Tron to become one of the largest blockchains by user base after the mainnet launch

Just recently the CEO of Tron and its most famous social media ambassador Justin Sun announced on his official Twitter page that Tron mainnet launch is set to happen on May 31st. Carried on the wave of those positive news, Tron started trading up and reached the 9th spot of the coinmarketcap’s list of cryptocurrencies (when sorted by market cap). The buzz and the hype have clearly started picking up, with Tron becoming the most talked about coin on Twitter and a proud owner of the greatest number of commits on Github.


A mainnet launch is a big deal for every token in the cryptoverse. Tron is currently an ERC20 token but the mainnet should give it its own network and its own native blockchain. Claiming ownership of their blockchain is just the next step on Tron’s path to creating a Justin Sun-envisioned decentralized internet. A virtual machine test-run is planned for May 25th. Complete migration to the new blockchain is expected to happen by June 21st, when the mainnet will become fully operational and ready for its users.

While Tron has received its fair share of criticism in the past, this didn’t seem to affect its numbers in any significant manner. After the mainnet launches, Tron will become the world’s largest blockchain currency if measured by user base. It will be just as big as Ethereum and Bitcoin. With a base of a hundred million users and support from some very relevant partners there is clear potential for Tron to grow even further.

What most Tron owners are concerned about is how this mainnet launch will affect the token’s price. It is definitely a good sign, implying good things for the future of this soon-to-be-coin token. Further stabilization and future raise in price should be expected.

In the midst of said mainnet news, more positive press is coming out about Tron. Exchanges seem to be encouraged with these recent developments as their support for the Tron project migration keeps increasing. Just recently, announced it wholeheartedly stands behind Tron’s plans for the mainnet launch. Investors only need to deposit TRX’s ERC-20 tokens to and will receive the equivalent TRX token.

Exchange platform Bibox also added support for the migration. This platform is known for being the world’s first AI digital assets exchange platform.

Probably the biggest positive news came from the exchange platform Bitfinex, which also added support a few days back. This was followed by a similar announcement from Bittrex, which resulted in overwhelmingly positive responses from the community.

Chances are Tron is still an undervalued project, and investing in it now probably wouldn’t be the worst idea. If you can set aside the FUD about Justin Sun copying the Ethereum whitepaper and the general cult-like behavior of their fan base, Tron might just be a good option to fatten up your portfolio.

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