Best Crypto Signals (Telegram & Discord) – Are Crypto Groups Worth It?

As cryptocurrency trading has grown in popularity, so have crypto signals groups that aim to help traders profit from market movements. But are these groups really worth it? In this article, we evaluate some of the top crypto signals communities on Telegram and Discord to help you decide if joining one makes sense for your trading strategy. We’ll look at factors like performance, transparency, costs, and community experience. Our analysis explores whether these groups can provide a real edge or if you’re better off trading on your own.

Crypto signals are trading tips from experts that indicate best timings for selling or buying a specific cryptocurrency at a particular exchange. These crypto signals can be based on several factors, such as:

  • The current market climate
  • Technical analysis
  • The news

A crypto signal will typically contain the following information:

✅       The cryptocurrency to buy

✅        The buy-in price

✅        The sell-targets

✅       And the stop losses

With the right crypto signal, a trader can substantially profit but also learn and improve their trading skills and strategies.

There are numerous crypto signals groups, finding their home usually on Discord and Telegram and run by some of Twitter figures with large followings.

Aside of these improvised signals groups made on general social mediap platforms, there are also specialized places for automated cryptocurrency trading like Cryptohopper or 3Commas that have they own buil-in signals marketplaces with signals providers ranked by their efficacy and profitability.

One important note is: it is wrong to assume that you only need to join these groups and group leaders witll do most of the work for you. That can quickly go off the rails and you can end up with less money than you started with. Always make sure that, once you initiate crypto trades, you remain vigilant and keep an eye on the market development.

Apart from plugging into crypto signals stream of some sort, you should also, to a certain extent, know how social trading works, make sure that your trades are being correctly managed, and have proper risk management practices in place.

Before delving into the best crypto signals groups on Telegram or Discors, it is crucial to, first of all, understand the nature of these crypto signals. The essence of the signals provider is their provision of valuable trading data to their members. The information that they provide can help users manage their assets.

Other benefits of crypto signals are:

✅      Customers learn how to manage risks and properly use stop losses.

✅      Provide their users with insight on setting the right ROI targets

✅      Users are taught when to enter a trade for profit maximization. Users also learn appropriate points to exit a trade if need be.

✅      The information provided by the crypto signals provider are more exclusive and in-depth than the information one would find on the internet.

With the basics of crypto signals behind us, let us look into the best crypto signals providers on auto-trading platforms, Telegram & Discord.

Best Crypto Signals [Telegram based] – Top 3

Before we go into details, let’s have a quick look at 3 best options when it comes to best crypto trading signals groups.

Signals Blue

Great features
Dedicated Telegram groups
Three packages to choose from

Bob’s Crypto trade

Non stop all day traders share signals
Accuracy at amazing 87%
Hands-on and practical customer support

Universal Crypto Signals

Efficient customer service
Short and long-term crypto signals
Automatic and semi-automatic plans

Best Free & Paid Crypto Signals Groups & Providers

Here is a quick tabular overview of best paid crypto signals:

