Best Metaverse Projects on Cardano – ADA Metaverse Coins Worth Investing In

With the goal of developing the blockchain network into a decentralized and transparent platform, Cardano emerged as one of the biggest blockchain networks. It was founded by Charles Hoskinson in 2017 and was launched two years after.

Cardano is a POS (proof-of-stake) blockchain network equipped with the needed technology and tools to create unequaled security and transparency, which supports governance, the growth of enterprises and enables users to carry out transactions and exchanges. It greases peer-to-peer transactions with the help of its internal cryptocurrency named ADA.

It was developed using research methods that enable the platform to adjust and respond to innovations and demands.

Unlike Ethereum, which uses a proof-of-Work system, the Cardano POS system allows a faster transaction speed, thus requiring less energy from the mining process. Cardano is driven by a POS consensus protocol known as Ouroboros.

Best Metaverse Projects on Cardano

Of course, this article will not focus on how Cardona found its way as the third-generation blockchain platform. Instead, the center of attention will be on the best Metaverse projects on Cardano.

Metaverse is a multiverse of virtual spaces that enables physical and social interactions with friends in a virtual world. It is a digital economy where a user can buy, sell and also create goods.

Let’s take a keen look at some metaverse projects on Cardano.


It was coined from an Italian town where a man named Gerolamo Cardano lived. Pavia is a virtual metaverse game built by its users or players. Pavia is primarily aimed at the sale of virtual lands and the lands are sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs). The game is based on the play-to-earn (P2E) concept, which leaves its users the ability to explore and at the same time earn while they play. Users are also able to spend in-game currency called PAVIA TOKENS.

The Cardano’s Pavia project is still in the early stages, with the Pavia game being in development since September 2021. Pavia is one of the first metaverse projects to become public, though, other projects soon joined after. The Pavia metaverse platform and currency are founded upon the Cardano Cryptocurrency Blockchain. This act helps to improve the Cardano Blockchain. 

The Cardano Pavia is cheaper than most metaverses and the Pavia tokens are already on the trading market. This token is being traded on specific decentralized exchange platforms. Over 66% of its land parcels are already sold out and the other 34% are to be put on sale sometime in March 2022. The pieces of land owned in the game cannot be developed yet but player avatars can be modified or customized to the user’s preference.


Cornucopias is a Cardano-based game where users or players possess land assets. Players also can own non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can be traded in a P2P manner. This is all supported and hosted by Metaverse. Cornucopias have a number of themed zones namely: ‘Age of Samurai’ zone, ‘Wild West’ zone, and ‘Farm Life’ zone. 

It is not age-restricted so kids can play a series of mini-games where they can earn digital assets. Players can also earn cryptocurrency tokens as rewards when playing no matter the motive. Be it casual, competitive, artistic, builder, or an NFT collector.

Designs can also be sold for profit. These designs are minted into NFTs and sold. It will also support learning through various partnerships with educational companies. Land assets on the cornucopia map are divided into a mixture of villages, towns, and cities. A plot of land owned by a user can be built into different land plots of commercial, residential, agricultural, industrial, and recreational buildings depending on where the land asset is located.

In-game characters can be modified or customized using NFTs in the form of accessories and outfits. A character’s energy can get exhausted after performing certain tasks but can be recharged by either waiting or using certain energy items e.g food. Cornucopias have partnered with smaller cardio projects who have smaller capitals.


Cardano Village is a famous metaverse project of metaverse that consists of a continent and a village. Various activities can be carried out in the village which includes building houses, house decorations, etc. 

Members of the village are called Cardanians. The project is relatively new and still undergoing a series of development and test runs. The 3D mapping was recently completed while other developments are still awaiting conclusion.


CardanoApes is the first Ape project to combine both 3D assets and NFTs. Like other Cardano metaverses, CardanoApes was also put out to the public. This metaverse project involves an entire virtual world of Apes called the Apeland. This metaverse is custom built and made up of three(3) regions namely: Tropical Island, Volcano, and Desert. 

The CardanoApes has various mints which include CardanoApes 2D which premiered in May 2021, CardamoApes 3D, CardanoApes Baby Monkeys, and CardanoApes 3D Monkeys. All these mints are part of the reward pool to be accessed by users or players. The metaverse is still undergoing developments and will be having more updates in the future until an Ape Ecosystem is formed.


Drunken Dragon offers top-notch and quality digital, 2D pixel art. It is different from many non-fungible token (NFT) projects and a unique way to display collectibles. It is a fantasy tavern management game with both adventures and collectible furniture that can be traded among users. The Drunken Dragon game will be delivered in stages.  

The part delivery will allow players to gradually get to understand the game world and other features in the game. This allows for the users to gradually get explore the game world. The feedback gotten by users will determine its continuation.  In the fourth Quarter of 2022, a complete world with the first quests will be ready. 

Similar cryptocurrency collectibles that can usually be gotten through purchasing packs by progressing through the game can be earned by players. The game is not a pay-to-win game and buying collectibles will give no unbalanced advantage. 


Cardania is a metaverse project. It is the addition of gaming, non-fungible token (NFT), and Cardano. Cardania as a location within the metaverse is a big megastructure in the Solar system around the year 1,000,000 CE.

The Cardania Summoning Pool is the stake pool on the Cardano network. It creates blocks on the Cardano blockchain and also exists at the center of the Cardania megastructure. Cardana’s trading card game in development is called Enter the Ultraverse. 

The basic utility minted on the Cardano blockchain is the RAD. Using crowdsale, RAD will be made available. The long-term goal is to create the most RAD destination in the Meterverse since humans seek pleasurable, engaging, social, and gaming experiences online.


The Metadams project is a digital land experience, a landscape in which our beavers evolve and live. A single holder owns each tokenized parcel. The entry into the Metadmas is through the Prime Beavy. This will also give the gamer an opportunity of becoming a landowner. Metadmas will have rooms, space to explore and build as well as exchange trade and purchases. Lands will also be offered to all contributors.

Some Beavis have in their mouth a Golden ticket that is not just rare and exclusive but also gives users the right of having a physical Prime Beavy.  

Access to Metadams is derived through minting Prime Beaviz but minting several will make a user eligible for a parcel airdrop. Users that mint more Prime Beavis get more land parcels. Every transaction will be traced on the Cardano blockchain.


Built on Cardano, worlds within are a collection of worlds, a Home for Explorer, and a solo VR experience. The main aim with worlds within is to give the users an opportunity to explore lands and discover new adventures. 

The goal here is to give users the ability to explore and find new worlds. Users can create their own stories about the unique non-fungible token (NFT).

The vision for Worlds Within is to take a new approach to non-fungible token (NFT) and the Metaverse experience. The users not only own their worlds but also get to write their stories for each explored world. 

40,000 unique non-fungible tokens (NFT) are available to mint to give all users the chance to experience the project. Each non-fungible token (NFT) has unique metadata.


Created on Cardano, Ada Realm is a Metaverse that is keen on expanding the ecosystem through collaborations. It is a social metaverse project that allows users to buy plots (digital real estate). The owners have full ownership and can choose to trade or sell their plots.

The news of these metaverse projects has increased the price of Cardano significantly. In the past year, ADA’s price was around $1.10. It saw a great price rise of 40%, from $1.10 to $1.53.

The metaverse projects are fueled by Fungible Tokens, that is tokens that can be exchanged mutually and are divisible. A user can make use of these tokens to buy assets digitally such as costumes and virtual land.

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