What is the status of IOTA partnerships with Bosch, VW, Fujitsu?

Another interesting discussion popped up in IOTA community. IOTA enthusiasts wanted to get some fresh info on the big-name partnerships IOTA announced last year.

In a thread on Reddit, one of the users asked:

It has been a while since partnerships with major market players have been announced, but have not seen so much info on the progress how those companies are doing on Iota implementation. Are there any success stories or some obstacles, are they still o board? Does anyone have any info?

Here are some of the highlights from the answers he receieved:

“They still speak to VW on a weekly basis–per Dom and Holger.

Bosch has been pretty active, especially in their MAM support.

Fujitsu hasn’t shown anything in the last six months, but that’s not so long in the corporate world, and as far as I know, they’re still working together.

If you want to check your self, you can get most updates listed here (just click “show” for the drop down menu) http://iotaarchive.com/listing.html#/

Also, be patient, things don’t move like crypto in the real world and most corporations move like monoliths when compared to small teams with a singular purpose without any regulatory or strategical concerns.”

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“Let people forget and be reminded when products are launched. If people want to be constantly reminded of partner’s progress out of fear or skepticism, that’s not really a valid reason for a corp to open up their research or strategy as they have bigger issues than what crypto speculators think–also, it’s not like the IF will garner any good will by making such demands. I think people need to relax and realize this is a long man’s game and the first big marker is standardization. “

One of the users suggested for everyone interested in IOTA’s progress to follow Software AG VP of innovation, Christoph Strandl on Twitter.

“Reading through his tweets it’s pretty obvious that he is a huge IOTA fan. In one of his last tweets he answered some questions from the community. He said that Software AG is talking with IOTA to implement the whole Tangle including the token and Quantum. According to him they have had a lot of meetings and they are almost finished discussing the implementation. Still I guess that it will take some time since Quantum is not ready yet and they also want to implement it. But just think of this. They are probably going to overwrite their whole network structure and replace it with the tangle. How many customers are effected by this? They all will be using IOTA in the future. Also governments. “

This post prompted Mr.Strandl himself to take part in the discussion and shed some more light on his tweets:

One of the things I specifically mentioned in my tweets was the strategic horizon of our thinking at Software AG when it comes to IOTA. Yes, our vision comprises (suitably) integrating all IOTA mediated capabilities into our stack. Not just the token.

On the other hand I also highlighted that we have chosen a very customer-centric, co-innovation focused way forward. We will move forward with implementing IOTA capabilities into our platforms as fast as our customers are committing to co-investing into this type of projects.

So, the more customers we have willing to invest — together with us — into advancing our technology, the faster we’ll see IOTA in our stack :).

To conclude, all seems to be progressing very good for IOTA and long-term holders can sleep tight knowing that their favorite crypto projects is sailing in the right direction.

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Felix Küster

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