Crypto Signal ProviderPricingFeaturesProsCons
Signals Blue Crypto$282/month, $554/6 months, $1109/lifetimeSignals for Bitcoin and altcoins from Bittrex, Binance, and BitMEX with target value, stop-loss value, and exchange recommendationWide range of exchanges coveredRelatively new service provider
Bob’s Crypto TradeNot specifiedSignals from Binance, BitMEX, and ByBit, short/mid/long-term signals, short courses offered, high accuracy (87%)Comprehensive customer support systemNo clear pricing information available
Universal Crypto Signals$66/month (semi-automated), $91/month or $874/lifetime (fully automated)Short and long-term signals, daily Bitcoin and general market updates, hands-on customer serviceAffordable pricing for semi-automated planNo mid-term signals offered
Verified Crypto Traders$900-$2070/yearSignals from Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX, market analysis and news updates, high success rate reportedTeam of registered traders, rather than individuals, provides signalsRelatively expensive
HIRN CryptoFree or various paid subscriptionsAutomated signals for Binance and FTX exchanges, continuously optimized for changing market conditionsAI technology used for more accurate predictionsLimited information provided for free subscription
CQS Premium$10-$30/monthPaid signals for BTC-USDT pairs on Binance and Bittrex and XBT pairs on BitMEX, short/mid-term signals, integration with trading botsScalping option available for traders using this strategyAdditional fee required to access full potential of services
Blockchain Sparrow SignalsNot specifiedSignals include buy/sell signals, take profit values, and trailing stop, full user control over positions, AI-based platformUses machine learning algorithms for more accurate signalsNo clear pricing information available
Pro Crypto Signals$222/month, $500/quarterly, $1000/6 monthsShort, mid, and long-term signals for Binance, Poloniex, and Bittrex exchanges, auto trading bot featureConsistent in the signals providedLimited to only three crypto exchanges
Coinsignals0.01-0.1 BTC for 30 days to 1 yearShort, mid, and long-term signals for Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX exchanges, artificial intelligence and machine learning used for signalsHigh winning rate reported (89%)Limited free signals available
Fat Pig SignalsFree or paid subscriptionAltcoin and Bitcoin signals, detailed analysis of positions, professional analysts on the platformOffers both free and paid subscriptionsLarge user base can be overwhelming
4C-trading$99-$199/monthSignals for Binance and Bittrex exchanges, reports and tools for monitoring trade performance, training modules availableOffers comprehensive tools and reportsSignals are focused on recent developments, with only 2-3 signals per day

Signals Blue Crypto Review

Signals Blue is a relatively new service provider to the crypto signals space. Users have access to signals from Bittrex, Binance, and BitMEX.

The platform’s signals are for both Bitcoin and altcoins and feature a target value, a stop-loss value, and the exchange where the user should make the trade for each of the signals provided. The signals they provide are from various exchanges, but the main focus is on KuCoin, Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX.

To allow them to detect users that take the service provider’s signal and post them elsewhere, Signal Blue provides its signals on dedicated Telegram channels. Each user has their channel.

Customers on Signal Blue have three packages to choose from. They can either subscribe to the monthly $282 package, the $554 six-month package, or the $1109 lifetime package.

Bob’s Crypto trade

Bob’s Crypto trade users have access to signals from Binance, BitMEX, and ByBit. The company’s teams are based in Trinidad and Tobago.

This service provider has several groups on Telegram. These groups include Bob’s Trollbox, Bob’s Stocks & Forex VIP, Bob’s Altcoins VIP, and Bob’s VIP+. The admins of these groups trade non-stop all day, and users have signals sent to them throughout the day.

Users are provided with short, mid, and long-term signals, and short courses are offered to users who want to learn more about trading with crypto.

The accuracy of the signals provided by Bob’s Crypto Trade is allegedly very high, standing at an impressive 87%.

The service offers a hands-on and practical customer support system that ensures users’ questions are answered promptly.

Universal Crypto Signals Review

This platform is another top crypto signal provider based in India. The service was started in 2018 and is made up of technical analysts from India that send regular crypto signals monthly.

The service covers Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX signals and provides daily Bitcoin and general market updates.

Users on this service get to enjoy hands-on customer service. The service has a customer support section that is run separately, and on-demand support is provided to new customers to relay their questions.

This platform only provides short and long-term crypto signals. There are two plans for users to choose from: The fully automatic plan or the semi-automatic plan. Users can either subscribe to $66 monthly, $171 quarterly, $306 for six months, or $540 annually for the semi-automated plans. There are only two subscriptions for the fully automatic plan: the monthly $91 subscription or the $874 subscription.

Verified Crypto Traders

This service provider is somewhat unique as it is not a group of people that offer trade advice but a team of registered traders based in the Netherlands.

The service covers Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX signals and provides market analysis and news updates.

Previous users have reported a high success rate of the signals on the platform. There are three packages for users to pick from on the site. The silver package ($900 annually) earns access to BitMEX signals only, the gold package ($1100 annually) gives users access to Binance signals, and the Platinum package ($2070 annually) gives users access to additional signals.

