How to buy VPN with Bitcoin | VPN that accept cryptocurrency payment

December 19, 2022

Bitcoin is one of the few payment methods that allows customers to pays for VPNs anonymously. This post lists the best VPNs that you can buy with Bitcoin or XRP or some other altcoin like Ethereum, Litecoin etc.

Note: All VPNs claim secure connections and no logging of customer data. It’s up to you to determine which VPN is trustworthy.

With the rise of blockchain technology over the last decade, more and more are Bitcoin and other major cryptocurrencies becoming a mainstream method of payment around the world. There are a number of reasons for this, one of which is the assumed privacy that Bitcoin grants to its users. We are going to show you how you can purchase your VPNs with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, and how the Bitcoin can help you stay safe from prying eyes when buying, keeping your privacy secure!

Firstly, you’ll need to select a VPN, this could be one from the list below or another that accepts Bitcoin as a payable currency. Next you will need to sign up to this VPN and navigate your way to the payment page, it should be one of the first things you see when signing up so it shouldn’t be too hard to find.

Once you have found the page, you’ll want to select the plan that you wish to purchase. In order to purchase, you will in most cases be sending the Bitcoin to a third-party payment system which will facilitate the transaction. You may be required to sign up to this third-party system, this is usually very easy to do and sometimes not even required. 

Next you will be presented with a QR code and a Bitcoin public key, you can either scan the QR code on your wallet app or copy and paste the public key into your wallet app in order to send the coins to that address. Once the transaction is verified by the blockchain, you will receive access to the VPN and the process will be complete!

5 Best VPNs That Accept Bitcoin Payment


  • Accepts Bitcoin?

Yes. ExpressVPN allows you to pay for its services in Bitcoin, ETH, XRP and stablecoins.

  • Server locations

Express VPN has a large network of over 3000 servers in over 90 different countries. 

  • Speeds

ExpressVPN has an average speed of 58 Mbps.

  • Unblocks

Using ExpressVPN, you can avoid censorship in certain countries and regions that don’t permit access to different media sites like Twitter and YouTube. You are also able to surf the web privately, without threat of your activity getting out, you can view a range of different streaming services including services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, and HBO Max/Go.

How to pay express vpn with bitcoin

ExpressVPN accepts crypto payments since 2014 via the popular crypto payments processors Bitpay. You can pay with not only bitcoin, but with other popular altcoins like Ethereum, Ripple and stablecoins like BUSD, USDC and GUSD.

In order to pay ExpressVPN with bitcoin, you will need to set up a Bitcoin wallet and load some bitcoin with it. That is fairly easy to do as you just need to download a desktop or mobile app for some of the popular wallets like Atomic Wallet, Trust Wallet or even use your exchange wallet (like Binance or Kucoin) to send bitcoin over to ExpressVPN. The whole process is managed by Bitpay that will give you an address where to send crypto with a barcode that you can scan and then just send the needed amount for your subscription.

Unlike with other methods of payment, Bitcoin users are only required to provide an email address when they sign up. No need to enter information like your name, mailing address, and credit card number.

So, to sum it up, this is how you pay ExpressVPN (or any other VPN from this list) with bitcoin:

✅ Create a Bitcoin Wallet.
✅ Buy Bitcoins (on Binance, Coinbase, eToro or Kraken)
✅ Sign up for VPN service (with bitcoin payments)
✅ Transfer bitcoins to the VPN provider


  • Accepts Bitcoin?

Not only offering Bitcoin as a payment method, NordVPN offers payment by the cryptocurrencies Ethereum and Ripple too.

  • Server locations

NordVPN has an astonishing 5000+ servers. They are located in 60 different countries.

  • Speeds

NordVPNs boast an amazing average speed of 115 Mbps.

  • Unblocks

With NordVPN you have the ability to bypass region-locked content and view a much larger side to the web, by utilising NordVPN you can make use of plethora of different streaming services, cryptocurrency exchanges and more, all while keeping your data private.

