Coinmerce Review [2022] – Fees, Withdrawal Times, Security

Coinmerce Review [2022] – Fees, Withdrawal Times, Security
Coinmerce Review [2022] – Fees, Withdrawal Times, Security
Coinmerce Review [2022] – Fees, Withdrawal Times, Security
Acceptable fees
Safe & registered company
Wide range of supported coins

Coinmerce is a multi-currency crypto platform where investors can buy and sell digital tokens and coins and exchange them whenever they need. The company offers several benefits to both beginner and professional investors looking to grow their wealth through trading. Established in 2017, Coinmerce was founded by two brothers passionate about crypto to provide a platform for traders to buy and sell various cryptocurrencies beside bitcoins. The company is headquartered in Aalsmeer, Netherlands, and available around the clock, allowing users to trade anytime, globally.

Before considering Coinmerce as your cryptocurrency exchange, learning about it, including features and compatibility with different devices. The volume, size, and liquidity are also vital factors when considering Coinmerce for your bitcoin trading. As among the most preferred by investors, learners and professionals should initially familiarize themselves with Coinmerce. That said, this review provides great insights to get answers to all your queries about the company.

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Features of Coinmerce


The Coinmerce app provides an easy-to-use platform suitable for beginners with no idea regarding crypto trading. As a beginner, you can readily register, make a deposit, and buy bitcoins swiftly. The app also includes an excellent user interface, which makes it easy to navigate regardless of the actions being performed at any given period.

Instant Verification

Another exciting feature about Coinmerce is its fast verification technique enabling you to begin buying and exchanging digital coins. Once you register, the app saves your data, sends it to the company database, and you are ready to begin playing. Besides, the buying and selling of coins are fast, eliminating delays associated with lagging operations. 

Cold Storage

Hacks and cyber-attacks have been largely witnessed with crypto exchanges, especially the companies involved. As to minimize such attacks, it is essential to keep tokens and coins safe and away from third-parties. This is where cold storage comes in, which traders get to store their cryptocurrencies offline, which is an excellent method to prevent coins and money theft. Coinmerce accompanies these features that allow users to keep their coins secure against theft.

Mobile App

Coinmerce accompanies one of the best features in cryptocurrency trading that makes it the best in the industry. The app is compatible with different mobile devices, mostly smartphones, which have become common nowadays. This allows users to acquire the app on any mobile device, register, and begin trading. Besides, it comes with all the necessary features that facilitate cryptocurrency trading. 

Integrated Wallet

Coinmerce comes with an integrated wallet with all the functions to enable investors to manage the tokens and coins readily. The wallet includes different features, including an option to secure it and transfer your coins to external wallets. It is also easy-to-use and suitable for first-time crypto traders with limited knowledge regarding cryptocurrency and wallets.

Offers More Than 140 Different Digital Coins and Tokens

Coinmerce has a single app where you can manage, buy, and trade lots of multiple cryptocurrencies ranging from bitcoins to Ethereum. Here, traders can switch between tokens while continually selling and buying at a preferred number of coins. This is often straightforward for new traders ranging from registrations to navigating through different places when buying or selling coins. When trading, 2-step authentication is often required for security purposes. 

Coinmerce offers a great platform for investors, especially beginners, to have a seamless trading process. For this reason, you don’t need any knowledge to maneuver through the app, as everything is simplified to ease the stress of learning about crypto trading. However, it is essential to activate the 2-step authentication on any exchange you plan to trade with money. Notably, make your account secured to avoid any security threat leading to hacks and other related cyber-attacks.

Wallet Support

Using the smartphone app, traders can store the crypto purchase and manage it on the online wallet. You can also transfer coins to external wallets, such as during cold storage when securing it against hacks. Users can also withdraw from their external wallets purchased from cryptocurrencies effortlessly.  Investors can readily check the balance on the wallet within the app and decide the amount to trade coins, among other functions supported by the crypto wallet.


Like most crypto exchanges, Coinmerce consists of a variable percentage of service costs determined by the commission. Basically, the commission is a specific percentage of the total amount paid to the other party, Coinmerce. At Coinmerce, the commission range is based on the transaction’s size, the volume of the trade, and transaction cost. On average, the commission often ranges between 0.45 to 1.5 percent depending on the trade at hand.

Language Support

Language is vital when trading Crypto when using brokers and platforms from other countries, speaking different languages. With this, Coinmerce comes with a unique approach where the company offers trading capabilities across different languages. Some of these languages include German, Dutch, English, Spanish, French, and Italian. Traders who understand or speak these languages can interact with the company freely and sell or buy tokens effectively and efferently. 

Benefits of Coinmerce

Implementing a mobile app was to make buying and selling digital coins efficient, fast, and exciting for traders. Coinmerce tends to make this approach practical as it incorporates several benefits that make it suitable for most traders. Besides, it is evident that most investors to enjoy buying and selling tokens while in the best platform available, Coinmerce. That said, here are the key benefits of this mobile crypto app;

Large Offer of 140+ Different Cryptocurrencies

Buying and selling of more than 140 different cryptocurrencies is a significant benefit for most traders. As such, traders can choose individual cryptocurrencies of their choice and depend on their trading goals. The best thing is that Coinmerce comes second from Bitladon, which has over 200 different currencies. Besides, you can also trade bitcoins, Ethereum, Ripple, and among other tokens between themselves or for cash.

