How Can You Get Free Crypto? Sites & Apps That Give You Free CryptoCurrency

What are crypto faucets?

In this article, we will take a close look at crypto faucets where you can get free crypto. For those not familiar with the term, crypto faucets are actually apps or websites that reward small amounts of crypto assets in exchange for completing some easy tasks.

The name “faucets” comes from the fact that the rewards are small, just like small drops of water dripping from a leaky faucet. Keep in mind though that free crypto is sent directly to your wallets which is something every crypto investor likes to see. Tasks you have to complete in order to get free crypto are usually as simple as viewing ads, watching product videos, completing quizzes, clicking links (be careful!), or completing a captcha. 

Moreover, do not expect to get rich from crypto faucets. In fact, the simpler the task is, the lesser the reward. 

What is the main purpose of crypto faucets?

Even though the crypto market is growing and had a great 2021, we still can’t confirm that cryptocurrencies are mainstream and widely popular. The idea behind crypto faucets is quite simple – let’s give some free crypto to people so that they can start learning about them and hopefully, in time, invest in them. 

How does a cryptocurrency faucet work?

As noted above, the whole operation of the crypto faucet is based on finishing simple tasks. The faucet website can fix the rewards and can set a timelock for users to claim the rewards. Some crypto faucets (not all of them though) will ask you to provide additional info about yourself other than the wallet address. 

Once completing the task, the rewards go to small, micro wallets which are similar to traditional crypto wallets, but one which is capable of collecting small amounts of crypto assets. With most faucets, these micro wallets are created upon signing up. When micro wallets are filled, the rewards automatically go to the “main” wallets of users. 

List of faucets where you can get free crypto

We have investigated the internet and found a list of places (instant faucets and ways to get free cryptos) where you can get free crypto. Again, keep in mind that none of these places will make you rich, but they will help you to learn more about the crypto market and how to use crypto-wallets. Of course, the list was created in December of 2021, so please note that some of these faucets might not work anymore if you are reading this a few weeks or months later. 

Here is the full list of crypto faucets we found:

0 – 98850.000001
9886 – 99850.000005
9986 – 99930.00005
9994 – 99970.0005
9998 – 99990.005
  • CHIA –
    • Free Chia here with 1 Claim per 24 Hours per IP Address per Wallet Address. The reward amount is 0.0000001 XCH
  • CHIA –
    • The reward amount here is 0.01% of the faucet balance. You can claim every day. The current balance is transparent 
  • CHIA –
    • This faucet drops 200,000 Mojos per 24 hours. Your payment will be paid when the queue reaches 20, usually 5-10 minutes
  • CHIA –
    • Free Chia here as well, but there is literally no info about the faucet 
    • Cointply seems to be a pretty well-organized faucet platform. They say their member earned over $3,000,000 in Bitcoin so far
    • You can earn up to $200 in Bitcoin with platform by playing various video games
  • SHIB
    • You can win up to $300 worth of Shiba Inu here by playing simple games. Rewards are sent to players every hour
    • Faucet crypto seems to be a pretty well-organized crypto faucet platform. You can earn more than 15 crypto assets by completing tasks such as ptc advertisements, offerwalls, or surveys
    • You can earn 12 various crypto asserts with the Firefaucet platform by completing simple tasks such as filling out surveys, offerwalls, or watching videos


If you are a complete beginner in the crypto world, then a crypto faucet might be an exciting way to get your first free crypto and learn more about the growing crypto market. When I say “a complete beginner” I mean that you still have not owned any form of crypto in your life. Since the crypto market is changing over time, crypto faucets are changing with it, so please note that some of the faucets we listed in this article might not work in the future. 

As noted above, do not expect to become rich just from the crypto faucets. Yes, it offers free crypto for completing super easy tasks, but the word “faucet” is there for a reason – the rewards are very small, like drops of water dripping from a faucet. 

Keep in mind that these are only my opinions based on my thorough investigation of the crypto faucets. Please do your own research before deciding whether you want to use some of them or not. 

At this point, it is good to note that all opinions and suggestions written in this article are not considered financial advice.

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