ZenLedger Review – Automatic Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator (+ Coupon Code)

ZenLedger Review – Automatic Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator (+ Coupon Code)
ZenLedger Review – Automatic Cryptocurrency Tax Calculator (+ Coupon Code)
Calculate taxes for crypto and generate tax forms
Track cryptocurrency transactions and balances across multiple wallets and exchanges
Tax-loss harvesting reports included at no extra charge
Great customer service

In our previous articles about cryptocurrency tax calculators, we mentioned the importance of proper tax calculations, because you know that old saying: there are only two things you have to do in life: die and pay taxes.

ZenLedger is another popular solution for crypto traders when managing their crypto taxes and this ZenLedger.io review will go through all major features and competitive advantages Zen Ledger has to offer.

Is Zenledger legit: 1-minute summary
  • ZenLedger is a Washington-based cryptocurrency tax software, founded in 2017.
  • ZenLedger simplifies taxes for DeFi, NFT, and crypto investments.
  • Consolidates all crypto transactions for an accurate tax picture.

Tax Features of ZenLedger for Professional Writers

  • Integrates with 400+ crypto exchanges, 40 blockchains, and 30+ DeFi protocols.
  • Offers portfolio performance, value-per-holding, and market performance analysis (with paid version).
  • Calculates additional income, capital gains/losses with downloadable tax reports.
  • Supports FIFO, LIFO, and HIFO tax forms and tracks taxable crypto income from various sources.
  • Tax-loss harvesting tool available to offset up to $3,000 in taxable income per year.
  • Exports a spreadsheet of transaction history with the Grand Unified Accounting tool.

Crypto Tax Software: Comparing ZenLedger, CoinTracker & CryptoTrader.tax

  • ZenLedger surpasses competitors like CoinTracker with its DeFi integrations (30+ protocols).
  • More exchange and wallet integrations than CoinTracker and CryptoTrader.tax.
  • CryptoTrader.tax offers TaxAct integration.


  • Provides read-only access and encrypts customer data for security.
  • Offers same-day support through email, text, or call.
  • Offers free and annual plans ranging from $0-$399.
  • Tax-loss harvesting available to offset capital gains and save money.

So, let’s dive right into it – Zenledger review, off we go.


What is ZenLedger?

In a word – a crypto tax calculating tool that integrates with leading crypto exchanges and wallets to gather trading data and automatically calculate and create crypto tax reports. It also offers a seamless integration with traditional tax calculators like TurboTax streamlining the whole reporting process directly to IRS.


Zenledger works with all major crypto and fiat currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoins, Dollars, Euros, Pounds Sterling, Yen – and all the others. The platform is considered a tax-loss harvesting tool.

ZenLedger has made sure to tailor its tool to fit CPAs and professional accountants as well, making it easy to handle multiple clients from one IRS-friendly interface. It offers tax forms as well.

As for the individual users, Zenledger didn’t forget any type of crypto user profile: anyone from regular hodlers to day traders, miners or stakers can use the tool to calculate their bitcoin taxes.

Zen Ledger Review – Pricing

As you would expect it from this type of a tool, Zenledger offers tiered packages aimed at users with different preferences. The packages are classified by two criteria:

  • number of transactions
  • value of digital assets

The lowest pricing package is set at $69 for those who have less than 100 crypto transactions and up to $15k in asset value. The biggest package is set at $999 and has no limits whatsoever, not in transaction number nor in asset value.

As for the features included, they are all the same for all pricing tiers and include:

  • Audit Report
  • CPA Access
  • HIFO/FIFO/LIFO methods
  • Unlimited Exchanges and unlimited transactions
  • Crypto as Income
  • Mining or Donations
  • ICOs & AirDrops
  • FINCen/FBAR Alert
  • Turbo Tax Integration
  • Tax-Loss Harvesting

Done for you taxes by ZenLedger partners

One additional service that Zenledger offers over its competitors is the complete, done for you tax preparations. The Zenledger team will connect you to a crypto tax professional (Tax Attorney, Accountant CPA, and/or Enrolled Agent) to get your cryptocurrency taxes done quickly and easily with the smartest tax strategies. All fully prepared plans include 1040 and all schedules.


