Invity Review – Is Invity Legit & Safe To Use?

Invity Review – Is Invity Legit & Safe To Use?
Invity Review – Is Invity Legit & Safe To Use?
It allows you to choose the crypto exchange with the best rate at any given time.
It has a transparent fee structure.
The website design makes it easy for even newbies to purchase crypto.
It has a few innovative features, like Coinmap, Invity Academy, etc.
It has a physical office, which lends further to its authenticity.
It fully integrates with the Trezor wallet through the Trezor Suite.

When this article was written, Coinmarketcap reported a total of 502 crypto exchanges registered on its platform. Each crypto exchange has its peculiarities, but they all serve the similar purpose of allowing users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies.

As a user, it might be confusing for you to make your pick among these many exchanges. If only you had a tool that would compare these exchanges for you and help you pick out the one with the best rate?!

This article will expose you to one of such tools, Invity. Follow me as I take you through.


Invity was created in 2019 by SatoshiLabs, a manufacturer of the famous Bitcoin hardware wallet Trezor. It is based in the Czech Republic and serves as a comparison tool that helps users compare the best exchange rates across the cryptocurrency world and make purchases accordingly.

It is the perfect comparison tool for newbies just starting out in the world of cryptocurrencies as it makes the process of purchase and comparison entirely streamlined. It is also fully integrated with Trezor, one of the world’s leading hardware wallets (Trezor Suite).

It was initially designed solely to assist Trezor users in comparison and transactional activities within the Trezor suite. However, regardless of the wallet you use, Invity is now accessible to everyone, not only through Trezor Suite. Also with Invity you can buy bitcoin direct to custody with Trezor Suite.


The following features stand out about Invity and will be discussed further in this article:

  • Crypto Purchases with fiat
  • Crypto exchanges with other cryptos

Also, there are some exciting upcoming features that we will mention as this article progresses.


Invity has partnered with about eight payment processors to ensure that the process of buying crypto is as simple as it can be. The payment options are Banxa, Simplex, BTC Direct, Wyre, CEX.IO, Coinify, and MercuryO

To buy crypto on the platform, select ‘Buy Crypto‘ from the website and follow the prompts as indicated. It’s a pretty straightforward process that also involves a few warning messages popping up occasionally.

You can currently buy about 14 different cryptocurrencies on Invity with 38 fiat currencies. You can also exchange cryptocurrencies with each other and sell crypto for fiat currency whenever you deem fit.


This is another feature of Invity, one that still awaits a launch date. How will it go? Simply put, this feature will help you make dollar-cost averaging purchases.

More information will surface when this feature is released, but what we know now is that it’ll involve regular purchases of crypto using fiat from your bank and depositing it in a crypto wallet of your choosing.


Coinmap is a sponsored project by the Invity team that shows crypto enthusiasts the real-life applications of cryptocurrencies in the fintech and commerce world.

It does this by linking you up with over 20,000 different ATMs and businesses worldwide that accept and pay out cryptocurrencies. It’s like an index of sorts and is ever-growing as anyone can add a listing for free.

This feature runs on a different website,, and also offers a way to buy and exchange crypto using various payment service providers.


Invity has a transparent fee structure, showing you all you will have to pay in one crypto transaction; there are no hidden fees. The fees charged differ with each payment methods and are shown in the table below:

BTC Direct2.5%-4%
Wyre1.2%-4.9% + $0.3(minimum total should be $5)
Simple Coin2.2%-4%

There are also other fees associated with exchanging cryptocurrencies with one another. The fees are:


Being backed by a platform as reputable as SatoshiLabs, Invity strives to protect its customers by vigorously verifying the authenticity of its payment processing partners. Thus, users can be certain that they won’t be scammed when they buy through Invity.


At the moment, Invity does not have a mobile app. All transactions on the platform are done through its website.


The following features are expected to be launched on Invity later in 2022:

Invity Invest

With this feature, users can systematically invest in Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. It only needs to be set up once, and then it becomes automatic from there.

Invity Academy

As the name suggests, this will be the place for crypto newbies to be introduced into the world of cryptocurrencies. It will be presented in a multimedia format and will be structured from beginner to intermediate to advanced levels.


Invity trumps most of its competitors because it’s rare to find a platform that combines all its properties. Its ease of use and direct crypto services make it a notch above the rest. However, Changelly, Coinbase, Coinmarketcap, and a few other crypto platforms may be considered worthy alternatives.


Invity is a one-of-a-kind service that aims to make it seamless to buy, sell, exchange, and use crypto. With its user-friendly interface and innovative features, even crypto newbies can make sense of the crypto world.

To cap it off, it provides a non-custodial service, making it a trusted platform since it doesn’t hold your coins. Therefore, you don’t really have much to lose, do you? Why not try it out? Remember, though, that you are in charge of your own decisions in the crypto world. Therefore, look before you leap.

7.9 Total Score

  • It allows you to choose the crypto exchange with the best rate at any given time.
  • It has a transparent fee structure.
  • The website design makes it easy for even newbies to purchase crypto.
  • It has a few innovative features, like Coinmap, Invity Academy, etc.
  • It has a physical office, which lends further to its authenticity.
  • It fully integrates with the Trezor wallet through the Trezor Suite.
  • Some of the features are still currently undeveloped.
  • A limited number of cryptocurrencies.
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