Specter Wallet Review – Is Specter Hardware Wallet Safe To Use?

Specter Wallet Review – Is Specter Hardware Wallet Safe To Use?
Specter Wallet Review – Is Specter Hardware Wallet Safe To Use?
Hardware wallets like Specter are advantageous because they are considered the safest option.
Your Specter wallet is separated from other devices. Being air-gapped, you get direct and trusted control over your crypto assets

Specter is a hardware crypto wallet that aims to make securing bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies simple and seamless. As the digital currency space continues its explosive growth, more users are seeking reliable and user-friendly ways to protect their crypto assets from hacks and theft.

In this Specter wallet review, we will examine the key features and security architecture of this hardware wallet and evaluate whether it provides an intuitively designed solution for safely storing and managing cryptocurrency.

We will explore Specter’s setup process, interface, supported coins, recovery options and more. By the end of this review, readers should have a clear sense of how Specter compares to other hardware wallets on the market and whether it offers a safe and prudent choice for their specific crypto storage and transfer needs.

We recommend Ledger Nano X instead
Quick summary:
🔒 TopicDescription
🌟 Features of Specter WalletThe Specter Wallet is an open-source hardware wallet with features like a barcode scanner, touchscreen, and smartcard reader. It’s designed for air-gapped operation, ensuring direct and trusted control over crypto assets.
🛡️ Safety and SecurityThe Specter wallet is considered safe for storing digital assets, mainly because it’s not connected to the internet, making it resistant to hacking and immune to computer or phone viruses.
🪙 Cryptocurrency SupportA limitation of the Specter wallet is that it only supports Bitcoin (BTC), which may be a drawback for those looking to store various types of cryptocurrencies.
💰 PricingThe Specter wallet is not free and is known to be expensive compared to software wallets. It costs approximately 350 dollars, available in the Specter shop section of their website.
👶 User-FriendlinessThe wallet can be challenging to manage for beginners, potentially making daily crypto transactions less convenient.
🔄 AlternativesWhile safe and secure, alternatives like the Trezor Model T (for all-around performance), Trezor Model One (for beginners), and Ledger Nano X (for most features at a great price) might be more suitable depending on individual needs.


Specter is an open-source hardware wallet that has a number of appealing features. It has a barcode scanner and a touchscreen and can also read smartcards.

It was founded and supported by Crypto Advance GmbH, established by Stepan Snigeriv and Moritz Wietersheim (co-founder ) in Germany.   They aimed to work towards a time when Bitcoin will transform internet services, business, and the monetary market,  thereby acting as a background for all transactions. 


Specter provides flexible Bitcoin enterprise solutions according to the operational structure and security needs. Some of its features include:  


Specter allows your customer’s business to access the bitcoin network without much of the hassle that goes with sending and receiving payments on the network.


Cryptocurrencies are not restricted to a particular location. No matter where you are in the world, you can send and receive bitcoin in little time. Specter builds on this quality by ensuring your clients make swift payments wherever they are.


Blockchain transactions are immutable and irreversible once set in motion. Therefore, Specter gives both the merchant and the consumer the rest of mind that your transactions will get to you. 


Specter is well secure and was developed by the best security experts in the industry

User Experience

With Specter, you experience a smooth user experience, and it allows for flexibility and seamless. 


The only cryptocurrency supported by The Specter wallet is Bitcoin (BTC). So it is a Bitcoin wallet.


The Specter DIY hardware wallet (cold storage) complements the Specter Desktop and improves security by linking Specter DIY to your multisig setup together with any other signing device.

What distinguishes specter from other hardware wallets (not hot wallets) is that you first have to gather the parts and assemble them.  You can use the specter Desktop with any other hardware wallet aside from the specter shield.  With multisignature wallets, you can execute a transaction with other connected multiple devices. 

Specter Wallet can only use on a desktop device. It can’t use on a mobile device.


The process is a bit complex, but I’ll try to make it easy to understand. You would need a computer with about 2 Terabytes worth of hard disk space, a Bitcoin core download, a Specter Desktop wallet download, and the Specter Shield wallet. Do you have those things? Good, follow the steps below:

  • Open the Specter desktop app on your computer
  • Select ‘Add new device.’
  • Select ‘Specter DIY’ from the list of hardware wallets that pop up
  • Import the Xpub (extended public address) of the Specter DIY wallet
  • Select ‘Single Key Wallet’ or ‘Multisignature Wallet’ depending on what you need.
  • You’re done!
We recommend Ledger Nano X instead


Yes. Hardware wallets (not hot wallets) are considered the safest method for storing digital assets. Their biggest advantage compared to software wallets is they are not linked to the internet. The effect of this is that they cannot be hacked when the computer is hacked and are also free from computer or phone viruses. As long as the hardware device is offline, they are safe

Is Specter wallet free?

The wallet is not free. Hardware wallets are known to be very expensive compared to software wallets. You can get yourself a Specter wallet with about 350 dollars in the Specter shop section of their website.

Specter Wallet is often out of stock, so we recommend getting a Ledger Nano X or Trezor T instead.

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We recommend Ledger Nano X instead
7.9 Total Score
Specter Wallet

Ease of use
Supported Assets
  • Hardware wallets like Specter are advantageous because they are considered the safest option.
  • Your Specter wallet is separated from other devices. Being air-gapped, you get direct and trusted control over your crypto assets
  • The major disadvantage is the cost. It is very expensive to purchase
  • It is also difficult to manage for beginners and it makes day-to-day crypto transactions less convenient
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