Bytecoin Price Prediction 2024 – 2025 – 2030 | BCN Price Forecast

In this guide, we will voice our own and market’s opinion on BCN future while discussing Bytecoin price forecast for 2024 and beyond.

Please bear in mind that you should take this and any other prediction with a grain of salt since predicting anything is a thankless task, let alone predicting the future of a novel, highly volatile financial asset like Bytecoin.

Now, let’s head into it. Before we delve deep into the Bytecoin price prediction and answer questions if BCN is a good investment or not, why will BCN succeed or fail or why will Bytecoin price rise or drop, let’s quickly throw a glance at what is BCN and its to date history.

Bytecoin Intro

Bytecoin is one of the first post-Bitcoin, privacy-focused cryptocurrencies that implements CryptoNote, also used by other privacy coins like Monero.

The Bytecoin team believes Bitcoin’s on-chain transactional privacy is insufficient for a widely used, peer-to-peer value transfer network. Borrowing the CryptoNote white paper, Bytecoin implements one-time ring signatures which enable complete transactional unlinkability between network participants.

Unlinkability is one of two primary transaction data privacy goals for Bytecoin, the other being untraceability. Bytecoin believes Bitcoin does not sufficiently, if at all, meet these privacy requirements, and they aim to build a protocol that does.

Captainaltcoin’s BCN Price Prediction

The cryptocurrency industry has faced increased regulation in 2023, with the SEC and Department of Justice pursuing legal action against major players. This crackdown signals the end of cryptocurrency unbridled early years, as traditional financial institutions enter the market and call for clearer rules. In 2024, significant regulatory clarity is expected.

Several factors have fueled this crypto rebound last year. Most notably, Ripple Labs won a key legal victory against the SEC in June, leading to a short-lived price bounce. Renewed institutional interest has also provided a boost, with major firms like BlackRock pushing for Bitcoin ETF approval in late 2023.

Bitcoin ETF approvals were done in early January 2024, setting a positive tone for the market. Analysts had predicted the SEC would decide on Bitcoin ETF applications between January 5th and 10th, 2024, potentially catalyzing industry growth. The approvals have been seen as a significant step towards mainstream acceptance and have sparked optimism among investors and traders alike. Now, attention is turning towards both pre and post-halving rallies, with the BTC halving scheduled for April 2024, which is expected to further boost Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the broader crypto market.

Looking ahead, proposed 2024 changes like new accounting rules for crypto assets and less hawkish central bank policies could impact markets. Updated accounting standards may allow more corporate Bitcoin reserves. Meanwhile, forthcoming Treasury Department cryptocurrency tax guidelines, applying by 2025, could transform regulations around decentralized finance, NFTs, and digital wallets.

ETF approvals have proven complex but present future investor opportunities if SEC concerns can be addressed.

Bitcoin has more than doubled in 2023, with the recent Wall Street earthquake and upcoming halving expected to further boost Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the broader crypto market. By passing $50,000 for the first time since 2021, Bitcoin has climbed over 200% year-to-date.

Ethereum has also grown following ETF approvals since now many anticipate ETH ETF approvals could be next.

The majority of investors, traders, and crypto influencers are hopeful that the real crypto bull run will finally commence in late 2024, bolstered by the recent ETF approvals and anticipation of the upcoming Bitcoin halving event.

BCN Price Prediction For The Next 90 Days 

Below is a tabular overview of how will BCN develop in the short-term (for the next 90 days), according to our prediction model:

