WunderTrading (ex. Wunderbit) Review – Automated Crypto Copy Trading Bots Platform

WunderTrading (ex. Wunderbit) Review – Automated Crypto Copy Trading Bots Platform
WunderTrading (ex. Wunderbit) Review – Automated Crypto Copy Trading Bots Platform
Free to use
Free bots and bot scripts
Simple and straightforward
Licensed and regulated
Reasonably accessible

In this comprehensive WunderTrading review, we delve into a platform that seamlessly amalgamates a cryptocurrency exchange, a social trading platform, a Bitcoin payment processing service, and an OTC service, offering a plethora of features designed to elevate your trading experience.

From its user-centric interface, enabling effortless navigation for traders at all levels, to its innovative mirror-trading tool, WunderTrading not only simplifies but also amplifies the possibilities within the crypto trading sphere

Quick summary:
🧩 Features– User-friendly interface for beginners and experienced traders – Ability to buy cryptocurrency with debit cards, credit cards, or wire transfers – Trading bots and scripts – Mirror-trading tool to automatically copy successful traders – Free scripts offered by the platform – Clean, straightforward, and intuitive UI – In-house licensed crypto exchange
💰 Fees– Low and highly competitive transaction fees – Four subscription packages: Free, Basic, Pro, and Premium – Fees ranging from $0 to $49.95 – 1.00% commission
👍 Pros– Low transaction fees – Free account that is unlimited – Offers trading bots and scripts – Mirror-trading tool to automatically copy successful traders – Clean, straightforward, and intuitive UI – In-house licensed crypto exchange – Free scripts offered by the platform
👎 Cons– Supported countries not stated – Limited information on customer support


WunderTrading is a combination of a crypto exchange, a social trading platform, a Bitcoin payment processing service, and an OTC service. It is best known for offering trading bots and scripts, and for allowing users to automatically copy successful traders with a mirror-trading tool.

Who Is WunderTrading Best For?

WunderTrading appeals to a wide range of people, but it is best for traders who would like to dip their toes into crypto trading bots and automated trading. The platform is simple and free to use, and with a sufficient understanding of the basics, users can not only easily create bots without any cost, but also use free scripts offered by the platform.


Here are some of the features users will find on WunderTrading:

  • Buy crypto with credit card: WunderTrading supports a variety of payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, Skrill, Bank Transfer (SEPA) and of course, Bitcoin. According to the website, the process of buying crypto with a credit card takes just around 10 minutes, and the coins themselves will be transferred in the next 20 minutes.[1]
  • Social trading: Referred to as Copy-Trading (or mirror-trading) on the website, this tool allows the user to use Wundebit’s advanced copy-trading system to copy and execute the trades of the professional traders that they follow.[2]
  • Multiple account management: Users can manage multiple exchange accounts on WunderTrading, be it manually, through the advanced trading terminal, or automatically using bots.

    For instance, when creating a trading strategy, crypto traders can choose several API accounts from the same exchange and trade on all of them simultaneously.[3]
  • Trading bots: Using TradingView scripts with WunderTrading’s automatic trading system, crypto traders can create an unlimited* number of cryptocurrency trading bots.[3]

    WunderTrading helps users automate any TradingView scripts into fully functioning trading bots that can be created in a matter of seconds for free with the help of TradingView’s PineEditor tool. Additionally, WunderTrading also offers free TradingView scripts, suited for users who don’t know how to make one.

    Features: Limit entries, multiple entries, partial take profit, trailing stop, take profit/stop loss, and order size (in percentage or fixed amount in USD).

    Types of bots: Binance Futures Trading Bot, Bybit Trading Bot, Deribit Trading Bot and FTX Trading Bot.

    *Premium users only.
  • Spread trading terminal: This allows users to select the assets they’d like to use for creating a spread. Spread trading is available on all crypto popular exchanges that offer futures trading.

    To change the terminal view from Classic Trading to Spread Trading, all users have to do is change the strategy type from the exchange selection dropdown menu.[3]

Coming soon: Arriving soon are Arbitrage Trading and Grid Trading. The former utilizes price differences across multiple exchanges, and the latter uses a bot to operate based on a series of long and short orders.



