Bitcoin celebs is a thing now, while students flock to learn more about crypto on Universities – 30.October


Plenty of good news today – from celeb bitcoiners becoming a thing to huge funds turning their attention and money towards bitcoin and crypto assets.

10 Surprising Celeb Bitcoiners

30-Oct-17 17:03:45 +00:00

While Bitcoin is not the sleek and sexy plaything of the rich and famous, it certainly is no longer only a tool for the tech-savvy computer whizzes.


Bitcoin makes up nearly a third of Bill Millers market-crushing hedge fund, report says

30-Oct-17 18:11:15 +00:00

Former Legg Mason fund manager Bill Miller is running a fund with nearly a third of its assets in bitcoin, according to an interview published Friday in…


$10000 Bitcoin Price May Be in Sight as BTC Tests All-Time High

30-Oct-17 16:18:45 +00:00

The bitcoin price tested its all-time high on Monday, leading one prominent bitcoin bull to assert that it will have no difficulty reaching $10,000 within…


How to meet Cristiano Ronaldo with Bitcoin

30-Oct-17 17:15:00 +00:00

An online fundraising auction platform CharityStars plans to do so, by announcing that it started to accept Bitcoin as a method of payment.


Ron Paul: “Government should stay out of” Bitcoin

30-Oct-17 18:56:15 +00:00

As for currency competition, “If the people want [bitcoin] and want to use it, the government should stay out of it,” he told Ms. Cambone.


Bitcoin Is Bulletproof, but This Could Be Its Kryptonite

30-Oct-17 16:15:41 +00:00

Bitcoin has had many trials in the nearly ten years it has existed. The “Bitcoin is Dead” rhetoric that made its way around the internet is now a running…


Simplicity Itself for Blockchains

30-Oct-17 18:13:17 +00:00

One of the problems with Bitcoin Script, Bitcoins own programming language, is that a number of opcodes were disabled in Bitcoins earliest days.


The 8 Biggest Bitcoin Players Who Could Make a Fortune Off the Cryptocurrency

30-Oct-17 20:26:15 +00:00

There are plenty of well-known critics of Bitcoin in the banking and business worlds. Recently, Jamie Dimon, chief executive of JPMorgan Chase Co.


A Day In The Life Of A Teenage Bitcoin Millionaire

30-Oct-17 19:53:24 +00:00

Erik Finman started getting into Bitcoin when he was only 12 years old. Now, hes one of the most successful Bitcoin evangelists in the world.


Tales From the Cryptocurrency: Bitcoin Sets Another Record

30-Oct-17 18:11:15 +00:00

The Bitcoin Investment Trust (GBTC) has jumped 487% since the start of the year, leading some investors to wonder if bitcoin $7,500 could be far…


Bitcoin mania has students flocking to crypto classes at Stanford and other top computer science …

30-Oct-17 14:48:45 +00:00

In the past year, the price of bitcoin has multiplied by almost nine-fold, while ethereum is up about 27-fold. Hundreds of other currencies have emerged…


Blockchain And Tokenization Being Simplified For Mass Market

30-Oct-17 18:45:00 +00:00

Sidechains are utilized to scale Ethereum without the limitations of public Ethereum. The Simple Token SaaS platform gives companies the tools to…


How Serious Are Tech Giants About Blockchains? Ethereum Cofounder Grades Apple, Amazon …

30-Oct-17 16:41:15 +00:00

Joseph Lubin, cofounder of Ethereum—the most established cryptocurrency network after Bitcoin, shared his view at an Oct. 24 event in Manhattan…


You can now rent a luxury yacht with bitcoin

30-Oct-17 15:45:00 +00:00

… including lumps of gold and platinum. The company said it will now take bitcoin and Ethereum as well as smaller cryptocurrencies like CryptoRuble.


ETHNews Exclusive: JP Morgans Umar Farooq On The Interbank Information Network

30-Oct-17 15:11:15 +00:00

To better understand the ramifications of the IIN and how it works with JP Morgans permissioned version of Ethereum, Quorum, ETHNews spoke with…


Ethereum Casper Could See Light Much Sooner Than Expected

30-Oct-17 20:03:45 +00:00

A highly anticipated update to the Ethereum network could be happening before schedule according to developers. The Casper update may be rolled…


Litecoin Enters Massive Market: South Koreas Second Largest Exchange Enables Trading

30-Oct-17 15:11:15 +00:00

Coinone, South Koreas second largest cryptocurrency exchange behind Bithumb, the worlds second-largest trading platform by trading volume, has…


Mogo Soars 23% After Move to Offer Cryptocurrency Wallet

30-Oct-17 15:15:49 +00:00

Canadian online lender Mogo Finance Technology Inc. rose the most in eight months after moving a step closer to giving customers the ability to hold…


Cryptocurrency-mining script planted in apps on Google Play

30-Oct-17 14:48:45 +00:00

“The efficacy of mobile devices to actually produce cryptocurrency in any meaningful amount is still doubtful,” the researchers noted, but pointed out…



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