Best NFT Creator Software – Which Tools Should You Use To Create NFT Art

The future of NFTs seems to be getting brighter with time. It is glaring that non-fungible tokens have created value for creators, collectors, and the community as a whole, and that is arousing much curiosity in a number of prospective creators.  Non-fungible tokens, as the acronym implies, are digital assets that can neither be changed nor replaced with anything else on the blockchain.

As opposed to Bitcoin, which is a fungible cryptocurrency capable of being traded at any predetermined value, NFTs are unique tokens that are not interchangeable with other tokens – much like a unique piece of art. Yes, the value of these NFTs is not standardized. Instead, non-fungible tokens (much like your artwork) depend solely on the present market value.

As with stocks, you can trade cryptocurrencies for a set price or purchase goods using cryptocurrencies. NFTs, on the other hand, represent “digital goods” that you can buy with a wide range of cryptocurrencies.

Are you thinking of ways to express your burning passion for artworks in a conducive, stress-free community? Perhaps you are an artist seeking ways to publicize your artwork. This article is for you. It presents you with 5 tools you need to be fully competent and improve your creativity as an NFT creator. 


Opensea is one of the most significant entries to the NFT marketplace. It provides interplay or communication between different blockchains without an intermediary, the true definition of decentralization.

As an NFT creator or a prospective creator, you need Opeasea as a great tool. This is because OpenSea recently launched a gas-less feature on the polygon blockchain. What does this mean for you? A major impediment for NFT creators is the high gas fee incurred for minting their tokens before they are sold on a blockchain mainnet. The process involved in transferring and validating transactions on the blockchain consumes a certain level of energy. As a result, many have given up on their NFT journey. 

It is common to find creators who invest a considerable sum of money ahead of time when their NFT is sold out. Time and network are factors that can affect the gas fee. What if the gas fee even becomes greater than the sales price of an artwork?

Opensea’s newly introduced feature offers what is called ‘Lazy minting’ to help creators scale down the fence.

👉 With lazy minting, you can create your NFT and not be charged a gas fee until your artwork is purchased by a first buyer. Opensea does not charge a gas fee for uploading an NFT.  Your NFT is not yet moved to on-chain until there is a first purchaser. Lazy minting keeps the metadata away from the on-chain allocation until your NFT is purchased.  Knowing that you can actually create and list an artwork without having to invest first is sweet, right? 

However, one thing to keep in mind is that you will be required to pay for your first minting and the first bid in ETH and wrapped ETH, respectively, before you start enjoying the ‘no-gas fee’ ‘free listing’ offer. In fact, Opensea will provide you with options to choose from in order to list your NFTs for sale. The sales options are set price, Highest Bid, and Bundle. Opensea allows creators to showcase limitless items and collections.

It charges 2.5% of your sales price (purchase price) as a minting fee. Compared to some other platforms, this seems like a fair price.


Do you have little or no knowledge about coding? If so, the NFT Art generator is built for you. Multiple platforms make coding seem like a mystery that can never be understood. Why go for this tool? In using an NFT Art Generator, knowledge of coding isn’t necessary. It supports the importation and use of art assets such as videos, images, and gifs.

You can create and add layers on every NFT or set up a layer rarity to choose the number of times you want it to be applied. The same thing applies to attributes. You can set up rarities for specific attributes for a chosen number of times which could vary in each NFT collection. It’s a simple process, as it should be.

The software has an interface or page where you can update or change your generated metadata for your collection.

Let’s slide a little into the price packages.

For 1000 assets $179

 5000 assets     $279

10,000 assets $389

100 assets $0

It charges a 4.9% fee on every NFT sold in the initial sale.


Just like the NFT art generator, the Manifold Studio enables you to deploy your own contract and mint your ERC721 and ERC1155 tokens without coding. It is specially designed with an inbuilt capacity for limitless large files, including videos. Manifold is a free-to-use platform that emerges with a play-up on extensibility, decentralization, and synergy or inter-play. 

The manifold Studio allows you to mint your NFT while maintaining ownership, according to its claims. Its synergy makes it possible for you to sell your minted token on other NFT platforms or marketplaces such as foundation, opensea, Zora, Rarible, super rare, and nifty gateway since it enables interaction with major NFT platforms such as the ones mentioned above.

 Manifold studio permits video thumbnail modification, 100% permaweb storage, and modification or design of your NFT attribute. To mint, an NFT on Manifold is very easy. You just have to upload your asset, customize your metadata and then press the MINT button.    


This tool is a platform where you can control and mint your own NFT and smart contract.  Here you can create, use and manage your designed tokens and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. As a creator, you can sell your NFTs on other platforms, including Opensea, rarible, or your own website. 

If you choose to purchase NFTs, you will have to pay a gas fee. Bear in mind that the subscription fee for the platform, in a sense, includes the fee for selling and minting your NFT. That means the platform pays the gas fee for selling and minting your NFTs. Subscribing to a package opens the way for unlimited minting, although the prices of the subscription packages can change at any time. NiftyKit has no control or involvement in any transaction that may occur while you decide to sell your NFTs on other marketplaces like Opensea or Rarible. 

The sweet thing about this Marketplace is the fact that you as a creator control the price of your design and other associated functions like the resale, royalties, or burning. You can customize and own your own smart contract. After minting your NFTs to a smart contract and linking it to your wallet, you can then invite others to mint into your collection. 

The platform charges 5% on primary sales, i.e. sales carried out on the platform, and 0% on secondary sales, i.e. sales outside the marketplace. You can decide to mint your design artwork to ERC721 Polygon or Ethereum mainnet smart contract. 

While purchasers of listed NFTs certainly must have the currency before they can purchase items, creators and collectors do not necessarily need to have digital assets in their wallets before they can use the platform. That distinguishes Niftykit from other NFTs marketplaces.

Furthermore, you can also showcase your branded digital asset or upload it to IPFS using FIAT currency.


Foundation is an Ethereum-based platform built for NFT creators and collectors for easy interaction and a strong connection with the Ethereum blockchain. NFT creators will have to be invited before they can enter the marketplace. 

How do you get the invitation? Only those who are already members of the platform can send invitations to a prospective user who would like to mint NFTs on the platform; once you have gotten an invite, you can then create a profile and upload your art asset to the IPFS,  a decentralized peer to peer storage system.

Before that, ensure you have ETH in an already existing wallet to showcase your artwork on the foundation. With the help of its beginner-friendly and easy-to-use interface, the foundation makes it easier for artists to delightfully sell their artwork on the blockchain, unlike some marketplaces, which can be difficult to use without an intensive guide. 

An added advantage of the Foundation Studio is its transparency. Your page (profile page of creators) publicizes your art asset, thereby saving you from paying a huge amount of money for your artwork to be displayed in a gallery. Details about your designed artwork can be tracked, such as the creator, the initial owners, and when the art piece was designed or created. The Etherscan makes that possible.

For all sales carried out on the platform 15% fee is charged while the creators receive the remaining 85% of the sale price.  The established artist sending you an invite must have sold one or more NFTs before they can invite you with a given code.                   

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