In order to pay NordVPN with bitcoin, these are the 4 steps required:

✅ Create a Bitcoin Wallet (choose something like Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet).
✅ Buy Bitcoins (on Binance, Coinbase, eToro or Kraken)
✅ Sign up for VPN service (with bitcoin payments)
✅ Transfer bitcoins to the VPN provider

Alternatively, if you have some crypto on one of the exchanges, you can send the payment directly from the exchange to the NordVPN address.

CyberGhost VPN

  • Accepts Bitcoin?

CyberGhost offers payment through Bitcoin

  • Server locations

CyberGhost has locations in over 90 countries, through the use of their 6600+ servers.

  • Speeds

CyberGhost’s average speed is 55 Mbps.

  • Unblocks

Through slipping through geo-barriers and giving you access to another country’s internet; you are able to browse a wide array of streaming services and the different content they have! This way no matter where you are you can catch your favorite shows from across the globe.

In order to pay CyberGhost VPN with bitcoin, these are the 4 steps required:

✅ Create a Bitcoin Wallet (choose something like Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet).
✅ Buy Bitcoins (on Binance, Coinbase, eToro or Kraken)
✅ Sign up for VPN service (with bitcoin payments)
✅ Transfer bitcoins to the VPN provider

Alternatively, if you have some crypto on one of the exchanges, you can send the payment directly from the exchange to the CyberGhost VPN address.


  • Accepts Bitcoin?

SurfShark supports cryptocurrency payments not only through Bitcoin, but Ethereum and Ripple as well.

  • Server locations

SurfShark possesses 3200+ servers over 55 countries.

  • Speeds

SurfShark has a somewhat slow average speed of 40 Mbps

  • Unblocks

SurfShark unblocks a huge array of Netflix libraries, more than 10 country’s galleries in total. You can also view BBC IPlayer, Disney Plus and Prime Video.

In order to pay Surfshark VPN with bitcoin, these are the 4 steps required:

✅ Create a Bitcoin Wallet (choose something like Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet).
✅ Buy Bitcoins (on Binance, Coinbase, eToro or Kraken)
✅ Sign up for VPN service (with bitcoin payments)
✅ Transfer bitcoins to the VPN provider

Alternatively, if you have some crypto on one of the exchanges, you can send the payment directly from the exchange to the Surfshark VPN address.


  • Accepts Bitcoin?

IPVanish supports payment through Bitcoin.

  • Server locations

IPVanish currently offers over 1300 servers in over 55 countries.

  • Speeds

IPVanish sits at the bottom of our list at 36.4 Mbps

  • Unblocks

IPVanish claims to be one of the best VPNs for Netflix out there! Being able to unblock Netflix from any country/location, so long as you choose the correct server.

In order to pay IPVanish VPN with bitcoin, these are the 4 steps required:

✅ Create a Bitcoin Wallet (choose something like Trust Wallet, Atomic Wallet).
✅ Buy Bitcoins (on Binance, Coinbase, eToro or Kraken)
✅ Sign up for VPN service (with bitcoin payments)
✅ Transfer bitcoins to the VPN provider

Alternatively, if you have some crypto on one of the exchanges, you can send the payment directly from the exchange to the IPVanish VPN address.

How to Use a VPN to Access Bitcoin Exchanges

Accessing a Bitcoin exchange through a VPN is fairly simple, simply select a country on the VPN you are using that is permitted to access the exchange. Once this is done, open up your browser of choice and access the website. If your connection is still getting blocked then chances are you either haven’t set up the VPN correctly, or it is simply a bad VPN. Better use the best VPN for Bitcoin exchanges.

Please remember you will only be able to access the site in future when the VPN is on, so even if you have created an account, you will still need to access through the VPN, ideally from the same server and same or similar subset of IPs.


⚡️ What is a Bitcoin VPN?

A Bitcoin VPN is simply a VPN that you can purchase with Bitcoin. This may not sound like a huge deal, but for those who care about their online privacy, being able to buy software that hides your internet activity through the use of a currency that helps to hide your identity, it’s a pretty good deal.

⚡️ How to anonymously buy a VPN subscription

 If you are purchasing the VPN using Bitcoin in order to protect your anonymity, you will want to take extra steps, many consider Bitcoin to be a method of fully anonymous payment though that is simply not the case. The first major step you can take is signing up with a burner email address, one that is not used or connected to you in anyway. Another step you can take is either purchasing your coins through a method that doesn’t require identity verification, though these are very hard to find.

