How to buy bitcoin with eCheck [Routing and Account Number]

Buy low, sell high. It’s the mantra for any investment, bitcoin included. The bitcoin craze is at an all-time high, and its enthusiasts, including you, are looking not losing any more time with the decision to invest in bitcoin – the question is only what is the easiest way to buy it?

Well, aside of the standard and more popular ones like direct bank wires or credit cards, buying bitcoin with an eCheck is also an option.

Let’s throw some more light on the way how do you actually purchase cryptocurrency with eCheck.

How to purchase Bitcoin with eCheck (Routing and Account Number)

You can buy bitcoins using echeck, especially if you get a reputable exchange or a marketplace that lists it as a payment option. You can purchase bitcoins with a bank account, but you require a digital wallet to ensure the transfer of funds from anywhere. Echeck will make it easier for you to complete this transaction.

What Is An eCheck?

Echeck is a popular method of online payment that utilizes routing and your account number. With it, you can make payments or deposit funds, although the process may take a day or two. It’s also known as the internet check, direct debit, electronic check, or online check. Echeck consists of a routing and account number used to process transactions using the Automated Clearing House (ACH) system.  All transactions are quicker, easier, and safer. Therefore, you can buy bitcoins through echeck instantly and safely.

This guide will assist you in finding the best place to purchase bitcoins using echeck. Let us delve right in, shall we?

Best ways to buy Bitcoin with routing and account number

You can purchase your bitcoins using;

  • eToro USA

It is among the safest smart crypto trading apps you can use. You can make deposits via online bank transfer, with the minimum deposit amount being $50. Etoro allows you to withdraw funds from your account at any time. What’s more, the platform does not charge any trading or deposit fees (instead of that, they earn money through the spread difference, similar to Robinhood), although you may get charged by your bank.

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Let’s say you have a cryptocurrency portfolio, and you need a more straightforward platform to buy and sell. Coinbase gives you the best platform to do precisely that, and you can manage your cryptocurrency portfolio on the same platform. The best part is that Coinbase is popular in the United States and has a popular following globally. The app is used on mobile devices, both Android and iOS. It implies that you can make your transactions wherever you are at any time. It also allows large purchasing limits.

Ask some business owners about how they started, and most of them will tell you about personal selling.  A one-on-one kind of situation makes it easier for anyone to sell their products. Localbitcoin captures that because it allows person-to-person bitcoin trading. It’s an echeck platform that connects buyers and sellers. As a bitcoin vendor, you can create offers in all currencies on this platform.

This platform is also a person-to-person marketplace with diverse payment methods. If you are using Paxful to purchase or sell your bitcoins, you can create offers in all currencies. If many people use something, there is some good about it, and Paxful enjoys over 2 million users. The app is accessible to Android and iOS users.

How to buy bitcoins with echeck On eToro USA

you want an easy way or a hassle-free process to buy your bitcoins, no? If you can follow this process, then your transaction will not be problematic.

  •  Create your account with eToro
  •  Verify your account
  •  Now connect your bank account and finance your trading portfolio
  •  Go to bitcoin and choose the amount you want to purchase
  •  Finally, the bitcoins are transferred to your portfolio

That’s it!! eToro makes the eCheck payment method easy for you. Here is a full eToro review in case you want to know more about the platform.

Visit eToro now

(Virtual currencies are highly volatile. Your capital is at risk.)

How to buy bitcoins with echeck On Coinbase

Here is the process of buying bitcoins on echeck on Coinbase.

  • Create an account by entering your name, email, and password
  • Verify the account
  • Add a payment account to Coinbase by tapping ‘trade’ on their website
  • Confirm your details before you make the transaction
  • Tap ‘Buy now’ to complete your transaction

You are done!! Easy and fast.

Here is a full Coinbase review in case you want to know more about the platform.

Visit Coinbase now

How to buy bitcoins with echeck On LocalBitcoins

It involves a series of the following steps:

  • Register your free account with LocalBitcoins (if you have an account, skip to the next step)
  • Complete the verification process
  • Search for advertisements on the main page and fill in the amount you intend to purchase your currency, location, and payment method. Choose ‘All online offers’ as the payment method
  • Choose an advertisement
  • Pay the vendor
  • Mark payment complete

Here is a full LocalBitcoins review in case you want to know more about the platform.

Visit LocalBitcoins now

How to buy bitcoins with echeck On Paxful

Follow these steps to buy bitcoins with echeck on Paxful.

  •  Set up search requirements by logging in to your Paxful account
  • Complete the verification process
  •  Find an offer by browsing through the list that pops up. You will see best rated and reputable sellers, the most active sellers on the platform, and the profitable margin
  • Trading— discuss with your seller the necessary details through the trade chat and follow their instructions meticulously
  • Make payment and click ‘I have paid.’

Here is a full Paxful review in case you want to know more about the platform.

Visit Paxful now

Pros and Cons of buying bitcoin with e-check

As we have seen, echeck is actualized on various crypto trading platforms used by millions worldwide. However, echeck comes with its fair share of pros and cons. Let’s first focus on the pros.


  •  eChecks are efficient and less wasteful as opposed to the normal checks
  • eChecks are also secure and safe for the purchase of bitcoins
  • They offer an instant option of bitcoin trading
  •  It’s easy to set up an account on any echeck platform
  •  eChecks allow you to trade in any currency from around the globe
  • eChecks have made crypto trading easy


  •  There is a higher risk of buyers and sellers getting ripped off
  • The verification procedures of some eCheck platforms require private information, which is a risk
  •  Sometimes there are slow bank transfers
  •  Some interfaces are not user friendly
  •  Low transaction limits for new users on various eCheck platforms


In a nutshell, eChecks present an easy way for you to make bitcoin purchases on any platform of your preference. Before you buy Bitcoin with account and routing number, this guide gives you an idea of some of the best platforms you can utilize and make bitcoin profits. Now go ye and make some bucks.

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