Nebeus Review | How Safe is Nebeus Crypto Lender?

Nebeus Review | How Safe is Nebeus Crypto Lender?
Nebeus Review | How Safe is Nebeus Crypto Lender?
Based in London, it is one of the best exchanges if you are residing in Europe.
Two-factor verification and one of the best cold-wallet secured exchanges
Requires a unique pin for every withdrawal

In the bustling landscape of digital finance, Nebeus emerges as a multifaceted platform offering a suite of services for crypto enthusiasts. From crypto-backed loans to an integrated exchange, Nebeus endeavors to be a one-stop solution for those looking to merge traditional and modern financial practices.

This Nebeus review delves into the diverse features, services, and user experiences offered by the platform, providing insights into its benefits, fees, and operational scope

Quick summary:
Topic 💡Description
Crypto Loans 💵Users can secure fiat currency loans using crypto deposits as collateral. There are quick loans with up to 50% LTV and flexible loans with up to 80% LTV.
Crypto Exchange 🔄Nebeus features an integrated crypto exchange allowing users to buy, sell, and convert leading cryptocurrencies and select top fiat currencies.
Crypto Wallet and Banking Service 🏦Nebeus offers an integrated crypto wallet and banking service enabling users to accept crypto and fiat payments and initiate transactions with third parties.
Staking 💰Nebeus provides an integrated staking service, allowing users to stake cryptocurrency to earn up to 7.5% APY.
Crypto Renting 💸Users can rent their crypto to Nebeus for up to 12.85% APY.
Nebeus Visa Card 💳The Nebeus Visa card allows users to spend their fiat and crypto funds wherever Visa is accepted.
Fees 💳Nebeus has varying fees for different services. A fixed 0.35% trading fee is charged for buying, selling, or exchanging crypto. Quick loans have a 2.5% origination fee. Nebeus crypto and basic money accounts are free, while the HODLer money account has a 4.5 EUR monthly fee, and the Nebeus Whale account has a 9.5 EUR fee. Nebeus money transactions cost 1%, and all incoming fiat and crypto payments are free. The Nebeus Visa card has a daily spending limit of 10,000 EUR and a 600 EUR ATM withdrawal limit.
Supported Countries 🌍Nebeus money accounts are available in all EU countries. Crypto accounts are available worldwide, excluding regions like Russia, Cuba, Burundi, Iran, North Korea, and a few others.
Users 👥Nebeus, primarily a European crypto-backed lending company, operates mainly in the UK and Europe, transacting over £30 Million to date. It caters to a diverse user base including individual investors, traders, small businesses, and freelancers, allowing withdrawals in 25+ coins using several methods.

Review of Nebeus

With an impressive 98% of client crypto-assets stored in an offline cold wallet, Nebeus certainly has something to boast about. This London-based exchange provides you with services such as a crypto wallet, a crypto exchange, a bank, and a lender.

Nebeus Website

All-in-one crypto wallet, exchange, bank, and lender

Founded in 2014 by Sergey Romansovskiy, Nebeus is one of the few crypto exchanges around that places your crypto assets and fiat currencies in the same wallet. By mimicking one’s wallet in real life that often contains fiat cash and credit and debit cards from multiple financial institutions and coupling this with storage in an offline cold wallet, Nebeus provides the best combination of convenience and security.

Nebeus supported coins and features

Currently, Nebeus only supports Bitcoin, ETH, and the Nebeus Token (NBTK).

Cryptocurrency loans

Yes, you can borrow using your Bitcoin or ETH as collateral.  Due to the rapid and frequent price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies, Nebeus currently allows borrowing anywhere from 72% to 80% of your collateral.  The interest rate on those Nebeus loans is 10.55%.  You can choose the flexible loan funds in US dollars British pounds or Euros.

There are two types of loans available – quick and flexible loans.

These rates are very competitive and they can proudly stand side by side with the crypto lending platforms like BlockFi, YouHodler, Coinloan, and Celsius.