WunderTrading has 4 subscription packages: Free, Basic, Pro and Premium. These packages, when purchased in bulk, are offered with a discount of 10%, 15% and 50% for 3, 6 and 12 months respectively.[4]


Price:$0.00 per month.

Key features:

  • 5 open positions
  • 2 active bots
  • 1 API per exchange
  • Trading Terminal (Spot Trading, Futures Trading)
  • Spot Trading
  • Futures Trading
  • Simultaneous Take Profit and Stop Loss


Price: $9.95 per month.

Key features:

Everything in the Free plan, plus:

  • 15 open positions
  • 5 active bots
  • 2 API per exchange
  • Trailing stop
  • Multiple take profits
  • DCA trading terminal


Price: $24.95 per month.

Key features:

Everything in the Basic plan, plus:

  • 100 open positions
  • 15 active bots
  • 5 API per exchange
  • Fixed amount (futures only)
  • Spread trading terminal
  • Swing trade


Price: $44.95 per month.

Key features:

Everything in the Pro plan, plus:

  • Unlimited open positions
  • Unlimited active bots
  • Unlimited API per exchange

How To Set Up WunderTrading

Here’s a quick and informative guide to get you on track to start using WunderTrading. Simply sign up for an account, and follow the steps below.

How to connect an exchange on WunderTrading:

In order to start using some of WunderTrading’s trading feature such as the trading bot, you need to connect the exchange in question, more specifically, the exchange API. In order to do this:

Here’s a quick and informative guide to get you on track to start using WunderTrading. Simply sign up for an account, and follow the steps below.

  1. Log in to your account and head to Settings > My Exchanges and click on Add New.
  2. Fill the form with the account name, the API key and secret, and select the exchange.

    a) The account name will be visible to other traders and investors.
    b) You can get an API key and secret from the exchange site.

Click on Add.

And you are done! The exchange will be visible in Settings > My Exchanges, and you can begin trading through WunderTrading .

Start trading or create bots:

Now that you’ve connected your exchange API, you can begin trading or creating trading bots. You can trade yourself or let the copy-trader do trades for you by copying the actions of traders that you follow.

  1. Head on over to Copy-trading and click on Start underneath Copy-trader.
  2. Go to the Marketplace tab, choose a trader and click Follow.
  3. Press Ok, and select the API profile with which you’d like to follow the trader or bot.
  4. Click Confirm, and click Ok.

Success! You can head back to the Copy-trading tab to see the traders you are following, as well as the completed trades.

  1. Go to Bots and head on over to Strategy, and then to Create.
  2. Determine your Bot Name, Exchange and API profile, and the Time Frame.
  3. Select your Pairs.
  4. Determine your Portfolio share, which is the percentage of your available balance with which you would like to trade (for FTX, you can select the Amount directly).
  5. Set the Leverage.
  6. Select the Order type and fill in your Last price, Ask price or Bid price.
  7. Determine whether or not you’d like Multiple entries.
  8. Determine your multiple Take profit targets.
  9. Determine your Stop loss.
  10. Click Create Bot Strategy.

And you have successfully created a trading bot! This process is free and does not require a paid subscription, however, free users can only have 2 bots at the same time.

WunderTrading VS Alternatives

But how does WunderTrading compare to similar platforms? Here are some alternatives in a side-by-side comparison:



15,000+ users[5]400,000+ users[6]
13 exchanges[5]13 exchanges[7]
2 active bots for free[4]No bots for free[8]
Unlimited bots at most[4]1 bot at most[8]
5 open positions for free[4]20 open positions for free[8]
Unlimited open positions at most[4]500 open positions at most[8]
Pricing: free, $9.95, $24.95, $45.95[4]Pricing: free, $19.00, $49.00, $99.00[8]
7 key features[3]10 key features[6]
Available on web and AndroidAvailable on web, Android and iOS
Visit Now Visit Now