HIRN Crypto free

HIRN crypto is run by a team of experienced and professional traders that share crypto trading signals on a couple of platforms, most notably on The signals sent are fully automated and are generated by the most advanced algorithm analysis and patterns. They also use AI for better and more accurate predictions to ensure their users make maximum profit. The signals are continuously optimized based on the changing market conditions to earn their users more profit with less risk.

The service provider currently gives signals for Binance and FTX exchange.

HIRN crypto has various subscriptions for its users to pick from. These include HIRN crypto free, HIRN premium BTC, HIRN premium USDT, HIRN crypto VVIP, HIRN crypto VIP, HIRN crypto Binance futures, and HIRN FTX 3X signals.

We will go through the HIRN crypto free option. For more information on the rest of the subscriptions, check them out here.

For the HIRN crypto free option, users receive one signal daily, sent from the paid channel. The signals pass from the BTC and USDT pair. The only trading position available for this subscription is long.

The available coins are BTC, LTC, BNB, EOS, ETH, LINK, XLM, ADA, and XRP.

CQS (Crypto Quality Signals) premium

The signals provided by CQS premium are paid signals. The signals work BTC-USDT pairs on Binance and Bittrex and XBT pairs on the BitMEX exchange.

CQS signals have specific sell goals. To use the trading bot, one does not need to be part of the telegram channel.

Users who want to get new signals every time they are sent have to create a SmartTrade with Sto Loss and text the Telegram administrator to access the private CQS channel. Once the payment is confirmed, the user can now receive alerts every time a new signal is sent.

CQS premium signals users have access to two premium packages:

CQS premium gold offers the full potential of CQS services, including separate channels for Binance, Bittrex, BitMEX, and HUOBI, exclusive signals, news, alerts, personal advice, and support. This subscription costs $30 per month.

CQS premium silver gives users access to less content but still allows access to short and mid-term signals and integration with trading bots. The subscription costs $10 per month.

Apart from the pain signals, CQS also offers for scalping traders. This option is free.

By definition, scalping is a trading strategy that attempts to profit from multiple small price changes. It is one of the most challenging trading styles to master.

With CQS scalping, users can skim many small profits off a large number of trades during the day, providing safety and profitability. CQS signals are very beneficial for those that are using the scalping strategy.

CQS supports numerous trading bots and platforms such as Cryptohopper, Zignaly, Cornix, and 3 commas, to name a few.

Blockchain sparrow signals

This crypto signal service provider was founded in 2017 by a group of readers who wanted to share their trading community strategies. They created an AI-based platform that can effectively send crypto signals to traders. For this, they used both machine learning algorithms and their expertise.

The signals data provided by Blockchain Sparrow Signals include: buy signals, sell signals, take profit values, and trailing stop. Users on the platform have full control of their positions and can also take advantage of professional analysts’ position monitoring.

The crypto signal service claims never to send wrong signals because they always consult with their analysts before publishing signals.

Read also:

Pro Crypto signals

Pro Crypto Signals started the service in 2018, and its success rate has sky-rocketed over the years. For the past two years that the service has been operational, it has given over 2000 signals.

Just like Telegram Signals, users get access to short, mid, and long-term signals giving them various options for those looking to trade and make a profit.

The Crypto signals this service provides on Telegram are limited to Binance signals, Poloniex, and Bittrex- the top three crypto exchanges worldwide. These three crypto exchanges provide most of the market pairs available today. By only covering these three, Pro Crypto Signals users can trade using expert technical analysis.

Pro Crypto Signals has, over the years, shown consistency in the signals that they send. Users get over 100 signals on Telegram monthly. There’s also a significant amount of free signals that are on Telegram.

The service also caters to auto trading. The crypto signal service has set the trend by enabling its users to configure the service’s auto trading bot using API keys. That is a feature most providers do not offer their users.

Users have various subscriptions to choose from. One can either pay $222 monthly, $500 quarterly, or $1000 for six months.