⚡️ How to unblock Bitcoin sites and apps

Using a VPN is a great way to gain access to different websites and applications that are restricted in your country. Using a VPN, you can visit and make use of many different Bitcoin services, especially in places like the USA, where a large amount of Bitcoin exchanges and other cryptocurrency-based sites are disallowed. You should be aware though that doing so will likely breach the sites terms and conditions, so proceed only at your own risk.

⚡️ Where do I get a burner email address to buy bitcoin with VPN?

There are many great providers of burner emails out there. Some of these providers will only allow you to setup one email for free and then you must pay for more. Others are completely free to use.
One interesting burner email which ensures you won’t be looking at any unwanted mail is 10miniutemail, this service creates you a temporary email address to use which expires in only 10 minutes from creation, though you can extend this time as you choose, resetting the timer to 10 minutes.

⚡️ Do I need to buy my VPN with Bitcoin?

Nope. VPNs can be bought with most standard fiat currencies without much issue. The reason that Bitcoin is sometimes a preferred option for people, is that when used correctly, it can provide a higher level of anonymity for the user. This is often desired by VPN users as that is the purpose of the VPN itself, to protect your internet privacy.

⚡️ Can a VPN help to protect my Bitcoin?

Although a VPN likely won’t be able to protect your Bitcoins’ safety from thieves themselves, that doesn’t mean it can’t help your Bitcoin-related operations. When your VPN is activated, it will hide all your internet traffic, this means you could be making transactions, visiting cryptocurrency-related services etc, without your ISP being able to see. This means that less parties will know about your cryptocurrency and you won’t be a target from people selling your data to nasty parties.

⚡️ Can I use a free VPN to buy bitcoin? 

Free VPNs require no money to use which begs the question, how do they make money? 

This is a simple question with a much more worrying and sinister answer. More than 85% of free VPNs available on apple and android have privacy policies which are simply not up to scratch of a VPN worth its use, with some even sharing the user information they receive to authorities in places like China. Many also don’t exist outside the app and fail to respond to customer complaints and queries, this is not the kind of infrastructure you’d expect from a high-quality VPN and suggests it’s a front for collecting user-data, which can later be sold-on to predatory operations. Another scary statistic found is that 38% of free VPN apps for android contain malware. This results in essentially having a 1-in-3 chance of getting a virus when installing a free VPN on Android. 

Free VPNs also have a nasty habit of selling your bandwidth, not only can this make your browsing so slow it’s not even usable to stream video, play games etc. You could also in some cases face legal attention for whatever the VPN has done with your bandwidth. Even if you are able to find a free VPN, that has no malware, doesn’t sell your information, doesn’t share your bandwidth and can operate with speed, you still have to worry about the army of ads they’ll show in order to profit, at least this can keep you company whilst you wait for their overcrowded servers.

In conclusion, free VPNs really aren’t worth the hassle and the risk they present, purchasing a VPN is a cheap and easy way of protecting your privacy online and accessing the content you want. There is no need to change that winning formula!

⚡️ Why Don’t All VPNs Accept Cryptocurrency?

There are a couple reasons why not all VPNs accept cryptocurrency

  • The first of these reasons are the legalities of accepting Bitcoin, by accepting Bitcoin as a payment, the VPN will have to adhere to more restrictions and regulations, which may end up making it an unprofitable move for the VPN service, rendering it a bad choice.
  • Another one of these reasons is that it can be tricky to manage. When having no information attached to the payment, it can be quite difficult setting up a system to effectively manage users, their payments etc.
  • A third reason why not all VPNs support cryptocurrency is their volatility. Cryptocurrency is known for its ridiculous highs and lows and this level of uncertainty in a cryptocurrency, means that it is hard for a business to forecast their financial performance and whether or not the coins will hold their current value. Businesses obviously have the option to exchange these currencies for Fiat currencies like the dollar, but that adds an extra task to their workload.

⚡️Can I Use Binance With a VPN?