$210,000,000+ monthly volume[5]$22,500,000,000+ monthly volume[9]
13 exchanges[5]23 exchanges[10]
2 active bots for free[4]5 different bots for free[10]
Unlimited bots at most[4]Unlimited bots at most[10]
Pricing: free, $9.95, $24.95, $45.95[4]Pricing: free, $29.00, $49.00, $99.00[10]
No paper trading modePaper trading mode starting $29/month[10]
7 key features[3]7 key features[9]
Available on web and AndroidAvailable on web, Android and iOS
Visit Now Visit Now


13 exchanges[5]25+ exchanges[11]
BTC, ETH, LTC +5 altcoins accepted for payments[13]BTC, ETH, LTC +50 altcoins accepted for payments[12]
Free[4]Not free[12]
2 active bots for free[4]2 active bots for $19/month[12]
Unlimited bots at most[4]15 bots at most[12]
No demo tradingDemo trading starting at $19/month[12]
7 key features[3]6 key features[11]
Pricing: free, $9.95, $24.95, $45.95[4]Pricing: $19.00, $44.00, $110.00[12]
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User Experience

GuThe user-interface is quite simple considering the sort of platform it is and the kind of products they offer. Creating trading bots isn’t the first thing a newcomer might do, but the layout and process of it on WunderTrading is straightforward enough to help inexperienced individuals take their first steps in making their own bots. On that same note experienced traders should feel right at home as navigating through the website and using all of its features feels smooth and natural.

The basic features are free, allowing as much as 2 active bots and 1 API per exchange, which is pretty good considering the alternatives. As users buy better subscription packages the deals get far better, especially in bulk; a 12-month purchase gives users 50% off on all packages.

There are multiple payment options including credit cards and Bitcoin, the latter ensuring accessibility for places where cryptocurrencies are banned. While WunderTrading doesn’t explicitly restrict any countries itself as far as crypto payments are concerned, it does mention in its Terms of Use that:

“Depending on your country of residence, you may not be able to use all the functions of the Site. It is your responsibility to follow those rules and laws in your country of residence and/or country from which you access this Site and Services. As long as you agree to and actually comply with these Terms of Use, WunderTrading grants to you a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable, non-sublicensable and limited right to enter and use the Site and the Services.”

WunderTrading does cite countries that are banned from buying crypto with payment cards and Skrill, as well as “banned virtual currency countries”. Those lists can be found here.

Lastly, KYCs are a requirement to make big purchases, with mild requirements for a level 1 authentication (full name, address, ID and selfie with ID), and additional requirements for a level 2 authentication (bank account statement and selfie with said statement).[15]

Is WunderTrading Safe?

WunderTrading has a license by the Estonian government to operate as a provider of exchange services between virtual and fiat currencies (license number FVR000332)[14]. As such, they are fully compliant with all relevant laws and regulations including those on anti money laundering, transaction security, and protection against fraud and data privacy[1].

Furthermore, users’ digital assets are not stored by WunderTrading, they are sent to the users’ wallets after purchases. According to the website, the security procedures in place ensure legitimate transactions and a top-grade safe platform.[1]



Both as a free and paid service, WunderTrading offers notable services for traders of varying backgrounds. Professionals can make some money by allowing others to copy their trades, and less-experienced people can mirror their actions with a copy-trading system as an introduction to automated trading.

How does WunderTrading make money if it’s free?

WunderTrading profits from its paid subscriptions[4] and its commissions from trades[15].

Can I be both a trader and an investor?

A user cannot be a trader and a copy-trader simultaneously. In other words, only one can be active at a given time.

How do I pay a commission to a trader?

Upon connecting your exchange through an API, selecting your role as a copy-trader, and choosing your trader, simply pay the resulting invoice and start copy-trading.[16]

What happens if I don’t pay the commission?

Commission fees owed by traders for their subscription sales are automatically handled since the amount they receive is their full amount minus the WunderTrading trading commission.[17]

Should you still be unsatisfied with what Wuderbit has to offer, check out other cryptocurrency botsthat are available on the cryptocurrency markets and were thoroughly tested by us:

8.4 Total Score

Ease of use
Supported exchanges
  • Free to use
  • Free bots and bot scripts
  • Simple and straightforward
  • Licensed and regulated
  • Reasonably accessible
  • No demo mode
  • Certain features coming soon
  • No iOS app
  • KYC requirements for purchases over $300
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