What Is Hive Coin (HVN)?


The Hive Coin project is a platform based on a blockchain and designed to provide the user with quick and cost-effective liquidity.

The business model revolves around factoring, in which a factor or buys receivables that have not yet been settled and then takes care of the procurement of the money.

The more favorable price is particularly relevant for the factored, as the receivables are sold at a lower value.

The seller benefits from the rapid liquidation of receivables.

For factoring, the blockchain is used, which also guarantees total security within the framework of the transactions.

Also, the blockchain ensures that all account data is secured by a cryptography system.

Furthermore, all duplicate entries in the blockchain are automatically eliminated, so that it is not possible to sell receivables twice.

To offer potential investors a higher level of security, the blockchain of the hive platform is based on an algorithm that provides the market with accurate risk data.

This should enable the risk for third parties to be assessed and convince smaller investors of the platform.

How does the platform behind Hive Coin work?

Hive’s functionality is divided into three steps. In the first step, a company loads its financial data into the blockchain.

The financial data is stored transparently and unchangeable through the various nodes.

This means that it is not possible to change the data. Subsequently, the company has the opportunity to sell receivables if a liquidity bottleneck should arise.

The blockchain equalizes the trust problems of the business world because it is not manipulative.

This enables third parties to rely on correct and trustworthy data so that selling the receivables brings a mutual advantage. Also, the system provides precise data on the business partner, so that a better risk assessment is audible.

What is the current market capitalization of the hive coin?

The Hive Coin is traded on the market under the abbreviation HVN and has already completed the Initial Coin Offering.

This took place on September 20, 2017, and resulted in a valuation of USD 9.9 million. The price per token was USD 0.024.

Also, 375 million tokens were issued. The maximum token limit of the currency is 500 million, which means that only 75% of the total tokens have been issued so far.

At the moment, however, the price per token is $0.021. This results in a market capitalization of $8,004,450.

The all-time high was reached on October 20, with a market capitalization of $11.965 million and a price per token of $0.319.

The lowest level was again on 13 October. Market capitalization at that time was US$ 5.384 million, and the price per token was US$ 0.017.

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Due to the high volatility, HVN is a rather unstable currency, which may surprise with strong price increases.

HVN’s daily trading volume is around $100,537 78 % of daily trading is realized by exchanging HVN and Bitcoin. Also, around 22% of the trade is generated by the exchange of Ethereum and HVN.

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