Can You Buy Games With Crypto? Where & How To Buy Games With BTC?

Cryptocurrencies are virtual assets that offer efficiency through instant, safe, and secure transactions that keep identities hidden by maintaining the user’s privacy. They offer value by providing a cost-effective alternative to traditional payment methods such as credit cards, bank transfers, and other popular money transfer services such as PayPal.

According to, the total market value of cryptocurrencies rose above $2 trillion in August 2021, led by Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano, respectively. Newzoo’s Analytics Platforms estimate that the online gaming market will surpass US$200 billion by 2023.

There are numerous reputable organizations where you can purchase Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies in exchange for fiat currencies. Below are some of the platforms where you can buy games with bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies.

Buy games with BTC directly


Joltfun has an impressive selection of over 22,000 games, excellent user support, and overall prices are relatively cheap as compared to rival services. They only accept Bitcoin, and their service features Lightning Network Support alongside traditional bitcoin on-chain payments. The service uses BTCPayServer, which has a reputation for keeping transaction fees low. You can purchase games directly from ten different platforms on this service, including Epic Store, Origin,, PlayStation, Steam, Rockstar, UPlay, and Xbox. 

When you select a game, JoltFun sends you an invoice, after which you have two hours to complete the transaction. Some popular choices available include Grand Theft Auto V GTA 5, Cyberpunk 2077, Battlefield 4, Battlefield 5, Kingdom Come: Deliverance, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Gears of War, and Horizon: Zero Dawn (Complete Edition), among many more.


Keys4coins offers a simple checkout store for a wide selection of game codes and gift cards that can be used to buy games from several popular gaming platforms. It supports payments via Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, Dogecoin, and Vertcoin. This service also offers crypto conversion services, web hosting, and antivirus programs.

There is an extensive selection of games from the following platforms: Origin, UPlay, Steam, Xbox Live,, PlayStation, Rockstar Social Club,, and other gaming platforms. Some popular games available include Disciples II: Dark Prophecy, Dracula2 – The Last Sanctuary, Dracula 5- The Blood Legacy, Empire Earth, Evil Genius, Atlantis 3, Atlantis 5: The Secrets of Atlantis, and Bulletstorm, among others.

Buy games with Bitcoin via Gift cards


Bitrefill is a service that allows you to buy vouchers, gift cards, and mobile refills from businesses in over 170 countries. This service supports payments via Bitcoin, the Lightning Network, Ethereum, Litecoin, DASH, and Dogecoin. Transactions are quick, safe, private, and an option for paying from your Coinbase account is available.

You can buy gift cards for the following stores: Amazon, PlayStation, Google Play, Steam, Xbox, Apple app store, ROBLOX, Nintendo, Runescape,, and other non-digital gaming consoles. Bitrefill sends you the gift card code as soon as you complete your transaction. Some popular games available include gift cards for Minecraft Minecoins,  Minecraft: Java Edition, Fortnite (Standard Edition), Free Fire, ArcheAge, PUBG Mobile, NCSOFT, EA Play, Xbox, and Roblox USD, among others.

Bitrefill allows purchases without creating an account, and when you choose your country, Bitrefill will show you all the local shops and services offering gift cards and other local services such as top-ups.


Cryptorefill is a marketplace for buying gift cards and mobile credit that accepts Bitcoin, Litecoin, and DASH. This service also supports other major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Tether, and Dai. Cryptorefill supports the Lightning Network payments, Avalanche Network and  Polygon Network for an instant, low-cost transaction, and BTC Mainnet and ETH Mainnet networks for secure payments.

This service offers thousands of gift cards, including gaming platforms such as Steam, Xbox Gold, PlayStation, Nintendo, Google Play, Apple App Store & Itunes, GameStop, NCSOFT, Mobile Legends, Fortnite, ArcheAge, and Free Fire, among others. 

What is a Gift Card? 

A gift card is a prepaid debit card or stored-value payment issued by a retailer or bank for a specified cash value used in exchange for goods or services from a particular business. Money is loaded onto the card and then spent at accepted locations where it can be used to pay for a portion of purchase with cash or any other acceptable payment. Popular gift cards include Amazon, eBay, Apple, GameStop, Best Buy, Google Play, Xbox, Visa, American Express, Target, PlayStation, and Walmart. 

