How To Transfer Ethereum From Ledger & Trezor To Exchanges (Coinbase, Binance, Kraken etc.)


Transferring cryptocurrencies from exchange platforms to hardware wallets is common knowledge among both crypto experts and beginners, as it is an activity that happens in day-to-day life as a crypto trader or investor. There are explanatory tutorial videos on the web, too, on how to go about it if you get confused along the way.

But what about transferring from the hardware wallets back to the exchange platforms? How do we go about it? This article will focus on answering that question, and in doing this, we will use transferring of Ethereum as a case study. Follow me as I take you through it step by step!


Ledger is a hardware wallet used to store cryptocurrencies offline; 

To Transfer Ethereum from Ledger to Coinbase, you will have to follow these steps 

  • Connect your ledger wallet to a computer and input your pin.
  • On the computer screen, you will be taken to the live ledger app.
  • A screen with different apps for different crypto tokens will pop up on your Ledger Nano X or S 
  • Select Ethereum and go to the Coinbase exchange platform, then tap portfolio
  • Generate an address for receiving Ethereum, copy it then goes back to the live Ledger screen
  • Enter Ethereum and tap send, input the address generated from Coinbase and hit continue.
  • Now input the amount of Ethereum you want to send and hit continue.
  • You will be shown an overview to confirm if you still want to go ahead.
  • After this, you will be requested to continue on your Ledger wallet interface, select Ethereum, and tap Continue on the ledger live app
  • Next is to review the amount of Ethereum you want to send, the receiving address and the transaction fees on the Ledger wallet.
  • Now tap accept and send.

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To do this, follow the steps as follows 

  • connect Ledger wallet to your computer, next input your pin
  • On clicking your wallet, you will be taken to the Ledger live home screen
  • The interface of your wallet will pop up with a screen containing different cryptocurrency apps.
  • Now login to Binance, click wallet on the home screen and select ETH.
  • Next tap deposit, an address will be generated, copy it.
  • Go to the live Ledger interface, tap on ethereum, click send and paste the spoofed address there.
  • The next thing is to input the amount of ETH you want to send, then press the continue button
  • An overview of your transaction will pop up next, click on continue and wait for the next step.
  • The ledger live interface will request you continue on your Ledger wallet to confirm the transaction.
  • The screen on your wallet, as said earlier, will pop up with different crypto apps; select ETH.
  • Now go back to the Ledger

 interface and click on continue.

  • On your Ledger wallet screen, you will do the final confirmation of the transaction by confirming the receiving address and the amount.
  • Next, accept and send, and you are done!

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For Kraken, you have to:

  • Connect ledger wallet to computer and input pin
  • Ledger live home screen will surface, and your wallet will display different cryptocurrency apps
  • Login to Kraken tap funding on the home screen.
  • Select ETH and press deposit.
  • This will generate an address copy it. 
  • Go back to the live ledger interface, press send,  paste the spoofed address and hit continue.
  • Next, input the amount you want to transfer, click continue.
  • The ledger interface will request you to continue on your Ledger wallet screen. On this screen, select ETH.
  • Now tap continue on the Ledger live interface.
  • Confirm the address and amount of the transaction.
  • Select accept and send.

Now, let’s discuss how to use Trezor, another hardware wallet.

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  • Visit on your computer
  • Connect Trezor to your computer via USB and input your pin
  • On the homepage, tap the upper right corner to select ETH and click on send, which is on the top of the screen
  • Next is to input the receiving address, now go to Coinbase exchange.
  • Click Account on the homepage and copy the address there.
  • Now return to, paste the spoofed address as receiving address
  • Input amount of the ETH you to send, then set your transaction fees which determines the speed of transactions depending on the one you choose.
  • Press send and wait for confirmation on your Trezor wallet.
  • On the screen of your Trezor wallet, confirm the address and amount of the transaction.
  • Now click confirm on your computer screen. As simple as that.

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  • Visit Trezors website on your computer and connect your Trezor wallet to it.
  • Next, input your pin
  • Click on the top right corner of the home screen to select ethereum
  • Click on send, which is on the  screen
  • Log in to Binance and tap wallet on the home screen
  • Search for Ethereum and click on deposit to get receiving address
  • Next, copy it and return it to Trezors website
  • Paste the address 
  • Input the amount of ETH and set the transaction fee.
  • Click send, await confirmation on Trezor wallet 
  • Confirm amount and address on the wallet
  • Click confirm on your computer, expect your coin.


  • Visit on your computer
  • Connect your trezor wallet to your computer and input your pin
  • Select the coin you want to send by tapping the top right corner on the home page
  • Press send, you will be required to input the receiver address now
  • Login to Kraken
  • Click on funding, search for ETH and tap on deposit
  • Copy the address you will be given and return it to the Trezor website
  • Input the address on the space required, press send.
  • Input amount and set transaction fees
  • Press send and wait for confirmation on your Trezor wallet 
  • Confirm the transaction on the wallet
  • Now press confirm on your system and wait for your coin.

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