Reasons Why Companies Prefer the Candidates Having CompTIA A+ Certification and How Good It Is to Pass 220-901 Exam?

CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam is one of the most effective vendor neutral programs. It has proved to be helpful in enhancing the study experience and helps in getting into the IT sector efficiently. The IT sector is one of the most evolving industries in today’s generation. Thus, for this, the syllabus of the exam is also enhanced from time to time. It is for this reason that the certification expires after a time period of three years after which it should be renewed. Not renewing the certification, may claim that you are no longer a certified professional.

Landing a job in the IT sector is one of the toughest things to do, but being certified can ease the process. This is because several multinational companies prefer hiring the certified professionals. Moreover, these certifications are vendor neutral and test your skill in the various fields which eases your chances of appearing for the jobs. The acquired skills can help you land in any of the IT sector jobs which you can accomplish. CompTIA A+ Practice Test exam not only tests your knowledge regarding the hardware but software development as well. Being CompTIA A+ certified will help you get a job in the various fields. Some of these include

  • IT Support Specialist;
  • Help Desk Technician;
  • Computer and Hardware Repair;
  • Desktop Support Technician.

There are other job opportunities for the specialist too. Several multinational and tech-freak around the world assign most of their IT-related jobs to the certified professionals. Some of the prominent companies that require IT professionals include Amazon, HP, Microsoft and many more. Also, getting a job in these multinational companies will help you get a significant amount of salary.

There are several reasons due to which you may want to appear for CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam. Some of the prominent benefits of getting CompTIA A+ certification include

Enhanced career option

As mentioned earlier, the certification offered for CompTIA A+ is vendor neutral. This means you can land in any job related to the IT sector around the world. Getting CompTIA A+ certification opens the range of job opportunities for you. You can begin from the lower position and then go on to increase your position by appearing for the other level of exams.

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The choice of jobs after being certified increases. The certification acts as a proof that you have the basic knowledge in the different field. After being certified, you can choose any particular area of specialization and then carry on your job in the same direction. The career option jumps from just beginners to other. Also, the certification helps you to get 5-15% more salary compared to others. Either you can apply for a job in the IT sector or start a business of your own with the certification.

With CompTIA A+ certification, you won’t need to work from the scratch to reach the height. You will be paid a significant amount of salary from the beginning itself.

Ensures seriousness

If you are applying for a job in the IT sector, you ought to be serious. You should know that not all employees in the IT sector are certified. However, to land a good job in the industry, having a certification is mandatory. You should know that the addition of an A+ certification is no less than a boost in your resume. The logo of CompTIA on your certification will speak for itself and inform others about your seriousness and motivation.


One of the significant benefits of giving CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam is that you are aware of the hardware as well as software of the computer. During your course, you are also taught of the hardware of mobile. So, if you don’t want to work within a company, you can begin a business of your own. A business is one of the efficient factors for earning a lot. Since you will become a certified professional, you will have more people approaching you for various kinds of repairs. This may help you to replace the local repair shop and earn a significant amount on your own.

Increased chances of being hired

When recruiters or organizations set out to hiring professional, they tend to list several factors that will be required to meet the profession. To meet the requirements is quite a tough task to do; thus you will be required to have a lot of experience. One of the significant criteria for getting a job in the various field is to have CompTIA A+ certification. This will allow the recruiters to believe that you are already experienced in the field and can efficiently work. As a result, they will pay a significant amount of salary.

Another reason for being certified is that recruiters will see your field of interest and then assign you the same. This will contribute to enhancing your skills. Appointing a certified professional ensures customer satisfaction. Being certified ensures that you are productive and can meet all the standard requirements.

Increased pay

Compared to the non-certified professional, the salary of the certified professionals is usually 5-15% more. The IT sector is continuously evolving, and the job opportunities are increasing. Thus, you will land a job with a good salary. Getting a job in the IT sector with CompTIA A+ certification is pretty easy. If you have passed all the exams, you can apply for the position and get the job in the first try itself.

Why are companies hiring certified professionals?

Several companies offer the job to CompTIA A+ certified professionals because the certification determines that they are experienced and dedicated. Also, you have an opportunity to grow in the field and have the efficiency to work in a team. The certification ensures that they are experienced enough to get a job in the required sector. Also, the company won’t need to pay extra charges for your training.


Passing CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam will help you get promotion and even help you to get a job in the various field. This will make your CV presentable and help you get a satisfying, higher-paid job.

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