Cryptouniverse Review – Is Cryptouniverse legit or scam?

If you are looking for a way to mine Bitcoin without the need to invest in expensive hardware then cloud mining may be for you. Cloud Mining is a method of mining cryptocurrency through the use of a remote datacenter with large amounts of processing power. This type of mining enables users to mine cryptocurrency without the need to invest in or maintain the often expensive hardware.

Many factors come in to play when it comes to cloud mining with the most critical factor being the current state of the cryptocurrency market. The higher a coins price, the more that miners are attracted to the market. An increase in mining results in a higher overall hash rate within the network, making mining more profitable. A decrease in the coins price results in low network hash rate resulting in losses to miners.

As you probably know, the Cryptocurrency market is extremely volatile. Cryptouniverse offer a solution to this problem by changing the cost of their mining contacts to suit the market price. This setup provides more opportunity for anyone who wants to get involved in cloud mining to earn without relying on the market price.

Cryptouniverse Summary

Cryptouniverse is just one of many cloud mining platforms that allows the user to earn cryptocurrency easily through the rental of hardware that is running in a remote location.

To get started, all you need to do is register to the company’s website, make a deposit and invest in a contract plan. Cryptouniverse have taken into account investors of all levels, offering multiple different contract plans at all price points, making it something that anyone can get involved in.

The company also provides the option for the user to buy mining equipment that they will run and maintain for you. The company will take a small fee for the maintenance of your miner and transfer you the rest of the profits.

A contract is a lot cheaper than buying a miner; however, it brings you less profit. A miner requires a larger initial investment, but it is more profitable in the long run, with most of the hardware paying for itself after around 10 months. Cloud mining contracts are best suited for individuals who are looking for a simple entry point into the world of mining. Buying a miner is something you might want to consider after testing the platform through the use of a contract.



At the current rate of Bitcoin, one can expect to make a yield of 130% per annum through cloud mining. If the service charge exceeds the mining charge, the contract will be suspended and continue once mining becomes profitable again. Even the cheapest deal can yield profits and with arrangements starting at just $27 it’s easy to get involved. Reinvestment of any gains can further increase your hash rate allowing the user to increase their stream of passive income over time.

User Friendly

The Cryptouniverse UI is incredible simple, making it very easy to work with; after setup, you can start mining in just a few minutes. In the account section, you can check your balance and also find detailed statistics, analytics, forecasts and all the necessary settings. The simple UI makes it very easy to navigate, allowing you to monitor your mining performance with ease.

CryptoUniverse Website Homepage


The cryptocurrency market is prone to hackers; the market loses billions of dollars every year from hacks on exchange platforms. These security flaws are one of the significant drawbacks of cryptocurrency, but something that Cryptouniverse has a solution for.

Cryptouniverse are continually working on and improving their security features. The website is well-protected from all types of DDoS attacks; it uses GlobalSign’s SSL certificate for a secure connection. The site also offers protection of the users’ accounts with a two-factor authentication process. 

The platform is secured and run by some highly skilled workers, making it near impossible to hack the system. Customer funds are safe through the use of encrypted private keys and cold wallets, and the server is inspected every month, with manual checking of each transaction on the network.

Uninterrupted Mining

Sophisticated software alongside a state of the art ventilation system ensures the operation runs efficiently. If there are any problems with the hardware, the users mining contract will automatically be switched to run on the backup facilities. The use of a backup network allows the company to guarantee 24/7 continuous mining.

Multiple Contract Plans

The wide range of contract plans makes cryptouniverse perfect for any investor. The company have great options for people on a low budget helping to make cloud mining accessible to someone on a lower budget.

Remote Datacenters

The primary data centres are in Russia. The cold climate in areas such as Siberia provides access to hydropower, allowing for the fast and efficient cooling of hardware. 

Russia also have abundant coal reserves and supplies of gasoline, meaning that electricity costs are among some of the lowest in the world; this low energy cost makes mining with cryptouniverse a very affordable option.

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Multiple Payment Methods

CryptoUniverse accepts payments through VISA, Mastercard and direct bank transfer if you’d rather pay with a cryptocurrency they also have you covered, as they take both Bitcoin and Litecoin as means of payment.

Worry-Free Deposits and Withdrawals

Any cryptocurrency that the user mines is added to their balance every day, making it easy for the user to keep track of their profits.

Withdrawal of funds is also a straightforward process, there are no fees involved, and you receive your funds within two days.

Affiliate Program

Customers can also earn through the Cryptouniverse Affiliate Program.

The Affiliate program is a unique way that can help you build a passive income by referring the site to potential customers. All you have to do is register to the affiliate section of the site to get a referral link. Share the link information with new visitors, and you will earn up to 10% of any funds spent by your referrals.

We recommend Nicehash instead


As the cryptocurrency trend continues to grow, more and more people are seeking reliable and affordable cloud mining services. Cryptouniverse is one company that offer cloud mining and they have been operating since 2017. The company provide mining services in Bitcoin and Litecoin. 

The company offer contracts from as low as $27, meaning that anyone can get involved. The data centres in Russia allow for fast and efficient cooling of the mining hardware, which in turn results in lower maintenance fees for the customer. The network runs 24/7, and there is a backup network ensuring that your mining contract will run even if there is a problem with the system.

The easy to use user interface alongside the affordable rates makes Cryptouniverse one of the best cloud mining solutions on the market. We recommend you test the platform through the use of a mining contract before investing in a mining rig that will be run and maintained on the network, ensuring you can yield maximum profits. 

7 Total Score

Ease of use
Customer support
  • Profitable
  • User Friendly
  • Secure
  • Uninterrupted Mining
  • Multiple Contract Plans
  • Remote Datacenters
  • Multiple Payment Methods
  • Worry-Free Deposits and Withdrawals
  • Affiliate Program
  • Bad rep
  • Scam allegations around the net
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Cryptouniverse Review – Is Cryptouniverse legit or scam?
Cryptouniverse Review – Is Cryptouniverse legit or scam?

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