Next 30 days
Next 60 days
Next 90 days
+9.33 % $0.0000
+3.83 % $0.0000
+5.86 % $0.0000
+3.14 % $0.0000
+1.55 % $0.0000
+1.06 % $0.0000
-1.85 % $0.0000
-4.63 % $0.0000
-5.19 % $0.0000
+2.75 % $0.0000
-4.82 % $0.0000
+0.81 % $0.0000
+1.03 % $0.0000
-7.78 % $0.0000
-8.91 % $0.0000
-7.75 % $0.0000
-10.04 % $0.0000
-11.44 % $0.0000
-5.46 % $0.0000
-5.23 % $0.0000
-10.09 % $0.0000
-9.84 % $0.0000
-10.66 % $0.0000
-11.52 % $0.0000
-10.49 % $0.0000
-16.28 % $0.0000
-12.22 % $0.0000
-15.15 % $0.0000
-13.06 % $0.0000
-19.49 % $0.0000
-16.57 % $0.0000
-13.84 % $0.0000
-21.55 % $0.0000
-16.37 % $0.0000
-17.29 % $0.0000
-18.12 % $0.0000
-17.32 % $0.0000
-21.11 % $0.0000
-22.65 % $0.0000
-23.57 % $0.0000
-19.03 % $0.0000
-19.87 % $0.0000
-22.65 % $0.0000
-26.62 % $0.0000
-27.73 % $0.0000
-24.42 % $0.0000
-26.56 % $0.0000
-25.45 % $0.0000
-27.48 % $0.0000
-26.71 % $0.0000
-28.29 % $0.0000
-30.36 % $0.0000
-34.34 % $0.0000
-30.74 % $0.0000
-30.37 % $0.0000
-30.80 % $0.0000
-35.56 % $0.0000
-32.03 % $0.0000
-34.77 % $0.0000
-38.86 % $0.0000
-35.89 % $0.0000
-39.96 % $0.0000
-36.43 % $0.0000
-36.57 % $0.0000
-36.63 % $0.0000
-38.68 % $0.0000
-37.94 % $0.0000
-41.06 % $0.0000
-41.48 % $0.0000
-39.99 % $0.0000
-43.98 % $0.0000
-44.02 % $0.0000
-42.11 % $0.0000
-42.66 % $0.0000
-46.17 % $0.0000
-46.81 % $0.0000
-48.66 % $0.0000
-48.77 % $0.0000
-49.63 % $0.0000
-48.11 % $0.0000
-49.03 % $0.0000
-51.95 % $0.0000
-51.09 % $0.0000
-53.79 % $0.0000
-50.96 % $0.0000
-55.98 % $0.0000
-53.81 % $0.0000
-53.83 % $0.0000
-56.24 % $0.0000
-58.80 % $0.0000

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Bytecoin Price Prediction 2024 

Looking at the first half of 2024, the cryptocurrency market shows promising signs of a potential rebound. Bitcoin’s 150% gain in 2023 and renewed institutional interest indicate positive momentum. BTC is now trading well above $50k. Despite regulatory challenges, the market remains resilient, with a total capitalization of $1.97 trillion. Anticipation is high for a positive and prosperous period ahead, with experts closely monitoring market trends and institutional crypto activity, especially after Bitcoin spot ETF approvals in early 2024. All eyes are now on BTC Halving scheduled for April this year and potential ETH ETF approvals later during the year.

CaptainAltcoin’s prediction model takes market sentiment into an account and reacts accordingly. Below is a month-by-month breakdown for the next 12 months:

2024 Apr
-32.03 % $0.0000
2024 May
-56.24 % $0.0000
2024 Jun
-54.85 % $0.0000
2024 Jul
-50.21 % $0.0000
2024 Aug
-50.37 % $0.0000
2024 Sep
-48.95 % $0.0000
2024 Oct
-45.03 % $0.0000
2024 Nov
-43.86 % $0.0000
2024 Dec
-44.50 % $0.0000
2025 Jan
-44.32 % $0.0000
2025 Feb
-41.05 % $0.0000
2025 Mar
-41.20 % $0.0000

BCN Price Prediction 2025 

Our prediction model sees BCN reaching $0.0000 in 2025.

What will BCN be worth in 5 years?

The price of BCN in 5 years could lie around $0, according to CaptainAltcoin’s prediction model.

Bytecoin Price Prediction 2030 – 2040

What Bytecoin will be worth in 2030?

Our forecasting model sees Bytecoin reaching $0 in 2030.

What Bytecoin will be worth in 2040?

Our forecasting model sees Bytecoin reaching $0 in 2040.

Will Bytecoin replace / surpass / overtake Bitcoin?

No, Bytecoin will not replace or overtake BTC.

Can Bytecoin reach $0.10?

No, our prediction model sees no possibility for Bytecoin to reach $0.10 in the short or mid-term period.

Can Bytecoin reach $1?

No, our prediction model sees no possibility for Bytecoin to reach $1 in the short or mid-term period.

How high will Bytecoin go?

Our forecasting model sees Bytecoin price crashing and dropping to near 0 in a distanced future.

Is Bytecoin worth buying?