Zenledger supported exchanges and wallets

Zenledger integrates with anything relevant in the world of cryptocurrency exchanges and crypto wallets. And they keep adding more integrations by week. List of supported major exchanges is shown on the image.


Below are some of the popular wallets that are supported (in case of multi-coin wallets, not all coins are supported as Zenledger currently supports only these blockchains: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH & ERC-20),Ethereum Classic (ETC), Ripple (XRP),Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC), NEO, EOS,  Dogecoin (DOGE).

  • Exodus
  • Jaxx
  • BitPay
  • Electrum
  • Copay
  • Bitcoin Expert
  • MyEtherWallet (MEW)
  • and others on supported blockchains
  • Trezor
  • Ledger Nano
  • Keep Key
  • Ledger Blue
  • Ledger HW
  • Bitlox
  • Bitlox Digital
  • and others on supported blockchains
  • Abra
  • Airbitz
  • BRD
  • Copay
  • Freewallet
  • Infinito Wallet
  • Jaxx
  • Mycelium
  • and others on supported blockchain

One of the downsides of ZenLedger’s role as a solid crypto tax tool for beginners is that localized tax documents are only supported for users in the United States.

How set up an account on ZenLedger tax software

Getting started is really easy as you only need to go to ZenLedger.io and click on SignUp button which will lead you through a standard account opening procedure. You can also sign up with your Coinbase or Google account.


Once you are in, you will be met with a clean interface that is very easy to understand and use.


You have couple of options to import your trading history:

  • direct import via API integration with exchange
  • CSV import of trading data file from your exchange (you need to export it from your exchange first)
  • manual import
  • wallet import (valid only for supported blockchains) – this can be done also via API or CSV method

Adding your own CPA to your ZenLedger account

You can invite your CPA and grant him an access to your ZenLedger data in 4 easy steps:

  • Along the left sidebar, find the Work with CPA button
  • Click Invite CPA.
  • Enter CPA’s full name and email address.
  • The invitation is pending until the CPA accepts.

If you don’t have your own CPA, ZenLedger can help you with that as well – they can introduce you to crypto specialized CPAs that are already familiar with the crypto taxing subject matter and the ZenLedger app.

How safe is ZenLedger?

ZenLedger is following all best practices from the cyber security industry and has had no issues with data breaches in its history. Most important thing to remember is that Zenledger has no access to your funds – it only has viewing rights on your exchanges so it can collect the needed data. Nevertheless, your Zenledger account can be protected with a 2FA layer of protection, all data is transmitted with SSL encryption and you can turn on email notifications on login and other account actions.

Customer support

Very fast and friendly. You have a chat button on their site where you can ask any question and get an answer almost instantly. Another route to support you can take is via standard email ticket system.

Additionally, their knowledgebase is huge and in combination with their blog, offers a huge pool of useful information around cryptocurrency taxing.

ZenLedger vs competitors

Main competitors of ZenLedger are listed below. We reviewed all of them and can safely say that crypto tax tools are a neck and neck race with all tools following each other in a lockstep when it comes to features and pricing.

ZenLedger Coupon Code

Use this code: AFFILIATE2 to get 20% when purchasing your Zenledger license.


ZenLedger Reviews – Final verdict

ZenLedger is a bit more pricey in comparison to its main rivals: CryptoTrader.Tax or Cointracking.info. However, it does go above and beyond for its customers: starting with their stellar support to added features like “done for you taxes” or invite your own CPA. This and constant adding of new exchanges and wallets that can be imported directly into the tool make it a serious contender for the tile of the best cryptocurrency tax software.

8 Total Score

  • Calculate taxes for crypto and generate tax forms
  • Track cryptocurrency transactions and balances across multiple wallets and exchanges
  • Tax-loss harvesting reports included at no extra charge
  • Great customer service
  • Can be expensive if you have more than 100 transactions
  • Some accounts aren't able to connect via the API
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