This service was started in 2019 and had since achieved an 89% winning rate on the signals it provides. The service’s features include:

·         Users get three types of signals: BTC based, USD-based and USDT-based

·         The service also provides short, mid, and long term signals to its users.

·         It mainly covers Binance, Bittrex, and BitMEX signals. On this service, users can also access some free signals. These are, however, limited to Bitcoin signals only.

·         Users that upgrade to the pro version get access to altcoin updates

·         The service provider has shown consistency in their provision of over 100 signals monthly.

·         There are three subscriptions for users to choose from 0.01 BTC for 30 monthly, 0.03 BTC for three months, and 0.1 BTC for one year.

The service provider uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to generate crypto market signals. Aided by their cryptocurrency signals, traders can maximize their profits and strategically enter and exit specific markets.

Fat Pig Signals Review

Fat Pig signals are a go-to crypto signals channel for anyone that does not trust the newbie crypto signal channels. This crypto Telegram group has a lot of experience in trading.

The platform has a free or paid subscription for its users. Users who find that free crypto signals aren’t enough can join the Fat Pig Signals Telegram VIP, which has over three hundred traders.

Subscribers on this channel enjoy altcoin signals, technical analysis, and fresh news.

For users on the VIP channel, there are two signal types provided:

1.      Altcoin signals

2.      Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, BCash, and BTC signals.

For the two categories, users receive a detailed analysis of the positions they occupy and why. They can also get additional information without any research. That is due to the team of professional analysts on the platform that watch the market trends 24/7.


1.      The crypto signals channel traded for a long time now and therefore has a lot of experience under its belt.

2.      They offer both free and paid subscriptions, catering to those who can afford to pay for crypto signals and those that cannot.


1.      Their channel has over 2000 users. It is impossible to read all the messages posted.


4C-trading is also a crypto signals provider on Telegram. The service covers Binance and Bittrex signals ensuring its users have access to reliable and time-sensitive signals.

The key features of 4c-trading are:

1.      Several languages, including English and French, are catered for on the platform.

2.      The platform provides its users with comprehensive tools and reports for creating and monitoring trade performances. Users that want to learn the nitty-gritty details of Crypto trading also have access to training modules.

3.      The platform uses a micro-focused approach to its services. They choose to offer signals on the recent developments in the market. Users, therefore, get roughly two or three signals a day.

4.      Users have a basic package at $99 a month. They may choose to upgrade to the premium package, which offers access to confidential reports and small crypto trading bots at $149 and $199, respectively.

Free Crypto signals

In most cases, the crypto signal channels that record the highest accuracy will usually charge a fee to join their channel. That adds up, given the importance of the information conveyed and their expertise.

However, there are several free crypto signal channels. These channels are right as one gets to save in funds. The level of accuracy might, however, have to be compromised. Some operators run channels based on a scam, which is not the case with all free crypto signal channels. Genuine providers get their insight from advisory services. They cover costs by advertising on other popular channels.

Using free crypto signals is a better alternative than relying on random guesses about market movements. Whenever one wants to trade; Be it automatic or manual trading with their cryptocurrency of choice, it would be ideal for them to utilize accurate and real-time crypto signals, whether paid or free.



Joining a crypto signals group or community is a guaranteed way for traders to pick experienced traders’ brains on the assets to choose from and those they should avoid. They are the solution to a trader who wants a stable guiding hand to operate the market.

When choosing a crypto signal channel, one needs to look into the frequency of sending signals, the exchanges they cover, and their customer support quality. The cost is also an essential factor to consider, but few free active crypto signals groups do not worry.

The cryptocurrency market can be a complex space to navigate, and finding the best crypto signals can make a significant difference in trading experience. With the increasing number of digital assets and price movements, crypto trading signals providers offer signals per day to help traders make informed decisions and identify profitable trades.

Social media platforms have become a hub for the crypto community, providing trading opportunities and VIP signals from reputable crypto trading signal providers. By using reliable crypto trading signals, traders can stay up-to-date on market trends and take advantage of profitable trades, improving their chances of success in the crypto space.

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