Nebeus Cryptocurrency Loans

Savings account

Nebeus savings account is a great way to earn interest on your idle crypto assets.  Nebeus’s high-yield savings account pays 8.25% interest and the interest earnings are paid in fiat.

This is almost as good as Binance Savings, which is the industry leader.

Two-Factor Transaction Confirmation

To improve security and reduce instances of hacked user accounts each transaction requires a one-time-use pin generated for each and every transaction

Free User Transactions

For an exchange to provide, it is not common to offer free person-to-person transfers. Nebeus provides this free transfer service with Nebeus Quickpay.

How much does Nebeus cost?

The unique cold wallet for the storage of your Bitcoin or ETH is a free service from Nebeus.

Does Nebeus charge transaction fees?

Only withdrawal of funds incurs fees on Nebeus. The withdrawal fees for the withdrawal of Bitcoin is charged at a fee of 2.5% of the value of the transaction + 0.80 EUR or 0.0005 BTC

How fast are Nebeus’ transfer speeds?

As we discussed above, the transfer from the user to the user of Nebeus is instant and free via Nebeus Quickpay. However, transfer out can take as long as 24 hours. The processing of a Bitcoin transaction is mainly dependent on how many pending transactions are on the Blockchain(Bitcoin/Ethereum) and is not something that Nebeus cannot control.

Are there limits to how much crypto my Nebeus can hold?

There are no maximum deposit limits on your account. However, due to taxation purposes and anti-money laundering regulations, depending on your account’s verification level, there may be limits of between £250 and £550,000 applied to your account.

How much are the Nebeus exchange’s fees and commissions?

On crypto trades, Nebeus charges a fee of 0.3% of the crypto assets traded.

What devices can I use Nebeus on?

Nebeus could be accessed on all desktops, laptops, smartphones (Android and iOS), and tables.

Is Nebeus secure?

Nebeus provides a full suite of security features, including a cold wallet (offline) storage, 2-factor authentication, PIN plus 2-factor authentication for all withdrawals, and requiring PIN verification before changing your wallet address.

Is Nebeus regulated?

Like most crypto exchanges and marketplaces, Nebeus is not regulated by any domestic or international regulatory body. However, it voluntarily follows the KYC/AML requirements that a bank follows before allowing new accounts to open and voluntarily monitors for any funds procured through fraud and suspected illegal activities.

Do I have to verify my Nebeus Wallet?

Yes! The process can take up to 3 working days and require you to produce a photo ID and a secondary ID such as a utility bill to confirm the provided address.

Customer support

There are no direct ways to contact customer support at Nebeus. However, a user can get help by submitting support tickets through a mechanism on the website. The response time varies by the complexity and urgency of the issue.

Our verdict

The Nebeus platform does a stellar job in providing security to funds and transactions of the members. With 98% crypto assets in cold wallets, it ensures that all hacking threats to wallets are eliminated. The speed and procedure of transactions are great, and the fees are lower than many other exchanges. However, with support for only two cryptocurrencies, it limits user choices who wish to trade in more currencies or tokens.

How to send crypto with Nebeus

  1. Open your crypto account. If the payment you are making to another Nebeus user, click the “Send to Nebeus User” button.
  2. Generate a new PIN code to be sent to your email.
  3. Confirm all the details of the transaction, add the PIN code and complete the transaction.

How to receive crypto with Nebeus

Nebeus has made it very convenient for users to receive payments. It provides the user with their individualized QR code that they can send to the payer and have them scan the QR code you sent. The payer has to scan the QR code to pay you. The receiving party will get a notification of the successful transfer.


8 Total Score

  • Based in London, it is one of the best exchanges if you are residing in Europe.
  • Two-factor verification and one of the best cold-wallet secured exchanges
  • Requires a unique pin for every withdrawal
  • Wallets are not insured in case there is a breach on the exchange due to platform vulnerabilities.
  • Many UI bugs in the verification in the KYC/AML procedure section of the site.
  • A limited number of cryptocurrencies to store and trade
  • EUR/$ withdrawals are limited to $1500, and each withdrawal incurs fees.
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