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As humans, we love to have fun and a good time. One of the ways we achieve this is by playing games either outdoor or physical games like Ludo, chess, or digital games like BIA3. 

Whichever we choose to play or love playing, the bottom line is we have fun. It’s this fun aspect that cryptocurrency platforms tap into to make playing games more fun by introducing Play To Earn games that come in different forms.

Today we will discuss RPG (role-playing games) crypto games and how you can tap into the benefits that they offer.


They are video games where a person plays the role of a character or multiple characters in a digital and fictional setting that involves undertaking missions or quests according to the game’s storyline.

Players are given rewards for completing a mission or set of tasks. Some well-known Rpg games are Brothers In Arm3(BIA3), Devil May Cry, God Hand, e.t.c.


P2E(play to earn) crypto games are games you play to earn cryptocurrency tokens, and some of them are:

Ember Sword(MMORPG)

A massively multiplayer online role-playing game mainly about defeating enemies and other players in the Thanabus moon. This moon comprises 4 nations and 3 territories.

On the Thanabus moon, NFTs(non-fungible tokens) represent lands and other valuable commodities. Also, players earn ember and other ERC-20 tokens by defeating monsters through combat(PvP or PvE), fishing, mining, woodcutting, or quests. All tokens earned in this game can be converted and spent in the real world. But to do this, you have to link a wallet to your account like other Play To Earn games.

The game was developed and published by Bright Star Studios, with Mark Laursen as its CEO and game creator.

Neon District (Turn-based)

An online sci-fi multiplayer role-playing game where players earn NFT collectibles when they complete daily tasks.

Players can play up to 6 characters, namely Demon, Doc, Genius, Ghost, Heavy, and Jack. You can earn by engaging in multiplayer missions through “Neon Pizza” and through real-time turn-based combat.

In the multiplayer mode, you deliver pizza, and you can either choose to be the good guy by giving to those who need it or the bad guy by ambushing other players going for delivery or choose to do both. Doing this will earn you Neons, the native token of the game. 

Blockade games inc developed this game, and it is available on Microsoft Windows, Linux, and MacOS.

Chain Monsters (MMO with Turn-based battles)

A game filled with adventures and competition. Free to play as no subscription is required to start playing.

The game features a multiplayer mode, single-player, partial controller support, online co-op. You have access to about 161 unique creatures, each having its traits, abilities, and strength, but you have to discover them in your course of playing.

The exciting part of this game is you can craft rare materials into NFTs, and these NFTs are securely stored in a blockchain.

This game is speculated to be released in the final quarter of 2022 and will be available on iOS and Android devices.

Along With The Gods

An online SRpg (role-playing strategy game) game where players stake NFTs to earn PLAZ the native token of the game. It was Developed by PLAYDAPP limited and released on October 27, 2021.

The modes of this game are Dungeon crawls, Boss Raids, and PvP with about 5 characters.

You can stake SR(super rare) tokens SSR(special super rare) tokens to earn PLA tokens. With SR, you earn every day after completing daily tasks on the game, and with SSR, you make more tickets and get a weekly bonus after every PvP tournament.

You can get this game on the Google play store, and it’s available for all android phones with the capacity to run it.


The storyline is based on the three mythical Gods of Nekoverse Ancient Triad. They govern the whole of Nekoverse and divide the whole elements into 3 classes, namely:

Origin quad responsible for nature and defending it from enemies. They comprise the 4 elements: fire, earth, soul, and water.

We also have Pancha Triad, they control and balance mythical powers in the realm, and lastly

Void Dyad, who is the root of all the elements and once summoned, the whole Nekoverse will be destroyed

Earn NFTs by competing in PvP and PvE combats. Also, airdrops will feature in the version of the game coming shortly.

Solana Monsters

A PvE and PvP game was created on the Solana blockchain network. It is all about monsters attacking each other, and you as the player have access to lots of them with different strengths and abilities. 

The game comprises 10,000 3D-generated NFTs, which provide passive income for the player.

The game is only available on demo right now and is gasless. However, Solana plans on launching a platooning mode of this game where the first and second level is free, but you will have to pay NFTs to unlock more levels.

Satoshi Quest

It’s the year 2058, and almost 50 years after creating the bitcoin whitepaper. The Anonymous Satoshi Nakamoto reveals himself and messages to an abandoned Bitcointalk forum.

Many people did not notice, but it caught the attention of 4 people, who then decided to investigate it. To accomplish their mission, the four of them need to work together to achieve their aim and uncover the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto.

As a player, you can choose out of the four characters and find satoshi, you need to upgrade your character to God mode/ Genius mode using NFTs, and there are about 5000 collectibles in the game.

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When playing crypto games, you earn NFT collectibles, rewards, and tokens that can be converted to fiat currencies for spending.


Some play-to-earn crypto games to consider are Satoshi Quest, Solana Monsters, Ember Sword, Along with the Gods, e.t.c.

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