every other coin and have potential far exceeding bitcoin which is why it will overtake bitcoin also in the next few months.

    Stop being dodgy and misleading and write better more accurate articles .

    Dodgecoin is most definitely not the first coin with real usage plus they have no major partnerships with any one!

    Go back to the drawing board and come back with something decent next time please.

  399. What if nobody is willing to sell an xrp below $5?

    What will velocity do for the banks ? Your article makes no sense ever at all.

  400. Let me explain something to you like we explain little kids :

    If an org were supposed to use xrp for transactions – the xrp availablity would be something like this for an example :
    100 xrp @ 0.030
    Then 50 xrp @ 0.031
    Then 360 xrp @ 0.036
    And so on.

    So as a bank starts buying xrp the value keeps increasing leading to a high valuation.

  401. Ya’ll…it’s December 2018…Larry what are you doing? You are so unbelievably late to join the “XRP is a security” bandwagon. Ripple has been working with regulators and The SEC for years now, the SEC has publicly stated that they are willing to work with blockchain/crypto companies to facilitate SEC regulated guidelines as to not be ruled a security. This is such old news and I feel bad for Dobrica Blabojevic, Captain Anal Coin, and Larry because clearly they are not actually doing their research or are desperate for click bait. I would hand you over a dead horse to beat but people have been beating it since March 2018 and there just is nothing left of the poor horse.

  402. This is all made up BS as nothing you’ve said is what has been publically made available plus you need to go and have a good listen to the latest question and answer video by the CEO as all is explained in that video which is as accurate as can be. Thanks for the FUD but it’s all BS!

  403. Etn is a legal huge scam. Etn scams people using the pre mined coins and selling those coins for personal profit. Etn has been reported more than 1000 times to uk authorities for running a scam scheme. Etn is nothing more tham a monero clone.a shit coin without any future.. a failed project just like his poor businessman boss mr. ells.

  404. I think you can add changenow to this list. I used this exchanger several times, bought ETH and BTC and was very pleased with this service. It is simple and reliable, and very fast.

  405. if you ask me i would say bituniverse as the best portfolio app but as a crypto tracker to track the price in realtime – tab trader , byte – crypto tracker are the best

  406. A bunch of lies about Litecoin, worthless article… shameful.

  407. Shame on you for writing rubbish. Brad did not say that banks are not looking into using xrapid. What he did say is that we need more regularity clarity before they start using it. That’s the only thing holding them back.

    We are beginning to have that regularity clarity now. SEC has also stated two days ago that they will make it a priority in the short term.

  408. Also, lets you create a new coin/wallet and hosts your peer nodes for you.

  409. I might need glasses, but can you point me to the part in this article where reportedly Ripple states that XRP
    possibly will become a weapon to battle China dominance?

  410. Reply
    Brian Robert Garret December 30, 2018 at 08:56

    Coinbase is the worst bitcoin company. Please do you research and go with some other company. They have no real support and they don’t care about their customers.

  411. You are an ignorat basement dwelling virgin who will regret posting this autistic article . You have no idea about this project yet you have the audacity to trash it like a sad scumcuck that you are . Repent !

  412. There are few industries in which so many incompetent people express their opinions on business concept topics. The blockchain is a prime example of this. 99.99% of commentators talk nonsense because they have neither industry competence nor technological competence. Just blablablablablabla…. .
    To the point: Dentacoin is an industry concept for the global dental industry. The approach is promising! Dentacoin has a real chance to change this industry positively. But nobody can predict that. In any case, the concept is better than most cryptos on the market.

  413. It’s all just noise . XRP is ridiculously low but that’s through manipulation by the big boys to get in on something that is cheaper and faster and with more potential than anything else at this stage.

  414. Reply
    Michael Almiroudis January 2, 2019 at 16:38

    Where do you do your research and why do you hate ETN so much? Your bias against the project is pretty obvious, not fooling anyone. Spend 5 minutes and do some research, it will help your journalism skills tremendously.

    “Some minimal development is ongoing, albeit at a very slow pace.”

    SMH, They have so much going on and they are actually on fire right now with all the development and products they have out. Here are 2 articles you can start with to do some research on Electroneum:

  415. I bought bitcoin using changenow. This is a simple service without registration, VISA and Mastercard accepted. No limits, it is very convenient, I can buy as many coins as I need.

  416. This article only proves that these “authors” need to do better research on these projects. Who approves of this ignorance?