Yep! Binance can be used through a VPN without issue. By using a VPN on Binance you can avoid targeted ads from your activities, people knowing you trade and also access the site from a country that restricts it, such as the USA. There have been no cases so far of individuals being penalised for this behavior in the USA, though it is likely against Binance’s terms of service so proceed at your own risk.

⚡️ Can I Use BitMex With a VPN?

Similarly, to Binance, you can trade on BitMex through the use of the VPN, with there so far being no reported cases of punishment for users in the USA taking part in this. It is recommended though that if you intend to do this (which we do not condone) you acquire a good enough VPN to keep you safe.

⚡️ Should I use a VPN for buying bitcoin?

That is up to you but please know that most of the exchanges that sell bitcoin have a rule against using VPNs in their terms and services. Using VPN to buy Bitcoin means that if you get detected, they can ban you and you will have no case for complaints.

⚡️ What is the best bitcoin wallet to use for VPN?

Wallet choice plays no big role when buying VPNs with crypto since it is just a tool to transfer coins from one address to another. Any of the popular wallets like Atomic Wallet, Trust Wallet or even exchange wallets will suffice.

⚡️ Is Paying With Cryptocurrency Fully Anonymous?

Bitcoin is not anonymous, it is pseudonymous. Sending and receiving bitcoins is like writing under a pseudonym.

In the last 2 years, a slew of companies that analyze bitcoin blockchain and offer tracking transactions as a service has grown tremendously. Considering all major exchanges require a full KYC procedure before allowing you to trade on them, it is pretty easy for these blockchain sleuths to find out who stands behind bitcoin addresses.

Here’s a good summary: cryptocurrency might not hide your purchase completely, but it will add a much stronger layer of protection.

Because you use crypto keys instead of sensitive payment details, hackers will have a much harder time discovering you when you pay for VPN with cryptocurrencies. Plus, what they are most interested in – your credit cards, digital money, and similar accounts – will remain safe.

⚡️ Should You Get a VPN with Cryptocurrency?

Let’s be real for a second. If you don’t have much experience with Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies, you’ll probably get a VPN the old-fashioned way. That’s fine – nowadays, such payments are much safer.

If you are conscious about your privacy, you probably already know how and why you should use VPN. Paying for VPN with bitcoin or altcoins is only an additional layer of privacy and security for you.

So, short answer is yes – provided you know how to properly setup your crypto wallet and protect your coins. That is a whole separate subject that we will not delve deep into it in this article.

Pro Tip: When buying a VPN with cryptocurrency, it’s a good idea to use a separate email that doesn’t include sensitive personal information.

⚡️ Does vpn help with bitcoin tax?

Not really. Your tax evasion efforts hinges mostly on the platform you use to buy and trade crypto since the IRS counts on the credit card issuers, banks and crypto exchanges to give them all the data needed about people who traded bitcon.

It is generally getting harder to buy bitcoin fully anonymously and exchanges are pressured by regulators and tax authorities to force users through a KYC process and hand over the data to them. If you find a way to buy bitcoin with the help of a VPN and without giving away your identity to the platform you purchased bitcoin from, then yes – VPN is an additional layer of privacy that will hide you from potential tax investigation.

This is the warning from our title, don’t try to use VPN to avoid paying tax on cryptocurrency trading and purchases. All exchanges and services will sell you out quickly once they are under a regulatory scrutiny and blockchain analysis tools are super powerful and sophisticated which means that, unless you the only really private coin – Monero, crypto sleuths will easily uncover you and you could end up like this poor guy.

Conclusion – VPN that accepts Bitcoin

There are many great options out there when it comes to buying a VPN using Bitcoin, most of the main reputable VPN providers accept some form of cryptocurrency as payment so you don’t have to go looking into the dark corners of the internet to find what you need.

Bitcoin is a way in which you can help to keep your online activity private, though if you want Bitcoin’s properties to actually be effective in concealing your identity, you will need to take extra steps in order to do so.

Most VPN services out there do offer money back guarantees for unsatisfied customers so if you are unsure about purchasing one, you can always give it a try without the chance of loss.

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