Pionex vs Cryptohopper: Which Crypto Trading Bot Is Better?

Pionex and Cryptohopper are two of the most popular options for crypto trading bots. Both platforms allow users to automate trading strategies without constantly monitoring the markets. Pionex focuses solely on crypto, while Cryptohopper supports additional assets like stocks.

Let’s dive into a more detailed comparison between two of the leading crypto trading bots – Pionex and Cryptohopper.

Quick summary:
🤖 Automated Trading Bots✔️ Free built-in trading bots✔️ Marketplace for copying strategies
🔍 Backtesting Tools✔️ Likely available✔️ Backtesting tool to evaluate strategies
🔄 Exchange Integration✔️ Direct integration as it operates as an exchange✔️ Supports various cryptocurrency exchanges
📊 Order Types✔️ Supports various orders like market and limit orders✔️ Likely supports various order types
🛡️ Risk Management✔️ Options for risk management strategies✔️ Options for risk management strategies
👁️ User InterfaceVariesUser-friendly interface with tutorials
💵 CostFree trading bots, 0.05% trading fee$19 to $99 per month, plus add-ons for additional features
🔒 Reliability & Security✔️ Robust security measures✔️ Robust security measures, including two-factor authentication
👌 Ease of UseMay require some expertiseDesigned for ease of use with clear instructions
💰 Pricing StructureLow trading fees, no subscription for botsSubscription-based with additional costs for extra features

Top features of Cryptohopper

A Cryptohopper trading bot is a trading bot that is easy to use and is made for both new and experienced cryptocurrency traders. It allows manual, semi-automated, and fully automated modes. 

When combined with a sound strategy, Cryptohopper has the potential to generate trading profits in all types of markets, including bullish, bearish, and ranging sideways. 

Another useful feature is technical analysis, which allows the trading bot to search the market for early reversal signs and sell short when the price goes down. 

When Cryptohopper was first introduced in 2017, it was the world’s first “hopper” bot and has attracted a lot of traders interested in trading in short intervals (minutes or hours) with the use of automation. 

Other features of the Cryptohopper trading bot include arbitrage trading, a free copy trading tool that mirrors trades from experts, a market-making bot, and a trailing stop-loss option. The arbitrage feature allows you to trade arbitrage without having to withdraw from one exchange and deposit to another, which takes a long time and may result in a missed arbitrage opportunity.

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Top features of Pionex

The Pionex exchange has a daily volume of over $500 million, so you won’t have to worry about your trading bots stopping due to low liquidity (Pionex is a Binance and Huobi liquidity aggregator). 

The Pionex platform offers 16 free trading bots that can accommodate the needs of all types of traders. Pionex requires users to pass a KYC process, which is automated and smooth, usually taking under 10 minutes.

The exchange can also be used to trade cryptocurrencies in manual mode and has low fees of just 0.05% per trade or transaction. Other Pionex features include responsive and friendly customer support via live chat or email and fast deposits and withdrawals (under 15 minutes) for the 120+ supported cryptocurrencies

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Differences between Pionex and Cryptopper

Pionex trading bots are built-in tools that use the exchange to trade without connecting to any third-party exchange. Cryptopper works differently by using APIs to access your accounts from other cryptocurrency exchanges (such as Coinbase Pro, Binance, or Kucoin) to trade on those particular platforms. 

Kucoin or Binance also offers built-in trading bots like Pionex, but they have fewer features when compared to Pionex.

Pionex vs. Cryptohopper (Pricing)

All 16 trading bots from Pionex are free, and the platform only charges 0.05% per transaction. That usually reduces to 0.1% per trading session since you only pay a fee when you start and close the Pionex bot (which buys and sells assets once). 

Cryptohopper has four different pricing plans, starting with the free plan, Explorer ($16.58/month), Adventurer ($41.58/month), and Hero ($83.25/month). Cryptohopper’s trading fees depend on the exchanges it supports.

Pionex Vs. Cryptohopper – Number of trading bots

Pionex has 16 different types of trading bots, while the Cryptohopper platform has 5.

Copy trading and signals

Both Pionex and Cryptohopper offer copy trading, but Pionex offers that feature to users with a $50,000 portfolio. Pionex does not have a signals section, but the Cryptohopper website contains a list of dozens of signal providers, some of which are paid options.

Trading strategies

Pionex bots feature a variety of trading strategies, such as spot grid trading, the Martingale bot, spot-futures, rebalancing, margin grid, reverse grid, leveraged reverse grid, DCA, and more. Cryptohopper’s trading bots use three different trading strategies: automated trading, arbitrage trading, and market making.

User interface

Pionex is available as an Android and iOS application and a web-based interface to which you can log in with your mobile device by scanning a QR code. 

The app interface is straightforward and intuitive, and it has good documentation that explains every feature in detail. Cryptohopper can be installed on Android and iOS or accessed via a web-based interface.

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Customer service and community

Pionex and Cryptohopper trading bots offer good-quality customer support services, with Pionex offering live chat and email support and Cryptohopper email support only. As of this writing, none of the platforms provide phone support. 


Is Pionex a good bot

Yes. Pionex is a good platform for automating trading bots, even for a beginner. The platform has a built-in cryptocurrency exchange, and the documentation available on their website makes it easy to understand how each trading bot works.

Is Cryptohopper a good trading bot

Yes. Cryptohopper’s simplicity and integration with the largest cryptocurrency exchanges make it one of the best available trading bots on the market.

Does Pionex have a scalping bot

The Pionex platform offers a grid bot that can be set up with a tight price range, essentially acting like a scalper bot.

What is the Pionex withdrawal fee

Pionex withdrawal fees depend on each cryptocurrency. Some digital assets, like TRC-20 tokens and Litecoin, have low withdrawal fees, but Bitcoin and Ethereum have higher fees.

How do I get money out of my Pionex

Pionex does not allow fiat withdrawals, so to move funds out of the platform, you will have to withdraw one of the supported cryptocurrencies. You can withdraw digital assets to your wallet, or if you want to cash out funds, you can send them to an exchange that allows the service, like Binance.com.

Is Cryptohopper fully automated

Yes. Cryptohopper’s trading bot is fully automated. However, users can also use it in manual and semi-automated modes.

Which Pionex bot is the best

The Pionex Grid Trading bot is among the most popular on the platform. Another good choice is Bitcoin Growth Bot, which had seen positive returns for 90% of its users in October, making it a good choice for earning bitcoin passively in the long run.

What is the minimum deposit on Pionex

The minimum deposit on the Pionex platform depends on the cryptocurrency and starts at $0.5 USDT.

Is Pionex Chinese

No. Pionex is a Singapore-based company.

Can trading bots make you rich

Yes. Many traders have started with small amounts of money and grown their cryptocurrency portfolios using trading bots. Most successful traders use a good strategy combined with real-time technical analysis and indicators.

Are scalper bots profitable

Yes, scalping is one of the most profitable trading styles among cryptocurrency traders. But compared to other strategies, scalping is a lot of work because users sometimes have to make hundreds of trades every day. 

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