June dates to mark on your calendar: Pay attention to Storm, Lisk, Cardano, Waves, ETC

Major updates for EOS, ONT, TRX, ETC and more in the upcoming period

Q2 of 2018, while being quite disappointing in terms of price movements, has at least been eventful when it comes to technology developments. And since we are all in crypto for the technology, those are some excellent news indeed!

Joking aside, the market has struggled mightily in this quarter, failing to record a post-Consensus recovery we have seen in the years before. While the ride has been red for most projects, some did remain relatively in green thanks to some promising upcoming events.


Probably the most often cited overachiever is EOS, whose mainnet launch is happening in about three days from the time of writing this article. EOS is a good project on its own, proudly carrying the “Ethereum killer” moniker. Its plan is to create a replacement platform to Ethereum, one which will implement horizontal and vertical scaling solutions and as a result solve the throughput issues of its original host and role model. The mainnet launch will see every registered EOS ERC20 token freezed and converted into EOS tokens based on the EOSIO 1.0 blockchain.

A mainnet launch signals the coins first foray into independency and is a massive step to take, and often times it leads to a rise in price. Of course sometimes the mainnet launch isn’t as successful as expected, with bugs, human error or something third having the potential to unleash the bear onto a coin. Usually, the movement is negative just when the mainnet launches, with some people “selling the news”. The real price hike begins hours/days later, when everyone makes sure that the mainnet is actually well built and functional.

Another potential issue is, of course, the bear market we are in right now. Some predictions see Bitcoin going as low as 5500 dollars, seemingly confirming that the rest of the month of June will exhibit similar trends to the ones we saw before. Launching your mainnet during such a time might seem a bit unwise, but keep in mind that these projects announced their mainnets months ago. Delaying the launch for a later period would definitely sully the team’s reputations and have an overall bigger negative effect than a few months of running the mainnet in a bear market.

Similarly, ONT and TRX are launching their own mainnets in the first week of June. Ontology is another high-performance blockchain concept that looks to offer a solution based on multiple decentralized ledgers and smart contract systems. Its blockchains will be customizable to suit the needs of the user, expanding the projects usability and appeal. And of course we all know about Tron, the so-called “new Bitcoin”, which looks to bring its users into a new, blockchain based, decentralized internet era. Both projects experienced somewhat stable and greenish months of May, and it is expected that they will follow the same pattern in June.

Finally, the upcoming week will bring us another hard fork, as Ethereum Classic is looking to handle the difficulty bomb which has been endangering the entire platform for a while now. The fork will happen on block 5.900.000 and will disable a feature which was designed to increase the mining difficulty ahead of a shift to a new consensus algorithm. Such a change was required, as ETC mining would become unprofitable if the rule was left unchanged.

1st of June

  • Syscoin (SYS) – an airdrop snapshot for CPS coin
  • GameCredits (GAME) – HD wallet with segwit signaling and atomic swaps activation
  • Vertcoin (VTC) Vertbase launch
  • Billionaire Token (XBL) – migration to EOS
  • IOT Chain (ITC) – 12.65 million ITC added to circulating supply

3rd of June

  • IOTA (MIOTA) – new information about the Qubic project
  • Banyan Network (BBN) – ICO tokens released

4th of June

  • OriginTrail (TRAC) – explorer release v0.9a
  • FORCE (FOR) – new website and a roadmap
  • Aerium (AERM) – token swap followed with a new whitepaper/roadmap publication

6th of June

7th of June

  • Storm (STORM) – an airdrop of unsold tokens
  • BitShares (BTS) – core release (Hard Fork)
  • Lisk (LSK) – Miami meetup
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