How to Sell Crypto from Hardware Wallet (Ledger, Trezor)?

How to sell Bitcoin with a hardware wallet?

There are various ways to sell the Bitcoins you hold in your hardware wallet.

The easiest ways include:

  • send your coins to an exchange and sell them for fiat on their platform
  • direct trade or perform a peer-to-peer transaction on some P2P marketplace.
  • You can also withdraw fiat money by means of a Bitcoin ATM,
  • or exchange Bitcoin in person.

Two of the most popular hardware wallets, Ledger and Trezor, also implemented a solution on their apps to sell coins directly from the wallet. Let’s look at how that works.

How to sell crypto directly from Ledger Nano?

You can buy and sell Bitcoin right from Ledger Live with Coinify. The application gives you Bitcoin price information. You can automatically convert your Bitcoin into fiat currency by selling them through your hardware wallet.

Install Exchange and Bitcoin apps on your hardware wallet

You need to have both the Bit­coin and the Exchange apps installed on your device to be able to sell BTC. To install these apps, you must connect your device to a PC or smartphone and visit the Ledger Live Manager page.

Enter the selling amount and fiat currency to receive 

To sell Bitcoin (BTC) in Ledger Live, go to the “Sell Crypto” tab, select your BTCaccount and enter the amount you want to sell. Then choose the currency you want to receive. Ledger’s partner Coinify operates the sell service.

Verify and confirm the operation

Open the Exchange app on your device. Once you’ve verified the information on your phone’s screen, you can proceed with the operation and confirm it.

And you’re done.

How to sell Bitcoin directly from the Trezor hardware wallet

Open the Sell tab in Trezor Suite

Visit Trezor Wallet and connect your wallet. Once connected and unlocked, visit the Account page, open an account, then click on the Green Trade button and then go to the Sell tab within the trade interface.

Enter the trade details

1) Enter how many cryptocurrencies you wish to sell

2) Set a fee based on how fast you want your transaction to be processed.

3) Choose the country where you live for a better experience. Some countries offer better deals than others, so it is best if you select your location before signing up.

Complete the service provider

After you click on “Continue“, you will be redirected to the checkout page of the selected service provider.

If required, provide any AML / KYC documents to complete the transaction.


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