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In this guide, we will voice our own and the market’s opinion on FET's future while discussing the price forecast for 2024 and beyond.Please bear in ...

The cryptocurrency sphere of 2023 continues its fascinating dance between established giants and budding new entrants. With Shiba Inu and Pepe Coin often ...

Embarking on a journey through the dynamic realm of wise investments, experts set their sights on SUI, SPCT, and ETC. VC Spectra (SPCT) is gearing up to grant ...

According to a post by Wu Blockchain, Coinbase and OKX announced the launch of the blockchain gaming token BIGTIME yesterday. The BIGTIME team comes from some ...

Trader Moustache (@el_crypto_prof) recently posted a Twitter thread emphasizing a timely technical analysis of Bitcoin. Moustache observed that purchasing BTC ...

Data from Spot On Chain has shown recent transfers of Ethereum ($ETH) involving two titans of the crypto industry, Justin Sun and Vitalik Buterin. These have ...

VC Spectra (SPCT) took a stunning leap of 76% in its public presale. On the other hand, Uniswap (UNI) surged after the launch of UAE dirham stablecoin on its ...

FTX creditors stand a chance at recovering 100% of lost assets due to potential valuation increases of FTX's investment holdings, according to creditors' ...

Cardano’s development activity increased massively, but $ADA is struggling in the red zone. On the other hand, Borroe.Finance ($ROE) keeps attracting more ...

While the buzz has predominantly been about the Bitcoin bull run, what about altcoins? Esteemed crypto trader and analyst, Mags (@thescalpingpro), has shed ...

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  1. Yes their technology is much more advanced than any of its competitors. But on paper. Which is what the article says.

  2. Dude, never go full Hoskinson

  3. Every serious claim and argument you need is in the article. You can chose to consider them when analyzing Tron or you can chose to be blinded by your TRX bags. If having its entire whitepaper copy-pasted isn’t enough to make you wonder about a token then there is little anyone can present that’ll sway your opinion. Best of luck to you.

  4. Thank you, we’ll try to check that one out in the future as well.

  5. Thank you for the additional information, it will be considered for our future Substratum write-ups.

  6. Nowhere did the article imply that Grin is THE MimbleWimble project. As Torsten said, the article is an overview of MimbleWimble technology given through the lens of Grin, one of the most popular MimbleWimble implementations currently out there.

  7. One implies a scale, the other is a direct comparison of two cryptocurrencies, it’s not that hard to understand.

  8. Cheers for that info, the link to your roadmap has been added into the article.

  9. There are plenty of arguments for and against both WAX and VGO in the article, try reading it in full next time. So VGO plans to trade pictures of assets from other video games as well? That’s great. Still “just a picture”.

  10. No one implied XVG is the “most joke” of a coin, although it sure as hell is on its way to become that.

  11. Calling Sunerok “the CEO of Verge” was an honest mistake that has been corrected, I apologize for that.

  12. I, and many more, have previously addressed every single one of your points. If Sunerok going radio silent (after months of being a full-on Justin Sun clone on Twitter) and leaving an Eastern European lackey that struggles with proper English to make community polls about issues that community has been crying about for months looks like good PR to you, I have nothing else to say.

  13. Bitconnect has been performing quite decently as well, if we look at the last couple of months.

  14. I do not own any XVG.

    Everything I reported in every XVG article I did so far were cold, hard facts. It’s not my “responsibility” to twist those facts to give XVG investors their daily hopium shot. Every single piece of information you presented in your short essay has been debunked by notable crypto community members who have no interest in bringing XVG down but also have no interest in seeing people get scammed. You wrote this diatribe in response to the article and you are calling me emotional. Stop and reconsider who you should be directing your anger at. Best of luck to you.

  15. That’s your opinion. Some of the data posted in the article suggests otherwise.

  16. Cheers, glad you liked it.

  17. Only facts have been presented in this article. Thanks for the reply.

  18. I always look to include some community feedback into my articles as I find that people who are invested into a coin usually know more about it than outside sources. Thank you, appreciate you.

  19. With Verge’s dedication to delivering positive updates, I probably won’t.

  20. That’s pretty much what I wrote. I wrote it the way I did to point out which coins BTCP will be looking to emulate and potentially replace with its new features. ZkSNARKs and bitcoin 0.16 update are both mentioned in the article. Thanks for clearing that out for the folks that might have misunderstood the segment.

  21. I appreciate your input and will look to include that information in any future Digibyte-related articles.

  22. Like I said, the article represents the current state of affairs filtered through a lense of an outsider who has closely followed the events surrounding the Verge project. I have delivered the updates about the Verge project, but I reserve my right to juxtapose said updates to what the currency has done in the past. If you feel like I am the one who needs to focus on fixing their credibility here, then I have nothing else to say to you.

  23. I disagree with you, for the reasons posted above. That doesn’t mean that I wish bad on anyone, I’m merely delivering and interpreting the facts around the project. The Verge supporters are free to support that coin and good luck to them indeed, they will need plenty of it.

  24. Bitconnect also had an active development team at one point.

  25. Yes, the burn will in fact include 1 billion coins. Thank you for pointing out the typo, it has been fixed.