      • I have been locked out of my wallet since august 2021. They want source of funds, and i dont want to reveal my eth address used to fund. It makes me want to puke! The amount of eth i exchanged to have it lost in exchange hack, and now locked wallet. This is not crypto imo

  417. You are full of shit!

  418. This article is a joke. Where is your research about Electroneum? Subjective crap!

  419. I think the author is right , we will all wake up one day and find bags of bricks laying under our bed and then trying to sell them for a penny per pound! And these so call projects will be the wishful dreams of many so called “investors” who entertained the developers of these projects by dumping our fiat wallets into their crypto bags!!! Wake up American!!! (If you think these people are all goodie two shoes then give me your money and I will make you a shiny coin with many attributes!)

    • People like you said that about the DOT com businesses… Those people who didn’t listen to people like you are now laughing with their millions of dollars in their bank account.

  420. Ha! Not sure about Verge, but ETN you are dead wrong about. They are laying the foundation for future success. A coin is more than what the current price is. I’m sorry you got burned last year in crypto, but maybe should’ve waited until AFTER the Mobile Congress next month before the hit piece.

  421. Do you know the development team at ETN, no, I thought not. Do you know the CEO of ETN, no, I thought not.

    Do you do any form of actual research, or is it as we all suspect, just hot air.

    Do yourself, and rest of us a favour, and do some proper research before posting such utter tripe.

  422. Verge is coming out with a mobile wallet and soon. Dead not yet!

  423. Every coin and token is down 90%+ since the start of 2018 (thanks to the crazy run at the end of 2017) so why single out these coins? Seems like a personal attack.

    All of crypto is smoke and mirrors anyway, we all paid money for a virtual commodity. If you guys preach doom then doom will follow, I hope your favourite coin goes broke too.

  424. I’m not ETN shiller nor fanboy, I remain neutral on the project. but I agree this is a poorly researched and written article. Basically copied and pasted social media trope and called tried to pass it off as a research essay. lmao.

  425. I bailed out of ETN a long time ago. KYC killed this project deader than a hammer and there are much better projects happening now that makes ETN look ridiculously prehistoric. Plus their wallet is NOW and always has been absolutely horrible.

    • From 100,000 to 2.7 million users in a year is not really a dead project… Their wallet is in BETA. There will always be issues when building a wallet from scratch. Also, no government or large corporations will take any crypto serious without knowing the money’s origin and who is spending it (KYC). They need this to combat money laundering. ETN is looking to establish towards 99% who are not utilizing cryptocurrencies. They could care less about privacy coins where you can only buy porn and shady stuff on the black market. Good luck with your porn coin investment.

  426. Here are some of the achievements Electroneum has done in just over a year:

    – First cryptocurrency to attract over 100,000 people in an ICO.

    – First cryptocurrency to join GSMA.

    – First cryptocurrency to exhibit at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

    – First cryptocurrency to adopt full KYC compliance.

    – First cryptocurrency to have signed partnerships with mobile operators to facilitate adoption.

    – First cryptocurrency to develop an instant payment system to facilitate blockchain transactions.

    – First cryptocurrency to allow anyone to accept instant cryptocurrency payments for their online stores through an easily implanted API system.

    – First to make blockchain and cryptocurrencies easier to implement by individuals and corporations.

  427. Yawnnnnnnn this is almost funny but what i like about the haters or just the opinionated is that they are constantly saying there are much better projects out there but not being able to justify any of the hot air they are spouting with real use cases nexxxxxxxxxxt.

  428. Awesome update!

  429. Way to go WAX, I am looking forward to hearing all about new developments this year!

  430. Would be nice if you could write a non hate article with research for once all your articles are the same…

  431. This was quite funny to read as it shows that you really havnt got a clue what your talking about.
    You need to employ someone to follow you around with a shovel so they can pick up all the crap your spouting.

  432. You posted similar a few months back Damien. Attacking projects with large communities hmmm…Attention seeking at it’s finest, not to mention shit journalism done without any meaningful research. Have a good day.

  433. You are quite simply the most stupid person to pick up a pen in history, let alone being someone who can prove what relevance your subject actually has. A loss of 95% in any crypto you talk about exposes the level of your IQ.
    Think before you act and research fact.

  434. Shockingly uninformed article, Damian. We’re is the research? Where is the substance? Must try harder. Don’t leave your homework to the last minute. D-

  435. Only one dead here must be you my friend. Do some research about what’s happening around you. Go to Verge twitter page if you’re too lazy to dig. Don’t even want to mention how ill-informed