New Coins Added Regularly

By 2018, Coinmerce had only 75 different coins, which seemed to limit investors. Presently, it offers over 140 different cryptocurrency tokens, making it the second-largest platform in terms of the number of coin types. Coins are listed on its platform depending on what the community needs. Their Twitter account keeps you updated on the latest news and listings. When the new coins are added, the trader has a wider choice of coins to trade.

Trade Everywhere With The App

A smartphone is portable, and with the app on your phone, you can trade the cryptocurrency anywhere, anytime. Again, the app enables you to buy and sell coins without visiting the broker’s website. You also know the value of your coins because you can review them anytime you need to. If you get an opportunity where you can trade the coins, you do it, and this saves you time.

coinmerce mobile app

24/7 Support Via all Available Channels

Some brokers are available for their clients only during office hours. However, Coinmerce offers 24/7 support to its clients. This enables clients to acquire help whenever they need clarification when trading. They are always active on all websites, including WhatsApp, Live Chat, Email, Twitter, and Facebook. They can answer all your questions regarding trading. 

How to Buy Crypto at Coinmerce

You can buy crypto via the web application or via the app. Investors can choose the cryptocurrency they need to buy from the different coins available. After choosing, they enter the cost they need to spend and then click the buy button. They also choose to fill the amount of crypto they need in the number of coins or euros.

If you choose to fill the amount in euros, any number of coins you get are calculated automatically. If you choose to fill the amount in several coins, it automatically calculates the cost in euros. You can then pay using the payment method of your choice among the payment methods offered. 

Coinmerce Dutch Central Bank Registered

Selling Crypto

For investors to sell cryptocurrencies, they choose the ones they need to sell and how much they need to sell them. They can also choose whether to use the number of euros or the number of coins. After clicking on sell, you can’t proceed before answering whether you are sure you need to sell the coins. This ensures that you don’t make a mistake before selling your cryptos.

Coins purchased can be sold through the app or sell the cryptocurrencies after depositing them in your account. After selling your cryptocurrencies, the money is transferred to your bank account. You should relax and wait for your money because it could take a few days before the payment reflects in your verified bank account.

Verifications and Limits

Coinmerce has three verification levels that are currently operational. At the first verification level, investors deposit a minimum of 0,01 Eurocents to verify their bank account. They can trade for a week but no more than €500. After verification, the investor’s name must match their bank account. Level 2 is mandatory if you need to trade for more than a week. A picture of your ID is needed, and after verification, you can trade a maximum of €20000 a day or €60000 a week. If you need to achieve a higher limit, you should contact Coinmerce support to set your limit depending on your wishes. 

All investors must be verified to trade at Coinmerce. Verifying your bank account ensures your funds are secure, and also you can receive your payment after selling cryptocurrencies. Verification also ensures the company complies with the Dutch laws, where every trader should be confirmed. Therefore, verification ensures that cryptocurrencies’ trading is smooth and efficient, and only legit traders can trade.

Coinmerce Fees, Prices, and Costs

Opening an account at Coinmerce is free for everyone. However, a certain percentage is charged on service fees. If you buy cryptos in a smaller amount, the transaction costs are more expensive. You also pay a fee ranging from 0,30 to 3.5%, depending on the payment method you use. You can also choose the payment method depending on your trading goals. You should ensure to choose a payment method that doesn’t charge a high fee, especially if you buy coins in small amounts. However, it’s free if it’s a bank transfer payout.

coinmerce payment method

Is Coinmerce Safe and Company Information

Coinmerce is safe to trade in because all your personal information is encrypted. No external sources can retrieve data or information regarding the clients. A transaction was done using the company’s services, and it was assumed to be safe. was founded in November 2017. It’s a Dutch-based and private limited company. It’s registered in Amstelveen and is part of Coinmerce B.V. The company has holdings in three companies whose directors are privately authorized. It’s easier to trade in Coinmerce because you don’t need a laptop to log in but trade using the smartphone.

Is There an App Available?

At Coinmerce, traders use a smartphone app to trade. A smartphone is portable; hence you can trade anywhere and anytime. Again, the app was designed such that you only click a few times to trade. Buying and selling cryptocurrencies is straightforward on the app, and you don’t need to ask for help from brokers. While using the app, you have to answer questions that appear on a window asking whether you are sure of what you just clicked. This ensures that you buy or sell what you wish and fill the correct amount you need to spend. 

Are There Any Problems Associated with Coinmerce Cryptocurrency Trading?

Extreme volatility is the biggest problem associated with trading cryptocurrency general. The cryptocurrency price swing from low to high and vice versa on exchange platforms within a short period. If an asset’s price drops by a high percentage, the market volatility is high. Volatility increases the risk of trading cryptocurrencies because you can buy a coin at a high price and sell it at a low price. This causes losses to many investors. There are no Coinmerce-specific problems with Coinmerce trading.

Bottom Line

Coinmerce is a safe cryptocurrency broker that accompanies various unique features that stand out from the rest. The mobile app’s introduction tends to be the most useful feature within the trading process, allowing beginners to quickly enter the crypto world. This allows you to trade with the comfort of your mobile phone without accessing your computer. That said, this review enables you to learn more about Coinmerce and how unique it is in the industry.

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8.4 Total Score

Ease of use
Supported assets
Customer support
  • Acceptable fees
  • Safe & registered company
  • Wide range of supported coins
  • Lesser known platform
intelligent crypto
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