How To Find New Meme Coins EARLY? Find New PEPE, BOB, SHIBA INU, FLOKI Before Anyone Else

Why Finding Meme Coins Early is Important

Finding meme coins before they become popular is crucial to generating significant returns and changing your financial situation. Just take a look at $PEPE, which saw an incredible 375,000x surge in just 21 days. Such gains are rare and come only to those who find the right meme coin at the right time.

While investing in meme coins can be a risky venture, identifying promising projects early gives you an edge, minimizing the risks and maximizing the rewards. The earlier you buy, the lower the entry cost, and as the coin gains popularity, the price will surge, resulting in substantial profits.

One of the most significant advantages of investing in meme coins is the speed of return. While traditional cryptocurrency investments might take months or even years to generate profits, meme coins can do so within days or even hours. This quick turnaround can provide investors with a reliable source of passive income.

But how do you go about finding these hidden meme coin gems? The first step is to learn the basics of meme coin investing, including understanding the technology behind them, what drives their price, and the different types of meme coins available.

Once you have a stronghold on the basics, it’s time to dig deep and research the right project. Look for coins with a strong community of supporters, active development teams, and high liquidity to reduce transaction fees and easily trade. Check social media platforms and decentralized exchanges for buzz and keep an eye out for early signs of traction and potential partnerships.

When purchasing a meme coin, it’s important to have a strategic mindset. Avoid investing too much in a single project, and always diversify your portfolio. Use the dollar-cost averaging (DCA) method to smooth out price volatility, and focus on buying meme coins with a low maximum supply with a high potential for growth.

Finally, knowing when to take profits is crucial in realizing high returns. Understanding your risk tolerance, setting realistic targets, and having a comprehensive exit strategy will help you protect your investment while enjoying the benefits.

How to Research and Identify Potential Meme Coins

Researching and identifying potential meme coins can be challenging, as these coins rely heavily on psychological drivers rather than fundamentals. However, with the right approach, it is possible to beat the crowd and build a strong position in a promising meme coin before other investors start buying.

To start, keep in mind the “Castle-in-the-Air Theory” popularized by economist John Maynard Keynes. This theory suggests that many investors focus on the probable price rise in the future, rather than estimating intrinsic values. In other words, when investing in meme coins, you are betting on the premise that someone will want to buy the token off you at a higher price in the future.

It’s important to treat meme coin investments as a gamble and acknowledge that there are fewer fundamental drivers to rely on. You can think of meme coins like the games at a casino, with L1s like Ethereum and exchanges acting as the house. However, unlike with a casino game like Roulette where the house always has an edge, there are ways to potentially tip the odds in your favor when investing in meme coins.

Improving your expected value (EV) in meme coin investing requires taking measures to limit risk and identify promising projects. This can include tracking on-chain activity, monitoring social media buzz, and researching the coin’s community of supporters and development team. Look for meme coins with high liquidity to reduce transaction fees and the potential for growth with a low maximum supply.

Keep in mind that investing in meme coins is a highly risky endeavor, and you should always diversify your portfolio and use the dollar-cost averaging (DCA) method to smooth out price volatility. And, of course, always have a comprehensive exit strategy in place to protect your investment.

Overall, research and due diligence are crucial when it comes to identifying potential meme coins. While investing in such coins can be highly speculative, by taking the right approach, you may be able to build positions before others catch on and see significant returns in a short amount of time.

How to Identify Promising Meme Coins

If you’re looking to identify promising meme coins to potentially invest in, there are some key steps you can take to increase your edge and maximize your chances of success:

1. Monitor performance: Keep an eye on which meme coins are performing well. DEXToolsApp is a great resource for tracking top gainers and measuring which memes are gaining momentum from a price perspective.

2. Verify culture: Strong community is essential for the success of any meme coin. Look for memes that are funny, entertaining, and easy to understand. You can track social metrics on LunarCrush or check if the token is being talked about on Twitter, Telegram, Discord, or is trending on Twitter, Google, DexTools or CoinGecko.

3. Research fundamentals: Find out who the team behind the meme coin is, their level of competence, and what the tokenomics are like. Although these questions are often less important when researching meme coins, they can still create an edge and help avoid rugs and exploits. Running an audit on Token_Sniffer and assessing the distribution of wallets on bubblemaps can also help reduce risk.

4. Decide whether to follow the leader or play the rotation game: Consider investing in the leader of a certain niche, like DOGE for Inu coins or PEPE for Frog coins. New liquidity often gravitates towards the leader first, then flows down into smaller coins in that niche. Alternatively, you can try to play the rotation game and invest in smaller caps that emerge underneath a niche leader. While this can result in some nice gains, it may not be the best risk/reward play.

5. Follow the smart money: Look at what successful meme coin traders are buying and consider following their lead.

By taking these steps and doing your due diligence, you can potentially identify promising meme coins before they become popular and see significant returns on your investment. Remember, meme coin investing is highly speculative and risky, so always diversify your portfolio and use caution.

