Hashing24 Review

Hashing24 and Genesis Mining are the only two cloud mining companies that are worth talking about.

It is not yet fully understood how selling cloud mining contracts can be profitable for a buyer. Purchasing Bitcoins straight up has always been the better option in the past. However, many people want information on whether or not there are even cloud mining companies out there that can be trusted. We will provide the information based on what we know and let you decide what to do with it.

Hashing24 and BitFury

Hashing24 is listed as a partner on BitFury’s website, and that’s one reason we are even willing to write about them.

BitFury is a renowned industry leader and can be trusted, as it has received venture capital backing from quite a few big names. One more thing worth noting is that BitFury is also part of the Blockchain Alliance, which helps law enforcement with blockchain investigations.


Hashing 24 Overview

Hashing24 is a Bitcoin mining company founded by David Martin. The company claims to have been involved with Bitcoin cloud mining farm as far back as 2012, boasting a team of professional and experienced experts that are ready to share their knowledge with the world. With three user languages namely Chinese, English, and Thai, the company shows its determination to equip anyone who is of legal age to mine Bitcoins profitably.

Hashing24 is quite genuine and has its addresses and offices listed publicly on its website. The offices are located in Scotland, Ukraine, and Thailand. Also, the email address and phone numbers of the representatives are available on the website so you can keep in touch with the one that is closest to you. The team is professional and has an experience of more than four years, so investing in Hashing24 can be adjudged risk free.


As soon as you open the website, you will see a chat icon which you can click to communicate directly with a representative, which eliminates all worries associated with delays to messages when emails are sent. Another great thing is that the support team is always live. This means that you are sure to have all your concerns addressed as soon as you send them.

The minimum withdrawal amount is 0.0007 BTC, and you can make a withdrawal request at any moment.

The daily volume of BTC that you mine will be reduced by a maintenance fee charged by Hashing24 of $0.00033 per GH/s. You should also note that if your daily mining rewards are less than the maintenance fee, you will have to compensate for the maintenance fee.

Check this promotional video for more information about the company:

Available Cloud Mining Plans

Hashing24 allows its users to set a custom plan. You can rent exactly the amount of hash power you want, or if you are on a budget, you can spend only a certain amount on hash power.


One unique feature is that Hashing24 actually sells you ONLY newly minted Bitcoins, which proves that the company is actually mining and not selling you Bitcoins they’ve already been holding. Once the company sends you your Bitcoins, you can use any block explorer to verify that the coins are newly minted.

The mining process begins immediately after registration and payment.

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Features Needed

In our opinion, one interesting thing that could put Hashing24 ahead of other cloud companies is that they should let their users signal for certain features, kind of like Slush Pool does.

This is probably one of the most important and useful features a cloud mining service could offer. We are a bit upset that it is not offered at this point by Hashing24 or any other cloud mining company currently available in the market.


Hashing24 does appear to be an actual mining company and owns mining operation hardware, which is very different from many fake cloud mining companies that don’t actually own hardware but just pay you to pretend payouts.

Note: It is reasonable to be cautious when giving other people your funds to manage on your behalf because you are not the one in total control of the funds.

7.8 Total Score

  • Excellent client support
  • Fresh Bitcoins mined
  • Transparency
  • Superior hashrate
  • Not available to residents of the USA
  • Only Bitcoin mining
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  1. (Ivan Liukau) “hashing24” is scamm, do not invest your money if you do not want to lose everything in a week

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