There are three types of gaming gift cards: gaming gift cards, game-specific gift cards, and electronics gift cards. Gaming gift cards are often only redeemable through their respective systems for digital content, downloadable games, subscriptions, game add-ons, movies, and gaming accessories. Popular gaming gift cards include Sony PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store Xbox, Steam, and Nintendo eShop. Game-specific gift cards can only be used for a specific video game or for digital content within that game, such as virtual items or upgrades. Some popular game-specific gift cards are Minecraft Minecoins and Riot’s League of Legends, among many others. Electronics gift cards can be used to buy popular gaming systems, downloadable games, movies, digital content, and gaming accessories such as headsets, remote controllers, and cables. Some popular electronics gift cards include Amazon, Target, GameStop, Walmart, Best Buy, and many more.

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Where can you use Gift Cards to purchase games?

PlayStation / PSN

You can visit the PlayStation Store, a digital store open 24/7, offering the most extensive library of PlayStation content worldwide. The store offers thousands of games, in-game credit, add-ons, season passes, movies, and more digital content available on your PlayStation console, computer, or mobile devices. The available gift cards include PlayStation Store gift cards, PlayStation Plus, and PlayStation Now gift cards. 


Microsoft and Xbox gift cards can be redeemed at the Microsoft store for Xbox consoles, the latest games, top games, movies, and TV shows on Xbox, as well as bundles at the Microsoft Store online. The gift cards can also be redeemed for Xbox Live Gold subscriptions and Xbox Game Pass.


Nintendo gift cards can be used at the Nintendo eShop to access over 1,000 new classic and indie games available for Nintendo Switch, Wii UTM, and Nintendo DS family systems. Gift cards can be applied to your Nintendo eShop account after purchase and used for new games and applications.

Google Play Store 

Google Play gift cards can be redeemed for apps, games, movies, books, and more on the Google Play Store. Once the gift card is redeemed, the user receives the purchases upon acceptance of the offer. The gift cards are easy to redeem and never expire unless the item offers have an expiry date.


Steam gift cards can be redeemed by logging into your steam account by selecting the account details section, redeeming the steam wallet code, and filling in your street address. Its gift cards are one of the most convenient ways for buying games and entertainment online. 

Apple App Store & iTunes

Apple App Store gift cards can be redeemed and purchases made using your Apple ID balance, including games, apps, subscriptions such as Apple Music and iCloud storage. The gift cards can be redeemed using your iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Mac pc, android, or windows pc. Apple ID can’t be used to purchase some services, such as sending gifts or gift cards.

Razer Gold

Razer Gold gift cards can only be redeemed on for consoles, gaming peripherals, laptops, apparel, and Razor gear, including rare and exclusive products only found on the platform. The gift cards do not expire and can be redeemed during checkout with no additional service fees or activation charges.

Fortnite V-bucks

These gift cards are game-specific to the Fortnite game and can only be redeemed using a valid Epic Account. Redeemed gift cards are associated with a single account and cannot be withdrawn or transferred. There are no additional fees or expiration dates to the redeemed gift cards. They are only used on Fortnite for the specified device; for example, V-bucks purchased on PlayStation cannot be used for any other device.

PubG Mobile and Other Games

PubG Mobile gift cards are game-specific to the battle royale game available on Google Play and Apple app stores. The gift cards can be redeemed on the PUBG main site by filling in the required information, including character ID, secret codes sent to your email, and verification codes.

In conclusion, several different methods and platforms for buying gift cards and games accept payments using popular cryptocurrencies. Cryptocurrencies are set to play critical roles in the future development and operations of the online gaming industry and other related entertainment services. Cryptocurrencies offer a unique way for online gamers to safely and securely pay for digital items in a quick, affordable way without exposing their identity or locations.

There are many benefits of using cryptocurrencies instead of traditional payments to pay for games and gift cards. Many gaming platforms continue to adapt to the usage of cryptocurrencies. This trend is a positive indication of the improvements within the online gaming market and the potential for improving transactions and service delivery within the available platforms.

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