We do not see a bright future for Bytecoin. It is worth buying only as a short-term speculation with a good exit strategy. Bytecoin is not a good long-term hold.

Is Bytecoin a good investment?

Bytecoin is not a good investment in our opinion. Why? Well, it faces a fierce competition from other similar crypto projects, does not stand out with its technology and innovation, does not have a genuine community (not counting speculators and hype-chasing crowd) and the team behind the project is unproven.

Can Bytecoin make you a millionaire?

No, Bytecoin can not make you a millionaire as we do not see it doing a 10x price increase any time in the future.

How much will Bytecoin be worth?

For the short-term future, it could reach $0.0000. In the long-term (8-10 years), it will most likely drop to 0 or thereabouts.

Why will Bytecoin succeed and go up in price?

Bytecoin has a slim chance of succeeding. It has no first mover advantage, it brings no unique value proposition, it has a weak team and small community behind it. All of this summed up prevents Bytecoin to succeed and rise in price for the long-term.

What is the short-term prediction for Bytecoin?

Bytecoin will reach $0.0000 in the next 90 days, which is a 58.8% change over the current price which hovers around $0.0000.

Bytecoin Price Prediction Today - What will be the price of Bytecoin tomorrow?

Bytecoin will hover around $0.0000 tomorrow.

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BCN Future Outlook

As a result, over 95% of successful ICOs and cryptocurrency projects will fail and their investors will lose money. The other 5% of projects will become the new Apple, Google or Alibaba in the cryptoindustry. Will BCN be among those 5%?

Almost certainly NO.

After getting canned from Binance and other big exchanges, there are couple of team members (probably some freelance community manager) still surfacing from time to time to promise the “new roadmap” before diving back to obscurity and opaqueness of the Bytecoin desert.

One of the BCN users had a pretty plausible explanation what happened with Bytecoin and where are the developers and core of the team:

“The devs left the ship, did not you notice? the last move they made was, list in binance, send their bcn there, disable all bytecoin portfolios with a DDOS (the Bytecoin wallet allows a DDOS attack that leaves the network dead, if almost no hashpower) and while everyone was trying resuscitate the portfolios they culminated one of the biggest scams of cyptomundo, they sold all their coins and now they do not need to say anything, they have achieved their goal, do not you see?”

If you recall, the top exchanges listing caused the price of this coin to jump to $0.018 and its market cap to go over $3 billion before the issues began. The “private and untraceable” Bytecoin apparently wasn’t prepared to handle this much of an investor interest, as the network “crashed” with no explanation immediately after this massive price spike. No one was able to withdraw or transfer their BCN tokens and the panic kicked in.

Why will Bytecoin (BCN) succeed?

Really hard to see any reason to list here – it is a privacy coin with no innovation, dissipated community, anonymous and ostensibly inactive developer team. There are much better options to use for the privacy concerned users in Monero, Dash and ZCash. Bytecoin simply has no reason to exist.

Why will BCN fail?

Because it was a dubious project from its inception. As Riccardo Spagni, Monero lead developer and crypto insider explains:

“The reality is that 82% of the coins were already mined before its ’public’ release. Even if the premined coins weren’t done so maliciously, it still means 82% of the coins in the hands of persons unknown and invisible. It basically centralizes a decentralized currency.”

82% is a huge number of coins to be premined and gives the developers and stakeholders the opportunity to influence the price of BCN solely with their holdings. What is more, this opens the possibility of a “pump and dump”, meaning that the premined Bytecoins can be dumped on the market which, in turn, would cause the price to drop significantly.

“Even if you take the fact that Monero is clearly leading the innovation race, I would think it dangerous to touch a coin where 82% of it is held by unknown actors who were not publicly observed during the period where they supposedly mined the coin. Having a shady history does not set a good precedent.” –Spagni also says.

Another concerning fact about Bytecoin is that is has been on the market for so long and yet, very little is known about its developers. Even in the official website of the currency, you can only find pictures and first names with no detailed information. To conclude: if you are stuck with bags of this shitcoin, sorry for your loss – sell it if you can and take it as a valuable lesson for the future investing decision.

Will BCN reach $1?

Probably not. It is more likely to reach zero than one dollar.

Is Bytecoin dead?

No, but it is on a life support machine waiting for someone to pull the plug and declare it officially dead.

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