Tools and Resources for Finding Meme Coins Early

Finding promising meme coins before they become mainstream can be challenging, but fortunately, there are some tools and resources you can use to give yourself an edge. Here are some steps you can take:

1. Go onto Etherscan: One way to identify early buyers of successful meme coins like $PEPE is by going onto Etherscan. This will allow you to see the wallet addresses of those who were among the first to invest in successful meme coins. Those early buyers may continue to have an interest in future meme coins, potentially giving you a good lead on undervalued coins to consider.

2. Look for “smart money” wallets: Once you have identified those early buyers, you can look for additional “smart money” wallets on @lookonchain. These are often investors who have a significant amount of crypto assets and have been successful in investing in the past. You can also use this tool to see which meme coins they are investing in.

3. Track the wallets on DeBank: To see what these “smart money” wallets are buying on an ongoing basis, you can track their wallets on DeBank. This tool allows you to see the transactions and investments of certain wallets, so you can keep an eye on the investments made by those you have identified as “smart money” investors.

4. Use the buys as a basis to research further: Once you have identified wallets of promising investors and found patterns in their investments, you can use these buys as a basis for further research. Look into the fundamentals of those meme coins and consider whether their community and development team are strong, or if they fit within a particular niche. Doing this research will help you to assess whether or not it’s worth investing in the coin.

Remember, meme coin investing is often highly speculative and risky, so always diversify your portfolio and use caution. However, by using these tools and resources, you can potentially identify promising meme coins before they become mainstream and see significant returns on your investment.

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How to trade and when to sell

To approach the trade of meme coins, it is important to have a plan in place to ensure that you are managing your investments effectively. Here are three key steps you can take to help guide your buying and profit-taking decisions:

1. Treat it like a casino: Investing in meme coins can be exciting and potentially lucrative, but it is important to approach it with a mindset similar to that of going to a casino. Only invest what you can afford to lose and be prepared for the possibility of losing your entire investment. It’s important to avoid over-allocating and to stick to a budget that you are comfortable with.

2. Only trade meme coins on a separate on-chain wallet: Meme coins can be highly volatile and unpredictable, so it is a good idea to keep your investing capital and your meme coin capital separated by using different wallets. This will help you to avoid emotional trading decisions and maintain a clear sense of your overall investment strategy. You should be comfortable with the possibility of losing 100% of the funds in this new wallet.

3. Use technical analysis (TA) to help you make informed decisions: While conducting accurate TA on meme coins can be challenging due to liquidity constraints and limited historical data, it can still be a useful tool for developing a plan of action. One approach is to wait for significant corrections in price before making a move, then look for high-timeframe (HTF) breakouts to enter or exit a position. This can help you avoid buying or selling at the highest or lowest points of the market. Additionally, you can use dollar-cost averaging (DCA) to spread out your investments over a predetermined period, or make an initial entry at market to hedge against FOMO and lock in a position.

By following these steps, you can manage your portfolio more effectively and potentially increase your chances of success in the meme coin market. However, keep in mind that investing in meme coins can always be risky, so always diversify your portfolio and exercise caution.

When to take profits

Congratulations! You’ve made a great trade with meme coins, and now it’s time to take profits. But how do you do it without risking all your gains? Here’s a strategy to help you maximize your profits while minimizing your risk.

Start by taking out your initial investment after the coin reaches 2x, essentially riding the trade with “house money.” The remaining capital is still yours, but you’re guaranteeing profits on the trade itself. For every additional 2x gain, ladder out a predetermined percentage of your investment. For less risk, continue taking out your initial investment over time, or for a more daring strategy, opt for a smaller percentage for every additional 100% gain.

It’s important to note that this strategy only works up until a top is formed, where the market may experience severe drawdowns. To de-risk at this point, keep an eye on certain indicators that can signal a market top. These indicators include the trading volume flipping market cap, lower highs being formed on a higher timeframe, a decreased number of holders, and significant slowing of holder growth. Additionally, large whales beginning to sell and funding rates shifting from negative to positive are also possible indicators.

While there is no guaranteed way to predict when a top will occur, using a combination of the above indicators can help you de-risk when potential top signs appear. Remember to approach investing in meme coins with a strategy that aims to maximize profits and minimize risks, so you can use the profits to change your life for the better.


In conclusion, investing in meme coins can be a highly profitable but risky venture. To find meme coins before they become popular, it’s important to do thorough research on the coin’s technology, development team, liquidity pool, and community of supporters. Additionally, social media buzz and online communities can provide valuable insights into emerging meme coins.

It’s important to keep in mind that investing in meme coins is a risky investment, and it requires a high level of risk tolerance. The crypto market is highly volatile, and meme coins can experience extreme price fluctuations.

To minimize risks and maximize profits, it’s important to have a strategy in place. One effective strategy is to take out the initial investment once the coin reaches 2x and ladder out a predetermined percentage for every additional 2x gain. It’s also important to pay attention to indicators that could signal a market top, such as trading volume, number of holders, and whale activity.

As with any investment, it’s crucial to exercise caution and never invest more than you can afford to lose. However, with careful research and a well-planned strategy, investing in meme coins can potentially provide passive income and even life-changing profits.

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